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Hell to Pay

Hell to Pay And so it begins again Survivors of a serial killer who invaded their childhood Lucy Walsh and Jeremy Cavalon are married now replacing nightmares of their terrifying past with joyful dreams of the

And so it begins again.Survivors of a serial killer who invaded their childhood, Lucy Walsh and Jeremy Cavalon are married now, replacing nightmares of their terrifying past with joyful dreams of the upcoming birth of their first child Fiercely determined to protect the fragile balance of their lives, Lucy doesn t know that her new husband guards a deadly secret And so it begins again.Survivors of a serial killer who invaded their childhood, Lucy Walsh and Jeremy Cavalon are married now, replacing nightmares of their terrifying past with joyful dreams of the upcoming birth of their first child Fiercely determined to protect the fragile balance of their lives, Lucy doesn t know that her new husband guards a deadly secret or that an Act of God is about to unleash a vengeful fury.For shell shocked Lucy and Jeremy, the horrible death of a loved one is a tragic accident But for a shadowy predator, it s the first step toward completing a deadly mission that was interrupted so long ago Now, at last, the members of the Walsh and Cavalon families will pay for their sins, one by one .

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  1. Wendy Corsi Staub says:
    New York Times bestseller Wendy Corsi Staub is the award winning author of than ninety novels, best known for the single title psychological suspense novels she writes under her own name Those books and the women s fiction she writes under the pseudonym Wendy Markham have also appeared on the USA Today Barnes and Noble, and Bookscan bestseller listsTTLE GIRL LOST July, William Morrow launches Wendy s fifth suspense trilogy for HarperCollins In 2017, she concluded her Mundy s Landing trilogy with BONE WHITE April, William Morrow , and released DEAD OF WINTER November, Crooked Lane , the third title in her Lily Dale traditional mystery series Her novel HELLO, IT S ME was a recent Hallmark television movie starring Kellie Martin Her short story Cat Got Your Tongue will appear in R.L Stine s upcoming MWA middle grade anthology SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN HarperCollins, 2018 A three time finalist for the Simon and Schuster Mary Higgins Clark Award, she s won an RWA Rita Award, an RT Award for Career Achievement in Suspense, the 2007 RWA NYC Golden Apple Award for Lifetime Achievement, and five WLA Washington Irving Prizes for Fiction She previously published a dozen adult suspense novels with Kensington Books and the critically acclaimed young adult paranormal series Lily Dale Walker Bloomsbury Earlier in her career, she published a broad range of genres under her own name and pseudonyms, and was a co author ghostwriter for several celebrities.Raised in Dunkirk, NY, Wendy graduated from SUNY Fredonia and launched a publishing career in New York City She was Associate Editor at Silhouette Books before selling her first novel in 1992 Married with two sons, she lives in the NYC suburbs An active supporter of the American Cancer Society, she was a featured speaker at Northern Westchester s 2015 Relay for Life and 2012 National Spokesperson for the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation She has has fostered for various animal rescue organizations.

Comment 913 on “Hell to Pay

  1. Mark says:
    I had a chance to read the advance reading copy and yes, of course I am biased in favor of this author I am married to her Wendy hopes you enjoy this new release, the third title in her current domestic suspense trilogy kicked off with LIVE TO TELL Publisher s Weekly Starred Review, New York Times Bestseller, Mystery Writers of America Edgar Nominee in the Mary Higgins Clark category and then SCARED TO DEATH Winner of Washington Irving Award in Fiction.So far HELL TO PAY is also earning some acc [...]

  2. Suzanne Mueller says:
    I really likedbthis book BUT I would really recommend reading the other two books in the series before reading this book This book make you spend alot of time trying to figure out the charactors and the history that is referred to through out this story but not really clarified.

  3. Kathy says:
    Mentally ill family Just an awful book Confusing have been a prior book because too much unknown about characters Was this second in a series Do NOT RECOMMEND.

  4. Joan says:
    Both Lucy Walsh and Jeremy Cavalon are survivors of abduction and of serial killers now they are married and expecting a baby Lucy, who has already suffered two miscarriages, has a tendency to worry Jeremy is determined to protect his family, to keep their present from being destroyed by their past Driven by his need to conceal past actions, Jeremy must never let Lucy or anyone else know the truth of what happened when Papa died And when Jeremy s grandmother suddenly dies in an accident, they [...]

  5. Alicia says:
    The book was pretty entertaining with enough mystery to keep readers interested, however the end felt abrupt It seemed like there was so much buildup to what was coming, and then the final climax was only like a chapter Could have been exciting if they had detail or another twist towards the end.

  6. Patricia says:
    Jeremy Cavalon and Lucy Walsh Cavalon are happily married and expecting their first baby This should be a happy time for the couple whose past has brought much happiness to both the Cavalon and the Walsh families Someone from the couple s past has plans for the new baby Jeremy and Lucy would be horrified if they had any hint of what was in store in the weeks ahead.Jeremy s grandmother, Sylvie Durand, recently passed away Sylvie s body was discovered in the bathtub in her lavish apartment at The [...]

  7. Wendy Hines says:
    Lucy and Jeremy Cavalon are in love, married and expecting a baby After two miscarriages, this time they are afraid to get their hopes up, but they are being extremely careful Unfortunately, they don t have a lot of money and when their landlord evicts them for no reason, they don t have anywhere to go It s sad, yet fortunate, that Jeremy s grandmother recently passed away She slipped in the tub and drowned Now, her apartment is vacant, and it will be somewhere Jeremy and Lucy can stay for awhil [...]

  8. Rebecca says:
    I hate it when publishers don t clearly mark that a book is in a series This was the third in a series, and I had no idea until I started reading and came across a reference to a huge backstory Now that I know the backstory, I won t be buying the other two books, which is a loss for the publisher and the author, unfortunately This had no influence on my rating, however.Once I was up to speed with the backstory, the book really took off It was a well paced thriller, and I found myself reluctant t [...]

  9. Jolene says:
    I found this book to be an Edge of your seat thriller I actually felt myself wanting , I can not wait to find of this author s books Captivating exciting Lucy Walsh her husband, Jeremy Cavalon know a thing or two about a serial killer After all, they were childhood survivors of one You see, Jeremy was put up for adoption when he was born, and when he was little, his biological father kidnapped him from his adopted parents Then sold him to an evil man known as PAPA Then Jeremy s biological fathe [...]

  10. Rhea says:
    Wendy Corsi Staub did it again and she did it so good Hell to Pay is the third book in this trilogy and it s even better than its predecessors which is saying a lot I loved the first two in the series and couldn t wait to read the third Then I couldn t bear to finish it The characters are so well developed and because the series spans a couple of decades, I really came to care about the families and didn t want to let them go This book is filled with suspense and fast paced action Like in the se [...]

  11. Dawn says:
    This is the finale in a trilogy If you haven t read the first two books I would advise it Wendy is a great author and I have read everyone of her books and this book is also one of her many great books If you like a book with suspense then romance then I would recommend this series This is the story of Lucy Cavalon who has unfortunate bad luck in life and is now married to Jeremy and pregnant She is once again being stalked by her past This book gives you the creeps knowing she is being watched [...]

  12. Kay says:
    I just new this would happen It s the third in the series and by the time I read this book I had already read maybe 100 other books and forgot all the main characters I recommend anyone reading these books wait and collect all of them before starting them There are so many characters and keeping them straight is mind boggling so is the previous stories which do play a big part in this book The plot is outstanding and deserves than 3 stars Just had to subtract for my poor memory.

  13. Cindy Hartley says:
    Unknown to me when I first started little did I notice the 3 after the title , this is part of a series I obviously read this one before the others and it was pretty good as a stand alone It referred to things and characters that must have been in the previous 2 books in this series, but it was fine to have missed that The author described instances and characters so it didn t make it seem like you missed too much This was a pretty interesting story but I won t go back and read the previous two [...]

  14. Jami says:
    This is the last in this trilogy I read all three books within a two month period, so the characters were fresh in my memory I enjoyed this one as much as the others very fast paced, and I finished it in 48 hours I figured out pretty quickly who the mystery psychopath was however, there was still a slight touch of doubt that was enough to keep me wondering I thought it was neat how the author created a very minor character with her same first name and this character was married to a man with the [...]

  15. Kate Larkin says:
    Perfect third book to end a suspenseful and intriguing trilogy I feel like I KNOW these people at this point in time, lol I ve read all three in the span of about two weeks you NEED to read them in order or you will be INCREDIBLY lost You also won t be able to fully appreciate Staub s twists and turns since there are several Just when you think you know whodunit or who is speaking thinking, she throws you a surprise clue This was well worth it and I can t wait to read her other books

  16. Amy says:
    Wendy Corsi Staub is one of my favorite writers for a series She does a thorough job of reminding you of what happened in the previous books so that the series runs seamlessly and you are not grappling with your memory to fill in the blanks With the others in this series, you were left guessing as to who and why until the last few pages Well done Quick read, too I was able to read in one evening.

  17. Maryaliece Jakobowski says:
    Wonderful seriesI just finished the Live to Tell series and it was WONDERFUL A terrific story from beginning to end with many twists and turns that will forever have the reader guessing what will happen next I m not usually surprised by much , but the author definitely got me a few times Don t miss it

  18. Kellie says:
    Good, solid mystery The last one of a trilogy, which I didn t find out until after I started reading it I have the other two coming from PBS, but was already over 50 pages in and didn t want to go back to it later It can still be read as a stand alone the author is good about giving you enough of the background so you know what s going on, I m just anal about reading things in order LOL

  19. Meryl says:
    I wasn t as crazy about the turn this one took, the departure from the overall feeling of the past two, and nothing about the ending surprised me The story kept me engaged enough to keep reading, but I can t help but wondering if this trilogy would have been better if it she had just written the first one and stopped there

  20. Ellen Stenzler says:
    I usually love Wendy Corsi Staub thrillers, and I enjoyed this bookI just wish I would have read her 2 preceding books a little recently A lot of the previous characters were in this book, or alluded to, and I found myself going back and re reading just to get myself on track But I enjoyed the book a good summer read

  21. Donna says:
    The was the last of a three book series they first book was good and then the 2nd book was okay and the 3rd book I was just disappointed The author really started out well but then hurried to get it done Some parts to me just did not make sense and I was disappointed I do love a good mystery but did not get it in this series

  22. Alex Arth says:
    The book was an interesting read A demented killer escapes from a women s prison during an earthquake She then continues her campaign to kill members of her family, killing others who get in her way She is consumed with religion and believes that Judgment Day is approaching The book is one in a series so it was difficult to follow, since I had not read any of the previous ones.

  23. Linda says:
    This was the third book of the trilogy and focused on Jeremy Cavalon and his wife Lucy They are living in Jeremy s grandmother s apartment in New York City where they are being spied on unknowingly You think you know who the bad guy is but a twist in the story occurs about three fourths of the way through the book You would never guess this person as the bad guy Great book.

  24. Moshi says:
    Great book and I m so happy it s the end of the trilogy because how many sufferings can these families endure I kinda guessed the killer in the middle so I m pretty happy that my gut feeling told me something is wrong with one of the characters in the previous book May start on another series next year.

  25. Dawn says:
    Usually Wendy Corsi Staub is one of my favorite authors This book kind of picked up with some of the characters from her last book The plot was interesting, but the ending was kind of predictable, and I felt like it left a major loose end and not the kind that leads to another book one that just didn t answer a key question It was a good story, but not up to her usual standard.

  26. Christopher Trottier says:
    Tying in religion with deep emotion and a clear picture of the struggles that each character has and is gone going through, Hell to Pay tells a great story that shows insight that many people can relate to and others can understand.

  27. Barb Hollis says:
    Suspense, twists from the past, hidden secrets and a scary delusional huntress out to get even with those she perceives wronged her, all part of this intense novel.Worth reading if you like sitting on the edge of your seat

  28. Jacquelynn Fritz says:
    Lucy and Jeremy survived their childhood encounter with a serial killer and are married They are finally pregnant after several miscarrages Now, they are being terrorized again The ending is violent, but satisfying.

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