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Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town This Norton Critical Edition ofSunshine Sketches of a Little Town uses the text of the first edition second impression the only edition that takes into account the corrections made between impr

This Norton Critical Edition ofSunshine Sketches of a Little Town uses the text of the 1912 first edition, second impression, the only edition that takes into account the corrections made between impressions It is accompanied by explanatory annotations and textual emendations Backgrounds and Contexts includes a concise excerpt onSunshine Sketches from the leading LeacoThis Norton Critical Edition ofSunshine Sketches of a Little Town uses the text of the 1912 first edition, second impression, the only edition that takes into account the corrections made between impressions It is accompanied by explanatory annotations and textual emendations Backgrounds and Contexts includes a concise excerpt onSunshine Sketches from the leading Leacock biography, as well as a selection of contemporary reviews from Canada, Britain, and the United States Criticism is comprised of two sections The first presents eight scholarly interpretations, by Desmond Pacey, Silver Donald Cameron, W H Magee, Ina Ferris, Beverly J Rasporich, Frank Birbalsingh, Gerald Lynch, and Glenn Willmont, selected for their contribution to critical discussion of the novel The second brings together responses to the novel by esteemed Canadian novelists Robertson Davies, Guy Vanderhaeghe, and Mordecai Richler A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included.

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  1. David says:
    This 1912 comic novel is available for free download in many electronic formats Search by the title and the word ebook.Everything I know about normal life I learn from mass media For example, if I am to believe my TV, normal friends drop by with cake and gossip My friends, by comparison, recommend that I read Important Modern Novels IMNs that, being modern and important, are filled with madness, adultery, Nazis, animal cruelty, violent death, and so forth They never bring cake.I flatter myself t [...]

  2. Devin Bruce says:
    I have a hard to explain love of the writing of Stephen Leacock It started when I read a short story of his when I was nine or ten, and fell in love with the way he wrote Stephen Leacock is decidedly NOT something the average ten year old would normally like But he could write about the most banal thing, like going to the dentist, and make it seem like an exciting adventure, and that s part of the joke That style is put to good use in Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, where the narrator waxes [...]

  3. Dylan says:
    Only in Canada could Stephen Leacock become a renowned humorist.That s not entirely true Leacock was supposedly one of the most popular humorists in the English speaking world way back in the early 1900s but that Leacock is, to this day, considered one of the foremost Canadian humorists does not speak well of Canadian literature As a footnote in Canadian history, I could understand Leacock, but as the paterfamilias of Canadian comedy with the most prominent national comedy award named after him [...]

  4. Jane says:
    Never has a title captured a book perfectlyNSHINE SKETCHES OF A LITTLE TOWN I found that sunshine in a small, tatty orange Penguin book, still shining I didn t know who Stephen Leacock was when I spotted my little book but his name rang a bell, and when I investigated later I found that he had a place in Stuck in a Book s 50 books you must read but may not have heard about That was a very good sign.A little research uncovered the fact that Stephen Leacock was a teacher who tried a little writi [...]

  5. Raymond Bial says:
    My daughter gave this book to me for Christmas and what a treasure it is I had never read of any of Stephen Leacock s work, and his writing is delightful As a humorist, Leacock has been described at the Mark Twain of Canada but he is that and He is not as acerbic as Twain and some other American humorists Leacock s humor is sweet, loving, refreshing, and refined The illustrations in this edition are amusing as well and the book design is lovely Most of Leacock s works are also readily available [...]

  6. Diane says:
    These are short stories, little tales about the people who live in a small town called Mariposa post WWI Mariposa could be anywhere in Canada Small towns aren t that different, really, from one to the next, and don t change a lot over the years, at least not in the early days of the 20th century The stories are told looking back to the good old days, a conversation between two people who came from there Reminiscences The wry, dry humour for which Stephen Leacock was known Gentle stories poking g [...]

  7. Sonia Jarmula says:
    I first noticed this book in Chapters because of its beautiful design by the wonderful Seth, and was interested by the inside flap calling Leacock the Canadian Mark Twain A tall order, if there ever was one And then I was wandering around the library with an armload full of books that were threatening to topple, but then again, this book was prominently displayed and I couldn t wait to get through the stack and read it, and my, was it wonderful.Very soon after starting it, I knew I had to own th [...]

  8. Josh says:
    Wonderful There s something about the writing of this book that s just infused with joy Something akin to Robertson Davies or Mark Twain Leacock manages to turn everyday people s everyday lives to adventures It s one of those books that should be completely boring but isn t It s the type of book I wish was ten times longer than it is.It s told in an episodic nature, and each episode focuses on a different character, yet all of the characters recur throughout the book and they re all highly memor [...]

  9. Darcy McLaughlin says:
    Leacock is one of those writers that as a Canadian I ve heard of many many times yet never took the time to look into I had seen many comparisons between him and Mark Twain, who is a writer I greatly enjoyed so I figured this would be right up my alley.It was, in a way There are certainly humorous moments in some of these stories that genuinely made me chuckle, and there is definitely an edge of satire that runs throughout There are also many moments that were too dry for me, and I found it a bi [...]

  10. Susan says:
    This gently humorous portrait of a small Ontario town is loving than satirical, but the author invites the reader to share with him the knowledge that Mariposa is a little less special than its inhabitants believe The best minds of Mariposa may not know what happened the night of the bank robbery, but Leacock and his readers can figure it out This is gently whimsical rather than laugh out loud funny, but you will enjoy the quiet non events of these old fashioned Canadians.

  11. Liv says:
    I read this for a Canadian Lit class It was okay, a sweet portrayal of a small town I particularly liked the chapters on the town ship and the town s bank robbery The sarcasm, satire and exaggerated humour here is wonderful and comparisons are wonderful It bothered me though that there wasn t really a story I understand that it was a collection of sketches about of the town but still, there wasn t any meat to it Still an interesting, light hearted read though.

  12. Marvin says:
    A remarkable little book nothing, absolutely nothing, comes anywhere near it in terms of accurately capturing life in small town Canada It s also laugh out loud funny, but yet also at times poignant and bittersweet And though written over a century ago now, it still has a very modern sensibility and point of view Since 1947, the annual winner of the Canadian award for humour writing has been awarded the Stephen Leacock medal This book is the best place to find out why.

  13. Hester says:
    While this is considered a classic of gentle humor in Canada, I found some of the stories quite harsh The characters I felt the most sympathy for were Mr Smith, the corrupt local saloonkeeper and politician with a heart of gold, and for Mr Drone, the incompetent, pompous reverend who wished he could have been an engineer I was struck by how people in the town of Mariposa, having little to do, loved listening to long political speeches How different from today.

  14. Lesliemae says:
    Coming from a small centre Saskatoon , I appreciate the flavour of this book At times I laughed out loud at small town antics and world view Laughing out loud is a feat in itself for a book to accomplish However, by the end chapters the laughter had turned bittersweet No laughing now that the author has made me feel as though I ve lost part of my soul to the materialistic and capitalistic machine that I now operate in.

  15. Joey says:
    I don t know that I expected it to be as funny as it is The story of the riverboat and the account of the election in particular had moments that made me laugh out loud I like that despite the often cynical tone the book still radiates affection for its little town They should have made me read it in school I hope they make other kids read it.

  16. Nadine says:
    Another university read that I really enjoyed I took a Canadian lit class and was surprised how much I really enjoyed a lot of the books That was a number of years ago and at the time I wanted to get rid of the books so I could get a bit of money, but I m wishing now that I had kept them, because I d really like to read them again This book specifically reminded me a lot of home.

  17. Bart Williams says:
    A lot of eople would pigeon hole this as small town humour But Leacock s aim is to show that people are alike eveywhere This is an hysterical yarn about a fictional Ontario town, its trials an tribulations, and the sinking of the Miraposa Belle If you ever have wondered what makes Canada Canadian, or just want a good laugh, read this.

  18. Illusha says:
    Although I personally did not Leacock s humour to be particularly funny, and thought most of the stories were somewhat anti climactic, I must say that Sunshine Sketches definitely grew on me as I progressed through the book Indeed, I could not help but buy into the beautifully crafted sense of nostalgia that Leacock draws on in the book s conclusion.

  19. Richard Piet says:
    Few books can make me laugh out loud This is very Canadian in delivery I have been out of Canada for about 16 years now When I read the CBC news online, it seems like all of Canada is a small town I just remembered this book and the joy it gave me If you live in a small town or will visit one, give this a read It is light and fun.

  20. Matt Jarvis says:
    I finished this wonderful book far too quickly, but it brought me many smiles, a few chuckles and even a couple of thigh slaps Stephen s humour is charming I couldn t help but think it was similar to Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide , in the best possible way.Highly recommended if you re a human being that likes to smile.

  21. Sara says:
    I hated this book It was slow It was boring It didn t seem to have much of a point It was a guy, telling stories as if you were sitting in front of him, going back and forth and here and there I hated it.

  22. Lori says:
    I had to read this for one of my university classes about a hundred years ago, but it s stuck with me since then Growing up in a small town, myself, I could relate to a lot of the themes, and could even imagine characters in the book living in my town.

  23. Emilie Mcwilliams says:
    I found a copy of this at Half Price Books and bought it primarily because the cover was pretty I m happy to report this book is hilarious and I have no regrets.

  24. Nicola Mansfield says:
    This is a beautiful hardcover collector s edition of this Canadian classic which has been profusely illustrated by the comic artist commonly known as Seth Starting with a lovely gold foil dust jacket, moving on to pull out flap page with a mosaic of inch square portraits of each character mentioned throughout the stories Plentiful illustrations form the front and end pages and each story has several accompanying decorations with at least one being a two page spread The presentation of the book a [...]

  25. Heep says:
    It is amazing that I have not read this book until now 53 years and almost all of them in Canada Evidently, that was wasted time lived without the influence of what is surely the highest expression of Canadian humour writing More than that, Leacock ranks with few others Mark Twain, for example as the best of this genre, and as such among the very best novelists What makes this book so good It is subtle straddling the difficult line between affectionate and sympathetic portrayals of the main char [...]

  26. Natasha says:
    4 stars This was quite the hilarious read I think it is a great satire of small Canadian towns The chapters about the marine excursion and the bank robbery were exceptional Even the characters have hilarious names Peter Pupkin, Zena Pepperleigh, and Golgotha Gingham, just to name a few Oh, I can t forget Dean Drone, the dean of the Church of England Church If you re interested, the ebook is available online for free, courtesy of Project Gutenberg In point of population, if one must come down to [...]

  27. Paul Gaya Ochieng Simeon Juma says:
    This is a very unique novel It tells the tale of some of the people living in the small town of Mariposa I would have enjoyed this book if it was not for some troubles of my own that I was going through at the time I actually was reading it because I wanted to calm down Stephen Leacock is a Canadian author There are few of them that I have read I believe they are brilliant except Margret Artwood with whom I never quite enjoyed The present book has been compared to Mark Twain s novel due to its s [...]

  28. Lisa Llamrei says:
    In this classic of Canadian humour, Stephen Leacock presents to us the fictional town of Mariposa in all its glory infamy I originally read parts of some of these stories back in my Can Lit course in high school and it was one reading assignment I thoroughly enjoyed Still do The story of the Mariposa Belle sinking is one of my all time favourites.The stories all stand alone, but are also interconnected to tell the story of life in a typical small town in Ontario in the early twentieth century Th [...]

  29. Beth Chats Books says:
    I enjoyed many elements of this collection of shorter stories connected to a wider story of the Mariposa community in Missinaba County However after the first few jovial stories I started to lose interest and unfortunately towards the end I was trudging through the stories I think not being as familiar with this Canadian landscape or the intricacies of the people who lived in communities like this in this time period, I was unable to connect with Leacock s famous talent for humour Most of the ch [...]

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