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Warrior in Bronze

Warrior in Bronze Warrior in Bronze deals with the life and times of Agamemnon the king of an ancient Greek city state before and during the time of the Trojan wars

Warrior in Bronze deals with the life and times of Agamemnon, the king of an ancient Greek city state before and during the time of the Trojan wars.

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  1. George Shipway says:
    George Shipway 1908 1982 was a British author best known for his historical novels, but he also tried his hand at political satire in his book The Chilian Club.Shipway was born in 1908, and served in the Indian Imperial Cavalry until 1946 He died in 1982 His cavalry background served him well when he took up writing his descriptions of cavalry battles are full of minute detail and his works generally were meticulously researched his 1969 novel Knight in Anarchy Shipway describes the life of Humphrey de Visdelou as he follows Geoffrey de Mandeville to his doom In the book Shipway indicates that he lives on the estates that de Visdelou once owned.

Comment 143 on “Warrior in Bronze

  1. Chrisl says:
    Shipway s interpretation of Greek myths took me by exceptionally pleasant surprise Definitely my favorite view of that ancient world.Paste ing another KirkusKIRKUS REVIEWAnother of Shipway s re dos of ancient adventures, in which he shakes down fabled or time muddled events for sense, if not sensibility This is the fictional version of the pre monarchical career of Agamemnon of Mycenae, circa 1300 B.C in which all that flighty mythic stuff from avian impregnations to Olympian interventions is gr [...]

  2. Jane says:
    This was an intelligent and well written story of Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, in his own words, from boyhood to his accession as king of Mycenae Agamemnon takes us through his training as a warrior and his first battle at night, which he remembers later and will use as a tactic in the Trojan War Blooded, he receives his greaves and is given the title of Hero Due to a boyhood incident in which his brother, Menelaus, takes the blame for him and is punished brutally in his stead, he s told by Atreu [...]

  3. Eblan says:
    I really wanted to like this book Agamemnon is one of if not my very favorite character from the Iliad I ve read just about every book, play, and academic essay about him Sadly, in a lot of modern adaptions, he tends to be cast as the black and white villain of the story rather than the morally complex character that he is As a result, I was rather excited to find a book that focused solely on telling his story I thought that it would finally lend him the depth his character deserves.From the be [...]

  4. Uuencode says:
    I loved the book Apart from being a well written historical novel, one can rarely read a book where the narrator is a dishonorable man and apparently a murderer Reminded me of Pop 1280 by Jim Thompson

  5. John Pitman says:
    A novel of fiction wonderfully based on ancient history and legend.5 stars because this book entrapped me It sent me to maps of Greece and other references I could not walk away from it The author put me in early Greece and allowed me to experience of the politics of our evolving civilization.

  6. Darsie says:
    Absolutely loved this Like many, I am very familiar with the events of the Trojan war but had never considered what lead to this, what really motivated the main players.This book supplies a plausible and entertaining prequal to the well known Trojan war In the tales of which, Agamemnon is pretty much a side note, we know next to nothing about him So I thoroughly enjoyed this story as something I d not thought about before Told in the first person, the story unfolds through Agamemnon s eyes Begin [...]

  7. DoctorM says:
    Another Shipway novel that I first read back in the mid 1980s Warrior in Bronze follows the career of Agamemnon up to the point where the backstory of the Iliad begins, up to the decision to sail for Troy While Shipway is very good at setting up the Mycenaean world and introducing the characters who ll one day become the heroes of the Iliad and the Oresteia, the tale here does tend to drag a bit the reader knows that Agamemnon will lead the Hellenes to Troy, and they know what will happen to Ach [...]

  8. Steve says:
    Absolutely amazing I am so glad I read this book A testament to the older ways of writing, this book balances wonderfully descriptive text with great storytelling and character development My only regret is that the sequel has not been re issued and I m looking at 60 for a copy unless I join the dark side of the force Kindle I can only hope I enjoy other historical fiction reads this much If you can find yourself a copy of this please take it, it s a must have.

  9. Brian Seare says:
    Intrigue at the bestThe intrigues that are shown in this story are of today.Fantastic writing worth the second read as I have.

  10. Chris Gregory says:
    Genius writingIf you enjoy Ancient Greek history this is the ideal story for you It is written in first person style and you feel as if you are getting to know Agamemnon better and better throughout the book You probably won t like him or any other of this cast of characters, but that is what life was like back then a struggle to survive and an almost impossible struggle to obtain power and keep it for very long.There s none of the superpower characters here, no mythical creatures, no Gods, no h [...]

  11. Francisco says:
    Real AgamemnonThe author presents the tale of inmortal Agamemnon, without the legends and giving a sound and solid argument to the story of this greek hero Starting with his childhood under the wing of cursed king Atreus, the book lead us with a human narration, cynical but solid and full of passions.

  12. Sunhawk says:
    Great on the ground, you are there perspective on Greek history The gods as we were taught them are people in this story, some of them legends Verging on anachronism, especially the language and that makes it vivid and identifiable I ll read the second book.

  13. Robert Vazquez Pacheco says:
    Really good retelling of the Trojan War I ve only completed the first book but it was a fun, interesting read He successfully shows you the famous characters of the Trojan War in a totally different light.

  14. Jerry Mercer says:
    Great Rewrite of the ClassicsThe author has cleverly with great skill rewritten the ancient stories of Greece His work has captured a realistic view of the ancient cities, the people who lived there, and the political conflicts of the times.

  15. Florence Primrose says:
    Agamemnon, of Greek mythology, has grown up as the son of a king and must learn what Kings will do and prove himself This is an interesting story depicting palace intrigues, travel, battles, and the life of a king to be in Ancient Greece.

  16. Rohit Kilpadi says:
    Good story though a bit confusing at times with all the names I wish it was a bit better researched e.g corn did not get to Europe till the 15th or 16th century However, it is a good read and want to read the rest of the series.

  17. Marcel Bradley says:
    Historically accurate Great novel, I ve read it three times in the past 20 years and enjoyed every time.

  18. Angel Serrano says:
    El joven Agamenon sufrir mucho antes de poder ser coronado rey de Micenas La traici n, el asesinato y la venganza le ayudar n en ese camino y lo preparar n convenientemente para su asalto a Troya.

  19. Julie says:
    Very well written historical novel Excited to read the next installment.Shipway writes the characters so you can envision them easily and see the landscapes across Greece.

  20. Patricia says:
    InterestingI enjoyed reading this book as it kept me coming back for I will be looking forward to the next book.

  21. Harry F. Sharp, II says:
    Treachery and tortureJust not my cup of tea Although it is easy to imagine that men lived and died that way, for my entertainment I find it too grisly.

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