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Daemon Matthew Sobol is dead but his final creation survives It begins with a bizarre murder where the only possible perpetrator happens to be dead As killings follow the police are completely out of thei

Matthew Sobol is dead, but his final creation survives It begins with a bizarre murder, where the only possible perpetrator happens to be dead As killings follow, the police are completely out of their depth It falls to the unlikely partnership of Sebeck, a computer illiterate cop, and Ross, an enigmatic hacker, to realise the scale of the imminent danger The DaemMatthew Sobol is dead, but his final creation survives It begins with a bizarre murder, where the only possible perpetrator happens to be dead As killings follow, the police are completely out of their depth It falls to the unlikely partnership of Sebeck, a computer illiterate cop, and Ross, an enigmatic hacker, to realise the scale of the imminent danger The Daemon is seemingly unstoppable, and murder is the least of its capabilities As it leaves a trail of death and destruction in its wake, Sebeck and Ross must face up to a terrifying possibility Can they convince a disbelieving world to take drastic action, and shut down the Daemon before it is too late

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  1. Daniel Suarez says:
    DANIEL SUAREZ is the author of the New York Times bestseller Daemon, Freedom , Kill Decision, and Influx A former systems consultant to Fortune 1000 companies, he has designed and developed mission critical software for the defense, finance, and entertainment industries With a lifelong interest in both IT systems and creative writing, his high tech and Sci Fi thrillers focus on technology driven change Suarez is a past speaker at TED Global, MIT Media Lab, NASA Ames, the Long Now Foundation, and the headquarters of Google, Microsoft, and among many others Self taught in software development, he is a graduate from University of Delaware with a BA in English Literature An avid PC and console gamer, his own world building skills were bolstered through years as a pen paper role playing game moderator He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Comment 552 on “Daemon

  1. Kevin Kelsey says:
    Thrillers are like fluffy white bread, or buttery popcorn and I ve come to expect certain things from them short, clipped prose, casual and sometimes overt misogyny, one dimensional characters, some sort of mystery element, cheesy dialogue, comic mustache twirling villains, and military police government technical jargon masquerading as complexity Daemon delivers on all of these fronts, for better or worse, but it also brings an absolutely huge, entertaining story along with the tropes, and it d [...]

  2. Nathan says:
    Awful Daemon suffers from all the usual pitfalls of the first novel unoriginal premise, wooden dialogue, melodramatic action, clumsy exposition, sloppy resolution, inconsequential subplotting When the author tries to be witty, he comes off as conceited when he tries to impress with his tech savvy, he sounds as if he s quoting from Popular Science magazine This was the worst book I ve read in a while, and I m not sure whether I want Daniel Suarez to stop writing altogether, or give him credit for [...]

  3. Hugh Howey says:
    Daniel Suarez s Daemon is an amazing story And I m not talking about the actual plot for that, the word Amazing would not suffice No, I am referring to the incredible series of events which are leading up to its publication and release on January 8th.After writing Daemon back in 2004, Suarez faced the uphill battle common to many first time authors Unable to find a buyer, yet confident of the quality of his work, he decided to self publish Using print on demand, Suarez pumped out a few dozen cop [...]

  4. Bradley says:
    I ve just become a huge fanboy with one book That s to say I was rightly blown away All right To explain What first seems like a techno thriller with gamers and programmers and a murderer doing all his murders after his own death by cancer then quickly turns into a social and economical exploration based on the trends we re now facing.This is a fun and complicated story filled with many twists and turns, awesome characters, and a world changing creation that turns us all into players in a world [...]

  5. Kemper says:
    If you were someone with computer knowledge and money than Bill Gates, and you found out you were dying, would you A Give all your money to charity just in case you can buy your way into heaven.B Indulge in an around the world drinking, drug and sex spree until going out in a blaze of glory by crashing your private jet into an erupting volcano live on CNN.C Pour all your money into a cryogenics program and freeze yourself like Walt Disney in the hope that they ll finally figure out a way to bri [...]

  6. Lyn says:
    Very smart, very cool.Daniel Suarez 2006 novel Daemon was a pistol hot cup of rhyme, a mix of Ready Player One, Age of Ultron, The Matrix and Left Behind without the overt theology But whereas Ernest Cline s 2012 book was charismatic and kooky with the 80s trivia, Suarez work is dark and at times disturbing it hums and growls with a dark net underground magnetism.Matthew Sobol was a billionaire genius who had invented wildly popular and stunningly realistic online games Poisoned by brain cancer [...]

  7. Keri says:
    Into the third chapter of this book I had to close it for good I was very disappointed given its good reviews There were a few swear words but as the F bombs started to land, the Rave parties began, drug dealers started trash talking, prostitutes hit the scene and a date rape began I had to quit, all before chapter 4 This was such a departure from the computer program gone awry, murder mystery premise I was totally taken off guard I wish there was a content rating for books like there are movies [...]

  8. Sarah Anne says:
    Okay, I m going with an unpopular opinion here And a DNF 16%.There s a scene with one of our POV characters where he goes to a rave, separates a young woman from her peer support system his words , drugs her, and then convinces her to strip in front of a hundred people, after which he gets her to have sex with and or give blowjobs to about 40 guys who are standing in line, waiting their turn All while he s streaming it live on the internet Oh, and it establishes that he does this on a regular ba [...]

  9. Michael says:
    Billionaire computer software mogul Matthew Sobol has died and he wants to make sure he leaves behind a legacy That legacy comes in the form of a daemon, or a computer programing running in the background of every system that has installed his massively popular on line, multi player video game When news of Sobol s death hits the Internet, the daemon becomes active, creating havoc across the world as it exploits vulnerabilities in computer networks and uses them for its own purposes.Daniel Suarez [...]

  10. ✨Susan✨ says:
    A 3.5 for me A crazy individual who happens to be a millionaire genius somehow hacks the Internet and after his death his ideology runs havoc within law enforcement, the military, America s judicial system, the public sector, etc It was a well written book with a good story line, I just wish I could have connected with the characters , there were too many and none very likable Computer gamers would probably enjoy this book very much It is the first of two books but I probably won t read the next [...]

  11. Veronica Belmont says:
    Wonderful, wonderful read I m taking off one star because I found the ending to be very well, not to my liking I thought it was too abrupt, and I didn t feel like anything was resolved Maybe it was supposed to be, but I tend to like closure.

  12. Mike (the Paladin) says:
    Originally reviewed in May 2014 Just had to repair a couple of typos.By the way if find typos I missedrry % %.rrrrrrI hate this book It ended in a cliff hanger I hate cliff hangers I have now downloaded the next book so I can start it immediately For 2 days I laid all other books aside and whenever I could was reading this one I finished it todayd there s only one other book.In my experience nobody finishes a new series in TWO books any I suspect I have fallen prey to another series I will soon [...]

  13. Nimrod Daniel says:
    Reviewing and rating this book is really easy First, I d mention that I did this book as an audio book, and it really worked well Just like in Kill Decision, Jeff Gurner did a really great job narrating the book All I have to do now is just explain how great this a genius trying to take over the world techno thriller is When I was 10% through I was fully immersed in the book, and I had to know how the things would evolve, what s really happening that we don t know What Sobol really wants to achi [...]

  14. D.M. Dutcher says:
    Apparently this is first of a series MMO and videogame magnate dies, but somehow works his will through outlandish technological means to implement some plan of collapsing remaking society People try with absolutely no success to stop him.The problem with this book is that all the cards are held by the villains, to the point of absurdity Literal absurdity, once they start pulling the Razorbacks in The heroes exist only to be struck down, and while this might be good as a set up, an entire book o [...]

  15. Ben Simpson says:
    Someone should give this man a pat on the back He got every tech detail accurate as far as I could discern, which is a welcome change to the current Hollywoodification of tech thrillers Skyfall anyone yuck I flew through this book and loved every minute of it I could have done without the brutal mistreatment of a woman at the beginning of the the book, but it did server to vilify one of the main antagonists After this opening scene, you are thrown into a world of action, and mystery I loved tryi [...]

  16. Nicolai says:
    The DaVinci Code for Wired readers Some mindless fun for when the mood strikes.Read it soon though, since the modern high tech or 2006 has already started to expire.

  17. Weavre says:
    In the Eighties, I read and loved the genre called cyberpunk, and was disappointed to see it vanish as the fantasy Net was replaced with the very real Web, imagined microcommunicators were replaced with Bluetooth headsets, and anyone anywhere with a bit of knowledge and equipment became able for real to dive into government databases, corporate financial records, and anything else on the web Cyberpunk era virtual reality bore a strong resemblance to Second Life, but as the reality became manifes [...]

  18. John says:
    Spoiler Alert The premise is intriguing A genius game designer dies and when his obituary is published it triggers all sorts of mayhem through the Internet and his code recruits disaffected gamers as helpers to satisfy his Blofeldish scheme.Suarez definitely knows his technology But I grew weary of the technical jargon, the thin characters, the generic writing There are explosive action sequences you d expect to find in a Michael Bay movie And paragraphs like this Gragg opened the NetStumbler lo [...]

  19. Mogsy (MMOGC) says:
    3.5 stars A unique fictional take on the world of MMORPGs and video game AI I liked this because in some ways it was very Michael Crichton y in its combination of action and thriller with science and technology, though I suspect that folks with extensive knowledge of programming and computer network systems will find some of the explanations and details in Daemon overly simplistic or flat out nonsensical.The book doesn t really paint a very positive or flattering picture of gamers either, but I [...]

  20. Samantha says:
    This is definitely one of the best books I ve read in a year The premise was fascinating It s a great thrill ride Can someone program computers with backdoor programs to read the newswires and make other things happen Can a computer drive a car and kill people Are there people so involved in the gaming world that they would do things in the real world just because a game told them to or just to earn points in their gaming world This book is extremely fast paced and never boring Don t worry abou [...]

  21. Ricky Penick says:
    This is the first of a couple of first books by authors that write technology related fiction that I finally acquiesced to engage with after enduring relentless promotion within the technology community Yes, I am deeply enmeshed, submerged or whatever, but no matter how deeply I dive into IT, I still have that BA in English I am not so much a stickler that I can t abide some deviation from the rules of grammar I am a techie, after all But really, you should at least know the rules before you bre [...]

  22. Skorgu says:
    To properly understand Daemon, ask a biologist about Michael Crichton Then get some opinions of ER from some doctors and Law and Order from people with Esq after their names If you re particularly brave ask a theologian about Dan Brown If you re suicidal ask a physicist.Once your hearing recovers and your bones have knit consider that in all likelihood you ve based decisions and impressions of the real world on models informed by said fiction How many times have you eavluated a trivial legal qua [...]

  23. Alondra says:
    4.5 StarsI know there may be some that disagree, and I really don t care This was some good reading Fun, entertaining and made you wonder, Could this really happen I think so If someone can think this up for a book then there is someone out there who is already trying to apply principle This is about the potential power of the internet Basically, what that potential power could do, if used by someone who truly understands how it all works All of those hackers, tech nerds, programmers, etc who ar [...]

  24. aPriL does feral sometimes says:
    This book is as stunning as Dune I give it ten stars if you ve previously taken a programming class so that you understand programming concepts, you ll want to discuss this book s plot madly with everyone Unfortunately, those folks of the Earth without much computer knowledge probably won t understand how far seeing this book is Another book in the same class of speculative fiction would be the Fight Club They all tap into a stream of collective consciousness where it could REALLY be true somewh [...]

  25. Jennifer says:
    I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to people who like technology thrillers or gaming The plot was suspenseful and the technology was scary as hell I have two minor complaints though One was the lack of depth in the characters I didn t have any emotion or investment in what happened to them And the other is the endingI ll just leave it at that since I don t want to give anything away.

  26. Chris says:
    Well written, and successfully both gripping and credibly accurate, as one would expect of a book reviewed on Slashdot Unfortunately, the beginning has several problems, all of which may be Suarez attempting to ensure he is taken seriously The painstakingly correct detail distracts from the story a bit The concept of the world being decided by a battle between carders feels silly Suarez makes it a point to demonstrate just how evil some of the characters are This squicked me out slightly reminis [...]

  27. Rich Brown says:
    Atrocious, but so close to being a great thriller possibly a good movie some day In desperate need of an editor and an ending Geeks rave about this book the way Germantown housewives raved about _The Firm_ in 1991 Oh, I know all these places terms Sure But otherwise it kinda sucks, right Editors fix things like this Southerners mocked as sounding like Colonel Sanders wouldn t subsequently say ten March, they d say, the tenth o March How does a total stranger recognize a place as a mixed race nei [...]

  28. Ian says:
    Thinking about how I ve told people about this book, as a geeky action flick of a book doesn t really do it justice, although I can t really put it any succinctly The truth is that this is probably one of the best books I have ever read, and finishing it was extremely bittersweet because I really wanted to read .What Daemon does is mix suspense, action and technology into a story that is rich with heroes, villains and a surprisingly plausible plot about a computer script taking over world corpo [...]

  29. Alper Çuğun says:
    This came highly recommended from some friends which makes it all the unfortunate that it didn t live up to expectations.Daemon s merit is that the ideas in it serve a plot from the realm of sci fi but one whose execution is feasible and even thinkable with our current state of technology and society.The philosophy and story it tells is a bit of a mashup between Snow Crash, the Matrix and most pop sci books from the past ten years Unfortunately the story crashes under the weight of its own ambi [...]

  30. Woodge says:
    Wow This was very cool Geek cool There are two definitions of daemon that apply here 1 a person who is part mortal and part god and 2 a process lurking in the background, usually unnoticed, until something triggers it into action For example, the sendmail daemon awakes whenever someone sends mail This is the story about a computer game company CEO whose death triggers a daemon with extremely deadly results Detective Pete Sebeck investigates a strange death which sets the story in motion From the [...]

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