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Ascenseur pour la Peur

Ascenseur pour la Peur Baudelaire barna har f tt nye fosterforeldre men snart finner de en m rk trapp et falskt spor noen venner i uheldige omstendigheter tre mystiske initialer en l gner med onde hensikter en hemmeli

Baudelaire barna har f tt nye fosterforeldre, men snart finner de en m rk trapp, et falskt spor, noen venner i uheldige omstendigheter, tre mystiske initialer, en l gner med onde hensikter, en hemmelig gang og persillebrus.

  • [PDF] Ascenseur pour la Peur | by ☆ Lemony Snicket Brett Helquist Rose-Marie Vassallo
    391 Lemony Snicket Brett Helquist Rose-Marie Vassallo

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  1. Lemony Snicket Brett Helquist Rose-Marie Vassallo says:
    Lemony Snicket had an unusual education and a perplexing youth and now endures a despondent adulthood His previous published works include the thirteen volumes in A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Composer is Dead, and 13 Words His new series is All The Wrong Questions.For A Series of Unfortunate Events lemonysnicketFor All The Wrong Questions lemonysnicketlibrary

Comment 182 on “Ascenseur pour la Peur

  1. Michelle *The Bookish Hobbit* says:
    Dear Count Olaf,Sincerly,Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire

  2. Mark Lawrence says:
    I m slowly catching up with the reviews on ASoUE Currently I m reading book 12 of 13 to Celyn.The story formula is eroding by book 6 and some welcome variety twists are introduced.More surreal adventure, amusement for the adults in the translation of Sunny s bon mots More skulduggery from Count Olaf and friends Very few questions answered and lots posed.Whilst the absurdity doesn t scale the heights of Sunny s teeth vs sword duel in book 4 we do get to see Sunny scale the heights of an 88 stor [...]

  3. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin says:
    Another one I really loved This time the kids are living with Mr and Mrs Squalor at the top of the penthouse at 667 Dark Avenue Creepy There is no elevator so they have to climb the stairs to go in and out and what a climbit is Mrs Squalor isn t nice at all and we find out she s a schemer The kids also get information on their friends they met in the other book And of course there is Olaf

  4. Vanz says:
    4.5OMG OMG THIS KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER I think this may be the best entry to the series as far as the first 6 books are concerned A lot of revelations were revealed, especially with regards to the Quagmire twins I knew there was something fishy going on with Esm Squalor as soon as she was introduced in this book As for Jerome Squalorwhy Just why would he abandon and give away the Baudelaires I feel like he would be a really great guardian for them Oh well, I understand his decisions sin [...]

  5. Skeletonized says:
    I m getting tired and bored of this Nothing new happens The same things happen again and again and again and again Had it not been for the author s pleasant and playful style I would have threw this out the window URGH Spoilers ahead Seriously now Halfway through I know what is going to happen the Baulderies will find out a way to stop Count Olaf who will be revealed in the end with Mr Poe assisting, appearing from nowhere at all, coming from the mountains in a random place and managing to escap [...]

  6. Ahmad Sharabiani says:
    The Ersatz Elevator A Series of Unfortunate Events 6 , Lemony Snicket The Ersatz Elevator is the sixth novel of the children s novel series A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket The Baudelaires are sent to live with the wealthy Esm and Jerome Squalor 2004 1383 186 9649333304 6 9789647948418 1386 1387 1388 1389

  7. Ashley Daviau says:
    No matter how many times I read this book, I always come to the same conclusion Esme is my least favourite character that we are introduced to throughout this series Other than Count Olaf, of course She s just so self absorbed and so nasty to the Baudelaires, it s incredible I particularly enjoy the series starting with this book, it starts getting a lot intricate what with V.F.D and the secret tunnel being revealed and I love the layers that these elements add to the plot

  8. Irene△⃒⃘ says:
    4.4 5I liked this one a lot Even if the main plot and development is the same as the previous books, it had a very fun and enjoyable story with some additions and a very cool, even if simple, setting.I liked how different the two new guardians are, how Mr Squalor wants to help the children and even if he understands them he has to please at the same time Mrs Squalor.Her character is absolutely terrible, but in a fun way, she was so focused on what was in and out that was the only thing that matt [...]

  9. Kate (GirlReading) says:
    I definitely felt the spark from the first couple of books in the series return in this It was a lot grittier and less repetitive than the last few, which I was beginning to find a little tedious but I thoroughly enjoyed it I loved that, although the basic plot was still very similar, there were added extras too I m really enjoying the newly introduced mystery surrounding the Quagmire triplets and the unexplained discoveries that occurred This has definitely been one of my favourite additions to [...]

  10. Lauren says:
    I m starting to like this series even It may be repetitive but there s mystery to it and I want to keep reading to find it out So excited to start the next book

  11. Melanie (TBR and Beyond) says:
    The children knew, as I m sure you know, that there is usually no reason to be afraid of the dark, but even if you are not particularly afraid of something, you might not want to get near it This installment wasn t my favorite but there was still lots to enjoy about it The Baudelaire children are back again and as unlucky as usual This time the Baudelaire s are staying with a couple that is obsessed with anything in, meaning trendy This leads to some great satire and some really fun situations T [...]

  12. Liam says:
    3.5 STARS Not my favourite in the series but it was still a great and addictive read The plot was a little dull in my opinion but I did enjoy the Squalors and the way that Sunny seems to be growing and developing as an individual.

  13. C.W. says:
    Listened to this and the two before it in one sitting at work one day This is one of my favorites so far, along with The Reptile Room Despite the same thing happening in each and every book for the most part, this one managed to introduce some new things and keep things interesting for continuing on The humor in this one is pretty fantastic also.

  14. Carlos. says:
    Quiz s este me haya aburrido un poquito m s que los anteriores, pero me sigue encantando la forma de contar las cosas de Lemony Snicket y estoy deseando saber qu les ocurrir a los Baudelaire.

  15. Nicanor says:
    Frustrating, although that comes from reading this series

  16. Mel says:
    Reread Possibly one of my favourites but I HATE Esme.

  17. Elaina says:
    This was okaybut not a favorite Esm Squalor is definitely one of the worst guardians that the Baudelaire children have had in my opinionI guess that is all I will say for now Sorry, I know that wasn t much of a review XD

  18. Hayk Mirzoyan says:
    The book The Ersatz Elevator is a book I chose to read, because it looked interesting and I thought the title would lead to an interesting story In this book, three orphans named Violet, Klaus and Sunny whose parents were killed in a fire , had to live with the Squalors, and soon, a evil man named Olaf who had been chasing them for their enormous fortune, caught up with them The three kids had to avoid his nasty clutches, and also rescue their two friends who got captured by Olaf, in the fifth b [...]

  19. Kristin says:
    He s a genius He s a wonderful acting teacher And he s the handsomest, innest man in town Don t be absurd Jerome said Ruthless kidnapping villains aren t in You re right.

  20. Chris Blocker says:
    Okay, these books are supposed to be absurd I get it But I was somehow able to not let my obsessive sensibilities get in the way through the first five books in this series It didn t matter than a baby was dangled in a cage, that an old curmudgeon almost tricked a judge into marrying a minor, that children worked in a lumber mill, that these children could stay awake for twenty four hours day after day, that there are banana eating leeches that can capsize a boat, and that anyone would hire Sunn [...]

  21. Rebecca McNutt says:
    Elevators are creepy enough on their own, but this dark addition to the Unfortunate Events series takes it to a whole new level Incredible story, and definitely worth reading.

  22. Maine Caulfield says:
    Best in the series so farThis book seemed so different from the rest, and it was far exciting The characters in this book were definitely interesting, and I liked the contrast between the two guardians I even found myself fooled at the reveal in the end.

  23. Ciara says:
    as this book begins, it seems that the baudelaires have maybe finally caught a break, sort of yes, the street they live on now is completely overgrown with big bushy trees so it s as black as night even in the middle of the day, which is weird the elevator is out of order, so they have to walk up god knows how many flights of stairs dozens to get to their new penthouse home but when they meet their new caretaker, jerome, he seems like a nice guy he s very accomodating listens to them gives them [...]

  24. falling asleep reading says:
    This book is my personal favourite tied with the penultimate peril Let s start with Jerome He kinda reminded me of Uncle Monty in the beginning but as Lemony says, first impressions are often entirely wrong Jerome will do anything and everything Esme Squalor says It s worrying He really could ve helped the children Seriously I know he meant well but I don t care, I don t like him All of these adults are dumb ALL OF THEM How is it that little Sunny Baudelaire can see through Olaf s disguises but [...]

  25. Nadine says:
    If we wait until we re ready, we ll be waiting for the rest of our lives The plot thickens What is V.F.D Who is Beatrice Who and where are the Quagmires I have so many questions after this installment in The Series of Unfortunate Events Full series review todaysechos.wordpress 201

  26. Grace says:
    Actual Rating 3.5 out of 5 starsThis book series is so in right now You ll get that reference if you ve read this book.

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