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Dark Woods

Dark Woods One of the country s premier outdoors writers makes his chilling fiction debut It came out on the night of the hunters Deputy Frank Vaughn is tracking a strange wounded beast But there s only one thi

One of the country s premier outdoors writers makes his chilling fiction debut It came out on the night of the hunters Deputy Frank Vaughn is tracking a strange, wounded beast But there s only one thing terrifying than what he s hunting It s what s hunting him.

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  1. Jay Kumar says:
    Jay Kumar Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dark Woods book, this is one of the most wanted Jay Kumar author readers around the world.

Comment 398 on “Dark Woods

  1. Kasia says:
    I often like to remember each week of my life by the book I was reading, it s a small habit I have that brings a smile to my face and helps the gray cells from shrinking This week was truly good in the wild world between pages of a book that almost made me smell the earth, hear leaves flapping in the wind and the concentration and precision that made the main hero such an incredible character pushed through my veins and made me hold my breath on than one occasion.Dark Woods is an exquisite surp [...]

  2. Randy says:
    It wasn t what Deputy Frank Vaughn wanted He lived by the hunter s code of never leaving a wounded animal to suffer needlessly He d did that yesterday when he was tracking a poacher with his friend, tracker Boone, and another deputy The scream and the gunshot has alerted them that something was wrong.They found two bodies, both with broken necks, one a deer that had been gutted, the heart and liver gone, the second the poacher The godawful smell had alerted them to something incredible Just befo [...]

  3. Craig says:
    Surprisingly intelligent handling of bigfoot in a speculative horror novel Answers the question, What if bigfoot really does exist and all the ramifications a yes would mean to the government and environmental activists.

  4. Slick1ru2 says:
    If SyFy movies were only this good My only question is why hasn t Mr Kumar written novels like this one Its probably the best fictional bigfoot novel ever written.

  5. Justin says:
    Warning Mild spoilers 2nd paragraph on a particular plot device I took issue with.It takes place in rural Skookum County The main character is a transplanted New Jersey native, who s a deputy for the county He is sent to investigate or apprehend some poachers in the nearby wilderness When he does find the poachers after some screaming and gunshots pointed him the right direction he discovers a gruesome scene of broken necks and general pulverization It becomes apparent that whatever attacked the [...]

  6. Victoria says:
    An interesting thriller adventure revolved around Bigfoot, this made for a fast and fun summer read The plot s main framework a deputy felt obliged to finish his kill felt rather thinly constructed, and the government corporation conspiracy angle never seemed plausible The characters acted woodenly, and overall seemed devoid of any common sense and rationality A thriller may not be the best place to find dynamic, well rounded characters, but usually even genre fiction is peopled with than stock [...]

  7. Dylan says:
    Deputy Frank Vaughn is a hunter When he shoots and wounds an animal in the woods he decides to go back in and find the animal to kill it and put it out of its misery What he doesn t realize is that he won t be doing the hunting this time something else will be hunting him.This is a good book with a good premise, and a message about trying to protect the wilderness It s a book that contains bigfoot and some of the action scenes when man meets monster are done very well The cover is bar far one o [...]

  8. Jon says:
    I saw this book at Half Price one day and being a big fan of all things Bigfoot with my dad decided to give it a go It s not a bad book, just very slow Too slow for my liking Could never really get into it until about half way through and then it got a little exciting Some interesting thoughts, ideas, and speculations about the possibility of Sasquatch and how the government would choose to deal with them.

  9. Bpetroni says:
    It s an OK read, I m not sure why so many people said that it scared them If you want to read a truly scary novel about Bigfoot read Devil s Ridge by Andre Bergeron

  10. Eric N. says:
    Shokarokagoogie wholeheartedly recommends this bone crunching read

  11. Matthew Avila says:
    I really liked this book Several parts actually gave me chills.

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