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Daphne's Book

Daphne s Book As author Jessica and artist Daphne collaborate on a picture book for a seventh grade English class contest Jessica becomes aware of conditions in Daphne s home life that seem to threaten her health

As author Jessica and artist Daphne collaborate on a picture book for a seventh grade English class contest, Jessica becomes aware of conditions in Daphne s home life that seem to threaten her health and safety.

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  1. Mary Downing Hahn says:
    I grew up in a small shingled house down at the end of Guilford Road in College Park, Maryland Our block was loaded with kids my age We spent hours outdoors playing Kick the Can and Mother, May I as well as cowboy and outlaw games that usually ended in quarrels about who shot whom In the summer, we went on day long expeditions into forbidden territory the woods on the other side of the train tracks, the creek that wound its way through College Park, and the experimental farm run by the University of Maryland.In elementary school, I was known as the class artist I loved to read and draw but I hated writing reports Requirements such as outlines, perfect penmanship, and following directions killed my interest in putting words on paper All those facts who cared what the principal products of Chile were To me, writing reports was almost as boring as math Despite my dislike of writing, I loved to make up stories Instead of telling them in words, I told them in pictures My stories were usually about orphans who ran away and had the sort of exciting adventures I would have enjoyed if my mother hadn t always interfered.When I was in junior high school, I developed an interest in complex stories I wanted to show how people felt, what they thought, what they said For this, I needed words Although I wasn t sure I was smart enough, I decided to write and illustrate children s books when I grew up Consequently, at the age of thirteen, I began my first book Small Town Life was about a girl named Susan, as tall and skinny and freckle faced as I was Unlike her shy, self conscious creator, however, Susan was a leader who lived the life I wanted to live my ideal self, in other words Although I never finished Small Town Life, it marked the start of a lifelong interest in writing.In high school, I kept a diary In college, I wrote poetry and short stories and dreamed of being published in The New Yorker Unfortunately, I didn t have the courage or the confidence to send anything there By the time my first novel was published, I was 41 years old That s how long it took me to get serious about writing The Sara Summer took me a year to write, another year to find a publisher, and yet another year of revisions before Clarion accepted it.Since Sara appeared in 1979, I ve written an average of one book a year If I have a plot firmly in mind when I begin, the writing goes fairly quickly More typically, I start with a character or a situation and only a vague idea of what s going to happen Therefore, I spend a lot of time revising and thinking things out If I d paid attention to the craft of outlining back in elementary school, I might be a faster writer, but, on the other hand, if I knew everything that was going to happen in a story, I might be too bored to write it down Writing is a journey of discovery That s what makes it so exciting.

Comment 271 on “Daphne's Book

  1. Josiah says:
    I ve always associated Mary Downing Hahn almost exclusively with the memorable scary stories that she has written, including the Caudill Award winning Time for Andrew This book has definitely added dimension to my perception of the author What makes Daphne s Book so effective for what it is a story of cautious friendship slowly beginning to take root between two girls who have a lot in common that they never before have noticed is the realism in how that friendship is built Daphne is a quiet, pu [...]

  2. Jennifer says:
    This was my very favorite book as a child, and continues to be at the very top of my list today I can t believe I never added it to my GoodReads list until just now, as I dug it up to put in our library s Librarians Favorite Books display for National Library Week I identified very much with Jessica in this book, trying to keep my best friend who was slipping away into the popular crowd, like Tracy, while at the same time, always wanting to be friends with everyone Also, it was a clue into the f [...]

  3. Rebecca says:
    This was my first real experience reading something that dealt with class differences, in addition to social groups in middle school It never occurred to me in my private school bubble that kids would go to bed hungry, or not have heat and hot water, or not have a competent adult in their life to protect them and see to it that all of their needs were met And it was presented in a really gentle way as a reader, you learn about class differences along with the main character.

  4. Mandy Summers says:
    This is one of the first books that I can remember reading that wasn t a picture book and parts of it have actually stuck with me into adulthood I haven t read this since I was in fourth grade I would guess but rereading it as an adult it was a pleasure to find that it was still as magical as it was the first time This was the first book that I can remember giving me an idea of what other people my age are going through That not everyone has a warm home and loving family members and safety, perh [...]

  5. Rebecca McNutt says:
    This book reminded me very much of an eighties Degrassi Junior High Episode It s on the surface just another dull albeit cheerful story of two overlooked girls who befriend each other during a group assignment from school, but it quickly delivers a powerful message when the character Daphne reveals the sadness gripping her life at home.

  6. Dave Kiersh says:
    This book was originally published in 1983 The edition I read was a paperback reprint from 2008 It s a timeless story but also feels very much set in the 1980 s The succinct story would ve been perfect material for an Afterschool Special Mary Downing Hahn is a prolific writer of ghost stories, but she s also published a bunch of straightforward teen and pre teen dramas Daphne s Book is one of her best In Hahn s fiction, the characters often live in single parent households or are struggling wit [...]

  7. Pandora says:
    Jessica is paired up with Daphne to write a picture book Daphne is the one girl who everyone in school avoids As Jessica is forced to work with the silent Daphne she discovers that Daphne is a girl worth knowing and that she has a lot in common with Daphne As Jessica learns about Daphne s homelife she is torn between the trust of a friendship and the need to help Daphne.This was a good story Though the story takes place in Middle School there is only the mention of dating by the Queen Bee girls [...]

  8. Britt says:
    So I was really into Mary Downing Hahn as a child They were usually the perfect either adventure or delicately creepy moving book when that was what I wanted.This one is different, and probably my favorite.There s just so much and I know this sounds cliche realness in this book More than in just about any other book from her There s something so realistic about Jessica the barely accepted nerdy kid desperate to hold onto her changing best friend, scared of rejection and change and her emerging f [...]

  9. Kiana H. says:
    The book I recently read is called Daphne s book I felt that this book was very emotional It was about how these two girls became friends but one of them has a terrible secret Their names are Jessica and Daphne It all started when many people tease Daphne and Jessica was assigned a project and she had to work with Daphne They soon find alot in common, but Jessica finds out a terrible secret about Daphne Daphne has a crazy grandmother Her grandmother s son supposedly died , but her grandmother ke [...]

  10. Sandy A says:
    Daphne is the last person Jessica wants to work with for the write a book contest.They have to work with eachother in order to pass english.When they spend a lot of time together,Jessica realizes that Daphne is really fun to hang amd be around.When they become bestfriends,Jessica s friends catch her hanging out with Daphne.They dont like Daphne,in fact nobody but Jessica does.When they catch her they make fun of her,and stop talking to her.Jessica hides from them because she doesnt want to be se [...]

  11. Cindy says:
    I purchased this book to read as a possible book for my 10th grade reading class I read a few pages and thought I would continue reading it casually for a few weeks Two chapters into it I couldn t put it down I read every spare moment I had I am definitely ordering this book for my classroom I teach at a school in a high poverty area and believe my students will be able to identify with the characters There are some spelling errors in the kindle version of the book that I hope are not in the pri [...]

  12. Marisela says:
    Another memorable book from my childhood I even think it had illustrations that were lovely.It s a great story about how to look deeper than the surface and like my own childhood experience taught me that sometimes the popular pretty people aren t always the most interesting or nice.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or just skin deep Both lessons apply.

  13. 2AriaC says:
    This book was truely an amazing and captivating story it almost brought tears to my eyes towards the ending with finding out and devastating details the story was heartbreaking and hearwarming but i would definitely reccommend it to EVERYONE

  14. Megan says:
    my favorite book in 6th grade the first book i couldn t put down.

  15. Leigha's Little Library says:
    When I first read this book, I must have been a pre teen or in my early teenage years I remember enjoying the book, but I doubt I fully grasped everything in the story When I was younger, I might have been on Daphne and Hope s side, thinking Jessica should keep their secret, but as an adult, I know how wrong that would be.I loved the imagination the girls showed in this story as they wrote their book and how they let the younger sister play with them and didn t shun her, as big sisters sometimes [...]

  16. Jamie says:
    I loved this book when I was a kid, but didn t remember too much about it Recently ran across it again thanks to some lovely people on Instagram , and it still holds up There s a kind of magic about Mary Downing Hahn s writing, and it still made my adult self cry after all these years Highly recommended.

  17. Joey Garcia says:
    People can really relate to this book because this book has a lot of girl drama which i really don t like but it was still an amazing book SPOILER ALERT In the book, the girl named Daphne, is a lonely girl that nobody likes and I m not sure why but it says because she is weird i guess that s what people say but I really like this book because it s so much drama and the main character Jessica has to work with Daphne and Jessica protects Daphne from the people who bully her Since Jessica protects [...]

  18. Holly says:
    Lately I ve been really interested in children s ghost stories and on I kept running across Mary Downing Hahn, author of Wait Till Helen Comes, along with numerous other ghost books for kids I just got my hands on a bunch of her books and among them was Daphne s Book I had thought that I d never read Hahn as a child, but I was wrong Turns out I d actually read Mary Downing Hahn back in my 5th grade class, though it wasn t a ghost book.Daphne s Book is the story of 7th grader Jessica who is paire [...]

  19. Cassa M. says:
    Daphne s bookMary downing HahnFiction Realistic fiction176 pages Daphne s book is about a girl named Jessica who has to be partnered up with a girl named Daphne to do there school write a book contest No body at Jessica s school likes Daphne Everyone thinks she weird and Daphne never talks to anyone So when Jessica and Daphne are partnered up Jessica is not happy But as daphne and Jessica start working on the project her and Daphne start to become friends Jessica figures out that Daphne has a se [...]

  20. Rachel says:
    Wow Having only read a few of Mary Downing Hahn books as a child, I went to the library fully intending to pick up another ghost story from her on a cold rainy day What I left with instead was a book that explored the friendship between two young girls One girl dealing with tragic life circumstances and the other trying to do the right thing and fit into a social circle that she didn t really want to to be in I started reading this in the middle of a rainy day and the book brought me into the Ma [...]

  21. Janet Macreery says:
    Jessica worries that being forced to team with Daphne, the strange, quiet new girl who dresses differently and never speaks, will surely plunge her into the worst of all middle grade fates oblivion Her reputation is already tenuous due to her lack of interest in boys and lip gloss Her best friend, Tracy, is pulling away from her Jessica had hoped to be teamed with her for the Write a Book competition Once Jessica spends time with Daphne and by default her little sister, Hope, she finds there are [...]

  22. Spider the Doof Warrior says:
    I first read this book in seventh grade and loved it It s not so bad as an adult either Daphne is teased and ridiculed by her peers so Jessica doesn t want to be her partner in a project because who wants to be tease too Jessica cares too much about what other people think And Daphne has complicated secrets than anyone thinks she has.Also, from her fashion sense and description who wants to bet Daphne grew up to look like this images1.fanpop images phot or img22.fansshare photos jen Also, is it [...]

  23. Lanie says:
    So beautiful So sad So realistic I don t usually like realistic fiction, but I absolutely adore Daphne s book Hahn writes so wonderfully Pretty flowing, even though it s simple The characters are rounded, well thought out it never feels condescending like so many other middle grade books I can totally relate to both Jessica s struggles of wanting people to like her, wanting to be nice to the kids everyone else ostracizes, but not knowing how I can really feel Daphne s pain at the bullying when J [...]

  24. 101hellokitty84 says:
    Daphne is the weird girl in Jessica s class that no one wants to talk to or have anything to do with Jessica is assigned to be Daphne s partner for a book contest at their school After awhile, they find that they have things in common Jessica and Daphne even spend time together outside of school, and Daphne reveals a secret to Jessica that she may not be able to keep to herself Never judge a book by its cover Jessica and the other classmates never got to know Daphne, yet they picked on her It to [...]

  25. Shannon Clark says:
    This book earned 3 out of 5 stars from me The plot was interesting enough to continue to read because I wanted to find out what was going to happen to Daphne and Hope It was a simple read one that I probably would have liked a lot when I was in the 5th or 6th grade However, at the ripe old age of 42 I have to say that I DID NOT LIKE THE MAIN CHARACTER JESSICA She was NEVER a true friend throughout the WHOLE story until the end, and even then if the story had continue I m thinking she would have [...]

  26. Karol says:
    Daphne s Book has relatable middle school characters and story line When Jessica is paired up with the weird girl in English class to write and illustrate a children s picture book she experiences mean girl age expected peer mentality and its effects including low self confidence and self doubt Jessica grows and learns from the alarming situations she is faced with as she gets to know Daphne and her family The book is a good representation of mental changes and old age and the coping skills of t [...]

  27. Amanda says:
    I checked this book out from the library This is one of those books that is still timeless, and one should go back and re read as an adult It is a quick read, but covers the issues of friendship, aging, and when to speak up Though pre teens have much technology at their fingertips, and some might wonder what exactly a pay phone is, the angst hasn t changed That is what makes this book timeless.

  28. Angela Kendrick says:
    This book truly stands the test of time I first read it as a child, then returned to it at about 20 Now nearly half a lifetime since, it is still an excellently told story It trusts that children don t need a happily ever after to decipher themes and learn from the story It expects children to identify with complex emotions in ways we as a society typically don t think children can or should It taught me about the happIER ending being powerful sometimes than the happy ending.

  29. Colleen says:
    Even though this story was published in 1983, the themes are timeless poverty, bullying, mental illness A great story to share with middle school to talk about compassion, friendship, fears I read this with my 10 year old daughter The story of Jessica and Daphne offered many discussion points.

  30. Teddyani says:
    I really enjoyed this book because it took place in 1983, and also because Jessica the main character friends Daphne, a social outcast, which everyone thinks is weird She soon becomes Daphne s friend and finds out a secret about her.

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