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  • Cardello Best Read || [Luigi Capuana]
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  1. Luigi Capuana says:
    Luigi Capuana was an Italian author and journalist and one of the most important members of the Verist movement He was a contemporary of Giovanni Verga, both having been born in the province of Catania within a year of each other He was also one of the first authors influenced by the works of mile Zola, French author and creator of Naturalism.

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  1. Padmin says:
    Il destino nel nomeTenerissima fiaba e lieve come un cono alla panna c anche l orco.Il racconto di un puro di cuore anche all epoca di Capuana doveva esser merce rara, se vero come vero che si chiama Calogero Strano alias Cardello.

  2. Garis Knight says:
    In the spirit of full disclosure I am the publisher of this book My rating reflects my honest opinion as a reader.The story follows a young boy in early 20th century Sicily who has a knack for being in the right place at the right time He is innocent, lovable and kind, traits that endear him to those who can improve his lot in life Thus, he is carried by fate from one situation to another, learning and growing In the end, however, though he has achieved success, he has lost something precious, [...]

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