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Well Schooled In Murder

Well Schooled In Murder The third novel in the best selling Inspector Lynley mystery series reissued in dramatic new cover look

The third novel in the best selling Inspector Lynley mystery series, reissued in dramatic new cover look.

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  1. ElizabethGeorge says:
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Susan Elizabeth George is an American author of mystery novels set in Great Britain Eleven of her novels, featuring her character Inspector Lynley, have been adapted for television by the BBC as The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.She was born in Warren, Ohio, but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when she was eighteen months old She was a student of English, receiving a teaching certificate While teaching English in the public school system, she completed an advanced degree in psychology.Her first published novel was A Great Deliverance in 1988, featuring Thomas Lynley, Lord Asherton, a Scotland Yard inspector of noble birth Barbara Havers, Lynley s assistant, from a very working class background Lady Helen Clyde, Lynley s girlfriend and later wife, of noble birth as well and Lynley s friends Simon and Deborah St James.This Elizabeth George is distinct from the other author named Elizabeth George Christian author.Series Inspector Lynley

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  1. Julie says:
    Well Schooled in Murder is a 1991 publication, written by Elizabeth George and published by Bantam.Inspector Lynley and detective Barbara Havers, and forensic scientist, Simon Allcourt St James, investigate the death of a 13 year old boy at the prestigious Bredgar Chambers school.The death of Matthew Whateley hits everyone hard The school wants to uphold it s reputation, so the truth is hard to uncover Not all the students are honorable, nor are the teachers and administrators Little Matthew see [...]

  2. Mary Beth says:
    This is the third book in the Inspector Lynley Series.I read this book as a buddy read with a GR friend and it was a lot of fun.Lynley is asked to investigate a missing child at a private school, and he and Havers are thrust into a world of lies, intrigue, and twisted passions, thinly veiled in upper class civility Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers investigate the murder of a schoolboy tortured and dumped in a churchyard The boy s housemaster was a schoolmate of [...]

  3. Kris - My Novelesque Life says:
    FIVE YEARS LATER I know it seems like I did not really like the series, as I waited 5 years to continue with the third book, but it is of a too many book, not enough time syndrome I FINALLY got to book three this month when a friend and I did a buddy read As soon as I started the book I was hooked, again WELL SCHOOLED IN MURDER Inspector Lynley 3 Written by Elizabeth George1989, 432 PagesBantam BooksGenre mystery, british, suspense, police4 1 2Thirteen year old, Matthew Whately is missing from [...]

  4. Mary Gilligan-Nolan says:
    This is a series I can t believe I resisted reading for so long My sister recommended Elizabeth George many years ago and I could not get past the first few pages I can t understand why now, I love her and want to read everything she has written This is a story about a murder at a posh boarding school, a thirteen year old boy is murdered and his body is dumped in a graveyard, some distance from the school It turns out, it is Simon St James wife, Deborah, who finds the body, as she is there photo [...]

  5. Aleshanee says:
    4.5 Sterne f r einen u erst spannenden Fall Und schon bin ich beim vierten Band angelangt Nachdem mir die Reihe vor 20 Jahren schon so gut gefallen hatte bin ich jetzt begeistert, wie sehr es mich immer noch fesseln kann Zum Gl ck kann ich mich an die Details nicht mehr erinnern und gehe somit ganz ohne Vorwissen auf M rderjagd Der Schreibstil ist mittlerweile nicht mehr ganz so gestelzt wie noch im ersten bzw zweiten Teil und sehr viel fl ssiger zu lesen Von Anfang an hab ich mich sofort wieder [...]

  6. aPriL does feral sometimes says:
    Oh my I m still catching my breath I think I stopped breathing about 7 times in the days it took me to finish Well schooled in Murder That s about how often I thought the killer was going to be unmasked, only to discover, along with Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers of New Scotland Yard CID, that we all were wrong again Oh, the crimes and criminals and secrets were being exposed as fast and furious as a hail storm but not the murderer of a 13 year old studen [...]

  7. Syl says:
    Book 3 of Inspector Lynley series.A repeat read, this time in audio I am addicted to this Elizabeth George police procedural series, which focuses on the murder committed as well as the private life of the investigators, which I wanted to follow for long and which somewhat seems akin to a soap opera This time Lynley s childhood friend, John Hart wants him to go looking for a boy missing from the prestigious boarding school in which he is an English teacher, plus a house master John has some culp [...]

  8. Lobstergirl says:
    Well and densely plotted, but the cameos of the lower classes, as usual, grate And how believable is it that non fundamentalist marriages come to the brink of destruction because someone fails to disclose a teenage abortion they had Really, in 1991 Elizabeth George can t seem to resist these anachronisms, and Deborah and Simon St James never add anything interesting to the plots.

  9. Richard Derus says:
    Rating 3.75 of fiveThe Book Report Inspector Thomas Lynley is called to a snobby uppercrust English school by his Old Etonian pal, now a schoolmaster in the place, to investigate the disappearance of scholarship boy Matthew Whately All too soon comes the moment when the disappearance becomes a murder investigation thanks to the discovery of little Mattie s body in the churchyard containing Thomas Gray s tomb, by none other than Lynley s formerly beloved Deborah who is now wife to Lynley s crippl [...]

  10. Kate Nothem says:
    Elizabeth George delivers a good mystery once again I love how each of the books has built on the central characters, in this one I felt especially close to BOTH Sergeant Havers and Lynley as they were dealing with equally distressing events in their personal lives I learned a lot about Deborah and St James and also sympathized with them As for the mystery, it was a great whodunit I thought for sure I knew who the murderer would be and I was thrilled to be wrong The twists that came about in th [...]

  11. Barb says:
    A solid good mystery by Elizabeth George I believe the last one I read was 13 in the Lynley Havers St.James series, and luckily for me, although the protagonists have lives outside of the investigation which continue to evolve book to book, this mystery can be read alone I will continue to read the series as I come across the books The plot involved the search for a 13 yr old boy missing from a prestigious school in West Sussex, and those responsible for his disappearance Many characters are cul [...]

  12. IslandRiverScribe says:
    Elizabeth George may write this book, but the first five sentences of J D Robb s Reunion in Death describe the alpha and the omega of this work succinctly than anything I can manufacture Murder was work Death was a serious chore for the killer, the victim, for the survivors And for those who stood for the dead Some went about the job devotedly, others carelessly And for some, murder was a labor of love And as you read this book, it all comes down to how one defines murder and how one defines lo [...]

  13. Peggy says:
    My motivation for reading mystery novels is to escape into plot and spend time with gifted detectives who are too perfect to be true That s part of it But I also seek the satisfaction of seeing justice done and in this novel a horrendous plot point is introduced as a red herring It is unsettling, but Lynley simply shoves it under a rug This element either shouldn t have been introduced at all my preference, since it is profoundly awful or it should become a subplot in which justice is successful [...]

  14. Dolceluna says:
    Una principale ambientazione ombrosa e scolastica che mi ha ricordato l amato L allievo di Patrick Redmond, una macabra atmosfera tipicamente biritish , fatta da silenziose e misteriose cittadine di campagna, foglie svolazzanti in cimiteri romantici, e bui chiostri di un austero college privato dove si celano segreti inconfessabili, e infine,una curiosa e perversa storia di sottofondo Ecco gli ingredienti di questo splendido giallo, che mi ha fatto riscoprire Elizabeth George con nuovi occhi, do [...]

  15. Susan says:
    There are just not that many people who can write this type of mystery, so I treasure the ones who do Plots and characters and dark secrets I ve already forgotten who the murderer was, but who cares

  16. Jamie says:
    Sometimes George describes too much and slows the story down, but I m also an impatient reader so I m not the best judge of that, I guess One thing I don t really like is that she focused a lot on Deborah and Simon and that does make it a deeper series overall, I m here for Lynley and Havers and wish they were the focus.

  17. Whitney says:
    I liked this one This series has been very comforting to me while I m in the middle of what feels like a million transitions.

  18. Lisa (Harmonybites) says:
    In terms of pure mystery story this is top notch and as I ve found up to date with Elizabeth George, well crafted and a pleasure to read The resolution wasn t Christie gasp worthy, but not only did this keep me guessing to the end, the solution when it came clicked like a key in the lock In that regard, I d say this novel is stronger than the first two Lynley mysteries, even if not as moving as the first I also enjoyed a glimpse into the workings of an English upper crust school along the lines [...]

  19. Kathy Davie says:
    Fourth chronologically and third in publishing order, this Inspector Lynley detective mystery series is set in modern day England with this particular story set in West Sussex.My TakeThe very promising future of Matthew Whately was trashed for such stupid reasons The bullying, the code of silence, the contradiction of the school motto and it all comes down to basics Lynley is especially tormented about school loyalties he owes Corntel How can he expect these children to make the right decisions [...]

  20. Nolan says:
    This is one of the somewhat earlier books in the Inspector Tommy Lynleyseries, and it s excellent on a variety of levels Not only will the mainplot keep you reading and wondering, but the subplots are interesting,too In fact, I often complain a little about the length of theseElizabeth George books, but not so this one.Lynley has been called to a boarding school rich in tradition A13 year old boy has been murdered, and his tortured body has beenunceremoniously dumped in a churchyard It s up to L [...]

  21. Kristen says:
    If you love a real good mystery set in England, you ll love the third installment of the Inspector Lynley series When a student is gone missing from a school, it s up to New Scotland Yard to send out their very best And when Matthew Whateley turns up dead, then it s become a serious matter between them all For Havers, who have some family issues to contend with at home, it s up to her and Lynley to talk to everyone involved with Matthew s life at home and in school The closer they get to know to [...]

  22. Mike says:
    I was actually really impressed with this book The murder mystery itself wasn t necessarily very novel or unique and near the end it gave in to one of the old hack tricks where each character in turn is accused of being the murderer, only to spill a clue which leads to the accusation of the next character , and it was also a little unpleasant at times not only did it deal with a rather graphic and unpleasant crime, but all of the characters had pretty miserable incidents in their lives senile pa [...]

  23. Jane says:
    I rated this as really liked it for the quality of the writing, not for the gruesome topic of child torture and murder George has a deft hand with detail, sometimes too much, but the images make her work come alive She has interesting plot twists in this one The relationship between Inspector Lynley, so well portrayed on Tv, and Sergeant Havers is, for me, a rich addition to the story, as we perceive how their different backgrounds influence their actions and interactions The inspector is unlike [...]

  24. Thomas Strömquist says:
    Went back to a book in the Lynley series that I missed should go back and re read them in order, but that applies to a number of series This is the third book and probably one of the best Lynley and Havers are very much the odd couple, learning to know and work with each other, and a lot of development goes on with these and the other main characters The story is of a boy, pupil at a well renowned school, found brutally murdered The stories of the people around him and the investigation points i [...]

  25. Mundi says:
    As a Detective Lynley and Sergeant Havers fan, this is one of the interesting and well woven plots Twists and shimmies, and unexpected dead ends, and every time you think you have guessed who , the road rounds another bend and what you thought was motive is once again redirected.Always engaging, and always memorable, sometimes hauntingly so, the entire Lynley series is worth checking out if you enjoy your detective novels.

  26. Joan Colby says:
    While I have seen the Inspector Lynley series on TV over time, I had never read the books that inspired them until now This one is quite spellbinding in both back story of Lynley and his sergeant Havers as well as a complicated plot I ll definitely read of Elizabeth George s oeuvre.

  27. Cathy Brennan says:
    Elizabeth George never disappoints If you like a good mystery with characters you can care about and lots of twists and turns to work through you can t go wrong

  28. Paula Dembeck says:
    This is the third book in Elizabeth George s Inspector Thomas Lynley mystery series and was published in 1990 The events occur approximately two months after the closing of the last book when Thomas Lynley proposed marriage to Lady Helen Clyde, she refused and then quickly hurried off to Greece Lynley never realized how much Helen meant to him and although he hears regularly from the postcards she sends, they are all the same, filled with friendly and amusing commentary on some aspect of Greek l [...]

  29. Em says:
    This third Lynley mystery is incredible, not just for the mystery presented to Inspector Lynley and Sgt Havers, for its twists and turns are quite a ride In the end I had pegged the murderer within the first 100 pages, but had quite mistaken the motive behind it The murder of a young 13 year old boy a student in a posh live in school Bredgar Chambers in West Sussex is one that is fraught with potentially salacious motives, bullying, pedophilia, class bias, racism, and Lynley and Havers have to c [...]

  30. Sharon says:
    An intricate and enjoyable read Inspector Thomas Lynley is contacted by one of his chronies from Eton, John Corntel, when a child under John s care as housemaster at Bredgard Chambers, goes missing Though this would not normally be in their jurisdiction, the local constabulary are relieved to pass the case on to Lynley and his trusty sidekick Sergeant Barbara Havers Mattie Whately, the missing 13 year old child is found murdered, naked and tortured His body was left in a church cemetery, coincid [...]

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