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  1. Zack says:
    This is the second John Taggart book I ve read and I think I might be in love In this book, and Peace on Earth, his poetry has this ecstatic dancey musical quality to it that is such a joy to read The issues that he explores are dark and complex and fascinating They beg re reading So there s this great tension between the form and music of his writing which goes down easy and the meaning of it which asks you to take a step back, slow down, and think I m gonna keep looking back at a lot of these [...]

  2. Amira Hanafi says:
    I read this afterPastorelles, Taggart s recent book of short poems The poems here are longer, take time to explore their repetitions, and themes are revisited throughout the book I felt when I was reading it that I liked it better than Pastorelles, but then upon reflection I feel the shorter, polished texts in the later book have stayed with me firmly Loop has emotional impact in its length, but Pastorelles wields a sharper, glittering precision Both good books, though.

  3. Melissa says:
    Read part of this aloud with A, months ago, and then just picked it up to finish Partly that is my way with books right now, but partly this book is meant to be read aloud, and then was hard to re enter silently Something odd it gives, to me, the impression of having been written before its time Here is the book to teach you to use repetition the mind s full with the parts of the treethe mind is full and the air is pockedthe air this morning is pocked with emptiness

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