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In a Dog's Heart: What Our Dogs Need, Want, and Deserve--and the Gifts We Can Expect in Return

In a Dog s Heart What Our Dogs Need Want and Deserve and the Gifts We Can Expect in Return What our dogs need to live a good life and why we must come through for them Over the two decades she has spent raising and training service dogs for people with disabilities Jennifer Arnold has com

What our dogs need to live a good life, and why we must come through for them Over the two decades she has spent raising and training service dogs for people with disabilities, Jennifer Arnold has come to a unique and profound understanding of the human dog bond Though it may seem simple and instinctive, the friendship and devotion we share with our pets is a wondrous evoWhat our dogs need to live a good life, and why we must come through for them Over the two decades she has spent raising and training service dogs for people with disabilities, Jennifer Arnold has come to a unique and profound understanding of the human dog bond Though it may seem simple and instinctive, the friendship and devotion we share with our pets is a wondrous evolutionary development Our two species have come to rely on each other for protection, companionship, comfort, and happiness needs and benefits that go both ways Yet when we step outside our designated roles and take on practices that require us to display dominance over our canine charges, we misread cues and misinterpret behavior, sometimes with disastrous results Conversely, when communication between dog and keeper is clear and based on kindness and a willingness to see things through a dog s eyes, the payoff for both dog and owner is tremendous When respect and care are brought together, we come to know the inalienable goodness in a dog s soul.As the founder of Canine Assistants, Arnold has implemented and advanced a methodology Choice Teaching that pairs scientific and behavioral knowledge about dogs with gentle incentive and encouragement to extraordinary effect But she does not consider herself a dog trainer rather, she sees herself as a relationship expert who improves the connection between humans and dogs and in the process be

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  1. Jennifer Arnold says:
    Jennifer Arnold Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the In a Dog's Heart: What Our Dogs Need, Want, and Deserve--and the Gifts We Can Expect in Return book, this is one of the most wanted Jennifer Arnold author readers around the world.

Comment 386 on “In a Dog's Heart: What Our Dogs Need, Want, and Deserve--and the Gifts We Can Expect in Return

  1. Carol says:
    In A Dog s Heart by Jennifer Arnold is a very special book I am putting my recommendation at the beginning this time I think everyone who has a dog in their family or is thinking of adding one should get this book The subtitle of this book is What Our Dogs Need, Want, and Deserve and the Gifts We can Expect in Return Jennifer Arnold covers that and I have several books about dogs but after I read them, there were several unanswered questions She answered them and questions than I could think o [...]

  2. Melissa says:
    A First Reads review This seemed to me to be a book for first time owners of dogs I m always curious about these books and want to see if I can glean things that I may have not thought of before However, after reading the chapter, Keeping Our Dogs Healthy , I would not recommend this book to a first time dog owner I don t just sort of disagree with what was said, but disagree to an extent that it bothered me.One of the things I disagree with is soy She says that dogs can become vegetarian if you [...]

  3. Sienna says:
    I cannot recommend this book highly enough and her first Through a Dog s Eyes If you have or want a dog, read this book If you have or want a child who might ever come into contact with a dog, read this book If you have or know somebody who has medical issues making it difficult to function in the wide world, read this book If you think animals are sentient beings like us, read this book.Yes, it will probably make you cry I wouldn t dare read this book in public, for all the tears There are some [...]

  4. Kelley says:
    In a Dog s Heart is partially a book about the unconditional love that a dog has for all humans, partially a blasting of most of the training methods that are popular today, and partially a resource for training your dog.The author has presented a very well written and well organized book for anyone who loves dogs She kept the focus on the issue at hand in every chapter and highlighted her points well with true stories The unconditional love and first hand stories were well written and touching [...]

  5. Tami Marek says:
    Loved this book An alternate way of looking at dog training that makes so much sense.

  6. Lis Carey says:
    This is Arnold s second book, the training oriented book that I had expected Through a Dog s Eyes to be I had really looked forward to this, and I m sorry to say I have mixed feelings about the result.Arnold builds the book around her experiences in building and running Canine Assistants, and that s a fascinating and rewarding tale in itself She covers every aspect of dog care, including both training and feeding As a trainer, she s knowledgeable, practical, and positive oriented She makes excel [...]

  7. Tracy Shapley says:
    I don t remember agreeing to review In a Dog s Heart, but when I received my review copy from the publisher, I was less then enthused After briefly researching the author, I discovered that Jennifer Arnold is the founder of a non profit that provides free guide dogs to people who need them but can t afford them While that s certainly the kind of thing I m into, I still dreaded reading this book, as I assumed it would be a somewhat cheesy and or ridiculous book.Instead, it was extremely well rese [...]

  8. Klgrissom says:
    First of all, let me start this by saying I never read books like this I only read it because I won an advance copy of the book But I am so glad that I did read it.I think this book is a must read for anyone contemplating getting a dog, or anyone who has a dog already I truly love and agree with her assessment of earning your dog s good behavior with mutual respect, and not with fear from the dominance ideas Jennifer also gives good arguments as to why the alpha model is flawed She truly does se [...]

  9. Johanna says:
    I cried when I read this book A lot In A Dog s Heart is both inspiring and humbling In the book, Jennifer Arnold shares the most touching stories of service dogs who have gone above and beyond the call to duty, simply out of pure love and devotion to their people It s enough to make us wonder, perhaps there is far to dogs than we give them credit for.What made this book so wonderful was not just the heart warming stories, but the practical advice on caring for your dog, and the refreshingly kin [...]

  10. Gail Cooke says:
    If you re not a dog lover now you surely will be after hearing Jennifer Arnold s illuminating story of the unique bond between humans and dogs She lists many valid reasons why canines are often referred to as man s best friend Most of us are familiar with seeing eye dogs but there are a myriad of ways in which dogs assist children and adults with disabilities and special needs We learn of some of these through the stories Arnold tells, and we also become aware of what dogs expect and most assure [...]

  11. Shelley says:
    real rating 4.75I really admire J Arnold s Canine Assistance program, enjoy her books and will highly recommend them to anyone investigating non aggressive dog training and care.

  12. Ronna says:
    I won this book in a giveaway This book is both a guide to canine care and training, in addition to being a compilation of anecdotal stories about canine human relationships The book is full of helpful suggestions for understanding your dog s behavior from the dog s perspective This would be an invaluable guide for new pet owners, as the author provides extensive suggestions ranging from how to choose a puppy, training, keeping your dog safe, to how to help get rid of problem behaviors This book [...]

  13. Terry says:
    Jennifer Arnold has spent over two decades raising and training service dogs for disabled people Her method is a gentler one of using incentives and encouragement to train the dogs, with good results.Her book could be broken into 3 sections training tips, pet care, and heartwarming stories from her work She has definitely done her homework, yet doesn t go into a lot of details on any given topic Helpful diagrams and photos are placed in the material to aid in understanding the points she is tryi [...]

  14. Ellenh says:
    This was a librarything giveaway In a Dog s Heart is a well written book I had misgivings when she brought up disagreements with off shoots of Ceasar Milan s principles of alpha dog or dominance, but I do in the end agree with her Some of the interpretations of Alpha male theory she has come across are disturbing and cruel, although she is not suggesting that Milan would be cruel.There are many sections that are inspiring and thought provoking One letter from a canine assisted adult described he [...]

  15. Abby says:
    I m torn between a two and three for this book Mainly, it s disappointing, because it is really just one woman s collected ramblings about her feelings for dogs That s nice, but I like a work to be a little directed I appreciated the heartwarming stories about how valuable therapy dogs are and I deeply appreciated her thorough and well expressed critique of Cesar Millan and dominance trainers like him and the irreparable damage they have done to dogs all across America However, she still thinks [...]

  16. Melissa Sodano says:
    Clearly I am partial to books about dogs However, that doesn t mean they aren t good I found this book particularly insightful, given my status as a somewhat new pet guardian Arnold explains the reasons behind our inability to understand dogs, and also how to bridge that gap of understanding She takes the time to describe what dogs need, and how we can give it to them, creating a relationship in which each party gets what it wants Also included in the book are various helpful appendices regardin [...]

  17. Dale says:
    Despite the title, this is a quite practical and down to earth book for dog owners It offers an antidote to the dominance and control model of Cesar Millan, a model that has probably done untold damage to lots of dogs and dog owners Arnold s approach is to recognize that a dogs depend on us for their well being, and b dogs know that they depend on us, so when they piss us off or misbehave it s not because they want to piss us off or misbehave And getting into a pissing contest with a dog is a no [...]

  18. Amy says:
    This was an OK book and an interesting listen for the car The author s diction is excellent she has a strong Southern accent, but is easy to understand There are some good training suggestions, and several heart warming stories.She often takes on a preachy tone, no doubt due to her love for the subject matter If I felt as passionately about dogs as she does, I might be nodding my head along with her However, since I don t feel as strongly about the subject, there are moments when I felt like she [...]

  19. Michelle says:
    Good tips and a great organization she runs.Her stories are heart warming also I would have given this book 4 stars but I am always disappointed when author s slander other people in their books I am sure she has good intentions when she names Cesar Milan as a trainer she dislikes and then goes on and on about it The repetition of her dislike made me not appreciate her overall goodness She did qualify her dislike at the end but by then it was too late I compare her to the Christians that show to [...]

  20. April says:
    great book about doggie do s and doggie dont s Dogs are companions, friends, guardians, children and sooo soo much this book tells all about how to take care of your doggie and what can be very helpful even to the experienced doggie owner Dogs are like humans, unique in so many ways yet they have traits that are human like this book has cute little stories and how to and help to for your pet to give them a long loving life Won on good reads com

  21. Marsha says:
    A Giveaway winner from GoodReads and Random House Publishing Thank You.Just received a copy in the mail and can t wait to start reading it.Just finished Great insights and great information on bringing a dog into your life, so that it s successful and fulfilling for both of you A book to keep on the bookshelf to re read and have for a reference I would recommend reading everytime you get a new dog in your family, and then using as a reference.

  22. Lisa says:
    My first mobile outing with an audiobook read by the author Jennifer Arnold Her soft accented voice rises and falls, clearly hearing the smile and the tears, in the stories and advice she shares in this follow up to Through a Dog s Eyes Surprisingly filled with terrific training advice for dogs and humans of all ages A real eye opener in illustrating our perceptions and interactions with our canine companions.

  23. Jtp says:
    Another giveaway winner from thanks Not really sure what this book was going to be about thought maybe stories about dogs along the line of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.If you are looking for an in depth book about dog behaviors or training, this is not it Touches briefly on a lot of topics Some good information in the Appendices Author is definitely not a fan of Cesar Milan.Sorry but really wouldn t recommend this book to my friends.

  24. Katie says:
    I didn t agree with everything Arnold had to say in this book in my opinion, she was a little too concerned with spending thousands of dollars to extend the life of a terminally ill, in pain dog by a few months and not nearly concerned enough with the massive pet overpopulation issue and the problem of people purchasing rather than adopting their pets but it did contain some interesting and useful tips and advice about dog behavior and psychology.

  25. kimyunalesca says:
    This brought back memories of my beloved dogs I like the statistics,diagrams,pictures plus the the do this, do that, what s not, know how, pet care, training, basic facts and so on I learned a lot and I m fascinated by all these amazing collection of stories so moving,inspiring and very insightful I highly recommend it especially to animal lovers and dog owners.I won and received this book for free thru First Reads.Thank you so much

  26. Amber Polo says:
    The heartwarming stories were wonderful, but the practical advice stuffed full of the latest philosophy of dog training makes this book both sweet and incredibly useful She speaks from her experience and research, providing a start for the person ready to bring a puppy or rescue dog into their life.

  27. Jenna says:
    Some great tips about adopting a dog or puppy and what that all means If you are a softie like me, you will cry at most of the stories in this book I don t love hearing about the bad things people do to innocent animals, or how very ignorant people who get a dog can be But, I love the heartwarming tales and success stories.

  28. Melissa Brown says:
    I was expecting a book with stories about her experiences and stories about the lives that dogs from her organization have helped While there were some stories the book was focused on a dog s pyramid of needs, training tips, and feeding guides She is a good story teller and good author Just wasn t what I expected 3.5 5 stars

  29. Patty says:
    Arnold makes lots of good points and certainly knows dogs She is opinionated and while she may very well be right it is always good to make that judgement for yourself I have not read enough of the other point of view to speak to it although I am much comfortable with the methods Arnold uses The book lags a bit at times I listened to the audio book and it might be better in print.

  30. Kara says:
    I ve read a lot of information about dog books in the past year or so This one is definitely in the bottom half of stack Instead of giving much helpful advice, the author tends to emphasize the horrible things that people do to animals and warn against them The book was a pretty big downer.

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