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Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel

Blue Bloods The Graphic Novel For this elite group of teenagers New York is all about parties fashionAND BLOOD Schuyler Van Alen is a loner and happy that way But when she turns fifteen her life dramatically changes A mosaic o

For this elite group of teenagers, New York is all about parties, fashionAND BLOOD.Schuyler Van Alen is a loner, and happy that way But when she turns fifteen, her life dramatically changes A mosaic of blue veins appears on her arms, and she begins to have memories of another time and place When a classmate is found dead at a night club, the mystery deepens Most surFor this elite group of teenagers, New York is all about parties, fashionAND BLOOD.Schuyler Van Alen is a loner, and happy that way But when she turns fifteen, her life dramatically changes A mosaic of blue veins appears on her arms, and she begins to have memories of another time and place When a classmate is found dead at a night club, the mystery deepens Most surprising of all, Jack Force, the hottest boy in school, starts showing a sudden interest in her.Schuyler wants answers, but is she prepared to learn the truth.cially when she discovers her part in it The sexy and secretive world of the Blue Bloods comes to life in this stunning graphic novel adaptation of Book One in Melissa de la Cruz s internationally best selling series.

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    491 Melissa de la Cruz Robert Venditti Alina Urusov

About Author

  1. Melissa de la Cruz Robert Venditti Alina Urusov says:
    Melissa de la Cruz is the New York Times and USA Today best selling author of many critically acclaimed and award winning novels for teens including The Au Pairs series, the Blue Bloods series, the Ashleys series, the Angels on Sunset Boulevard series and the semi autobiographical novel Fresh off the Boat.Her books for adults include the novel Cat s Meow, the anthology Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys and the tongue in chic handbooks How to Become Famous in Two Weeks or Less and The Fashionista Files Adventures in Four inch heels and Faux Pas.She has worked as a fashion and beauty editor and has written for many publications including The New York Times, Marie Claire, Harper s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Allure, The San Francisco Chronicle, McSweeney s, Teen Vogue, CosmoGirl and Seventeen She has also appeared as an expert on fashion, trends and fame for CNN, E and FoxNews.Melissa grew up in Manila and moved to San Francisco with her family, where she graduated high school salutatorian from The Convent of the Sacred Heart She majored in art history and English at Columbia University and minored in nightclubs and shopping.She now divides her time between New York and Los Angeles, where she lives in the Hollywood Hills with her husband and daughter.

Comment 980 on “Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel

  1. sandra [the fucking book fairy] says:
    I d have to say this graphic novel is so good It made me want to read the actual series.First, i think the plot is so unique from other vampire ya novels that I ve read so far.Two, the illustrations Oh they are just so beautiful What else The ending It was kind of intriguing and I reall could relate to this Sky girl I just don t understand why she had to have a really weird name Lol.

  2. Nasty Lady MJ says:
    To see full review click here As you know by now, I m a huge fan of Melissa de la Cruz s series Blue Bloods This series had everything for me great characters, New York glamour, paranormal, intricate mysteries, and some pretty good world building However, as of late I ve been getting annoyed with the books It started with the fifth book A lot of people thought the series should ve ended after the fourth book, but I wasn t so sure I thought there was still a lot to work with this series Then the [...]

  3. Anne says:
    I don t remember the first book being quite so interesting, so I d say this is a win for the graphic novel.It s been years since I read Blue Bloods, and even though it s got a huge following, I never really managed to go back for Honestly, I can t remember exactly why, though I vaguely remember thinking it was a bit too full of unnecessarymethingat made it thick and boring However, this graphic novel made me think that it might be worth a re read Maybe it s only because all the clunky boring st [...]

  4. Nancy The book junkie says:
    It s been a while since i read Blue blood but i felt like this graphic novel was pretty true to the book Of course a lot has been cut but the important parts were there and the art was pretty similar to the way i imagined most of the characters I hope the rest of the series will be made as well

  5. Jenni says:
    I just saw the cover It s so beautiful, definitely worth reading in graphic format D

  6. Melissa Chung says:
    Sigh 3.5 I got sucked always I have never read this book in its original form and now I m kind of bummed I didn t buy the three that was at the library bookstore yesterday Maybe on Monday they will still be there.Blue Bloods reminded me of a few YA supernatural books that I ve read in the past A little bit of Fallen by Lauren Kate, a little bit of Mortal Instruments, a little bit of Beautiful Creatures I m sure there is , but those were the ones I could identify right away.Schuyler Van Ale [...]

  7. Lauren says:
    i really can t wait to see how this turns out they made a graphic novel for twilight and it was, in my opinion, really well done the artist would have to be perfect thoughe problem with changing mediums ex book movie graphic novel is that everybody has their own idea of how each of the characters should look and how their surroundings should look only a really great artist who is familiar with the series will bee able to pull it off well.

  8. Catherine says:
    Very interesting take on what vampires are I think I have a new book series to start next year now thanks to reading the graphic novel.

  9. Moriah Venable says:
    I remember trying to read the first book when I was a senior in high school and I couldnt get into it So seeing that there was a Graphic Novel was great because I got to see the main plot of the book I was really wrong about it I had the setting was like in the 1600 s the whole time I didn t know that it changes I am interested to learned Sky and Jack s relationships As well as Jack s father relationship with Sky s mother I personally think they were lovers but she left him to be with Sky s fath [...]

  10. Nidah (SleepDreamWrite) says:
    The art was really good in some moments and good in others So basically I like the art style And this one was interesting I been contemplating whether to read the books or not and thought, huh, didn t know there was a graphic novel and wanted to start with that After reading, I think I might finally get around to reading the books Might Heard the series is like Gossip Girl with vampires, in a way or something.

  11. Dov Zeller says:
    A fun little vampire story Very white and old money vampire crowd There is even a joke about one looking like Kate Moss Um, har I don t know, the art is good, the story is okay Entertainment without any vitamins I ll probably read the next installment if when it comes out unless I forget to, which is a distinct possibility.

  12. Diamond says:
    While I am a lover of graphic novels and a lover of young adult books, I haven t read any graphic novel versions of ya in the past I really enjoyed the Blue Bloods series though, which I started earlier this year, and thought this would be really good For the most part, I really enjoyed this graphic novel The colors were great, and many of the characters were drawn spot on My biggest concern is how Jack Force and Cordelia Van Alen were drawn Jack is supposed to be super hot and fine He was ugly, [...]

  13. Liviania says:
    With the release of the final book in the Blue Bloods series, GATES OF PARADISE, it s nice that the graphic novel adaptation of the first book is coming out now I read it before GATES OF PARADISE to remind myself where Schuyler Van Alen and her friends started, eight books ago I think other fans of the series will also find it a pleasant refresher, although I don t know if they ll continue to read the graphic adaptations.The story is still good Young prep school kids are getting murdered Others [...]

  14. Rachel R. (My Book Empire) says:
    3.5 out of 5 starsI haven t read the series yet, but I think I got the gist of the story In the beginning, I felt like there was something big that was missing because there were only a few pages dedicated for Catherine Carver s diary and I didn t quite understand what she was and who she was talking about.What I liked about it is that they put the role of each character and their reputation as well And the illustrations were amazing too I now have a picture in my mind of each character once I r [...]

  15. Trish says:
    This graphic novel relates the story of the first novel in the eponymous Blue Bloods series.The first thing you will notice is that the art is absolutely dripping with vivacity and beauty After reading it I leafed though it several times just to gaze at the art The characters look gorgeous and the character designs are distinct enough you never confuse characters There are helpful tags as each character is introduced to help you remember each character s name and general role in the story.Due t [...]

  16. Faith Hicks says:
    A good example of how problematic adapting YA franchises to comics can be However, I gave this 3 stars because the artwork by Alina Urusov was gorgeous I d like to see of her work, with a better story.

  17. Taschima says:
    Yes, definitely going to try to get this Depending on the price of course My first priority is always the book itself rather than the comic of it.I like this new trend of making good YA novels into comic books Broader audience, and just plain good.

  18. Nickcole says:
    Rating 5I didn t want this story to end because it was so exciting the art was really good My real concern is that it reminded me of Mortal Instruments Other than that the story was really engaging and again I can t say it enough, but the art was AMAZING

  19. Cath says:
    I read the first three books in the book series back in my twilight days and the books were okay, not amazing.This graphic novel was alright actually, the art was good and the story was condensed really well.4 5

  20. Gary Butler says:
    14th book read in 2016.Number 167 out of 507 on my all time book list.Review Pending

  21. GingerQueen says:
    So I haven t actually read the book but the graphic novel WAS SO COOL AND THE ART IS AMAZING YALLLIKE SO GOOOOOD

  22. Joan says:
    Terrible Awful It is really an incredibly done summary of the book, highly confusing and incoherent I d have put it in my couldn t finish bookshelf but was stuck waiting at the car garage.

  23. Zero vi Britannia says:
    Why does every YA book have to become a graphic novel Who the started this trend

  24. Jillian (bookishandnerdy) says:
    I need the next one So pretty and nice way to remind me of what happened in the beginning of the series.

  25. Crystal Johnson says:
    Fantastic art I usually donate 95% of the books I ve read to Little Free Libraries but I think I will be holding onto this one because the art is that good.Story line moves smoothly and is engaging, although I am not familiar with the books having read just this graphic novel I am intrigued enough to search for the original book now.

  26. Alexis says:
    2.5 stars.The plot was okay The art was okay The characters were okay This book was yep, you guessed it okay.I definitely wouldn t read the full novels for this series.My first completed book for the Booktube A Thon yes, I m extremely behind This meets the challenge read a book you got because of the cover.

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