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  • Unlimited فاشیسم - by Kevin Passmore علی معظمی
    162 Kevin Passmore علی معظمی

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  1. Kevin Passmore علی معظمی says:
    Kevin Passmore علی معظمی Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the فاشیسم book, this is one of the most wanted Kevin Passmore علی معظمی author readers around the world.

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  1. Nandakishore Varma says:
    Of late, I have been seriously disturbed by the authoritarian trends displayed by the Hindu Right in India.Contrary to the perception of the West, Hinduism is not essentially a peaceful and philosophical religion though definitely it has that facet Hinduism is a fascinating mix beliefs and practices ranging from the lofty heights of Upanishadic philosophy to the dark depths of sorcery involving child sacrifice It is not a monolithic religion, rather a pot pourri of beliefs cobbled together into [...]

  2. Ahmad Sharabiani says:
    Fascism A Very Short Introduction Very Short Introductions 77 , Kevin PassWhat is fascism Is it revolutionary Or is it reactionary Can it be both Fascism is notoriously hard to define How do we make sense of an ideology that appeals to streetfighters and intellectuals alike 2012 1388 236 9789642090419 1389 189 9786009163908

  3. Esteban del Mal says:
    Fascism has an enigmatic countenance because in it appears the most counterpoised contents It asserts authoritarianism and organises rebellion It fights against contemporary democracy and, on the other hand, does not believe in the restoration of any past rule It seems to pose itself as the forge of a strong State, and uses means most conducive to its dissolution, as if it were a destructive faction or a secret society Whichever way we approach fascism we find that it is simultaneously one thing [...]

  4. Bojan Tunguz says:
    Fascism and Communism are the two major evil political systems that dominated the twentieth century politics They both have their roots in the nineteenth century European ideas and circumstances, but have managed to have an unprecedented global impact Unlike Communism, though, Fascism has been comparatively much less studied and even less understood This primarily stems from the fact that there are no canonical texts of Fascism It seems like a much ad hoc and opportunistic movement, and it embr [...]

  5. C. Varn says:
    Pass sets out to define and explain fascism in the 20th century, it s relationship with reactionary nationalism, it s ability to combine left and right wing elements, and what the modern narratives around it don t understand Pass rejects the notion that fascism is just violent reactionary politics or a form of leftism He also rejects the Trotskyist narrative about fascism by looking at the actual voting blocs in Weimar Germany and Italy He also talks about the Falange and the Iron Guard s relati [...]

  6. Luke says:
    Definitely one of the better very short introductions

  7. Billie Pritchett says:
    I m amazed at what a lucid introduction to fascism this book is Most amazing is that author and historian Kevin Pass defines fascism as narrowly as he can, while seeking to incorporate all the components of any historical case of fascism Fascism, he writes, is 1 the promotion of national unity based upon some social preconceptions, such as the patriarchal family and existing property relations, but only insofar as they are compatible with the national interest, and they favor the narrow view of [...]

  8. Helen says:
    This was a fabulous volume examining the complex topic of what exactly is fascism how did it start, what preceded it, what was the difference between Nazism and Fascism with a capital letter F, that is, Italian Fascism and what is the status of extreme right wing groups or parties as of when the book was written second revised edition 2014 It d be interesting to know what the author, Kevin Pass, has to say about the rise of Trump since mid 2015 Well, I m not a scholar, but the racist aspects of [...]

  9. Asma says:
    This is my second experience with Oxford University Press and am impressed It is fascinating and informative.The book tries to create a full and meaningful definition for this concept FASCISM, therefore it compares its approaches with different concepts in an attempt to figure out which was the basic principle to fascism.Absolutely recommended to anyone interested in understanding about Fascism

  10. Matt Young says:
    This term gets thrown around so much that it is almost crucial to have a real understanding of what Fascism embodies, if not for the trivial reason of being able to identify someone who is simply throwing around scary phrases This is a Very Short Introduction, so its a very quick read but, it gives a good history of fascist movements and a good sense for what it really is.

  11. Todd Wright says:
    I enjoy most of the A Very Short Introduction books, this one is no exception If you want to call someone a fascist please spend three hours to learn what a fascist truly is.

  12. Usman Chohan says:
    More relevant today than when it was written

  13. Nick says:
    These little volumes are fun and addictive.Pass does than a passable job at describing fascism He defines it broadly enough to try and include all of its important features, but not so broadly as to include similar radical traditionalist or far right movements He goes through the major examples of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, but also minor examples like Romania, Spain, the Brazilian Integralists, etc But it isn t just a text about Fascist regimes He also discusses Fascism s relationship wit [...]

  14. Donald Schopflocher says:
    For a work which argues that fascism resists definition, the author uses jargon very carelessly, and presents history in incomplete chunks, in the end slipping into incoherence But I was convinced that the term s relate almost exclusively to the first half of the twentieth century Similarities of Trumpism to Fascism exist but there are too many differences to allow a reasonable use of the fascist label for 45.

  15. John says:
    Interesting short introduction to the topic May frustrate some insofar as the author avoids a definitive definition of fascism My take from the reading is that you need ultranationalism racism paramilitary support mass mobilization to get there, although there were many different paths to fascism I was surprised to learn that at the outset Italian fascism was much violent that Nazism at the outset The fascists violently took control of many Italian regions and violently suppressed communists an [...]

  16. Jonathon says:
    My main problem with this book was that the author would drop the last names of people without giving any explanation as to who that person was When he did that it was very confusing It was an interesting read, however I will be interested to see a 2nd edition of this book after the Presidential Election of 2016 Donald Trump has drummed up support from the Republican Party that the author says is needed in fascism, mainly fear of the other, whether it is illegal immigrants or Muslims entering th [...]

  17. Anthony Dunne says:
    Very helpful and very detailed describtion on Fascism, it covers a lot of details invovled in the area, including class and sex, and even fascism today However I would not call this a very short introduction I would recommend this book to anyone who is familiar with Fascism, not someone who has just heard of Fascism.

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