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O Segundo Cerco

O Segundo Cerco Este segundo volume de A Tape aria leva a s rie a um novo n vel de sofistica o e suspense Max Mc Daniels e David Menlo agora no seu segundo ano na Academia de Rowan desenvolveram as suas potencialid

Este segundo volume de A Tape aria leva a s rie a um novo n vel de sofistica o e suspense Max Mc Daniels e David Menlo, agora no seu segundo ano na Academia de Rowan, desenvolveram as suas potencialidades, os seus conhecimentos e s o agora jovens adultos preparados para enfrentar os seus advers rios Entretanto Astaroth, um dem nio que se libertou de um cativeiro de s cuEste segundo volume de A Tape aria leva a s rie a um novo n vel de sofistica o e suspense Max Mc Daniels e David Menlo, agora no seu segundo ano na Academia de Rowan, desenvolveram as suas potencialidades, os seus conhecimentos e s o agora jovens adultos preparados para enfrentar os seus advers rios Entretanto Astaroth, um dem nio que se libertou de um cativeiro de s culos, vai tentar apoderar se do Livro de Tot, o Livro das Origens, e utiliz lo para os seus tenebrosos objectivos Uma saga que decorre no mundo actual e que re ne fant stico, fic o cient fica e magia.

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  1. Henry H. Neff Jorge Freire says:
    Henry H. Neff Jorge Freire Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the O Segundo Cerco book, this is one of the most wanted Henry H. Neff Jorge Freire author readers around the world.

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  1. Lining says:
    This book bothered me so much, I was just like, rolling my eyes and sighing frustratedly every few minutes Ugh Okay, so this ll probably be of a rant than a review, but whatev.Characters 4 10 Okay, so, first we have this Max person, who s gonna save the world and you know it and who s also, y know, 13, and the author makes him act like he s 30 I mean, honestly I hate authors who write children like adults Interestingly, these writers are almost always adults That s why I enjoyed the Outsiders , [...]

  2. Henry says:
    I m very excited about this book the second in The Tapestry series It is an altogether bigger book the pace, scale, and stakes all jump a notch relative to the first book,The Hound of Rowan Book One of the Tapestry I hope you enjoy it Henry Neff

  3. Danielle Raymond says:
    The Hound of Rowan set the tone for this exciting series introducing us to the intriguing characters and world of Rowan Academy with warmth, humor and a fantastical dose of magic The Second Siege turns that world upside down, starting with the arrival of a mysterious visitor who sets events into motion that will change Max s life and the world at large forever.Max and his roommate David embark on an epic journey that takes them away from the safety of Rowan into the chaos around them from the bu [...]

  4. Gary Nilsen says:
    Where The Hound of Rowan Book One of the Tapestry sets the table, The Second Siege Book Two of the Tapestry serves the feast I was drawn pleasantly along in the first book sensing a story with remarkable potential and then like a roller coaster making its slow inexorable rise to the summit, the second book drops into free fall and you re on your way for a thrilling ride All the characters you ve come to know, the hero Max McDaniels, David Menlo, Conner, the enigmatic Cooper, and the staff of Row [...]

  5. P. says:
    I am going to dare say that I was way involved with the characters in this book than I was with the characters in Harry Potter And this is just the second book Since comparisons are inevitable, I am also going to say that I admired the way Neff brought the outside world into the magical world or vice versa much than Rowling did, and how he acknowledged the tension between magic and technology how they antagonized and benefited each other There were 2 parts where I was like wait, what Why are t [...]

  6. Molly says:
    Depois de ter lido o primeiro livro desta saga tive de ler o segundo, pois o primeiro deixou me muito curiosa para saber o desenvolvimento das aventuras de Max e David e o que iria acontecer E depois de o ter lido, s posso dizer que este livro, o 2, ainda melhor do que o primeiro Excelente continua o Pois bem, em primeiro lugar vou fazer uma breve descri o do enredo, muito muito por alto Depois do primeiro ano em Rowan, Max prepara se para o seu segundo ano No entanto ele sabe que n o vai ser t [...]

  7. Kino Kino says:
    Holy crap, this book doesn t hold back Usually 2nd books are of the first but just better since it barely needs to build the world and focuses instead on the characters This is NOT that book This book takes its events seriously Of course it is still of the first book, but it is summed and multiplied that it becomes a different animal all on its own Great story and story telling Characters have depth and you are emotionally invested The world makes sense and doesn t just shoo away the modern w [...]

  8. Mike (the Paladin) says:
    Any of you who actually follow my reviews may have noticed that these books have been listed as currently reading for a while as I add the books in the series That s because I ve reserved my rating and reviews.First these are listed shelved as YA fantasy I agree that younger readers will like them and there are parts that will appeal to younger readers It takes place at first in a school The characters bond with interesting mythical creatures Our heroes are young.When I reviewed the first in the [...]

  9. Marley says:
    The Second Siege starts off easy before launching its characters abruptly into a chaotic adventure that takes them into new and unfamiliar environments Suffice to say, The Second Siege is significantly action packed than The Hound of Rowan Without spoiling too much I will say that a good deal of world building is wrapped up in this book as readers are introduced to some of the various factions and powers working behind the scenes Or, perhaps, not so much behind the scenes as they originally tho [...]

  10. The Library Lady says:
    Someone commented that this reminded them of The Two Towers, the second book of The Lord of the Rings and that s how I felt about it.It s the book you slog through hoping for a great finale in book 3, with only a few good bits that get you through the rest.There is little character development Max and David become cardboard epic figures, though in David s case he mostly seems to get injured and then spout out something that will move the plot along Most of their classmates fade into the backgrou [...]

  11. Sally says:
    I can t say I really liked this book, yet it was good enough to make me want to finish the series or at least to go on into the third book The over arching story has not been completed in this Book 2 I m wondering where the tapestry comes in again, as that is the title that was given to the series of four books and it was only obvious to me as something portentous in Book 1.As in the Harry Potter series, the environment and focus moves away from the boarding school setting towards some surreal [...]

  12. Miles says:
    In this book, Max and David learn that a past student made an agreement that gives witches the ability to take 3 Rowan students This made Max and David feel anxious at what might happen This book was good with sensory details like describing life at Rowan In the Workshop, Max found Bram s key and this helped them with opening a mysterious case on the Rowan campus The author makes me relate to the characters as in hating the bad ones and liking the good ones Finally, he has good descriptions of s [...]

  13. Julie says:
    This book was a lot frightening than book 1 Again, it was really well written It was well paced, and creative I care about the characters It ended making me eager for book 3.

  14. Judy Horton says:
    We re enjoying this reading aloud to my children, both now middle schoolers Henry Neff s bio on gives a great background on his influences and these books

  15. Robyn says:
    Montana Library 2 Go Amazing potential and creativity marred by sloppiness and laziness on author s part My review of book one in this series was a bit schizophrenic, because I kept talking about the potential and how this series could be a 5 star series, in between pointing out all the flaws in the book This review will be far straightforward There are serious problems here Now, I can see the averaged rating for this book here on GoodReads, so I know plenty of people are loving this book and t [...]

  16. Alex says:
    I got this book as a strip from when I worked at Barnes and Noble So for me it was free, and I m glad I didn t pay for this Again this series suffers from too much Too many people, too many places, too much explanation, too much action, too much of everything There is also not enough We learn Max and David are officially special, though not how or why, or what it means Max goes to some weird fae realm and he trains for months, it s super important that he did this the training altered him as a p [...]

  17. Fainne J. Firmin says:
    I vaguely remembered the first book, had recently read the first book of the sequel series unintentionally so I was going into this half blind and this is the second book Of FIVE What do these characters go through How many die This book had an interesting story, clearly trying to quickly link the modern world with the fantastical one it will end up as It also brought up one of my favourite contrivances we have the only key to an item our enemy wants, let s get the item instead of DESTROYING T [...]

  18. Deborah says:
    A fun continuation of the series Rowan continues to grow in his skills and his understanding of his skills It works well to pair him with David, because they are both incredibly overpowered compared to the rest of the students, but together they have different skills that complement each other.The twist ending view spoiler of giving up the magic book rather than continuing to fight hide spoiler was not something I predicted, but it was done in such a way that I was able to accept it as reasonabl [...]

  19. Neurocomp says:
    3 4 quarters of way doneVery good pace of an adventure.but ended up reading the ending before the workshop sidh section, cuz i wanted to know what happen to the mother Thought this series would turn out to be a similar world like Fablehavenbut definitely standsout on its ownked the Workshop scenery Can t wait to read book 3.e only downside is that , like book 1 , the book feels like it jumps or discontinues at certain points STill 5star based on teh world created and pace of action.

  20. Amber McManus says:
    I would say 3.5 stars the writing is good, I m just not the target audience 15 years ago, this book would have been my favorite I think I will continue with the series, just because the characters are getting older and I may find them to be relevant fans of Harry potter, should enjoy these books

  21. Suzie says:
    It s been too long since I actually read this for an in depth review, but I do remember that it was on par with the first book and that I really enjoyed both, with both being great books for both kids and adults.

  22. Erin says:
    In this book Max becomes of the main character In the first one I felt like David Menlo was the one with cool powers and such It was neat how Max had to work with someone he didn t get along with to solve the problem.

  23. Hserpwala says:
    At first it didn t keep me from wanting to read it but then as you read a couple dozen pages BOOM just like that you re already at page 100 or so, but these series are just so good

  24. Zoe Meyer says:
    I loved this book much than the first It starts to tie the stories together and give the characters much backstory I loved the imagination of the author for The Workshop and when Max s mom died, it absolutely killed me The betrayal of Mr Sikes was kind of expected, but the author somehow worked the imp into my heart I also loved how incredibly sassy Astaroth is and hope to see of personality in the next book.

  25. Patrícia says:
    RATING 3 estrelas.Ap s ter ficado algo desiludida com o primeiro livro desta s rie, entrei na leitura de O Segundo Cerco com expectativas algo baixas Talvez tenha sido um pouco por isso que este segundo livro da s rie me agradou mais do que o primeiro mas creio que o facto de o autor ter passado muito mais tempo a desenvolver o seu mundo e as personagens tamb m contribu ram para que este livro fosse bem mais interessante do que o seu predecessor.Passou um ano desde que Max McDaniels, agora a viv [...]

  26. Ash says:
    This series is almost America s answer to Harry Potter, however it has it s own flair which defines it and separates it from Harry Potter series despite the obvious similarities which of course are going to exist in a series of books involving a school and magic and a young hero who doesn t know his own power Of course they re going to exist, it s what separates them that makes them great and The Second Siege does this extremely well in my opinion Of course many are going to complain about simil [...]

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