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Göring: A Biography

G ring A Biography The first full length biography of Hermann Goring Hitler s partner alter ego and chosen successor Includes pages of photos some from the Goring family album and diaries and letters that disclo

The first full length biography of Hermann Goring, Hitler s partner, alter ego, and chosen successor Includes 32 pages of photos, some from the Goring family album, and diaries and letters that disclose the nature of Goring s death.

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  1. David Irving says:
    David Irving is a British historian, who is accused of trivializing the holocaust His books are mostly about the second world war and the Third Reich including topics like Josef Goebbels, Winston Churchill and the bombings of Dresden In 1996 Irving filed a libel lawsuit against Penguin books and lost, the judge finding Irving guilty of deliberate and gross distortions of history This lawsuit resulted in Irving s 2002 bankruptcy In 2005 he was arrested and jailed for a year in Austria, for lectures he gave in 1989 in which he trivialized the holocaust Irving has been barred from entering several countries because of his stance on the holocaust.

Comment 251 on “Göring: A Biography

  1. Owen says:
    David Irving s biography of Hitler s head honcho Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering is a book that cannot be ignored It is vastly superior to Richard Overy s account which comes across as dull and lacking in personal information Irving s biography delves so deep into the life of Goering that it follows the man from birth, his glittering career as a fighter pilot, his first love, his mental breakdown, his recovery, his ascension to power, his second love, his fall from power, and eventually to the my [...]

  2. Bhavikk Lilawala says:
    When it s about the Nazi Germany, no one is parallel to Mr.David Irving in knowledge Even his critics admit this Hermann G ring, the creator of German Luftwaffe and Hitler s no 2 man in Nazi Germany is always portrayed and rightly so as an art thief and most corrupted man in Germany at his time What David Irving brings out in this book is his early life, his childhood,his heroism of First world war, his days of struggle after Burger beer hall putsch and answers to the mysteries of his death also [...]

  3. John says:
    This is a book will totally amaze you I found myself saying no way I wasn t taught that This is a book that will change ur view on Goring WW2 overall A lot of things in WW2 happened will never be in school books Goring did what he could to prevent it, thats not to say he wasn t a crook, or a bad person to a certain extent But he wasn t the person I was taught about The truth about Germany will always be suppressed and the victors write history not the truth.

  4. Clark says:
    According to Englishman David Irving s biography, Churchill started the war even though Goering did everything possible to avoid it Hitler and Goering knew nothing about the holocaust in fact, Goering wasn t even an anti Semite in fact, the holocaust probably didn t even happen And Goering went to the grave having committed only the crime of losing the war the Nuremberg trials were merely show politics for the victors.Not my favorite biography I won t be reading Irving again.

  5. John says:
    Learn a lot about a complex man who has become a parody

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