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The Secret Room

The Secret Room Shawna and Thea are working together on a math project for their eighth grade class But the numbers don t add up and they make a startling discovery a secret room in the basement of Thea s house an

Shawna and Thea are working together on a math project for their eighth grade class But the numbers don t add up, and they make a startling discovery a secret room in the basement of Thea s house, an old Vermont inn The code on the walls makes the girls and everyone in town wonder why there was a secret room Was it part of the Underground Railroad, or perhaps somethingShawna and Thea are working together on a math project for their eighth grade class But the numbers don t add up, and they make a startling discovery a secret room in the basement of Thea s house, an old Vermont inn The code on the walls makes the girls and everyone in town wonder why there was a secret room Was it part of the Underground Railroad, or perhaps something less, well, heroic Discovering the truth is harder than they would have thought, especially when the truth is not what some people want to hear.

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  1. Beth Kanell says:
    ABOUT MEStorytelling is Beth Kanell s native language and she learned it from her mother, who taught her to fill in the blanks as a story emerged As a single parent in Vermont, for years she told stories on the side and developed a specialty in tales for teens always starting with something scary Endlessly in love with Vermont, she began bringing the most fascinating parts of its history into her narratives, and discovered that what she really likes after all is writing fiction that explores the lives of young people caught up in the force of change She is also a non stop mystery reader, so she grapples for new and unusual plot twists, as well as the magic of the Green Mountain state.ABOUT MY WORKBeth Kanell s first Vermont historical novel THE DARKNESS UNDER THE WATER began as a form of ghost story and got scarier Along with years of historical prowling for the book, Beth relied on family narratives from the residents of small Vermont towns like Waterford, St Johnsbury, West Barnet, Barnet, Peacham, and Danville She loved re discovering the days of log drives on the Connecticut River Recently she s been digging into how people washed dishes in 1850, why there are so many fires in small towns, and Vermont s unsolved murders She writes as if she were braiding one strand for the flow of history, one for the controversies involved, and the biggest strand, of course, for the characters who take over her inner life She outlines on brown paper pinned to the walls of her small writing room, and depends on chocolate, candles, and music to get her throughREE THINGS YOU DON T KNOW ABOUT ME

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  1. Katepoet says:
    Beth Kanell s new novel, The Secret Room, is a mystery set in rural Vermont, Kanell s home state I don t want to give any of it away so for now I ll just say that kids age 10 14 should find it especially satisfying Older folks who enjoy mysteries steeped in history will also enjoy following the girls as they hunt for their town s past It comes out September 10, 2011, and I m planning on getting copies for many students, friends, and other lucky folk

  2. Tim says:
    Beth Kanell s latest novel opens with two young women discovering THE SECRET ROOM in Thea Warwick s house in North Upton, in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont Thea is an outlander from Connecticut, and she befriends the narrator, native Vermonter named Shawna Lee The two girls, bright middle schoolers with a passion for math, discover the secret room while doing an exercise in measurement of interior and exterior of homes And while the discovery of and research about the secret room is the nomina [...]

  3. J.P. Choquette says:
    The Secret Room is the perfect mix of family drama, humor, adventure, history and spooky happenings Loved this gem by Vermont author, Beth Kanell.

  4. Saphira Moonstone says:
    The Secret Room was written by Beth Kanell in 2011 It was required reading, for it had just come out and a few girls and I had to do a review on it I personally disliked the plot, the weakling characters, the reading audience, and the learning targets To me, the book seemed to be jumbled and confusing The plot starts out on a farm, with main characters Shawna and Thea doing a math project The girls have to measure the house and its area, but the numbers don t add up, so they then find the secret [...]

  5. Kelly Knapp says:
    The Secret Room by Beth Kanell is one of the best mysteries for young adults that I have ever read The story is written from the viewpoint of Shawna, a slightly overweight teen, who partners with Thea, the new girl in town, on a classroom assignment Throughout the story, Shawna voice is real Unlike many other mysteries, there are no actions that seem unrealistic for the teen characters to complete on their own The author s characters are both strong and sensitive and while there is plenty of tee [...]

  6. Shoshanah says:
    Something about this books cover and summary really called out to me and reminded me of the books I read growing I was hoping for the best with it, but I was a little skeptical thinking it was self published I was actually mistaken there, since there is a publisher, but it s a small publishing house But hopeful going into it, I am excited to share that overall I really enjoyed this.The main story arc is of Shawna and her next door neighbor, Thea, discovering a hidden room while mapping out Thea [...]

  7. Karen says:
    This is one of those books that when you pick it up you don t want to put it down Unfortunatly for me, medical problems kept me from finishing for a while But last night I finally got a chance to sit down uninterrupted and really get into it, and actually finished it in one sitting The Secret Room starts as two girls, Shawna a girl from small town upper Vermont and new comer and flat lander Thea are given an assignment to measure the perimeter of their homes and then the interior and find out ho [...]

  8. C.S. S Bernhardt says:
    Shawna and Thea are assigned a math prodject together As they are doing their homework they discover a secret door in Thea s basement that no one knew was there It looks like it could be connected to the Underground Railroad and this is what the girls set out to prove or disprove.I thought this book was great After reading so many dark books that the young people are reading today it s good to see something clean and fresh This book is so much then about the underground railroad, although I did [...]

  9. Terry says:
    The Secret Room is an interesting, fun book which gives the reader a chance to learn some history at the same time The 2 protagonists, Shawna and Thea are as different as day and night, but they work well together and their friendship is believable The two girls discover a secret room in Thea s house while working on a project for school It s fun watching the girls as they go about investigating what they ve discovered.Besides the mystery of the secret room, there is a secret concerning Shawna s [...]

  10. Amy says:
    I won this book in a First Reads Giveaway here on I am sad that it took me so long to get to this book it was a very long fall semester but I am glad I finally got to read it When Thea and Shawna discover a hidden room in Thea s basement while working on a math project, a whole world of mystery is opened up to them I loved following the two girls as they unraveled the mystery and become friends I especially loved the setting of the book, as I live in northern MA and often find myself in Vermont [...]

  11. A Full Bookshelf says:
    Actual is 2.5This was win through a giveaway This book follows two 8th graders, Shawna and Thea, as they complete a project for school In the process of doing this project, they discover a secret room in Thea s house The Secret Room tells the story go these two girls and the history of this room.I was excited to read this book It sounded like a cozy mystery However, from the very beginning I had a hard time relating to either of the main characters and found Shawna to be slightly annoying Her la [...]

  12. Liza Goldberg says:
    Interesting, but too much got crammed in it, and I could have done without the subplot about Shawnee I felt the book ended too abruptly, especially since that subplot, which had been dragging through the last third of the book, was left unresolved except for a hurried everyone is ok now I would have preferred story about Thea s history, if anything.I also got frustrated as the girls were researching and finding things weren t adding up, that it seemed others already knew facts, and could have [...]

  13. LuAnn says:
    This is a great book The characters and situation felt so real that I keep thinking about them and want the story to continue In fact, the story ended before one major focus came to completion It isn t as important as underlying issues, but still, not reaching that point leaves a feeling of incompleteness The historical theme and family themes are satisfying I could really relate to the dairy farm setting as my brother and his wife are dairy farmers Well written and compelling.

  14. Beth says:
    Writing this book tapped so many memories about middle grades life, as well as the research involved with the Underground Railroad, Vermont, and of course the opinions of people now living in the village, as well as the teens around me Re reading it was almost as much fun as writing it And this is very strange I swear I saw Shawna and Thea themselves, walking down the road in a nearby town, talking and ignoring the passing cars.

  15. John Vibber says:
    I seldom read YA, but Beth Kanell s clever online book reviews motivated me to read The Secret Room Within a few pages I was hooked on her story and immersed in my own childhood memories I highly recommend this wonderful tale of discovery involving a Vermont farm girl, her family and best friend.

  16. Issa says:
    Instead of the fun history mystery I was expecting this book offered pushy religion shoved down my throat Also, the teenage characters felt extremely inauthentic and quite honestly, stupid the author felt the need to explain what back atcha meant and what a wrap is Finally, the book ended so abruptly that it left many loose ends.

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