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Never Tell

Never Tell Your past will always find you With her three beautiful children millionaire husband and Cotswolds mansion former investigative journalist Rose Miller has an enviable life But behind the domestic bl

Your past will always find you With her three beautiful children, millionaire husband and Cotswolds mansion, former investigative journalist Rose Miller has an enviable life But behind the domestic bliss lies a secret past As Oxford students in the early nineties, Rose and James belonged to Society X, an elite clique that knew no boundaries Led by the enigmatic Dalziel,Your past will always find you With her three beautiful children, millionaire husband and Cotswolds mansion, former investigative journalist Rose Miller has an enviable life But behind the domestic bliss lies a secret past As Oxford students in the early nineties, Rose and James belonged to Society X, an elite clique that knew no boundaries Led by the enigmatic Dalziel, the group were hell bent on breaking down society s norms until an unimaginable tragedy occurs.With the subsequent scandal covered up, Rose has settled into family life but is afraid to admit her feelings of boredom So when her ex editor asks Rose to dig the dirt on a wealthy businessman new to the area, adrenaline enlivens her.But as Rose s investigation begins to threaten her family she backs away and then a tragedy at her home begins to widen the cracks in her domestic fa ade As their world crumbles around them, is Rose about to atone for the sins of her past An utterly gripping novel that will captivate fans of Sophie Hannah and Nicci French.

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  1. Claire Seeber says:
    Claire Seeber Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Never Tell book, this is one of the most wanted Claire Seeber author readers around the world.

Comment 783 on “Never Tell

  1. Michelle says:
    A book of two halves Unfortunately, one of them was interesting than the other Rose s past I struggled to remember her name there and I only finished this book last night is told in almost equal parts with her present although the book did keep switching tense for no real reason I could fathom , a technique which backfires since Rose s current life kids, housework, Cotswolds, zzzz is so boring and dull The book felt confused, and as though it hadn t been edited properly The story felt half fini [...]

  2. Barbara Elsborg says:
    Second time reading this book so I obviously thought it was worth keeping Worth a second read Probably not BUT at least the plot was a bit clearer this time I recall getting a touch muddled with it last time It s basically the story of the past catching up with you and the problems that can bring The switching between past and present worked fine for me The character of Dalziel was well drawn he was completely repellent and completely addictive I felt very sorry for Rose, she was constantly caug [...]

  3. Lesley says:
    Liked this but didn t love it I read anoither Claire Seeber book earlier this year and really enjoyed it so this was a bit of a disappointment.I didn t mind the back and forth in time bit, I quite like books that do that, but unfortunately the parts written from Rose s past at Oxford, were for me, overwritten and confusing When events or characters from the past reared up in present day I often had to go back to check who they were or what exactly happened The whole bit about the waitress who st [...]

  4. Rehab says:
    At first , It was God how boring but after some chapters it began to became and enjoyable and maybe because it was my first time reading Claire Seeber s work I was excepting a happy ending not a lonely heroine but I think that this work is awesome and it worth reading _ I hope you guys enjoy reading it a_a

  5. Lara says:
    I struggled with this book, probably because I couldn t warm to the characters The main character Rose, I felt needed to grow a back bone and appeared to be so gullible And I got a bit confused with the to ing and fro ing from past to present Not for me.

  6. Fiona Moreira says:
    WOW What a book Rose and James met as new students at Oxford where they were part of a group called Society X, run by their charismatic friend Dalzeil They now live a comfortable life in the country with their three lovely children James runs night clubs with his best friend Liam and Rose gave up her promising journalistic career to write for the local gazette about prizewinning vegetables and raise her family But all that changes when Rose is asked by an old colleague to see what she can find o [...]

  7. Lesley Halliday says:
    Yeah was good but to be fair things were well missing why didn t she automatically start searching James stuff etc v weird

  8. Laura says:
    To begin with, I wasn t really in love with this book, and it took me a while to get into.Rose Miller is a renowned investigative journalist, happily married with three children, and lives in a beautiful house in the Cotswolds But Rose is a bit bored, and misses the career she once loved, that she hasn t returned to since having her children She soon finds just one day a week at her local paper is not enough for her, and she takes on the challenge of a adventurous story.But waiting round the co [...]

  9. Jayne Charles says:
    This novel is packed with intrigue and mystery the author demonstrates a determination to keep the reader guessing as well as having a keen ear for toddler speak I loved Freddie he didn t speak much but everything he said was hilarious A huge cast and any number of illegal goings on both in the present and in the past keep everything bubbling furiously, and to finish the book was a must, just to find out how the author would draw the multiple threads of the story together Secrets are kept judici [...]

  10. Fatima Haque says:
    My thoughts on the bookTo be honest with you I really did not enjoy reading this book This was because of many factors like the plot line I thought the plot line was too confusing and after I read the book I did not get what happened through the most of the book As well as the fact of the actual story line, it was to dark and uncomfortable I am the kind of person that loves thriller, suspense and crime but I think that that this book was too much for my liking This book is a psychological thrill [...]

  11. Kirsty Maule says:
    This book was a good read I preferred 24 hours as it was fast paced I got a bit bored impatient at 30, 60 and 80 percent and just wanted it to move faster and wrap things up for that particular point in the story The overall story was good but I did end up reading 2 books in between this one because it just wasn t one I was totally focused on I read 24 hours in 2 sittings Maybe the subject matter just wasn t for me starting the chapters with old fashioned quotes or biblical quotes isn t really [...]

  12. Jan says:
    I am very precise about my reviews I see so many given high ratings that really are not my idea of a great novel So when I find a book that completely hooks me, I am on cloud nine This is the second Claire Seeber novel I have read and she is a great author This is a book that captivates between it s two time lines Who are what were Society X What drove Dalziel Rose Miller was captivated by him but Dalziel was in a league of his own and he was sacrilegious What happens to Rose at university will [...]

  13. Donna Henderson says:
    I have mixed feelings about this book I thought the plot was cleverly weaved together and twisty, but I felt that the loose ends were too conveniently tied up, and some of the suspense went on for way too long, which was so frustrating that I even found that my foot was tapping with anxiety, as I just wanted to get through the pages and finish the book I enjoy a plot that alternates problems and solutions, but this book just dragged on with the same problem throughout On a positive note, I enjo [...]

  14. Lucy Hay says:
    A fast paced read with appealing characters, I liked the theme of truth that ran through NEVER TELL The plot felt a little convoluted, with even Rose unsure what exactly she was investigating, but the characters kept my interest alive Though all the characters were slightly dodgy in ethics, this was what made them intriguing I m so bored of goody two shoes housewives The relationship between Rose and James and the children felt particularly fresh and I liked her encounters with Danny, though I w [...]

  15. Lynda Kelly says:
    This is not for me It s full of a bunch of unlikeable toffs at university with, it seems, not a redeeming feature among them I might ve persevered if I liked any of them or had anything in common with them but I don t.I was put off in the acknowledgements when a prior author I ve had adverse contact with was thanked I assumed this book would be in the same state hers was but I have to say it s pretty good in terms of presentation I only spotted one error a child eating porridge on one page and c [...]

  16. Joanne says:
    This book seemed long I don t know if it was the writing style slowing it down, the characters not being developed early in the book, the timeframe switches or whatI found the early university settings and storyline quite weak and very disjointed as well as unrealistic there was just a bit too much assumed knowledge I think As I didn t grow up in the UK or attend a UK university the scenarios seemed a bit far fetched but that might just be my point of view.The main character Rose was a bit weak [...]

  17. Lisa says:
    A pretty good read there is a good main story that is sidetracked somewhat by the protagonist s own dabbling into the unknown and this doesn t really seem relevant to the story apart from as an introduction to some dark characters, so it feels a little messy in places On the whole the concept, that of past life and secrets catching up, is good if not entirely unique and it does hold your interest, though can t help thinking it s a slight disappointment in parts.The characters are well rounded an [...]

  18. Sarah Rodgers says:
    I really enjoyed this book, I would say that if you enjoyed The Secret History by Donna Tarrt this is a comparible light version Not the same story but some of the same feeling and set in England The main character is believeable and someone that you do want to know about although some of her actions stretch the imagination and don t fit into what you think that she would actually do.I don t want to say too much about the story as it would ruin it for others but it certainly kept me gripped, so [...]

  19. Cleo Bannister says:
    I was really looking forward to reading this book but found the start so far fetched I considered not bothering I m glad I did as the story improved and I managed to suspend belief enough to enjoy it.The story flicks back and forward between Rose s time at Oxford where she joined in with Society X and her life now with three young children in the Cotswolds Her husband James is involved in music and opening night clubs She begins to investigate a story she was an award winning journalist and gets [...]

  20. Louise Mullins says:
    The sentences seem to be cut before they ve ended and I couldn t get into it I read up to chapter three I felt that this has mistakenly been labelled a thriller, but did not have enough suspense in the first few pages to hold my attention I also found it incredibly difficult to see what the prologue added to the story Somebody who is supposed to be dead is alive and their son supposedly killed himself but did not I found it all very boring Too many redundant sentences and unnecessary description [...]

  21. Paula says:
    Abandoned this one half way through, although I have put it away to try another time.For the first quarter of the book, I kept checking to see what genre it was as at first it reminded me a little of a romance type not mills boon romance though I pushed on to page 148 waiting for the dark twisting thriller Simon Kernick to start, and though I can see very faint hints of a it, I am bored with the book.Abandoned to my re read shelf 27 12 10

  22. Rebecca tedder says:
    I really did enjoy this book.Though it flitted from past to present something I don t always find a good thing in a mystery this read with ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns of the tale From the college Secret Society to the mixed up world of modern politics and a falling apart marriage, Seeber kept me interested right up to the very end.Good read that was easy to lose myself in after a long day.

  23. Diane says:
    I m sorry I wasted time finishing this It wasn t worth it This is the least suspenseful thriller I ve ever read Rose was an unbelievable character and badly drawn For an apparently award winning journalist she dense Her probing consisted of asking people to tell me the truth The unlikely and improbable scenarios just made this story a farce I doubt I ll bother with Seeber s other book on my shelf.

  24. Colette Cooper says:
    I found it hard to care about any of the characters other than the main one.SPOILER Danny who Rose had an affair with was totally out of the blue And it was hard to identify her feelings for him as we knew next to nothing about the characterMaya started out as a very interesting character but tailed off to nothingness In fact most of the Kattans did and it seemed there were just a few too many charactersNot a bad story though that kept me engaged enough

  25. Mandy says:
    Dark, gritty and gripping It s been a long time since I have read a page turner like this I loved her writing style, descriptive but not flowery My only critiscm would be that In order to maintain the suspense Rose s character was slightly flawed, in that as a former journalist, she surely would have asked the questions that we, the reader, were asking I found her somewhat blind acceptance a little unbelievable at times That aside, a great read

  26. Katie Boyden says:
    In general I enjoyed this book, but Rose s character was confusing and switched from hard hitting journalist to concerned mum to lovestruck teenager even within chapters The plot, I think, was over complicated and in the end Kattan didn t really have as much of a role to play as I expected him to It was a good book, but I wouldn t read it again.

  27. Kate Giles says:
    This could have been great but for me just missed the mark It was intriguing at the beginning but I didn t feel satisfied with the conclusion Having read some of the other reviews I may try another of her novels as there seems to be a consensus that this isn t typical of this author and that some of her other books are better.

  28. Lynz says:
    Bought in a charity shop a few months ago picked it up while waiting for another book to arrive in the post, Didn t think I d read it all esp after reading the first two chapters, but I gave it another go I m glad I did Because I found after a few chapters I couldn t put it down.Defo gets a thumbs up from me

  29. Renée Mee says:
    Not a big lover of stories that switch back and forth from past to current time.I find it annoying and this book was no exception for that rule Claire seeber is a good writer but sometimes the story gets bogged down and becomes predictable.

  30. Selina Trafford says:
    brilliant story of youths excess catching up with you a complex and compelling man heads a group of students who want to break societies restraints but the gang come to realise after a tragedy that is it is all to serve his own purpose and as we all know our sins will always find us

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