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Happier Than a Billionaire: Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica, and Living the Zero Hour Work Week

Happier Than a Billionaire Quitting My Job Moving to Costa Rica and Living the Zero Hour Work Week As seen on CNN I had to grab the Kleenex box on this one as I laughed so much I literally cried I am so happy for you that you are living your life and truly enjoying it I am also glad I can enjoy C

As seen on CNN I had to grab the Kleenex box on this one, as I laughed so much I literally cried I am so happy for you, that you are living your life and truly enjoying it I am also glad I can enjoy CR vicariously through your posts Lana That is so funny I just discovered your blog today and have been paging through the posts I stopped on this one and read thAs seen on CNN I had to grab the Kleenex box on this one, as I laughed so much I literally cried I am so happy for you, that you are living your life and truly enjoying it I am also glad I can enjoy CR vicariously through your posts Lana That is so funny I just discovered your blog today and have been paging through the posts I stopped on this one and read the whole thing I don t think that could have been scripted any funnier Thanks for sharing I shall return DavidTWO PLANE TICKETS, NO PLAN, ONE DREAMHappier Than A Billionaire shares one couple s celebration of risking it all for the dream of living a happier life.In this humorous and witty account, Nadine Pisani shares what it is like to follow her dream of quitting her job and starting a new life under the sunny skies of Costa Rica Along the way, she finds reliable utilities are not that reliable, quirky neighbors are unavoidable, and tackling red tape takes the strength of a linebacker But with all its challenges, you ll learn why Costa Rica is ranked as one of the happiest places on earth If you ve ever considered risking it all to start over in a tropical place or just enjoy a little armchair travel this is the book for you.

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  1. Nadine Hays Pisani says:
    Nadine was born in Elizabeth New Jersey and attended Rutgers University She lives in Costa Rica with her husband and dog, Clementine When not writing, you can find her at the beach, on the back of a scooter, or frantically tossing scorpions out of her bed She shares her weekly adventures on her blog.

Comment 458 on “Happier Than a Billionaire: Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica, and Living the Zero Hour Work Week

  1. Ian says:
    Should probably give this 3 stars, as the writing is fine, but man, if you are reading a memoir and hate the main character, it is hard to give an impartial rating This book is part of the growing genre that recounts tales of insuferable gringos who go abroad and continue to besmirch the good name of the U.S This lady goes to Costa Rica not knowing Spanish and from the book it is clear she is not in a rush to learn it either, and then she constantly goes on and on criticizing and playing up the [...]

  2. Todd N says:
    I received this book as a Kindle gift, largely as a rebuke for considering a job at a small start up I love getting books as gifts, especially as rebukes, so I was eager to read it.It is also possible that I received this book as a political statement because I was threatening to leave the country if anyone who was personally told by Jesus to run for president won a primary Aside The danger of this appears to have passed because Mr Perry and Ms Bachmann have dropped out of the race But then agai [...]

  3. Sandee says:
    Ah, the dream a lot of us have pick up and move to another country for a relaxed lifestyle A fun fish out of water read about an American in Costa Rica What I didn t like was that it s a book about yet another rich person who gives up their lifestyle and then congratulates themselves on successfully living abroad Of course it s a success They have lots of money to literally take off a year to settle in In this case, they sold their successful chiropractic practice and insanely large house and a [...]

  4. Lilisa says:
    A couple s decision to give it all up that is, give up a comfortable but stressful life on the east coast of the U.S and move lock, stock and barrel to Costa Rica The book is an amusing and genuine account of Nadine and Rob s move to Costa Rica and the challenges they faced settling in a new country, not speaking the language, not knowing the culture and having to rely on the locals to help them get even the simplest of things done But Ticos are the friendliest and most helpful people and the be [...]

  5. Karen Fowler says:
    After seeing this author and book on various sites for writers and indie authors, I went on a mission to track it down over on My journey was not in vain Happier Than A Billionaire is one womans story of chucking it all and moving to Costa Rica I mean, come on, who hasn t considering doing something equally zany I certainly have, though lately it s become something of an obsession than a crazy notion Let me just say, I adore this author, who writes with moments of clarity and wit, bracketed by [...]

  6. Ashray says:
    This book was an absolute abomination I read it while traveling in Costa Rica and everything in this story is way over the top and definitely quite inaccurate at the same time The editing really needs work as the book is full of dumb mistakes, it looks like the author has never heard of spellcheck The only upside I can attribute to it is that it was quite cheap on Kindle 2 range so it s not much of a loss Stay away.

  7. J.H. Moncrieff says:
    This is one of the most entertaining, enjoyable travel memoirs I ve ever readd I ve read A LOT.Nadine Pisani and her husband Rob lived the American dream and they were completely miserable Both chiropractors with a successful business, a huge house, and a 200 gallon aquarium, they hated their jobs and their lives Eventually, it starts to affect Rob s health, and when doctors can t figure out why he s plagued by chronic vomiting, the couple decides to do something crazy sell everything and move t [...]

  8. Janet says:
    Nadine is a woman after my own heart and soul A kindred spirit, for sure After returning from my sixth wander to Belize, my disgust with the rat race was at its highest point ever The transition from the slow paced serenity of the Caribbean I had savored for the last 10 days to my frenzied SoCal life was not gentle I was slammed by a play by play of the neighborhood tomcat defecating in my entry way, clients who needed their work done yesterday, a house that had been systematically dismantled by [...]

  9. Gannonwb says:
    For this type of book to work, the author has to be likeable, for me, she was not At many points during the book I found myself wondering how the husband could stand it The writing is sharp however, and she is witty Just like life, you click with some people authors and others are disagreeable just becauseThe book is highly rated so obviously it has resonance with a lot of people, but if I saw this woman at a cocktail party I would run the other way

  10. Chanouel says:
    I picked up this book randomly on Kindle on a day where I was totally fed up with my job and was actually browsing instead of working No wonder the title caught my eye Overall, I liked the book The author tells a good story, with wit and humor I found myself laughing out loud almost uncontrollably in my bed while reading The way Nadine describes some situations make you come up with hilarious visuals, most of them involving her husband Rob Here s my favorite example Rob is concerned about their [...]

  11. Amanda says:
    I enjoyed the concept of the book than the book itself The book had some humorous stories and side notes, but I would have liked for it to go into detail about the emotional transition I felt like the author tried a little too hard to be funny and at times seemed to be a little preachy with the and the morale of the story is messages at the end of each chapter She seems to posit that picking up and moving to another country is a solution that could work for anyone Not everyone has the good for [...]

  12. Karen K. says:
    This book had me laughing out loud I really expected of a how to but instead it s a very funny memoir The author and her husband move to Costa Rica and she tells quite a few funny stories about their preparation and some of their experiences in the first year The chapter where her husband buys a gun had me in tears I was laughing so hard I had to read it to my husband so he would know what I was laughing about It s very light reading Something fun and funny.

  13. Kayo says:
    My word, I had high expectations, but I just couldn t get through this book What a let down.I usually love these type of books

  14. Courtney says:
    I give up I never give up before the end of a book, even if I hate it and complain about it But I can t read any of this Around 60% through a book about quitting your job in your thirties for a simpler lifestyle and you still haven t addressed the obvious question of How the hell are you supporting yourself without jobs The concept of not working isn t new The issue of needing to pay for the necessities of life usually gets in the way So I assumed the book would address how they solved that dil [...]

  15. Treavor Wagoner says:
    I downloaded this book from after my return from backpacking Costa Rica while recovering from a quarter life crisis A lot of how Pisani described CR is spot on The way of life is totally not perfect yet it is, especially if you re looking to realize and witness the quality of your life What I loved about Happier is the humor, the experiences, the characters, the dynamic between Nadine and Rob, and how they re both idiot Americans trying to make it in the rainforest I didn t like the lack of edit [...]

  16. Ed Robinson says:
    listed this gem in my recommendations and I m glad they did I thoroughly enjoyed this book Nadine s writing style is like sitting with a friend and having a casual conversation Here is a person who knows how to laugh at life s roadblocks, and at herself.She is very honest about the obstacles they faced during their transition, and about her doubts and fears She even admits to occassional bouts of homesickness Her and her husband manage to face down their fears, shrug off the difficulties and fin [...]

  17. Erin says:
    The title of this book caught my eye Who doesn t want to quit their job and live in a tropical paradise I enjoyed the short story like chapters, each focusing on another theme or challenge the author was experiencing I found her writing entertaining for the most part and even found myself laughing out loud in a few cases Toward the end it got a little touchy feely it almost felt like I was reading her diary.I found the book relatable as I m currently living in Austria with my husband for three m [...]

  18. Beth Caruso says:
    I picked this book up as a vacation read I was vacationing in Costa Rica and it seemed like a perfect fit At first, I loved the funny stories but as the book progressed, I was wishing there was a story The author and her husband leave their lives in the US to live in Costa Rica Not clear how they have enough money to live for the rest of their lives and they move to a country where they don t speak the language and don t know much about I suppose they have made quite a bit off of this book so go [...]

  19. Rafal Rudzinski says:
    I have to agree with many of the reviews, I completely despise this woman after reading the book I kept hoping she would finally realize how lucky she is and figure out how to be happy but she just continued to whine and complain about everything that happened I also find half the unfortunate events to be hard to believe I mean either her and her husband are super unlucky or just really really dumb They memoir was well written and engaging but for the wrong reasons I was turning pages hoping tha [...]

  20. Alisa says:
    4 stars for being highly entertaining, although not quite as entertaining as the 1st book quite possibly because the 2nd book talks a lot about her experience writing and publishing the first book which is interesting, but perhaps not really book material I laughed out loud, and found that it was a great book to take the gym, so I could be distracted with giggles as I put in my time on the treadmill Now I need to find something else that is just as humorous and can keep my legs moving without th [...]

  21. Annemarie says:
    Even though I have never lived in Costa Rica this book brought back some fond memories It struck a chord with me since I have lived abroad myself in a country not at all like my own Nadine tells us about her frustrations and some of the downsides of living in Costa Rico, but overall her attitude tends to feel positive to me which was a breathe of fresh air since I have read too many books about people living abroad with a pessimistic undertone I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  22. Kathy says:
    For 2.99 on Ibooks, you can not beat this quick funny read It had me busting out laughing at certain parts Love Nadine s sense of humor Looking forward to reading the sequel.

  23. Nicola McLean says:
    we dream of escaping the crap Scottish climate and the even potentially crap future of the UK post Brexit and living somewhere where our inner sunshine hippies get to wear flip flops all year long we had decided on central America and have an eight year plan to retire there barring any large lottery wins that would get us there sooner having discussed it with my well traveled and highly knowledgeable foreign office brother in law we have pretty much decided on Costa Rica and discovered Nadine v [...]

  24. Mary says:
    My husband and I have talked in a light, non committal manner about up and moving to Costa Rica, so this book had tons of appeal Especially since we re currently waist deep in snow and it s 28 degrees I have to tell you, I didn t like Nadine OR Rob when I first started reading the book As I read on, I realized they didn t even like THEMSELVES when they were living in the States By the end of the book, I was so fond of them and their neighbors that I almost felt I should apologize online or somet [...]

  25. Jeff Mohr says:
    I was not sure what to expect when I opted to read this book, but I was intrigued by the title It took me longer than usual to finish this book I put it down several times before it could really get into it At times I felt the author was pushing to hard to be funny and overdoing it I grew to appreciate her humor as I got past the halfway point in the story This book did NOT make me want to move to Costa Rica, at least not the way she and her spouse did A fairly pleasant read, but it did not wow [...]

  26. Michael says:
    Having traveled to Costa Rica for 10 days last year I found this book to be extremely enjoyable I experienced enough of the Costa Rican culture and landscape that I could relate to things that the author wrote Costa Rica is definitely one place I would love to move to because of the environment and the slower paced lifestyle The stories are funny and the people are relatable I definitely recommend

  27. David Locke says:
    For a while, I didn t think I would finish this book because it felt somewhat slapstick but I did and I am glad Her stories remind me of the importance of hanging loose and of the difficulty in doing so in the States Her sense of humor can grow on you and her depiction of the abundance of natural life with volcanoes, critters large and small excites me for my upcoming vagabonding through South America.

  28. Fayette says:
    This is a humorous book about a couple in their 30 s who quit the jobs they hate and move to Costa Rica I ve always wondered what this would be like, and whether I could do it Still don t have that answer, but this book did make me laugh out loud several times.

  29. Jennifer Roberts says:
    A comical adventure of two city slickers trying to adapt in their new home country of Costa Rica.A funny and eye opening account of Nadine and her husband moving to Costa Rica to escape the rat race in an effort to find a relaxing and enjoyable way of life.

  30. Chevelle says:
    In the beginning, I liked the book but toward the middle I thought the events were becoming a little over dramatic to be believable.

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