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Pao Kingston year old Yang Pao steps off the ship from China with his mother and brother after his father has died fighting for the revolution They are to live with Zhang the godfather of China

Kingston, 1938 14 year old Yang Pao steps off the ship from China with his mother and brother, after his father has died fighting for the revolution They are to live with Zhang, the godfather of Chinatown, who mesmerises Pao with stories of glorious Chinese socialism on one hand, and the reality of his protection business on the other When Pao takes over the family sKingston, 1938 14 year old Yang Pao steps off the ship from China with his mother and brother, after his father has died fighting for the revolution They are to live with Zhang, the godfather of Chinatown, who mesmerises Pao with stories of glorious Chinese socialism on one hand, and the reality of his protection business on the other When Pao takes over the family s affairs he becomes a powerful man He sets his sights on marrying well, but when Gloria Campbell, a black prostitute, comes to him for help he is drawn to her beauty and strength They begin a relationship that continues even after Pao marries Fay Wong, the acceptable but headstrong daughter of a wealthy Chinese merchant As the political violence escalates in the 1960s the lines between Pao s socialist ideals and private ambitions become blurred Jamaica is transforming, the tides of change are rising, and the one time boss of Chinatown finds himself cast adrift.Shortlisted for the 2011 Costa First Novel Award.

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  1. Kerry Young says:
    Kerry Young was born in Kingston, Jamaica, to a Chinese father and mother of mixed Chinese African heritage She came to England at the age of ten Kerry s background is in youth work where she worked both locally and nationally, and has also written extensively She has Master s degrees in organisation development and creative writing, and a PhD in youth work Kerry Young is a Buddhist in the tradition of Vietnamese Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh Her interests include Tai Chi, weight lifting and golf She also loves jazz and plays alto and tenor saxophone.

Comment 348 on “Pao

  1. Paul says:
    This is my first novel by Kerry Young it is set in Jamaica from the 1940s to the 1990s One thing that attracted me to it was that it is not a stand alone Young intends to write a novel about each of the three main characters, looking at the same events in three different ways Young was born in Jamaica her father was Chinese and her mother of African and Chinese heritage The novel is written in the first person which can make the reader very favourable towards Pao Pao arrives in Jamaica in 1938 a [...]

  2. Missy J says:
    2017 Jamaica Challenge 2 The Jamaican Coat of Arms isOut of Many, One People.A wonderful novel At first I was a bit hesitant to read this book because many overseas Chinese writers tend to romanticize their Chinese background Pao is the name of the young Chinese lad, who arrives in Jamaica with his mother and brother in the early mid 20th century Jamaica is still a British colony and Pao is trying to settle down in his new home It s an immigrant story that I don t hear too often about, a Chinese [...]

  3. Beverly says:
    Title One Out of ManyPao by Kerry Young introduces Yang Pao, a 14 year old who is beginning life anew in Jamaica with his mother and brother It is 1938 and Pao s father has died fighting in the Chinese Civil War Their benefactor is the father s best friend Zhang, the godfather of Kingston s Chinatown Zhang, who never married, has a place in his organization for the family, but it is Pao who seems to have the knack for the small time rackets and protection services, and fills the void in Zhang s [...]

  4. Shawn Mooney says:
    His father murdered in China, 14 year old Pao and his mother escape to Jamaica in 1938 They live with a mysterious, elderly man, Zhang, who d migrated to the island nation three decades earlier Zhang is the benevolent overlord of Kingston s Chinatown, and he soon begins grooming Pao as his successor When the younger man takes up with a black prostitute a few years later, Zhang disapproves, urging Pao to forget about her and settle down with a Chinese wife.Pao, who narrates the novel, takes half [...]

  5. Pamela says:
    I picked this book up after reading the back cover and thinking it might be interesting to read It was, but it also fell kind of flat While a lot of times I say that books could be made shorter, this one could have benefited from length.I say that it could be longer, and then realize that with the first person voice this wouldn t really work well While the voice A jamaican infused chinese english accent was a good attempt at throwing one into the book, it also made it hard to follow at times.At [...]

  6. Gabbie says:
    Pao is the February Bookophilia book club pick and so this read was of an assignment instead of a fun read However since it was a book I had planned on reading I wasn t annoyed that it was getting in the way of my regularly scheduled reading.Despite my early anticipation I ended up being very disappointed in the book The exciting story I expected wasn t as much of a story as I was expecting Instead it was biographical in nature but set in a real life context and based on true experiences Apart [...]

  7. James F says:
    The latest book for the group reading Jamaican literature, Kerry Young s Pao narrates the life of a Chinese immigrant to Jamaica who rises to become the boss of the Chinatown underworld and later inherits a legitimate business empire from his wealthy father in law The novel is obviously well researched, and apparently based partly on the author s father who was also a figure in the Chinese underworld in Jamaica like Pao s daughter Mui, Kerry Young went to London at the age of ten, so her knowled [...]

  8. Sophia Walker says:
    I LOVED THIS BOOK I like historical fiction and as a Jamaican this book provided some clarification of some of the political issues that were happening before I was born This book discussed race, culture, identity, wealth etc An awesome knowledge with great tie in with the art of war well done kerry young

  9. Emily Crowe says:
    The eponymous Pao is only a small boy when he and his family emigrate from China to Jamaica in the wake of the Chinese Civil War and just prior to the outbreak of World War II After settling into the Chinatown area of Kingston, Pao grows up in its shadowy underworld and eventually becomes the civic minded leader of its organized crime, doing business and protecting the Chinese minority in the city Using Sun Tzu s The Art of War as his conscience and guide, Pao s influence waxes and wanes against [...]

  10. Robin Webster says:
    Pao is the story of the life of Yang Poa from the time that he emigrates to Jamaica as a 14 year old boy in 1938 until 1980 s The backdrop is the political history of Jamaica and his part in Chinatowns criminal underworld The story focuses on his relationship with his mistress a black prostitute and his wife who is the daughter of a Chinese merchant I did feel there were some insightful observations concerning Jamaica s political history but sometimes felt the author s gentle style of writing wa [...]

  11. Jenny says:
    I would give this a 4.5 and I can imagine this being a book I think about for a while after it is done and I might adjust it to a 5.This was a multi layered book about love, revolution, history, family, race, freedom, politics, and life in general.A Chinese immigrant growing up in Jamaica running the show in Kingston s Chinatown with a heart of gold.It is nearly impossible to not like the main character Pao He is memorable and one of my favorite new characters in a while.I couldn t put this down [...]

  12. Mag says:
    I got this book from the Early Reviewers, and it was a great read Very interesting as it showed Jamaica from the perspective of a Chinese immigrant I found Pao an intriguing choice for the narrator A teenager when the book begins, he immigrates to Jamaica in 1940s to join his uncle who works there as a protector of the Chinese community As the years go by, he himself slides into the role of a mostly benevolent and wise Godfather, maybe not entirely the Corleone but comparable in scale for a smal [...]

  13. NancyHelen says:
    I was put off at first by the fact that this book is written in a kind of half Chinese, half Jamaican vernacular I know, when I have read books like it before, eventually you get used to the style but I did struggle with this one throughout The story is told by Pao, who comes from China to Jamaica as a youth in the 1940s He grows up to become lead the protection service of everyone in Kingston s Chinatown, but also of others including the brothel where his long time lover, Gloria, runs her busin [...]

  14. Paul says:
    Heard Kerry Young on Woman s Hour yesterday and thought it sounded good Chinese in the Caribbean, what could possibly go wrong

  15. Heather says:
    LBC Bingo Book s author is from an island nation other than UK The author was born in Jamaica and is of Chinese heritage Enjoyable, but not amazing.

  16. Klarissa says:
    We come too far, we re not coming back now We have a pride now We have a place now We have a mission now I really fond of this book surprisingly At first, I thought that the main focus of the story will be around the life of the main character, Pao, but turns out this book showed me especially how the writer points out the importance of a context The evolving daily life around Pao centered in the heart of Jamaica when that time the society fought for their independence against the British army [...]

  17. Sheu Quen says:
    First off, I m surprised that I actually managed to finish reading the book The struggles I had were real Not because the author couldn t write but because she wrote it from the main character s point of view, and the character doesn t actually have great English.Pao was a young boy from China when he landed in Jamaica with his mother and older brother whose journeys were planned and arranged by their father s friend called Zhang There, he befriended Finley and Hampton, a couple of Jamaican boys [...]

  18. Mohammed Alghamdi says:
    An interesting book that explores Jamaica of the 20th century, society and politics mostly, and the how different ethnicities interact with each other especially the Chinese ethnicity It is a new ground for me What strikes you at first is the written language of the book It isn t written in standard English It is written in Jamaican Patois, or Creole English as linguists would say There are sayings of Sun Tzu s The Art of War everywhere in the Book, which the main character uses in his dealings [...]

  19. Pat Jennings says:
    A young boy immigrates from China to Jamaica He is smart and has family guidance in becoming in running an underground operation He falls in love with his friend prostitute but marries a woman because of her family and wealth, a poor choice He adores his two children who his wife eventually takes to England In his grief, he attempts to resolve his complicated religious and philosophical beliefs, his true relationships, along with unraveling his distance from his daughter born out of wedlock to t [...]

  20. Andrew says:
    I got this book at Dollar Tree for 1 on a whim while buying batteries I threw it away when I was finished.

  21. MsSherlocked says:
    pao has an interesting premise, but in execution it is dull and lifeless the language didn t help very much either.

  22. Sally (whatsallyreadnext) says:
    This was Kerry Young s debut novel which tells the story of Pao, who flees China in 1938 at the age of 14 with his mum and brother after his dad is killed in war They escape to Jamaica where Zhang, a family friend and godfather of Jamaica s Chinatown, helps the family and takes Pao under his wing to become his successor.As a teenager, Pao meets Gloria, a black prostitute, who he falls for even though mixed race relationships were frowned upon Instead, he ends up marrying Fay Wong, the daughter o [...]

  23. Darryl says:
    This novel is narrated by Pao, who fled at the age of 14 from Guangzhou, along with his mother and brother, to Jamaica in 1938, after his father was killed during the second Sino Japanese War Uncle Zhang, a friend of Pao s father who is the godfather of Kingston s Chinese community, provides for the family and takes Pao under his wing Pao quickly learns the business, and acquires power and status as he provides protection for businesses and individuals in Chinatown and becomes an influential ra [...]

  24. Jenny Cooper says:
    The life and times of Pao, a Chinese boy whose mother is invited to move to Jamaica by the godfather of Chinatown Pao is groomed to take over this role Set in Jamaica s recent and troubled past, this book is both informative and interesting personally I knew nothing about the country and even less about what it is like to live there on an everyday basis This book goes quite a long way to painting a picture of an island that inspires great passion and loyalty from the people who inhabit it It als [...]

  25. Hillary says:
    I always seem to read books in a series in the wrong order This is the companion book to Gloria, which I finished a few weeks ago In this case, though, the books tell parallel tales of Pao, a Chinese immigrant to Jamaica in the early 20th century, and Gloria, his sometime lover and mother of his daughter It really doesn t matter which book you read first.Young carefully crafts the characters so that they grow, mature and develop over time, like real people Pao, like Gloria in her book, is though [...]

  26. Azma says:
    Yang Pao narrates his life story from the landing on the Jamaican wharf at age fourteen with his Ma and brother Xiuquan to the birth of his granddaughter much later The family lived in Kingston s Chinatown with friends and uncle Zhang, the character close to Pao s father during China s revolutionary days before Mao Zedong and entrusted with overseeing protection for the Chinese community Pao inherits Zhang s communal responsibility as well as his strategy drawn from advice in Sun Tzu s Art of Wa [...]

  27. Anna says:
    I received this book as a giveaway, and found it to be an interesting and compelling story Pao is brought to Jamaica from China by his father s friend Zhang after the death of Pao s father Zhang is the protector of the businesses in the Chinatown district in Jamaica, and is grooming Pao to take over his role as Uncle Pao is part thug and part charmer and caretaker Though uneducated he is quite capable in working deals and expanding business Though Pao s true love is Gloria, a prositute, he marri [...]

  28. Rebecca says:
    Pao is the story of a boy who moves to Jamaica after a civil war in China kills his father He moves to Kingston, Jamaica with his mother and older brother to live with a close friend of their fathers, Uncle Zhang It s the 1930 s and Uncle Zhang is like the Godfather of Chinatown As Pao grows up, he learns the ways of Uncle Zhang and the business he runs and soon takes over the role of Uncle He doesn t always have it easy though There are problems between his wife and a local prostitute, both mot [...]

  29. Sarah says:
    I recently received this ARC to review and I have to admit that the synopsis on the back did not immediately capture my attention Despite my initial disinterest this book ended up being an unexpected delight Pao tells the story of Pao, a young boy who flees to Jamaica with his mother and brother after his father is killed in the Chinese Civil War Upon arrival they are taken in by his father s friend Zhang Xiuquan who teaches Pao to follow in his footsteps as a mafia figure in his town of Kingsto [...]

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