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The Wedding Kiss

The Wedding Kiss A kiss can be life changing When Keara and Elam Jensen share their first kiss on their wedding day a marriage of convenience becomes much less convenient It also becomes than they expected when God s

A kiss can be life changing When Keara and Elam Jensen share their first kiss on their wedding day, a marriage of convenience becomes much less convenient It also becomes than they expected when God shows them what He really has in store for their lives Will their mysteriously injured visitor ruin their future, or will her influence and her personal battle draw tA kiss can be life changing When Keara and Elam Jensen share their first kiss on their wedding day, a marriage of convenience becomes much less convenient It also becomes than they expected when God shows them what He really has in store for their lives Will their mysteriously injured visitor ruin their future, or will her influence and her personal battle draw them into deadly danger Visit Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in 1901, and discover for yourself what excitement and romance await along the White River Hollow.

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  1. Hannah Alexander says:
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.HANNAH ALEXANDER is the pen name for the husband and wife writing team of Mel and Cheryl Hodde, who began collaborating on their first blind date Cheryl is the wordsmith, and Mel is the medical expert who helps her with the medical plotlines and edits everything she writes.

Comment 939 on “The Wedding Kiss

  1. Sarah says:
    Mom has been telling me how good this book was and I finally decided to read it.Most books about marriages of convenience, I avoid Most of them mock the sacredness of of marriage and use the situation just to be alward This book was not about that This book was about two people working together to help others, and finding love in the middle of it.I really enjoyed this story and look forward to reading by Hannah Alexander.

  2. Bailey Marissa says:
    This was amazing The romance was perfect, as it progressed naturally but didn t overpower anything The characters were relatable and wonderful.It s clean and it doesn t have the traditional Christian a character gets saved scene, so it felt like a natural progressing friendship.Recommended 13 for suggestive themes by the awesome sisters in law on the wedding day, murder, and the MC doing surgery multiple times not graphic.

  3. Tausha says:
    I was pleasantly suprised with this book I didn t expect to like it so much It drew me in from the very beginning I was timid at first, but once I took myself out of it I really liked it That sounds confusingbut when I read I often put myself in the story I couldn t do that here and still enjoy it, my relationship with my husband is too precious and I couldn t imagine being in Keara s position or Gloria sor Elam s either Soonce I took myself out it was a great read

  4. Brittany says:
    I thoroughly enjoyed The Wedding Kiss from start to finish This book is so good If you are a fan of marriage of convenience stories, this is one you will probably enjoy.Keara is a woman who does not have much confidence in herself as far as romantic interests are concerned She spent much of her youth taking care of an invalid mother and did not learn to flirt or be womanly like other girls I really liked Keara She is a kind and loving person who gives freely of herself When she finds herself in [...]

  5. Ashley says:
    A kiss can be life changing.In Euraka Springs, Arkansas, of 1901, just surviving was often all a person could do Having choices about the direction of their lives might be possible for some, but not for Keara When she agreed to marry Elam Jensen, Keara was doing what was necessary, and she had resigned herself to a marriage of convenience Keara and Elam would forgo love and passion in favor of obligation.On their wedding day, when Keara and Elam share their first kiss, a marriage made of practic [...]

  6. Barbara says:
    This is my first book by Hannah Alexander, and it certainly won t be the last one A perfect blend of mystery and romance, I truly enjoyed this story The romance developed in a very natural and sweet way, and the suspenseful, mysterious portion of the story kept me turning pages I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys Christian fiction, especially historical Christian fiction.I received a copy of this book from the author, but the views in this review are my honest opinion.

  7. Megan Besing says:
    EnjoyedA wonderful marriage of convenience and friends to love troupe with a little suspence thrown in The hero and heroine were cheer worthy

  8. Evelyn says:
    This was a nice blend of adventure, faith and romance I found the book easy to read and hard to put down.

  9. Kaylea says:
    What happens when a kiss between a new husband and wife turns a practical wedding venture into something else That s exactly the dilemma that Keara and Elam Jensen face when the kiss shared on their wedding day turns their decision marry for non romantic reasons on its head.The Wedding Kiss, set in Eureka Springs, Ark is a sweet tale, filled with love, kindness and a twist of suspense which Hannah Alexander is known for in their novels.The novel opens with Keara needing to marry her friend Elam [...]

  10. D.J. says:
    Hannah please allow me to quote just a little part from your wonderful book When I read this, I knew this is something special You may kiss the bride Keara raised her face to his and shut her eyes the scent of soap and bay rum reached her as warm lips Elam s lips found a perfect fit against hers If not for his arms drawing her close and holding her securely, she would have toppled to the floor Oh my This changed everything A thousand thoughts and emotions attacked Elam through the softness of [...]

  11. Trinity Rose says:
    Hannah Alexander are great authors I ve read many of their books and this one is just one of the best The cover of the book is so beautiful and it just makes the book come alive The Wedding Kiss tells the story of two people who need each other and end up getting married, to solve all of their problems They didn t realize they loved each other until the kiss at their wedding At home the same day of their wedding problems come, not in their marriage, but outside One after another things keep happ [...]

  12. Kelli says:
    I am guessing this book just came out, because, as of right now, there isn t cover art and no one else has left a review I thought this started out stiff as a board The characters are stiff with each other, when we are told that they are suppose to have known each other for quite a while The writing of the dialog is very formal and stiff too Still, their is something in this book that is intriguing that keeps me reading The story makes you want to keep reading to see this marriage work The downs [...]

  13. Debbie says:
    The Wedding Kiss is a Christian historical romantic suspense set in 1901 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas It was fun to read a novel set so close to where I live, but I wonder how much the authors actually know about raising and training horses Elam was supposed to have a successful, full fledged horse farm yet apparently only had a few horses which were constantly kept in a barn or nearby paddock and were fed a lot of oats instead of allowed out on pasture.The focus was on the suspense than the rom [...]

  14. Dorcas says:
    This is a clean, light read about a marriage of convenience The first two or three chapters were wonderful and I felt wrapped up in the characters and thought, Yay , This is going to be good But by chapter 3 or 4 another character is stirred right into the soup at the most inopportune time their wedding and my attention faltered I was like, who invited YOU At this point, the couple who were center stage at the outset are kind of shoved to the side while we concentrate on who is trying to kill th [...]

  15. Paula-O says:
    The Wedding Kiss by Hannah AlexanderMy first read by this author and really loved the story, it will make you want to keep reading even when you get to end of chapterThis was a marriage of convenience wasn t it What a kiss after being proclaimed husband and wife, Keara looked at Elam thinking oh my what have I got myself intoThey were friends so when she found out her home farm had been gambled away and she would have no where to go she turned to her friend first Marry me Elam because you need t [...]

  16. Rachel says:
    This book wasn t badI just had a hard time with the subject matter I have read a lot of books that deal with remarriage after a spouse dies and I just don t think too hard about it and just enjoy the new love This one spent a lot time him feeling guilty I am sure he would And comparing the two women In the end he made peace but it was harder to read probably a personal problem because I hate the idea of either Tyler or I ever remarrying and I hate the idea that someone would marry someone and h [...]

  17. Suzanne Williams says:
    This book has Christian romance, mystery, action, and a western theme rolled wonderfully into one book It is by far one of the best CF Romance novels I ve read I loved the characters from almost the first page and could not put the book down to find out how it would end I found only one glaring mistake where Keara s father is referred to as Susanna s father pg 222 If you like clean romance with a Christian moral foundation, then you will love this book I highly recommend it.

  18. Shantelle says:
    So this book wasn t exactly what I expected, but it was a good book nevertheless It blended tragedy, budding romance, and suspense to create an interesting read I did feel like the title is kind of off because the book doesn t exactly center on their marriage of convinience, but rather a lot on the mystery and murderous bad guys I enjoyed the plot, the mystery was great, the romance sweet so historical fiction suspence romance readers, give this book a try

  19. Kristena Tunstall says:
    I wasn t sure what to expect from this book The first chapter was intriguing as the female lead, Keara, was very nervous about the task she needed to do I wasn t expecting the suspense that played throughout the book almost to the very end but it really kept you wanting to read I d recommend this book for anyone to read.

  20. Jody says:
    Kind of Dodge City with a rogue marshall Love the fact that when things got tough, Keara just marched right up to Elam and told him what he had to do which was the best for all concerned, Keara, Elam and his three children.

  21. Amy Gieser says:
    Poorly written I thought Not romantic at all The story ends up being all about the strangers problem and trying to solve it and hardly anything about the couple The plot doesn t come off being realistic or suspenseful as it s supposed to be.

  22. Sandy says:
    It s definitely a different type of writing than what they usually write but I loved it Hannah Alexander usually tends to write suspense but in present time so it was good to read something different from them I wonder if they ll have write a book about Susannah.

  23. Wilani Wahl says:
    This is another Homerun hit from Hannah Alexander I did not want to put the book down The story was tender, suspenseful, and enjoyable I also loved the Christian message throughout the book This is a book I will want to read again.

  24. Tracy says:
    I am such a sucker for these gentle Christian romances, and this one was better than the average I really loved that this book was populated by many good people who valued honesty and integrity and decency AND that it still had an interesting plot line.

  25. June says:
    I love stories about Eureka Springs Sounds like an amazing place to visit And books by Hannah Alexander are awesome A winning combination This was a fun one to read I really liked the characters and the story.

  26. Vicky says:
    This was such a cute book It had no use of profanity or sexuality at all It also demonstrates the Christian faith.

  27. Bonnie says:
    A love story in historical Eureka Springs love the area is a romantic and mystical place The story, unique and exhilerating

  28. Virna says:
    this is sweet story and is mix with other issues from outside is have a little mystery ,forgiveness ,faith in God and finding love is cute book

  29. stacie says:
    Easy read set in the early 1900s about a woman who marries her best friend s husband decent story.

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