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The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 12: Back in Black

The Amazing Spider Man Vol Back in Black Look what someone found in their closet Reeling in the aftermath of the Civil War that s wracked the Marvel Universe Peter Parker has got plenty of reasons to consider a change of wardrobe Black is h

Look what someone found in their closet Reeling in the aftermath of the Civil War that s wracked the Marvel Universe, Peter Parker has got plenty of reasons to consider a change of wardrobe Black is his state of mind But the worst is yet to come for Spider Man Get on board here, True Believer, as we gear up for an event that will forever change the life of your favoriteLook what someone found in their closet Reeling in the aftermath of the Civil War that s wracked the Marvel Universe, Peter Parker has got plenty of reasons to consider a change of wardrobe Black is his state of mind But the worst is yet to come for Spider Man Get on board here, True Believer, as we gear up for an event that will forever change the life of your favorite web slinger There IS no going back.Collects Amazing Spider Man vol 1 539 543.

  • Unlimited The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 12: Back in Black - by J. Michael Straczynski Ron Garney
    178 J. Michael Straczynski Ron Garney

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  1. J. Michael Straczynski Ron Garney says:
    Joseph Michael Straczynski born July 17, 1954 , known professionally as J Michael Straczynski and informally as Joe Straczynski or JMS, is an American writer and television producer He works in films, television series, novels, short stories, comic books, and radio dramas He is a playwright, a former journalist, and author of The Complete Book of Scriptwriting He was the creator and showrunner for the science fiction TV series Babylon 5 From 2001 to 2007, he was the writer for the long running Marvel comic book series The Amazing Spider Man.

Comment 542 on “The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 12: Back in Black

  1. Norman says:
    I can definitely imagine people hating this version of Peter Parker he s a dark, brooding, violent, Batman like vigilante with an unforgiving Punisher y disposition and no sense of humor kind of like the current DC cinematic universe in a way I suppose, which I can t say I m an advocate for Having said that, I truly did love this Back in Black arc, and I actually can t believe I ve never read it before I believe there s one arc left before the whole reboot into Brand New Day, and it sure does fe [...]

  2. Aaron says:
    What an insane collection this is I have no idea why Marvel would want to bundle the two story arcs collected here together, as they only go to show how disconnected and out of sync Marvel s editorial voice was for Spider Man at this time The stories are intended to be set within the same short time period, in which a distraught, violently angry Peter Parker dons his black garb again as some kind of cheesy symbol for his mood Only, they don t line up At all.In the first story, we get JMS s follo [...]

  3. Mike says:
    This art Is weird, and I can t figure out who needs to buck up I think it rests with the pencils Kingpin s head looks like Hammerhead , but the very flat tones could either be ink or colour And two questions when Peter s swinging around without a costume on, how can he spin webs with obviously empty wrists And, when Peter gets mad, do his gums always recede I used to think JMS wrote very authentic emotional moments Here, Peter is such a one dimensional caricature it s hard to take it seriously [...]

  4. Relstuart says:
    While I am a big Spider Man fan I read Civil War and am aware of his role in main story Sadly I do not have the Spider Man Civil HC This comes directly after the event in Civil War Spider Man revealed his identity to the world His family is a target and he is an outlaw After an attack on his family an angry Peter Parker dons the black cloth costume once again There are four main stories here Each of them decent and the attack on his family probably the most significant in terms of his overall hi [...]

  5. William Thomas says:
    Review in 2 parts.The 1980 s had some seriously dark moments, one of which was the Spider Man symbiote costume, which later helps give birth to the iconic villain vigilante Venom So, the problem with bringing back the black costume is that we already associate this costume with Venom and no longer with Spider Man Peter This gimmick acts like a funeral mask, a death shroud, and I understand that, but I think whichever editor green lighted this made a huge mistake Because it doesn t make me think [...]

  6. Brad says:
    With the return of Spider Man s black costume and the Sandman, Back in Black is a wholly editorially mandated story to coincide with Spider Man 3, but J Michael Straczynski andPeter David make it work.After Aunt May was shot inCivil War Amazing Spider Man, Peter and Mary Jane Parker do everything they can, with no pause to laws and morals, to keep her alive Spider Man, in black because he s all sad and angry, figures out who shot Aunt May.In theFriendly Neighborhood Spider Man portion of the boo [...]

  7. Salman Mehedy Titas says:
    I put this here a long time ago I got rid of it in the first place because I thought it sent the wrong message Maybe I kept this because there might come a day when I d want to send that message That the rules don t apply any That the gloves are off That I won t be stopped, can t be stopped, until I find the people responsible for shooting May.I WILL find them The darkest chapter in Peter Parker s life is here His secret identity is out, he is an outlaw for being on the wrong side of the Civil W [...]

  8. Shannon Appelcline says:
    JMS story takes Peter Parker to a very dark but interesting place too bad Marvel immediately decided to erase it 8 10 PAD s stories are way too light hearted for where Peter is 6 10 , but the final confrontation with Jonah is excellent 8 10.

  9. Виктор says:
    Maybe it s that I m playing MGSV but I liked this one a lot plenty of moral judgements and about the ethics of revenge Very good to keep track of what happens to Peter Parker in the wake of Civil War 542, that is, the 4th in this arc, is insanely good.

  10. Michael says:
    Entertaining stories made mostly irrelevant by One More Day

  11. Wing Kee says:
    Good and bad at equal measures.World The art is okay, it s fluid and kinetic making for a good Spidey book I did find the facial expressions a bit off, especially the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider Man book The world building is good and a natural consequence of the events of Civil War I liked the change in tone and the pieces of new and old that are played at here That being said the Sandman stuff was rough.Story Natural consequence of the events of Civil War It s paced well and the tone and the [...]

  12. Marcel Monpatron says:
    The covers are cool.Apart from that, even though I am not a fan of this gritty dark grimdarking of Spiderman, it feels even worse knowing what comes after, the controversial cop out reboot awful retcon One More Day This arc makes promises the future won t keep, and the ride isn t enjoyable by any means.I have quite the taste for noir, but it doesn t suit the context, the character and isn t executed properly.

  13. Cory Dinkel says:
    definitely understand that people aren t into this arc This is not snarky one liner Peter Parker this is an angry and brooding Peter Parker seeking vengeance Coming off the Civil War arc with Aunt May shot Peter isn t playing around and I personally think it s a great read.

  14. Kamillah says:
    An angst filled Spider Man is back in black, donning his black spidey suit as he seeks to punish the assassin that put his beloved Aunt May in a coma with sniper s bullet meant for Peter Spider Man The black suit serves as a not so subtle like much of the writing in the book symbol of Peter s descent into darkness the post Civil War Spider Man seeks revenge by any means necessary He s not an accidental lawbreaker any, guilty by technicality he s a criminal on the run and in emotional turmoil Wri [...]

  15. Arno Callens says:
    I m guessing people at the time of Back In Black s publication were really excited about what would come next And rightfully so Spider Man s arc during the Civil War was interesting, but this is on a whole other level Intense, gripping, and simultaneously true to the character and a push in a darker direction.For as cool as the title sounds, the black costume doesn t come into play here all that much Instead is Peter Parker, stripped off any version of the Spider Man duds, and going bare knuckle [...]

  16. Lars says:
    This hardcover collection follows Peter Parker s adventures as Spider Man after the life altering events of the Marvel Civil War Spider Man has revealed his identity to the public and the Kingpin put a hit out on Peter and his family This OHC collects issues from both Amazing Spider Man and Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man In AMS written by JM Straczynski , an angry Peter goes after the man who ordered the hit on his life, Kingpin This dark and broody, five issue arc, culminates in an epice batt [...]

  17. Nicole says:
    This is where a 2 1 2 star rating or a 3 out of 6 star rating would come in handy, but I ll go with 2 stars I found this collection uneven The Back in Black storyline was well drawn and pretty good in terms of having Peter explore how far he was willing to go to protect his loved ones But then it ended or, rather, didn t end with such a cliffhanger that it ended up feeling as if not much really happened The Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man arc had its moments especially in terms of the relations [...]

  18. Samuel says:
    AMAZING SPIDER MAN 539 543What if Spider Man finally lost it Spidey dons the black suit and goes hunting for Aunt May s would be killer Stracynski refrains from having Spidey his usual comical self and it does wonders for the story Peter is pissed and he wants revenge and is willing to go to any lengths necessary to get it Very dark, but overall a good read FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER MAN 17 23Friendly Spider Man issues It appears that Ben Parker is back, or was back, and Sandman s dad is accus [...]

  19. Daniel says:
    Updated to include the associated Friendly Neighbourhood Spider Man stuff as well, since the volume that includes them both is missing from for some reasonS really wanted to write Wolverine so he decided to turn Peter Parker into Wolverine temporarily Unfortunately his Peter Parker is a dick and his Wolverine is a sad sack, so you end up with the worst of both worlds.Meanwhile, Peter David s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider Man material is basically enjoyable but relies heavily on the pregnancy cra [...]

  20. Shaun says:
    Close to the end of Straczynski s run on Amazing Spider Man Peter has become very dark and desperate in these few issues of ASM Due to this, I understand the Back in Black title I feel that he is a little too dark for me willingly breaking the limbs of gunmen and ruthlessly beating the Kingpin though punching the Kingpin was enjoyable to see The Friendly Neighborhood issues were decent it brought a lighter tone to the comic that I feel better represents Spider Man comics The tone of the two stor [...]

  21. Robb says:
    I understand that coming off the death of Steve Rogers and the fate of Aunt May hanging in the balance, that Spidey was feeling a bit down.However, the black suit now belongs to Venom The dark story line has already been resolved in the books and screen It would have been appropriate to the storyline for our Amazing friend to lose the suit altogether In addition to Peter losing his sense of humor, his moral compass goes haywire unnecessarily breaking the limbs of bad guys and taking callous ple [...]

  22. Richard Barnes says:
    Solid stuff, even good stuff but in the end, standard stuff.The fun of Spider man comics is just how much trouble they can pile on top of poor old Peter Parker and in this book they really do shovel it on Aunt May shot, his secret identity revealed, a fight with the Kingpin and an entertaining run in with the Sandman trying to save Sandy s dad from the chair after he s convicted of a murder carried out by Peter s sort of cloned dead Uncle from the future while taking on some weird entity Spider [...]

  23. Ernest says:
    This think volume has some solid stories and contains Peter going much darker than the traditional quipping superhero that many have come to recognise and love In story continuity, it makes sense given what happens to his personal life Some may complain about how this is too far dark and too similar to darker superheroes like Daredevil and I can understand their point For me, there was still enough characterisation of Spider Man and a solid development of the characters and world that he inhabit [...]

  24. Silent_bomber says:
    oddly anachronistic, cliched grim dark story that wouldn t have looked out of place in the extreme and edgy 1990s era of comics.Spidey spends most of the book posturing, standing around in shadows, and threatening people, there s very little actual plot to speak of.What plot there is which basically concerns Spidey losing his cool for the umpteenth time and going out for blood has been done many times before Death of Gwen Stacy, Death of Jean DeWolff etc and better.Expect lots of grimacing, inne [...]

  25. Joel Griswell says:
    Hmm, mixed bag I ve always loved Spider Man, and had read quite a bunch of different takes on him a few years back This tale picks off from the Civil War arc which I haven t read , in which Peter decides to don the Black suit I only read the first Back in Black storyline collected here, the one by Stracynski Garner This story was very well told, a dark tale of revenge, and Spidey s darkest hour, well done, an important moment in the character s life, nicely illustrated The following stories didn [...]

  26. B says:
    This book makes a lot of sense as the last act in Spider Man It s unappealing but it has a really logical feel, except that ultimately Spider Man should find that vowing to retaliate is not enough because there are many villains and if the villains eliminate Spider Man they do not have to worry about vengeance The only thing about it that does not make sense is that usually at the conclusion of the story, a serious villain unlike Eros shows up for the final confrontation But I guess that s less [...]

  27. M says:
    Spider Man has laughed in the face of danger, but now seeks vengeance in the face of tragedy With Aunt May hospitalized due to a sniper s bullet, Peter digs out his black togs and looks to track the deed back up the food chain Still hunted due to the Civil War fallout, Pete decides he can break some laws if it involves saving his aunt or reckoning with the man who orchestrated the hit Kingpin While Spidey is better as the consummate prankster, this little noir turn reminds readers that Peter Par [...]

  28. Feather Mista says:
    Corroborar equivalencias con la edici n de Clar n, y subirla si vale la pena, aunque rompa la obra en dos.No es que la haya pasado mal, lo que se dice mal, leyendo esta saga Pero est tan alargada, y el pedorr simo final se ve venir tan de lejos, y las consecuencias fueron tan funestas, que si le pusiera tres estrellitas como hice con la mayor a de lo que le de Strac , estar a rebajando a los dem s Cuando lo relea o corrobore equivalencia quiz s rerrese e alguna parte al menos.

  29. Andy says:
    I haven t really enjoyed where Amazing Spider Man has gone since joining the Avengers and Civil War and this just does nothing to the character that s good Plus the companion story from FNSM sits completely out of place in terms of mood Suddenly back to cracking jokes and pranks Ultimate Spider Man is doing so much better.

  30. Nicolas says:
    This has two main stories and neither really did much for me The Amazing section continues the story from Civil War, but I don t enjoy dark, angry Spidey The Friendly was better storywise, but I didn t get in to it I have no idea how these fit together The collection is very disjointed.

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