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All the President's Men

All the President s Men In the most devastating political detective story of the century two Washington Post reporters whose brilliant Pulitzer Prize winning investigation smashed the Watergate scandal wide open tell the

In the most devastating political detective story of the century, two Washington Post reporters, whose brilliant, Pulitzer Prize winning investigation smashed the Watergate scandal wide open, tell the behind the scenes drama the way it really happened Beginning with the story of a simple burglary at Democratic headquarters and then continuing with headline after headlin In the most devastating political detective story of the century, two Washington Post reporters, whose brilliant, Pulitzer Prize winning investigation smashed the Watergate scandal wide open, tell the behind the scenes drama the way it really happened Beginning with the story of a simple burglary at Democratic headquarters and then continuing with headline after headline, Bernstein and Woodward kept the tale of conspiracy and the trail of dirty tricks coming delivering the stunning revelations and pieces in the Watergate puzzle that brought about Nixon s scandalous downfall Their explosive reports won a Pulitzer Prize for The Washington Post and toppled the President This is the book that changed America.

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  1. Carl Bernstein Bob Woodward says:
    Carl Bernstein is an American journalist who, as a reporter for The Washington Post along with Bob Woodward, broke the story of the Watergate break in and consequently helped bring about the resignation of United States President Richard Nixon For his role in breaking the scandal, Bernstein received many awards his work helped earn the Post a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service in 1973.

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  1. Bettie☯ says:
    IMMENTIMMENTIMMENT Roubley dosh for a flag and a country IMMENTMr Projectionist has the film reeled up, ready to go, for tonight s delectation The political antics of the last year or so makes this a good time for a re visit to the Saturday Night Massacre et al Maybe there will be clues as to how this present scenario will work outMENTThe Rachel Maddow Show The echo of Watergate is very strong here Senator WhitehouseMorning Joe Echoes of Watergate in the Trump administration The Rebels are break [...]

  2. Julie says:
    This book was truly unbelievable The entire time I was reading it, I kept reminding myself that this was real history and it all happened There was so much drama in all the proceedings, and to realize that it s the select few in great positions of the government beneath it all I completely admire the reporting of these two individuals and their endless dedication to get the facts and the information correct and to the public, as well as keep their sources anonymous I was in awe and amazement thr [...]

  3. Dennis says:
    Ma am, have you got any than just the facts This first hand account of the Washington Post reporting that exposed and ultimately led to the demise of Nixon s administration reads very much like a down and dirty summary of the story notes gathered by two young and very self assured journalists This is one instance in which the movie was better than the book The product is not at all a nuanced or rich historical account, but rather an amalgamation of facts, facts, and facts While facts certainly [...]

  4. Delee says:
    Re reading for the 3rd time I think with what is happening at the moment it s time Now there is something to compare what happened then what is happening now.

  5. Amanda says:
    Everyone has a book that means something to them far beyond the words printed on pages The book obviously must have extraordinary content to keep you so engaged, and because of that, it will probably also be intelligent, well written, and any other quality you d attribute to great reading But when you finish the book, you don t really love it because of what you read you love it because of how what you read made you feel.All the President s Men is that book for me It is, undoubtedly, my favorite [...]

  6. KatieMc says:
    This was probably the first non fiction grown up book I ever read It s a compelling portrayal of an momentous slice of American history and journalism This evening I went to an American Cinematheque screening of 1976 film adaptation of All The President s Men Holy hotness, the camera sure does love Robert Redford.And Dustin Hoffman with that awesome shaggy look.This duo had it going on, corduroy suits, big collars and typewriters.Also, All The President s Men also made Deep Throat a household te [...]

  7. Andrei Tamaş says:
    Romanul de investiga ie al celor doi reporteri de la Washington Post, Carl Bernstein i Bob Woordward, publicat n Statele Unite n 1974, a netezit spectrul cu care trebuie privit , la modul abstract, politica Afacerea Watergate este cu des v r ire cea mai mare problema de politic intern cu care s au confruntat Statele Unite p n n prezent Pilonul democra iei i idealul lumii noi la care au visat ilumini tii secolului al XVIII lea tindea s se spulbere, n spatele cortinei, la nceputul celei de a opta [...]

  8. The Just-About-Average Ms M says:
    I have watched my DVD of the movie than half a dozen times and, as much as I enjoy it each time, I have always thought that something was missing, some key bits of information needed to tie it all together.Well, duh The book has it all Not in the tidy, linear progression from the morning after the Watergate break in through the last explosive story clearly implicating Tricky Dick as in the movie, but rather the realistic slice of life, back and forth and all around movements in search of tips, [...]

  9. Jon(athan) Nakapalau says:
    The book that opened my eyes to politicsill relevant and sadly still not a lesson learned by our politicians.

  10. Jamie says:
    Knew the story and still couldn t put the book down The movie barely scratches the surface, as does what I ve learned about it from other sources Here s the full story Exhaustion, fears, doubts, and all And Woodward and Bernstein are reporters, not storytellers Real life invents its own story, especially in this case, so that s not a detriment here But you can see their hand in this book as soon as they start shaping a story out of the facts and it s endearing how blunt and unembellished it is E [...]

  11. Bailey says:
    This is such an important story, and it reminded me that unraveling these things takes time and patience.I will say that because it is written almost in real time of the events happening, it s hard to get a handle on the big picture unless you know where it s headed and what it all means I would definitely recommend reading a brief overview of Watergate or watching the movie first, because this is very detailed and helps you understand how it all happened, but it doesn t give you the broad strok [...]

  12. El says:
    I was in high school when Richard Nixon died, but I was young and my interests at that time weren t exceptionally political My concerns at that time had to do with Kurt Cobain s death just a few weeks prior That meant to me than that Nixon guy I do remember having breakfast at a friend s house around the time of Nixon s death, and her stepfather having trying to have a conversation with me about it He was a strange guy, and looking back I m not sure if he was particularly the safest guy for me [...]

  13. Samanta says:
    I you don t have an extensive background knowledge of this topic Nixon s presidency, the 1972 elections, who all the president s men actually are , this book might be just a bit too much for you I felt assaulted by too much data thrown at me in a too fast pace There were some very interesting parts, and just like a lot of reviews say, it read like a detective thriller, but by the end of it, the story just dragged, and I lost track of who is who, and what is what and whodunit On the other hand, i [...]

  14. Trin says:
    Watergate took time Watergate took time Watergate took time Mantra for 2018

  15. Shaun says:
    Recently read The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump in which Nixon and the Watergate scandal were mentioned frequently and thought maybe it was finally time to read What struck me the most was how mild the Watergate scandal seems compared to the ethical mess that is the Trump Presidency From blatant nepotism, to major financial and ethical dilemas, to on the record and repeated lying, to possible collusion, and likely obstruction I was also struck by the similarities between the way Nixon s adminis [...]

  16. Mary says:
    Such a opportune, marvelous story I feel like I m living through great uncertainty, shock and Executive Branch crimes far worse the Watergate Contemporary nefarious, unprepared, unqualified, lower IQ characters are getting caught, mostly behind the scenes Trump is no Nixon but I suspect Trump s criminal nastiness outplays Tricky Dick I do believe that Mueller can and will subpoena Trump I pray he questions him under oath as our President vastly overestimates his own abilities, can t keep his sto [...]

  17. Ben Kintisch says:
    If everything Bush does makes you queasy, here s a book remedy for your troubled stomach Learn all about the skeezy Nixon whitehouse Great spytastic scenes with DeepThroat, the best named secret source ever Makes you wonderdid Woodward and Bernsteing love porn Does deepthroat the pornstar love politics And what do we think Bill Clinton thinks about all of this

  18. Lindsey Memory says:
    Spectacular Lessons learned from this book 1 It takes a LOT OF People to run a White House And a newspaper This books serves as a great sketch of the procedural sides of being both investigative news journalists and presidential aides 2 There are very specific things you can and can t write in a newspaper I don t know if it s true today, but I was impressed by how often Woodward and Bernstein would be rebuffed by their editor and told to find a second source to confirm a fact One person talking [...]

  19. Pete daPixie says:
    Here is one of those books that I never caught up with, having seen the Redford Hoffman movie version The 40th anniversary of original publication of All The President s Men is almost here, and I finally catch up on Bernstein and Woodward s Pulitzer winner Not before time, indeed If this plot were featured in a fictional storyline, many would be the calls that this tale is as far fetched as crap from China Ridiculous to believe that such scandalous crimes could be contrived from the centre of de [...]

  20. Carolien says:
    Such an important book to read in the current global context.

  21. Katherine 黄爱芬 says:
    Keuletan, kegigihan dan ketekunan pasti akan membuahkan hasil Itulah yang dilakukan duo wartawan Washington Post, Carl Bernstein Bob Woodward Walaupun kepribadian mereka berdua bertolak belakang, sering berselisih pendapat, tetapi tidak menggoyahkan kekuatan tim mereka utk saling bahu membahu kasus Watergate yang menjadi terkenal karena mengakibatkan impeachment dan pengunduran diri Presiden AS, Richard M Nixon.Dimulai dgn ditangkapnya 5 orang dalam pembobolan gedung Partai Demokrat rival partai [...]

  22. Christina says:
    I picked this book up out of a sense of depression about our current national politics I thought I knew the story of Watergate, but it turns out that what I knew barely scratched the surface The book is tightly written, so tightly that sometimes it seems cursory The first 50 pages are particularly hard to get a handle on because so many names and job positions are being thrown at the reader in quick succession without much explanation It may mimic the way Woodward and Bernstein felt when they be [...]

  23. Sherri says:
    I was only a toddler when Watergate happened, and so I grew up hearing about it during history lessons So, I thought I would have nothing new to learn about Watergate when I read this book at the urging of a friend This book is an account of the reporting by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Watergate scandal I think it would have had of an impact on me if I read the book at the time it was initially published However, 35 years later, my takeaway from the book is perhaps quite different th [...]

  24. Clare O'Beara says:
    This quintessential tale of investigative journalism is told in third person by the two reporters for the Washington Post who took a minor local break in item and delved deep into the cellars of the White House Of course, other publications were on the story and sometimes scooped them but Bernstein and Woodward made a dedicated team and found reliable sources.The text is full of names, phone calls, visits to homes, checks on allegations, long days and nights, protection of sources, court visits [...]

  25. Vicki says:
    This was the first hand report of the incredible Watergate break in The story was confusing and I was not able to appreciate all of what they uncovered until much later I saw the movie after reading the book and I was able to make sense of the events after that Woodward and Bernstein are reporters and they stumble upon all these loose ends that they are able to successfully put together that eventually led to the bringing down a president and his corrupt associates It was an important book at t [...]

  26. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist" says:
    Many years ago MANY years , I was visiting my grandmother in Boston She took me to see this movie, and I immediately got her to buy me the book I was fourteen years old at the time, and was thoroughly gripped by this book I think that says a lot for the book, because up until that point I had never read anything political.

  27. T.B. Markinson says:
    A fascinating look into American politics and the scandal.

  28. CatBookMom says:
    Still an amazing story My pb edition from 1975 fell to pieces as I was reading Ordered another copy, this the 40th anniversary update Highly recommended

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