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Amuse Bouche: A Russell Quant Mystery

Amuse Bouche A Russell Quant Mystery A gay wedding gone bad A missing groom An unsullied reputation at risk Enter Russell Quant a cute gay rookie private detective with a nose for good wine and bad lies Quant is off to France on his fi

A gay wedding gone bad A missing groom An unsullied reputation at risk Enter Russell Quant a cute, gay, rookie private detective with a nose for good wine and bad lies Quant is off to France on his first big case From the chic but sinister streets of Paris, he eats, drinks, and sleuths his way south to the pastel coloured promenade of Sanary sur Mer Back in SaskatoA gay wedding gone bad A missing groom An unsullied reputation at risk Enter Russell Quant a cute, gay, rookie private detective with a nose for good wine and bad lies Quant is off to France on his first big case From the chic but sinister streets of Paris, he eats, drinks, and sleuths his way south to the pastel coloured promenade of Sanary sur Mer Back in Saskatoon, Quant comes face to face with a client who may be the bad guy, a quarry who turns up in the most unexpected place, and a cast of colourful suspects the vile sister, the best friend, the colleague, the ex lover, the lawyer, the priest, and the snoopy neighbour are they involved Or is someone else lurking in the shadows As he works through the case, Quant juggles detecting with the responsibilities of a personal life full of captivating characters Taking a cue from the style and humour of Robert B Parker, and evoking Armistead Maupin with his wit and warmth, Anthony Bidulka s Amuse Bouche is a rich, saucy, and engaging read.

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  1. Anthony Bidulka says:
    In 1999 Anthony Bidulka, BA, BEd, BComm, CPA left a decade long professional accounting career to pursue writing and never looked back.In 2003, Quill Quire described Bidulka s first book, Amuse Bouche A Russell Quant Mystery, as an effervescent first novel that is much like the tasty French hors d oeuvres from which it takes its name , earning Bidulka a nomination for the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Award.Bidulka wrote two books following the adventures of man of action Adam Saint, a tough as nails, luxury loving, Disaster Recovery Agent In 2016 Bidulka published his first stand alone suspense novel, Set Free, with Kirkus Reviews saying The countless plot twists are exhilarating, with gasp inducing drama and flatly startling story turns Bidulka s books have been nominated for Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Awards, Saskatchewan Book Awards, a ReLit award, Lambda Literary Awards, with Flight of Aquavit awarded the Lambda Literary Award for Best Men s Mystery, making Bidulka the first Canadian to win in that category.Anthony has toured extensively in both Canada and the United States A great believer in community involvement, he has been on the boards of local, national and international organizations He was recently inducted to his local university s Wall of Honour and named his city s Citizen of the Year When he isn t writing, Bidulka loves to travel the world, collect art, walk his dogs and throw a good party Anthony s Books Set Free 2016 The Adam Saint books When The Saints Go Marching In 2013 The Women of Skawa Island 2014 The Russell Quant books Amuse Bouche 2003 Flight of Aquavit 2004 Tapas on the Ramblas 2005 Stain of the Berry 2006 Sundowner Ubuntu 2007 Aloha, Candy Hearts 2009 Date With a Sheesha 2010 Dos Equis 2012.

Comment 340 on “Amuse Bouche: A Russell Quant Mystery

  1. Richard Derus says:
    Rating 3.5 of fiveThe Book Report Harold Chevell, an A list Saskatoonian gay man, has decided to marry his lover Tom in a private ceremony at their beautiful McMansion near the South Saskatchewan River Trouble is, Tom s disappeared, and no one who knows the couple can resist speculating as to why Enter gay ex Saskatoon cop Russell Quant, whose late uncle left him a legacy that has enabled him to start his own PI business Harold s instructions to Russell are specific and vague Find Tom Find out w [...]

  2. Kathy says:
    I first heard of Anthony Bidulka s Russell Quant series on one of the author groups where I hang out When I did a little investigating and discovered that Mr Bidulka is a Canadian author whose character, Russell Quant, lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan I went on the hunt When I was looking for Amuse Bouche, Mr Bidulka s first book, it was a bit of a treasure hunt And I use that deliberately because a treasure is indeed what I found.I m a mystery fan from way back and I ve read mysteries since wha [...]

  3. Chris says:
    2.5 stars Ok gay mystery about a PI who s hired by a jilted groom to find his missing boyfriend Pretty sure this is the only book I ve read that was set in Saskatoon.

  4. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ says:
    4.5 stars I love mysteries Russell Quant is a private investigator and he quit his job as a policeman to pursue his dream as PI, thanks to the inheritance from a wealthy uncle.He s pretty new in the business and the cases his working on are not very thrilling until he is hired by a rich man, Harold Chavell, whose groom, Tom Osborn, seems to have got cold feet the day of their wedding, standing him up at the altar and going to France with the tickets of his honeymoon Harold sends Russell to Franc [...]

  5. Carol Balawyder says:
    Reading Amuse Bouche left me with a taste for Russell Quant mysteries Anthony Bidulka s writing style is fast paced, humorous and entertaining All what I look for in a mystery Quant is, In Anthony Biduka s own words, world travelling, wise cracking, wine guzzling, gay, prairie private eye Set in Saskatoon and Paris, Bidulka does setting very well whether in the streets of Saskatoon and its countryside lakes or in a small cramped room in a Paris hotel to a luxurious Chateaux in a wooded farmland [...]

  6. Grace says:
    I have always loved a good mystery story and this definitely fits the bill I liked ex cop turned PI Russell Quant He does mainly small cases like finding a stolen casserole dish then he is called and asked to take on a case, find a groom who didn t turn up for his wedding Russell heads off to France to try and find him The mystery is well written and keeps you thinking I liked the writing style and there is a good cast of supporting characters There is no romance in this one other Russell s lust [...]

  7. Ami says:
    Mr Bidulka creates a very engaging character in Russel Quant, the private detective living in a small Canadian prairie city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan This first book takes Russel to France tracking a missing groom I find the cute gay detective to be funny and lovable The mystery is wrapped out nicely I wish to see action in Russel s personal life but there are books to this series p

  8. Tracy says:
    This is a great series for light reading It is a mystery series written by an author from Saskatoon and set in Saskatoon Amuse Bouche is the first in the series There are now 5 of them, and I have read them all It is fun to follow the antics of this gay detective, with many local references, and when you re in Saskatoon, you don t often get to see that

  9. Neet says:
    Wow It took me long enough to read this series I had the first book in this series in both paperback and kindle and couldn t get past the first chapter It wasn t because it was badly written either It was because I wasn t ready to read this mystery Now I m ready, and boy am I glad We meet the MC, Russell Quant who is a PI in the city of Saskatoon which is in the province of Saskatchewan believe me I won t be writing that again Russell is 31 years old and a former constable in Sakatoon Thanks to [...]

  10. Kim says:
    My first Anthony Bidulka book and it just happened to be the first book he wrote, too Provocative, amusing and it was a hoot to read about real and fictitious places in Saskatoon The last chapter about private investigator Russell Quant getting it off with a new man in his life was a little over the top, but what I shouldn t have expected any less Will definitely read of his books Great vacation fare

  11. Alexander Inglis says:
    Anthony Bidulka has created a funny, engaging mystery series featuring Russell Quant, a gay private eye based in Saskatoon but whose work takes him globe trotting In this opening title, Quant is hired to track down a missing bridegroom who missed his own wedding The other bridegroom, a local Saskatoon philanthropist, sends Quant to Europe where he believes the missing lover has gone on the honeymoon, sans husband But it s not long before the tale returns to home base and corporate intrigue comes [...]

  12. Kay Sachse says:
    Russell Quant, a private investigator, gets his first bigger assignment tracking down the lover of a wealthy man who failed to show up to their wedding ceremony Apparently the man fled to France, so off Russell goes But instead of describing the search the readers gets a lot of chitchat about food, clich s about France, off the topic description No wonder, that Russell looses track of Tom Osborn, the reader looses track of the story do, and that doesn t change after his return home There are sti [...]

  13. Philip says:
    I really enjoyed reading this book and I m looking forward to the rest in the series What an amazing and interesting bunch of characters Anthony Bidulka has created to surround Russell Quant who is himself quite a character I like books like this to lighten up with after some serious suspense thriller and maybe noir stuff There were many times when I let out belly laughs and nearly fell out of my Lazy Boy Sure I knew who the killer was well before the end, and the motive as well, but the opportu [...]

  14. Diana Sandberg says:
    Fun, in a fairly predictable way The tec is a gay ex cop in Saskatoon and I did like the way his sexuality is a largish part of who he is and how he sees things, but still is not any kind of Political Statement in the context of the book It s just him I imagine gay readers would be additionally charmed that the noir ish style includes sexy bits On the down side, there were quite a few of the kind of errors that a proofreader ought to have caught, sigh stationery bike , under his own terms , snea [...]

  15. Jo-anne says:
    This is a refreshing new detective series for me and I look forward to reading of the series I was intrigued by the characters and the plot line kept me interested to the end without a lot of gory crime details Love that it is set in Saskatoon, not a city one usually finds in novels I was fascinated by the way Bidulka described his experience in France rich with detail, I felt like I was strolling the laneways and eating the fab French cuisine with him Homosexual or heterosexual, the inclusion [...]

  16. Byron says:
    ABSO FREAKING LUTELY BRILLIANT Crime story, well written, brilliant character work and with out having to dissolve into sex to keep the story flowing Took me by surprise as I had been wanting to read a shifter story or similar and just saw this was a series, didn t really read into it and didn t know what I was getting Not a single ounce of regret for the decision to read I m looking forward to getting to know the main character and his friends and Barbara too further into this series.

  17. Laura Bang says:
    I love Russell s narrative voice He has a great sense of humor and I even laughed out loud a few times It is an enjoyable mystery, even though I was able to predict most of the twists My one quibble was the ending vague spoilers view spoiler because it is one of those books where the final clue is kept secret from the reader until the detective s reveal, which always annoys me Also, it is one of those where the bad guy conveniently explains everything before attempting to kill the detective hide [...]

  18. Writerlibrarian says:
    More like a 3 1 2 stars Canadian writer Story is set in Saskatoon of all places Russell Quant, ex cop, is working as a PI Bidulka paints vivid images of his city and the people So Russell is gay, big deal The strength of the novel is the plot and clues the reader is given along the way I liked Russell, I liked his friends and how he goes doing his business I liked how Bidulka built up the suspense and finally had Russell put two and two together A very nice surprise Will read the next novel in t [...]

  19. Scott says:
    This is a fun book It shows all the marks of first novel local detail than is really necessary for the plot, write what you know , they said, so he did and a few characters could have been cut as well but I think that is forgiveable Quant is comfortably gay and out, as is his client and the client s lover, the victim and much of their entourage That is nice and part of what makes it fun, but it barely matters to the plot I d like to read some of Bidulka s later works.

  20. Larry says:
    Good author from a small province in Canada Uses the same charecters in his books have read or reading all his books He attends Saints and Sinners in New Orleans on a frequent basis Russell Quant is a gay detective and a world traveler who surrounds himself with interesting people.Depiction of straight and lesbian charecters are just as interesting as any of his other charecters thus opening book to anyone enjoyed very much and made me want to read of his So far thats 4 books

  21. Peggy says:
    This is the first Russell Quant mystery, about a gay private detective living in Saskatoon It has some similarities with Jill Edmonson s Blood and Groom Both protagonists have been in their jobs about a year just starting out and both are written in a humorous style I think this one is better written I liked the Saskatchewan setting plus the visit to France which covers the first part of the book The gay point of view is also interesting.

  22. Tankut Yıldız says:
    Son d nem polisiyeleri gibi do a st olaylar, seri katiller, vah i otopsiler, teknolojik stratejiler i ermeyen Ara S cak, Agatha Christie tarz bir dedektiflik hikayesi olarak k yor kar m za Hikayenin naifli ine ve karakterimizin sevimlili ine ra men s r kleyicilik konusunda olduk a iddial ebediyenedebiyat

  23. carelessdestiny says:
    I thought the plot was cleverly done but the dectective is strangely bland He seemed surrounded and in awe of people with astonishing beauty, vast wealth and ultimate sophistication I kept hoping for some interesting homeless person or dull office assitant with unpredictable mood swings to come a long But not bad as far as murder mystries go.

  24. Laura says:
    I loved the descriptions in this book, especially of places, which I usually find boring Most of the story takes place in Saskatoon, which I liked reading about, but also near the beginning there is a trip around France, which I LOVED Good mystery Interesting characters Lovely place descriptions.

  25. thelastaerie says:
    Very delightful gay mystery series with a charming and interesting lead I definitely chuckled than a few times The mystery is well paced and plotted, though not hard to figure out It has the old school charm of detective series the lead is a ex police, private eye , colourful supporting characters as well, definitely worth to continue the series.

  26. Ken Cook says:
    Set in Saskatoon, for me it s almost like an alternative world small city in prairie Canada The plot line developed well, the characters seemed believable, and the trip to France made me jealous For a book with a gay protagonist, the alternative life style was handled well and not pushed as an agenda Plus I laughed out loud numerous times and enjoyed it to the end.

  27. Benita says:
    I LOVE this author he is Canadian so CHEEKY His character is detective from Saskatoon I found the first few books laugh out loud funny he amuses me to no end He always wraps up the mystery well has amazing characters that are in each novel And he is gay.

  28. Michael Adam Reale says:
    Amuse Bouche is the first in the Russell Quant Mystery series by Anthony Bidulka I should have read this book first but alas fate destined it to be otherwise It is an amazing book, an excellent read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed I recommend this book wholeheartedly.

  29. Megan says:
    I really enjoyed this book Set in Saskatoon with a trip to France thrown in, it was funny, smart and the main character being gay added a nice change to the regular run of the mill detective books I ll be sure to read his next one.

  30. Elizabeth says:
    I enjoy Anthony Bidulka and he gets better as his series progresses His titles are wonderful, the stories interesting, the locales are a nice change of pace and I really have avoid time with the characters.

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