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Whisper of a Scandal

Whisper of a Scandal Widow Lady Joanna Ware has no desire to wed again but that doesn t stop the flurry of suitors knocking on her door Desperate to thwart another proposal Joanna brazenly kisses Arctic explorer Alex Lo

Widow Lady Joanna Ware has no desire to wed again but that doesn t stop the flurry of suitors knocking on her door Desperate to thwart another proposal, Joanna brazenly kisses Arctic explorer Alex, Lord Grant Unable to deny the blazing attraction that flares, Joanna knows she s just set the gossip mill turning.

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  1. Nicola Cornick says:
    International bestselling author Nicola Cornick writes romantic historical mysteries and witty and passionate Regency romance She studied History at London and Oxford and was awarded a distinction for her dissertation on historical heroes It was a tough study but someone had to do it Nicola has a double life as a writer and guide at the stunning 17th century hunting lodge, Ashdown House.Nicola lives near Oxford and loves reading, writing, history, music, wildlife, travel and walking her dog She also loves hearing from her readers and chatting to them on her blog at nicolacornick She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter NicolaCornick

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  1. Carol *Young at Heart Oldie* says:
    Whisper of Scandal is the first book in Nicola Cornick s sparkling Scandalous Women of the Ton series and is a winning blend of passionate love story and intrepid adventure.The story opens where Alex, Lord Grant, is reluctantly visiting Lady Joanna Ware, the widow of his best friend and fellow explorer, David Ware, in order to pay his respects He dislikes her because he knows from his friend s comments that she is shallow, manipulative and deceitful His opinion is further confirmed when he arriv [...]

  2. Wendy says:
    Whisper of Scandal was the first of Nicola Cornick s books I have read It came as a recommendation and I was not disappointed.Joanna Ware has been badly treated both physically and mentally by her, now deceased, husband They were estranged before his death and as a result of his treatment of her, she has become rather self absorbed with outward appearances and the superficiality of the ton David Ware was an explorer, a hero, and darling of the ton He courted this popularity shamelessly, whored a [...]

  3. Eva says:
    Being here in Milan makes me finish the book finally That s a good thing actually because I loved it After driving for nearly 7h to Verona and two by Milano I needed to get some reading done before being able to fall asleep I left Vienna with only like 100 pages left on this one so it was kind of a quick read before falling asleep finally Whisper of Scandal is the 1st book in the Scandalous women of the ton series by Nicola Cornick, and the 4th I think I read so far but of course not in the rig [...]

  4. LaFleurBleue says:
    That was the second book from this author I read The first one had been given to me by a friend and had not made such an impression This one was very cheaply priced and that s the reason why I decided to give it a chance.I did not like it much I felt that there was too much liberty taken with the historical reality I did not care much for most of the characters The hero had been wrong his whole life regarding the true personality of his best friend The heroine was a vain and selfish chit Her fri [...]

  5. Amarilli Settantatre says:
    Davvero godibile, a tratti divertente, a tratti venato di tenero struggimento.Lady Ware un eroina dei nostri tempi Un esploratore cos se lo merita davvero

  6. Laura says:
    Lady Joanna Ware is a widow recently out of mourning She has a long line of possible suitors lined up even though she has no desire to remarry Lady Ware was left with a bad taste for marriage after her former husband, Lord David Ware, created quite the reputation for himself as a womanizer When Lord Ware died, he left his estate to his only remaining relative, John Hagan John Hagan is a middle aged man and has kindly agreed to let Lady Joanna remain in the home that she shared with her husband, [...]

  7. rameau says:
    It s a quick light read nothing , nothing less than I expected from a Nicola Cornick book Having read and been disappointed by Desired my expectations weren t that high for this novel, but the second half like the last third of the story surprised me positively Joanna s trip offered few very vivid images and events that helped me to round up the rating despite the distasteful sauna sex Seriously people, what will it take you to understand that sauna is not a place for sex I m choosing to ignore [...]

  8. Sally says:
    Meh I like a lot of Nicola Cornick s writing The characters are well drawn, the pacing good, the dialogue witty, the chemistry well done but this book featured a trope I m coming to LOATHE The terrible misunderstanding trope Hero thinks heroine is shallow vapid sluttish awful in some way, despite having no real reason to He begins to suspect that he may be wrong and then boom at the slightest provocation decides that no, actually, she really is shallow vapid sluttish awful after all and dumps he [...]

  9. Funmbi says:
    I am officially obsessed with Nicola Cornick This series is amazingonce I start reading, I can never stop Cornick s writing and characters pull me in so totally that, truly, from the first chapter, it s impossible to put it down I m actually working backwards, having first read book 6 of this series But Whisper of Scandal is every bit as exciting Adventure, romance, betrayal, heartbreak, forgivenessis a wonderfully quick and juicy read, which I give 4.5 stars Joanna Ware is the widow of Lord Dav [...]

  10. CarolynStorer says:
    Whisper of Scandal is a meaty historical romance, with great plot and well defined characters I liked the heroine straight away Widowed Lady Joanna Ware is a complex character, as is the hero, but she is immensely likeable, whereas Lord Alex Grant is not It took me quite some time to warm to him due to his arrogent, presumptuous and incredibly shallow manner, where he dislikes Joanna without knowing her and only goes on one person s opinion.From the first chapter, when Lady Joanna and Lord Alex [...]

  11. Debbie says:
    Not even the sex love scenes could save this book for me.

  12. Becka says:
    Really struggled to get through this, heroine was vain, selfish and and unnecessarily stubborn and the hero was unwilling to hear anything bad about his best friend whom he obviously didn t know very well but was happy enough to form a completely unflattering opinion, bordering on hatred, of the heroine based on a few words said by aforementioned best friend on his death bed another one of those books that is set in the early 1800s but might as well have been set in the 21st century, if not for [...]

  13. Elisa Vangelisti says:
    Ah ah ah con un incipt cos scoppiettante come si fa a resistere In wishlist subito Esempio pratico uno sconosciuto entra in una stanza aggirando il maggiordomo In quella stanza c la vedova del suo migliore amico La vedova, per trarsi d impaccio da un pretendente inginocchiato ai suoi piedi suo malgrado, saluta il nuovo arrivato con un intenso bacio sulla bocca e svariate moine sull imperdonabile suo ritardo Appena il pretendente si eclissa, gli chiede Chi diavolo siete Meraviglioso.

  14. Carmen Bon Temps says:
    Me ha gustado bastante, autora que desconoc a pero que me ha sorprendido gratamente Entre los protagonistas hay antagonismo por culpa de los prejuicios que los dos sienten hacia el otro sin realmente ni conocerse Lo recomiendo 4

  15. Loz says:
    A deeper than usual regency romp Enjoyed the travelling in it.

  16. Julischka says:
    Whisper of a Scandal von Nicola Cornick ist ein historischer Liebesroman, der berwiegend im London von 1811 spielt.Lady Joanna Ware ist Witwe und nach ihrer lieblosen Ehe mit dem Polarforscher Lord Ware steht ihr nicht der Sinn nach einer erneuten Ehe.Sie hat sich ihr Leben schon w hrend sie noch verheiratet war ohne Mann eingerichtet, da ihr Ehemann st ndig auf Reisen war Joanna ist angesehenes Mitglied der Londoner High Society und liebt die Zerstreuungen, die London ihr bietet.Trotzdem wird s [...]

  17. Fiendishly Bookish says:
    4.5 StarsLady Joanna Ware holds a secret close to her heart, and after having been devastated over and over again in her marriage, she has perfected a frosty persona that the ton has both embraced and whispered about It has taken her twelve months to get used to the death of her husband, explorer Lord David Ware And during that year she has lived on borrowed time, in a house that is no longer hers, and an uncertain future When Lord Alex Grant returns from the Arctic with a missive from her husba [...]

  18. Holly says:
    Wow I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book The writing is really quite beautiful There were some excellent terms and a lot of really vivid description I loved the characters I thought both Joanna and Alex had real depth It was riveting the way their layers were pealed back to reveal all their imperfections It was lovely how in the end they found each other I m a sucker for this sort of thing but I loved how the main two characters chaffed against one another but [...]

  19. Kimm says:
    Nicola Cornick is fast becoming a favorite of mine I find myself intrigued with her character and plot choices I never know what to expect next with her selections In Whisper of Scandal, Cornick starts her setting with Regency London and then sweeps the reader away on a journey by ship to Spitsbergen at the North Pole Her descriptions of this harsh and cold climate left me filled with interest over the culture and lifestyle of those raised in such a remote landscape This is one of my favorite pa [...]

  20. Dawn says:
    Lady Joanna Ware is the widow of Lord David Ware and she has decided she would never marry again Not because of a great love affair but because of her unhappy marriage, even before his death she had been estranged from David for five years Yet she is still the darling of the Ton whom everyone adores as she adores them, at least that is until she meets Lord Alexander Grant Grant was her errant husband s best friend and is disturbed by Joanna David had tainted Joanna s reputation by speaking ill o [...]

  21. Jynt says:
    Somehow, when I saw that there would be adventure.I didn t expect to be the mostly smooth sailing adventure of Joanna and crew Sure, Joanna got seasick Sure, there was sex Sure, there was the heart stoppingly tense moment where the ship got stuck in ice and Alex had to oh horror go down, cut a path and possibly drown In fact, that moment was so tense, I don t believe I even know how he achieved it, save for the fact that Joanna was terrified and then she was not And hip hip hooray, Norway here w [...]

  22. Lee says:
    4.75 STARS I would say, this is by far, one of the best and fast read I have ever done in a few hours Truly a great story with great characters and definitely great flirtations of steamy scenes and words However, with a slight tingle of hope toward the end ending with a small disappointed nonetheless content with its ending earned it a 4.75 STARS from me Reason, below.SPOILERI enjoyed the first part of the story quite well Especially since Alex is such a sexy man already and his daring words and [...]

  23. April says:
    WHISPER OF SCANDAL by Nicola Cornick is a wonderful historical romance set in 1811 London and the Arctic It is well written with details and depth It has danger, romance, secrets, betrayal, sensuality, intrigue, danger, wit, adventure, a high sea voyage, suspense and of course true love in the making The characters are enchanting, interesting, believable, handsome, adventurous, and determined The hero, Alex, is handsome, trustworthy, sexy, passionate about his work, an adventurer and determined [...]

  24. Jo (My House of Books) says:
    At first glance, Whisper of Scandal is a classic he said she said book The she in question is Lady Joanna Ware the he, her deceased husband, Lord David Ware, Alexander s best friend Alex believes everything David ever said about his marriage and almost nothing Joanna says in defense or rebuttal So Joanna leaves him to his incorrect and biased opinions She s content to never see him again until David manages to toss them together via a guardianship for his illegitimate daughter Only then does Ale [...]

  25. Jaimey says:
    My rating 4.5 of 5 starsSensitive readers warning Contains graphic love scenes Wow I started this book and didn t want to put it down I thought about it when I had to put it down I loved it The main characters were engaging I even liked Alex, with his arrogance and ignorant determination to believe in his friend s honesty, thus believing Joanna to be a manipulative harpy I thought it made him realistic At moments it was irritating, but like I said, realistic.My favorite part of this was the unus [...]

  26. Isabella Kai says:
    Whisper of Scandal tells the story of Lady Joanna Ware, a society hostess and widow of a philandering adventurer, who on his deathbed left the care of his illegitimate child to his wife and his friend Alexander, Lord Grant Joanna and Alex travel to the Arctic to claim the child battling each other and everything Mother Nature throws their way only to realize things are much complicated than they appear.I loved Alex from the moment he threw open the library door in chapter one and Joanna for her [...]

  27. lia says:
    3.5 stars The first book that i read from Nicola Cornick and it took me by surprise that i actually enjoys it I have this book for a while and i keep putting it off and not reading it because the scenery in Artic doesn t really reel me in But from the first chapter Nicola Cornick successfully keeps me reading i never hesitate to drop a book if it bored me The story is about Joanna a widow of an explorer and hero, David Ware After David s dead, Alex Grant paid a visit to David s widow and found t [...]

  28. Joanne says:
    Excellent read, Nicola never has let me down with her great works Lady Joanna Ware has no desire to wed a second time Desperate to refuse another proposal, Joanna brazenly kisses Alex, Lord Grant, Artic exployer, even though he knows that gossip will fly among the ton about them Even though no affair is going ont.In her first marraige, her husband went from one bed to another of lusty women But when her dead husband s will is read, she is shocked at hie bequeathel for his illegimate child to her [...]

  29. Jane says:
    I m beginning to think that there are no spectacular regency romances that s been translated into Estonian.Nicola Cornick was not new to me before I started reading this novel Although I admit that I don t remember much of her earlier works, I had hoped to read something good You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that I had rated both books that I had read before 2 stars Unfortunately, I hadn t written anything about my opinion regarding the books so I can t really tell why they we [...]

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