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The Mountain's Call

The Mountain s Call This stunning new fantasy line creates a vivid world of shifting alliances and powers as a young woman struggles to understand her place and her destiny The author s experience as a horse breeder and

This stunning new fantasy line creates a vivid world of shifting alliances and powers as a young woman struggles to understand her place and her destiny The author s experience as a horse breeder and trainer lets her present the equine details with accuracy and sympathy She truly does write what she knows though it is unlikely her horses are gods Drawing on her h This stunning new fantasy line creates a vivid world of shifting alliances and powers as a young woman struggles to understand her place and her destiny The author s experience as a horse breeder and trainer lets her present the equine details with accuracy and sympathy She truly does write what she knows though it is unlikely her horses are gods Drawing on her history degrees, the author describes a detailed, realistic fantasy world without losing track of the epic aspects of the fantasy ideals Caitlin Brennan is a shining light that Luna is proud to display.

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  1. Caitlin Brennan says:
    A pseudonym used by Judith Tarr.Caitlin Brennan believes wholeheartedly in the writer s favorite adage, Write what you know She is a history buff and a lifelong reader and writer of fantasy, and she breeds and trains Lipizzan horses the original White Gods She lives near Tucson, Arizona, with her stallion, Pluto Carrma III, and his herd of Ladies and his rival the Evil Gelding, along with five cats, two dogs, and a goat.

Comment 933 on “The Mountain's Call

  1. Vinaya says:
    So Hello This feels a little weird, being back after half a year, so I m going to try to slip in quietly instead of drumrolling it I ve spent the last six months in refugee camps in jungles and swamps and beaches and internet has been a rare and mostly absent luxury, so i feel like one of those Third Rock from the Sun people But the good thing is, no laptop meant paper books after a long time, which meant no YA books which meant I actually started expanding my reading tastes again after the YA g [...]

  2. Pygmy says:
    Gah, what a terrible book I mean, I didn t expect this to be any good, but it was written well enough that I couldn t just toss it without at least trying to read it.Some thoughts The female prejudice the Horse Master peoples had was not convincing, especially since it was stated that plenty of magic schools elsewhere were packed with females It wasn t the society as a whole that had a problem with women in power It was just that one magic horse riding club out in the mountains, holding out as t [...]

  3. Autumn says:
    This is a very intriguing fantasy It is about gods who run on a mountain as horses, the young men who are alive with magic that care for and ride the gods and a troubled society The main character is a girl pulled into an all male society who must pose as a boy.I don t read a lot of fantasy but this book really drew me in It is coming of age story, Valeria must find her place in a world that says she is not allowed to follow the path her heart is telling her she must There are some heart wrenchi [...]

  4. Purple says:
    A compelling read just couldn t put it down Yes, there s a theme of infidelity which is uncomfortable but juxtaposed against the theme of sacrifice for the good Horses and magic wonderful

  5. Haya says:
    Tales are told of the mysterious, powerful Mountain where the gods powerful beings in the form of white horses live But Valeria knows no woman has ever been called to the Mountain Until she feels a strange pull and answers the call as a boy.When her secret is discovered Valeria loses all that she s won Her anger and frustration with the Empire might be enough to give the barbarians a way into the Mountain And so the Empire now depends on the will, the strength and the loyalty of one Rider A Ride [...]

  6. amandaBeeks says:
    I liked this book The pull of animal magic was so great that she could not ignore it The details in this book describing the characters is so great that I could picture the characters in my head The humiliation for the main character was hard but she pulled beyond it to save all in the end despite what was happening to her I cannot wait for the next book.

  7. Kc Conti says:
    This was a wonderful story I can t wait for the other books I must say I have a greater appreciation for the horses in this story because as I was reading this I was reading THE PERFECT HORSE Strongly recommend both

  8. Bridgette Redman says:
    Luna, the new kid on the block when it comes to fantasy novels, continues to demonstrate it plans to be a powerhouse Indeed, they re likely to succeed if they keep publishing novels like The Mountain s Call This romantic fantasy features Valeria, a woman called to the Mountain where the white gods reign In our world, we would label the white gods Lipizzaner stallions In Caitlin Brennan s world, they are gods who call their riders to be trained at the mountain They Dance, and that Dance controls [...]

  9. Kerry says:
    Each year, a call goes out from the Mountain and the gods that live there in the form of white stallions, seeking boys to become Riders Now, something monumental is changing Valeria has received the Call, even though she is a girl Unable to turn away from it, she disguises herself as a boy and sets out for the Mountain On the way there she is first rescued from a pack of nobles by a stranger, who finds her a safer passage as part of a caravan It is there that she meets Euan Roe, a barbarian prin [...]

  10. Alicia Aringdale says:
    Let me start by saying I did not finish this book I stopped reading on page 357 I was so intrigued by the premise and the beginning of this book but one thing after another killed it for me and I had to quit First the things I liked I loved the horse gods and all of the myth and magic surrounding them And I felt like a number of characters had potential I like stories with deep connections between humans and animals so that aspect of it was fun to read I enjoyed Valeria s trials to get accepted [...]

  11. Tat says:
    Originally posted at Read Run Study.Let me start by saying I only managed to finish the first 130 pages 25% of the book Consider this a warning if you don t believe people should review books they didn t finish.I picked up The Mountain s Call because the title was intriguing, the cover was beautiful, and the synopsis sounded unique It was an unknown quantity that unfortunately didn t pan out Reviews suggested people either loved it or hated it I apparently fell on the side of the latter Well, ha [...]

  12. Miranda says:
    The story was interesting, but I kept feeling like the writing itself was missing something It felt jumpy, going from one situation to another with no warning and no transition, with chapter breaks in the middle of scene apparently the author felt no compunction about disrupting a scene for that, because having the chapters all be about the same length was important than the story itself Perhaps the reason I was so bothered by this book is the fact that the main character, Valeria, never seems [...]

  13. Deborah Ross says:
    Under her various pen names, Judith Tarr has long been one of my favorite authors, particularly when she writes about horses This book is full of horse magic, the usual kind because they re so marvelous and the special kind created by the white gods of Aurelia as they Dance the patterns of the world One moment they re ordinary fat white ponies, but don t let that fool you We all know their wisdom and power run far, far deeper I especially loved how their motives and values are not always clear t [...]

  14. WillowBe says:
    This is the second time I ve read this book I think i originally read it in 2003, so it s been bot 7 years I knew kind of how it ended, who lived and died, but Iremembered nothing of the events, which surprised me in their intensity I didn t expect torture and to figure so prominently in the book I enjoyed the earthy sensuality sexuality with the bad boy and her true completion with the one who truly fit in her heart and life.In a way, it reminds me of the Dragon series by Patricia Briggs like t [...]

  15. Melinda says:
    2.5 StarsDNFI would like to give this book a higher rating, but I can t justify it considering that I didn t finish it.I abruptly stopped reading not quite halfway through I did make a concentrated effort to pick it up again but I could only force myself to slog through a tiny bit before putting it down again That was a while ago, I still don t feel like picking it up again, so I concede defeat, I have to leave this one unfinished.The problems I had with this book were an odd combination, on on [...]

  16. Angela R. says:
    If you love horses and the fantasy magic genre, you ll love this book As a lifetime horseperson, I m usually disappointed by authors who clearly have never touched a real horse in their lives But Caitlin Brennan obviously has a strong background in horses and her accuracy shows up in her writing I read this book years ago and had forgotten all about it, but recently rediscovered it and re read it I have to say that I loved it even the second time around I think that because I am not older and [...]

  17. Liz H Redd's Reads says:
    This was my second read through, but I had originally read it a couple years after its original release back in 2008 when I was part of Luna s mailing program It was also around the same time that I was reading Mercedes Lackey s Valdemar books Both series feature magical white horses that have sense than humans They also both feature gender inequality and bullying issues Caitlin Brennan presents an intriguing tale about a girl who just wants to follow her destiny, but the patriarchy of society [...]

  18. Elizabeth says:
    I couldn t even finish this book I love riding horses and I ve been impressed by several of Judith Tarr s Caitlin Brennan s AKA short stories, but this was just too much The protagonist, a sheltered teenage girl, gets sexually attacked by some nobles and then has NO problem going for a long horse ride no physical discomfort there , and mooning over her rescuer that she knew for all of one day in the process Apparently gang rape is just another silly inconvenience in this author s world I might v [...]

  19. Randi says:
    PG 13It was an interesting premise, for sure The whole strong woman leading role thing is starting to wear on me, though These girls need flaws And not sexual ones, though that may have been the author s idea of diversifying her character, but it just made me like her less I just find it hard to believe that a girl living with her family and just coming into marriageable age which is in the early to mid teens and is also a victim of an almost rape turns into a sex aholic What does she even see i [...]

  20. Theresa says:
    Ok, I very much enjoyed this book I had two issues with it though First, we ve got the heroine having sex with a traitor to her country, while still claiming that she loves this other man This SERIOUSLY bothered me, because how can you say you love someone while having sex with someone else The second issue I had is that she follows along with this evil plan because she promised she would in order to save the life of the guy she supposedly loves Since when is it NOT ok to lie to the enemy Betray [...]

  21. Rachie says:
    rubish, the author kills it dead half way through with Valeria who finaly get it together with Kerrec and promtly cheats on him as soon as she saves his life i don t care what her excuses where i hate it you want to slap her show some control woman also the characters are shallow, they don t seem real Valeria only loves Kerrec because she knows she loves him.but he irritates her she only slept with the enemy barbarian because she needs comfort stupid where is your self respect in short it is tot [...]

  22. Yune says:
    The premise sounds a little like Mercedes Lackey s Valdemar girl gets called to become a rider of one of the gods, who are horse shaped but it s got grit and less angst I was pleasantly surprised by the gray shaded relationships but wearily annoyed by the big misunderstanding genre of romantic conflict.There are some sensible characters in here, but also a couple of caricature bad guys, and a surprisingly constrained feel to a world that s supposed to encompass an empire and It s held together [...]

  23. Amber says:
    I read this book with low expectations My first encounter with this author was in her book the House of Star Fortunately I stuck with the book and I am glad to have read it The beginning of the book is vague and leaves a lot to be desired in plot, detail, and character development however, she gets better in her second and third books in this series This book is cleverly and beautifully worded It s a good story and I love how the author refers to the Lipizzaner stallions and the airs above groun [...]

  24. Kristyn says:
    This world didn t pull me in I couldn t imagine being in it and even if I did there wasn t anything that would make me think wow this would be an interesting world to live in There wasn t one character that I really felt like I got to know or even like A lot of the time their behavior didn t seem particularly realistic While I did manage to finish this book I don t feel compelled to read of the series It wasn t terrible and it was a decent time waster when I had nothing better to do or read May [...]

  25. Abigail says:
    I quite enjoyed this book and probably will be getting the rest of the trilogy my only complaints is that the magic is often unexplained and new talents seem to appear when needed, a small problem but sometimes took me out of the story The main character also survives a attack by a group of nobles, realistically any woman would be affected by rape even attempted rape but she seems unconcerned and is soon enthusiastically bedding the barbarian prince Some fear or even anger would have been a lik [...]

  26. Kate says:
    After I got past the idea that a theme I d read many times in childhood was the starting point for this, very adult, novel I really enjoyed myself The pacing was good, the characters interesting and the climax was actually pretty dramatic The only irritants were the occasions where a man didn t quite fulfill Valeria s needs and was immediately demoted to vermin but then, when the man she knew was using her to further his traitorous plotting comes calling, it s all my body wants him Overall, thes [...]

  27. D says:
    Well It began well I really enjoyed the story itself However, the romantic side of this story was rough I felt like the relationship with Kerric was very rushed I felt like some of the intimacy scenes were very unrealistic because they followed some incidents involving rape And then there were a few moments were the relationship with Euan seemed very true to real life I have very mixed feelings.

  28. Life's-a-Book says:
    Thoughts This series is seriously underrated, probably because the cover is so ugly it scared off any potential customers Valeria is the strong character that a lot of YA heroines try to be The plot is engaging and the characters are lovable, the only part about this book that i had trouble with was the horses I couldn t visualize the horses and the magic The plot and characters carried the story for me, but i found the world building to be difficult to wrap my head around.

  29. Destiney Pagan says:
    this book was ok i mean it was kind of weird that these people have these powers but they are ordinary people but i think that she was very brave to dress up as a man and learn about her powers i also think it is cool that she was the only woman who was called to the mountain when no other woman had been called before i think that men can be so abusive towards women when women sometimes can have power over them like she did.

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