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Heiress Behind the Headlines

Heiress Behind the Headlines Out of the limelight and into the fire Haunted by one scandal too many tabloid savaged and vulnerable Larissa Whitney turns her back on her gilded fortune Desperately hiding from the paparazzi s rel

Out of the limelight and into the fire Haunted by one scandal too many, tabloid savaged and vulnerable, Larissa Whitney turns her back on her gilded fortune Desperately hiding from the paparazzi s relentless flashbulbs, Larissa escapes to a small secluded island, seeking refuge But she s not alone instead, Larissa finds herself face to face with Jack Endicott Sutton Out of the limelight and into the fire Haunted by one scandal too many, tabloid savaged and vulnerable, Larissa Whitney turns her back on her gilded fortune Desperately hiding from the paparazzi s relentless flashbulbs, Larissa escapes to a small secluded island, seeking refuge But she s not alone instead, Larissa finds herself face to face with Jack Endicott Sutton Now she s trapped on an island with a man she had a wild affair with five years before A man she s still achingly attracted to A man who knows the truth is even scandalous than the headlines

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  1. Caitlin Crews says:
    Caitlin Crews discovered her first romance novel at the age of twelve, in a bargain bin at the local five and dime It involved swashbuckling pirates, grand adventures, a heroine with rustling skirts and a mind of her own, and a seriously mouthwatering and masterful hero The book the title of which remains lost in the mists of time made a serious impression Caitlin was immediately smitten with romances and romance heroes, to the detriment of her middle school social life And so began her life long love affair with romance novels, many of which she insists on keeping near her at all times, thus creating a fire hazard of love wherever she lives.Caitlin has made her home in places as far flung as York, England and Atlanta, Georgia She was raised near New York City, and fell in love with London on her first visit when she was a teenager She has backpacked in Zimbabwe, been on safari in Botswana, and visited tiny villages in Namibia She has, while visiting the place in question, declared her intention to live in Prague, Dublin, Paris, Athens, Nice, the Greek Islands, Rome, Venice, and or any of the Hawaiian islands Writing about exotic places seems like the next best thing to actually moving there.She currently lives in Oregon with her animator comic book artist husband and their menagerie of ridiculous animals.

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  1. willaful says:
    Hilariously, she said, as if she was choosing her words with great care, as if she was afraid they might bite back, I keep thinking that you ve said the worst possible thing you could say that your opinion of me could not possibly sink any lower And I am always proved wrong Everyone knows about party girl heiress Larissa s scandalous life the most recent scandals being a stint in rehab and a broken engagement But the truth is, Larissa had actually spent those two months in a coma, while her cous [...]

  2. Vashti says:
    This book was a total waste of my time.The book just droned on and on about how each of the characters were from America s bluest of blueblood families.Did not like the heroine nor the hero.

  3. Jasbell76 says:
    Other shelves bad girl become good girl in a few weeks, boring hero, gamma hero.The heroine is a career woman just because it was mentioned once she studied in one of the best universities of the country _

  4. RLA says:
    The heroine Larissa has been in sort of hiding for the last eight months, after recovering from a very public collapse breakdown After waking up from a coma Larissa realised that she needed to re evaluate the mess she has made of her life and the only way to do that was time away from the fish bowl society of New York s upper class Her new found peace is shattered when the hero Jake turns up and she is forced to play her spoilt and heartless heiress persona once again in order to protect her vul [...]

  5. Laura's Book Addiction says:
    WOW I really didn t like this book at all Jack just treats Larissa like shit and he would make me cry all the time talking to me the way he did to her The killer is that she loves him after all that WFT girl get it together.

  6. Tali says:
    I really wanted to be able to give this book than 1 star, but unfortunately I can t I really liked the main character of Larissa I thought her backstory and development throughout the book were really well written and I found her to be a sympathetic and engaging character, one who s not presented as a saint By contrast, however, I really hated her male counterpart, Jake You can forgive Larissa for her mistakes, because she knows she s making them and she makes no excuses for herself But Jake Th [...]

  7. Nisareen says:
    The book follows on from events in The Replacemment Wife After her recovery from her coma and amicable split from fiancee Theo, Larissa takes stock of her life and decides to retreat to a small island to lick her wounds Things take an unexpected turn when she runs into an old flame whom she had a brief fling with five years ago Jack Sutton has never forgiven Larissa for walking out on him and refuses to believe she s changed for the better Despite this, they begin an affair, but can Jack get pas [...]

  8. Ada says:
    Solo porque es libro la formula puede funcionar, en la vida real otro es el cantar

  9. Jasveen says:
    This book made something move inside me irritation.

  10. Harlequin Books says:
    Miniseries Scandal in the SpotlightCategory Classic Romance

  11. Clare O'Beara says:
    Scott Fitzgerald has told us that the rich are different If we believe this book they are neurotic, self obsessed, self destructive and despise one another, while jumping into bed with people they claim to hate.Larissa Whitney previously partied herself almost to death and none of her Ivy League family cared that she spent three weeks in a coma, claiming to the media that she d been in rehab Understandably she has gone away to recuperate both mentally and physically and has decided to put her sh [...]

  12. Rhonda says:
    3 STARS This novel is hot Lots of sex scenes in it If you want that this book is what you want If you don t want it stay away I admit that I skimmed over those parts of the book Just depends what you want on the day you want it Its a good fast read Larissa Whitney has a wild reputation that she worked hard to get Now that she has changed, others don t see her changed To get away from Society, her father and so called friends She came to an isolated Maine island, cut her famous hair,dyed it and d [...]

  13. ChickLitWorthReading says:
    Original review appears on chicklitworthreading.wordpressI have to confess I ve never read a Harlequin Presents romance before I know that sounds like sacrilege And I honestly don t know how that happened But once I realized it, I wanted to correct that over site as quickly as possible I found them to be fun reads, with heroines I willingly rooted for The romances were wonderfully rom com like in their dealings with the 2 leads And when I saw this title on Netgalley, I expected the same kind of [...]

  14. Lia says:
    There s nothing I like better than a redeemed heroine and this one definitely delivers at this point.Two reasons why I didn t give it than three stars There is a lot of rinse repeat narrative I find myself glossing over it a number of times, which is not a good thing Should have had dialogue I honestly couldn t figure out why Larissa fell in love with Jack Apparently they spend a number of weeks together on the island though I m not 100% sure on that , so much of the falling in love happens of [...]

  15. Tammi says:
    I won this book though one of the contests with a promise I would review it I have to say although I liked the characters Larissa and Jack, I really did not like the repeating of the family connections over and over Yes we knew from the first few chapters that Whitney Media was Larissa s family business, so it really did not have to be repeated over and over again I would have liked to read about Larissa s struggle and how she got where she did I hated the way Jack spoke to Larissa at the begin [...]

  16. Escapee says:
    Things I liked The angst The heroine How she had changed after her incident from running away as an attempt to be herself to going back to her world and actually started to have concrete plans on reinventing herself Things that were lacking I did not really see how their fling 5 years ago actually affected them There wasn t much redeeming from the hero despite how he had treated her from the start other than the change in attitude and stance towards the heroine s actions over time I wished the a [...]

  17. Hsiau Wei says:
    This book tell the story of internal conflict that Larissa have with herself and the attraction that she have for Jake whom she run away from five years ago The story plot focuses on Larissa and her internal struggle to make things right after all the blunders that she did over the years which make her popular for the wrong reason in the society Jake, who is prepared to believe the worst about her yet he dont seem to be able to overcome the attraction that he have over her Overall, the book focu [...]

  18. A Full Bookshelf says:
    Actual star rating 2.5 Thanks to a first reads giveaway and the author for this book.This book was very predictable and exactly what you d expect from this type of book.I found the main characters, Jack Larissa, to be fairly likeable Jack was pigheaded for the entire book I did feel sympathy for Larissa and her situation, however, I felt that her coma was never talked about much and it would have been nice for some clarification about it Although, that s not what this kind of book is for I do ha [...]

  19. Jaime says:
    I received an autographed copy via giveaways Larissa and Jack haven t seen each other in 5 years when they run into each other on a sleepy island off the coast of Maine.Larissa is hiding from society to change her wild ways after a traumatic ordeal The island is an escape for Jack.They are passionate for one another, but they both must trust themselves before they can trust each other.The story is of a sexual nature, but not overly graphic.I really ended up liking the book and read it in a night [...]

  20. Brad Jae says:
    Heiress Behind the Headlines Caitlin Crews, Well I m going to start by saying I was disappointed in Caitlin Crews , for the simple fact that she writes really good PR novels The Heiress behind the Headlines I literally had to tackle the book from many angles and just couldn t get into it that much I totally got the concept that Larissa Whitney wanted to become her own person being caught in the limelight by the media but really I think both Larissa and Jack wasn t a believable couple.

  21. Ralitsa Ivanova says:
    it was different than what I have expected The story line goes about two outrageously rich people who shared love for each other for years However due to different events in their lives their perception of the world changes completely This is what was not too appealing to me its just not believable and its not that me as a reader was able to believe in their redemption and the new path in life they have undertaken.

  22. Nas Dean says:
    HEIRESS BEHIND THE HEADLINES by author Caitlin Crews in a Harlequin Presents release.HEIRESS BEHIND THE HEADLINES is an emotional rollercoaster of a story packed with sizzle and sexual tension Author Caitlin Crews wrote a hero in Jack Sutton who appears uncompromising and domineering on the outside but is really tortured and intensely emotional on the inside Larissa is a strong and feisty heroine My rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

  23. Angief says:
    I liked the characters and the sex scenes were steamy but I did find it a little repetitive at times Over all it was a good, easy, quick read.I received a free copy of this book through GoodReads FirstReads.

  24. Melissa Sargent says:
    It was a quick, easy read A perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon I couldn t fully related to the main charactoers, but I still liked it This review was provided in exchange for a copy of the book from the author and Firstreads.

  25. Charlene says:
    When Presents are at their best, there just isn t any better romance anywhere And this is one of the best Loved, loved, loved.

  26. Shannon Davison says:
    Beautifully written Caitlin Crews does an amazing job of setting the scene in such a way that it s like you re there watching this all happen.

  27. Harlequin Books says:
    Miniseries Scandal in the SpotlightCategory Classic Romance

  28. Sara says:
    This book was inconsistent It had a five star heroine and a one star hero I really rooted for Larissa throughout the book She was someone desperately looking for her second chance, and trying very hard for it, with the grim certainty that no one else would ever let her Every victory she scored throughout the book made me cheer The hero, Jack, was the problem in this book He was horribly abusive to Larissa He, also, was someone who had gone looking for a second chance, who had realized the life h [...]

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