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Pakistan: Eye of the Storm

Pakistan Eye of the Storm Pakistan with its political instability Islamic community pressing economic and social problems access to nuclear weapons and proximity to Afghanistan stands at the centre of global attention Th

Pakistan, with its political instability, Islamic community, pressing economic and social problems, access to nuclear weapons, and proximity to Afghanistan, stands at the centre of global attention This title looks at Pakistan s past, recounts its recent history, and assesses its future options.

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  1. Owen Bennett-Jones says:
    Owen Bennett-Jones Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Pakistan: Eye of the Storm book, this is one of the most wanted Owen Bennett-Jones author readers around the world.

Comment 386 on “Pakistan: Eye of the Storm

  1. Patricia says:
    Having willfully ignored Pakistan for years, I finally sat down to read Owen Bennett Jones book and discovered I couldn t put it down And by so doing, I filled an important hole I d been ignoring in my overview and understanding of Asia Pakistan s history is short but turbulent This excellent, well researched, beautifully written book covers its history, personalities, politics, and issues in chapters that first present an overview of Pakistan s history then proceed to address each major issue t [...]

  2. Saurabh says:
    It goes into usual topics like Kashmir, formation of Bangladesh, efforts made by its provinces to go independent, how the country acquired nukes one by one.Very general book, doesn t go into too much detail Talks about military leaders and their contribution in turning Pakistan into a failed state Its an old book, published in 2002, so misses out on current situation Pick any MJ Akbar or Husain Haqqani for that.

  3. Asad Lashari says:
    It is an excellent piece of work stating the story of Pakistan with rational and neutral slant He has covered supreme aspects of Pakistan history and maladministration of prospects by our so called Elite and Establishment He has drawn a clear line between India Pakistan command and control mechanism.It is a worth reading book.

  4. Abdul says:
    I read the book eight years ago and it opened my eyes to many things that I had not seen in my own country The first chapter gave a play by play detail of the 1999 coup and went on to describe history of nuclear program, regionalism and other vital parts of Pakistan s history It is a very well written book and should be read as an introduction to Pakistan.

  5. Ayaz Zafar says:
    Pretty good articulation of anecdotes and plausibly true but he failed to mention in some places the source of information that he mention as facts like the majority of migrants were from East Punjab etc.

  6. Faaiz says:
    I loved this book I remember seeing it in my college bookstore and just squealing with delight I immediately bought it I m so impulsive.Anyhow This was quite the learning experience I mean I was obviously aware of the history of Pakistan but I was always sure that it was biased at some places I like how Jones wrote this book He did give credit where credit was due and also didn t shy away from revealing Pakistan s failures throughout history There was no glorification of the leaders unlike in ou [...]

  7. Tariq Mahmood says:
    This is a remarkable book on Pakistan, context setting with amazing insights I especially enjoyed the references to individual stories of feudals, generals and politicians to strength the author s deductions Unfortunately the future looks bleaker for the moment with the rise in terrorism and anarchy I found the last chapter on Musharraf and his non existent policy on education something the author to have needlessly injected as education is the main reason for the sad state of affairs in Pakista [...]

  8. Dominique says:
    This book gave me a better grasp of how and why Pakistan is in the state it is today Each chapter focuses on a different and equally important issue, e.g the different ethnic groups and how they interact, the politics related to Kashmir, NWFP, the military, and the power holders particularly Musharraf The author was the BBC correspondent based in Pakistan from 1998 2001 so the writing is journalistic.

  9. Intikhab says:
    Good book to read about Pakistan Gives a comprehensive account of Pakistan s history and present day situation in addition to explaining likely future challenges faced to it Chapters on Kashmir, Nationalism, Bangladesh, The Bomb and the Army give a detailed background information about what went wrong with Pakistan since its creation in 1947.

  10. Amit says:
    Owen Bennett Jones has written a crisp book on one of the most troubled countries of the present decade With journalistic flair, he packages the recurrent themes of the Pakistani theatre, fundamentalism, feudalism,corruption and above all the army The book is a canny reflection on the factors that have failed Pakistan.

  11. Matt says:
    BBC reporter Owen Bennett Jones writes just as crisply as he reads the news He paints a lucid, troubling portrait of Pakistan s traumatic birth, turbulent past and unstable present that leaves the reader worried not just for Pakistan s future but our own.

  12. Shreyas says:
    crisp but largely known info about pakistan a delightful read nonetheless since it is organized topically rather than chronologically.

  13. Nicole says:
    Thematically organized with a timeline to help you locate intersections Not heavily biased Insightful and informative.

  14. Hasan says:
    Hardly includes any new information on a complex topic that constantly requires new research.

  15. Daniel Bakken says:
    Pakistan is not a state it s an army Not one of Pakistan s leaders has ever completed his term in office.

  16. Linda says:
    Good review of what is going on in Pakistan and the region.

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