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Elijah's Angel: A Story for Chanukah and Christmas

Elijah s Angel A Story for Chanukah and Christmas Michael and Elijah are friends but when Elijah gives Michael one of his special carved angels Michael doesn t know what to do How can he possibly take home a Christmas angel a forbidden graven imag

Michael and Elijah are friends, but when Elijah gives Michael one of his special carved angels, Michael doesn t know what to do How can he possibly take home a Christmas angel, a forbidden graven image especially on Chanukah A strikingly illustrated story that tenderly bridges the boundaries of age, race, and religion American Bookseller

Elijah s Angel by Michael J Rosen By Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson , Michael J Rosen A black Christian woodcarver gives a carved angel to a young Jewish friend, who struggles over accepting it Elijah s Angel A Story for Chanukah and Christmas Elijah s Angel A Story for Chanukah and Christmas Michael and Elijah are an unlikely pair Michael a nine year old Jewish boy, and Elijah, a Black barber and woodcarver, a Christian man in his eighties Yet they are friends, sharing time together, just as Chanukah and Christmas sometimes do. Elijahs Angel Rosen, Michael Livres Not Achetez Elijahs Angel de Rosen, Michael ISBN sur , des millions de livres livrs chez vous en jour Elijah s Angel a Story for Chanukah Elijah s Angel A Story for Chanukah and Christmas Paperback Rosen, Michael J and Robinson, Aminah Brenda Lynn ISBN ISBN New ELIJAH S ANGEL Kirkus Reviews ELIJAH S ANGEL A STORY FOR CHANUKAH AND CHRISTMAS by Michael J Rosen illustrated by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson RELEASE DATE Oct , Elijah Pierce was an African American barber in Columbus, Ohio as well as a widely exhibited woodcarver first prize at the International Meeting of Naive Art in Zagreb and a lay minister Here, two of his friends recall his Elijah s Angel A Review Charlotte Riggle Elijah s Angel A Review January , Elijah s Angel is, according to the front of the book, A Story for Chanukah and Christmas I know Hanukkah is over this year, and Christmas is over for those of us on the New Calendar But this book is than a holiday book Elijah s Angel is an introduction to Elijah Pierce Pierce was an artist, a wood carver He s considered the Elijah s Angel A Story for Chanukah and Christmas Elijah s Angel A Story for Chanukah and Christmas Rosen, Michael J Robinson, Aminah Brenda Lynn Books used new from Elijah s Vision Bible Hub A great craggy soul that towers above the men of his age his head wreathed in the glories of heaven But though standing out from the age in which he lives as one of God s Elect yet a man with a human heart capable of rejoicing and despondency even as others II. Portia Elijahs Facebook Portia Elijahs est sur Facebook Inscrivez vous sur Facebook pour communiquer avec Portia Elijahs et d autres personnes que vous pouvez connatre Facebook offre chacun le pouvoir de partager et The Prophet Elisha and an Army of Angels Learn An Earthly Army Tries to Capture Them Ancient Aram now Syria was at war with Israel, and the king of Aram was disturbed that the prophet Elisha was able to predict where Aram s army was planning to go, warning Israel s king so that he could devise Israel s army s strategy Aram s king decided to send a large group of soldiers to the city of Dothan to capture Elisha so that he

  • Elijah's Angel: A Story for Chanukah and Christmas Best Read || [Michael J. Rosen Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson]
    381 Michael J. Rosen Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson

About Author

  1. Michael J. Rosen Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson says:
    Rosen s Website should provide all this and It s fidosopher Nonetheless Michael J Rosen is an American author and illustrator with over 120 books of fiction, nonfiction, humor, picture books, poetry, and With a strong interest in nature and animals, reflecting his animal behavior degree from Ohio State University, Rosen resides within a peaceful crease of Central Ohio with his pack of animal companions that include 2 small koi ponds he helped build on the 100 acres he shares in the foothills of the Ohio Appalachians An avid dog lover, he was inspired by Chant, his newest Australian stumpy tail cattle dog, which led to the creation of his newest book of fiction, The Tale of Rescue, which will be released in October 2015 With an MFA in poetry from Columbia University, Rosen also showcases his skills and talents in other projects such as The Maine Coon s Haiku And Other Poems for Cat Lovers 2015.

Comment 352 on “Elijah's Angel: A Story for Chanukah and Christmas

  1. Deborah says:
    At Christmas Hanukkah time, Elijah, a Christian woodcarver in his eighties shows his affection for Michael, a nine year old Jewish friend by giving him a carved angel Michael struggles with accepting the Christmas gift until he realizes that friendship means the same thing in any religion A very touching story, illustrated with beautiful oil paintings.

  2. Cindi says:
    Absolutely amazing About a friendship between a Christian man and a Jewish boy About acceptance, love and understanding This is a good children s read along the lines of The Faith Club Highly recommend My favorite we ve read this season 2008

  3. DebraGolden says:
    I was delighted to read this after seeing Elijah Pierce s work at the Columbus Museum of Art this summer The story is a good one, and the connection to this real, giving, kind, and talented man makes it even better The illustrations convey some of the feel of his carvings.

  4. Whole And says:
    The holiday season should bring people together and not separate us.A heart warming story of how a Christian and Jewish family know the real value of the holidays and do not guard against each other because of different beliefs.I deeply appreciate this story and the values present here.

  5. Evan says:
    Loved the message of tolerance and understanding regarding the holiday season between the Christian and Jewish characters Also loved the Columbus connections both within the book, and with the illustrator, the late Aminah Robinson.

  6. Linda says:
    My collection of children s Christmas Hanukkah books is something I hold very dear ELijah s Angel is one of my favorites.

  7. Rachel says:
    Shows an important message of tolerance and diversity during the holidays The book combines Chanukah and Christmas traditions as two very different friends exchange gifts.

  8. Emelda says:
    Cute but over the head of my kids too wordy, not enough pictures Lovely story about the things children may worry about navigating the different cultures of our family and friends.

  9. Cody says:
    This story draws you in like a warm fireplace on a cold night The story is short but the heart and emotion it conveys is powerful It s a tender one, that it is

  10. Lamar Daniel says:
    It is very interesting learning about different holiday cultures It make you want to research information about it The students would write a story of what they wanted for Christmas

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