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Necroforms The burial will be in about a week I ll contact you with the precise date and time You can cremate her if you want Save yourself some money Hunt turned on him That would be utterly improper Fire mustn

The burial will be in about a week I ll contact you with the precise date and time You can cremate her if you want Save yourself some money Hunt turned on him That would be utterly improper Fire mustn t touch her It is proper that she is laid in the ground in accordance with her profound wishes James felt his face flushing after the Undertaker s ticking off The burial will be in about a week I ll contact you with the precise date and time You can cremate her if you want Save yourself some money Hunt turned on him That would be utterly improper Fire mustn t touch her It is proper that she is laid in the ground in accordance with her profound wishes James felt his face flushing after the Undertaker s ticking off Then the anger kicked in She s dead It s not like she s going to know The only absence of knowledge is your own, Mr Guest Now good day.

  • Unlimited Necroforms - by Paul Melhuish
    469 Paul Melhuish

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  1. Paul Melhuish says:
    Paul s publishing history includes a short story in Dark Horizons, The British Fantasy Society s fiction magazine about a farm that bred humans for meat More recently a story of his was featured in issue 13 of Murky Depths magazine This joyful piece was a satire on euthanasia entitled Do Not Resuscitate In October 2010 one of his stories was included in the anthology Shoes, Ships and Cadavers Tales from Northlondonshire Edited by Ian Whates and Ian Watson with an introduction by Alan Moore a Kindle version of this anthology is being considered by NewCon Press for release during 2011.During spring 2011, Greyhart Press released a couple of Paul s short stories as e books Fearworld and Necroforms , and followed this up in July with Babel, a short story that introduces the Skyfire space opera horror universe.In the Skyfire Saga, Paul deploys his unique blend of darkly cynical humor, and shambolic anti heroes that somehow manage sometimes to triumph against the odds Underneath the hellish set pieces, the page turning plots, and the filthy Skyfirean vernacular, there lies a rich spiritual vein that underpins Paul s writing Any similarities between Paul s anti heroes and himself are purely coincidental.The first Skyfirean novel, Terminus, will be released by Greyhart Press in fall 2011.

Comment 464 on “Necroforms

  1. Jennifer Rainey says:
    4.5 5 StarsI picked up Paul Melhuish s short story Necroforms on a whim last week and read it almost immediately The story starts out simply enough and could easily have taken a route countless other horror stories have taken James Guest s mother has died, and while he is forced to tend to the funeral preparations, odd things start to happen at the old woman s house.But Melhuish takes the story in a completely unexpected and eerie direction I ll keep this review spoiler free, but know that this [...]

  2. Tina says:
    Necroforms is one disturbing short story But make no mistake Although it entwines the common notions of apparition and ghost like, life sucking creatures, this is not the usual ghost story It is well written to the point that it makes you shiver, which I guess is what a horror story should be all about The concept was pretty interesting, and I would have loved to have this a little bit developed.

  3. Ken says:
    James mother has died Why then does she keep coming to him at night A creepy little short story.4 STARS

  4. Nádia Batista says:
    Estava indecisa quanto minha leitura do m s de Novembro Decidi dar uma vista de olhos pelos livros que tenho no Kindle, e encontrei este Necroforms, de Paul Melhuish, e pareceu me uma boa escolha Por ser uma short story, por ser um autor que n o conhecia, pelo pr prio g nero, tudo indicava que era o livro perfeito.Necroforms conta a hist ria de um jovem, James Guest, que tem de tratar do funeral da m e, com quem n o tinha uma rela o muito boa, e como se n o bastasse, a sua irm desaparece do mapa [...]

  5. Katie says:
    Ooh, this was creepy It s important to note that I don t typically read horror or thriller novels, and consider myself sensitive to that type of entertainment.James Guest receives a phone call from his sister, letting him know that his mother has died It was his sister Liz s responsibility to deal with funeral preparations and anything else dealing with their mother s passing However, Liz s plans fall through, and she is nowhere to be found James must deal with the arrangements all on his own, a [...]

  6. Sarah-Jayne Briggs says:
    I received this book for free as part of Greyhart Press read.ewpeat offer This review may contain spoilers.This was a fairly quick read for me Well, most things are, but even so It put me in mind of the horror stories I used to read when I was much younger, though this was much adult in nature.I m not sure what Necroforms are supposed to be or what s supposed to bring them about The idea was certainly unique, if rather disturbing I couldn t really connect with the main character of the story, t [...]

  7. MsBDiamondDiva1 says:
    This story started off great but it ended in a big, ugly, nasty and utterly gruesome flop First off, this story started with a plot and seems to have great promise But as the story progressed, you can see that the author couldn t execute what the story was about What I mean is this whole story was about a necroform, but when you get the definition of it you are left author must have been smoking some serious sh to come up with this rubbish And to be honest, the author could have made [...]

  8. Marianne says:
    This freebie novella wasn t as gruesome as other reviewers would have you believe In fact, I think it was kind of average and easily forgettable My main problem was that the suspense build up was let down by a weak ending The story had the right framework for a good full size novel An old village, the death of the main character s mother and sister But IMO we re left with only the outlines of what could have been an interesting story I wanted details, gore, and a better explanation of why and [...]

  9. Michael says:
    It wasn t the wisest decision to read this while lying in bed at 4 in the morning This pretty much kept me awake for 2 hours thinking of What if s Having said that, the writing for this short horror story is good Everything was descriptive enough, from the quaint little village to the apparition that haunts you Even the use of expletives albeit only 3 of them if I recall correctly serves to give the reader a better glimpse into the personality of the main character, James Guest There are some s [...]

  10. Jeff Chapman says:
    This is a very disturbing, creepy ghost horror story The protagonist is well drawn and Melhuish provides enough detail to bring the necroform and the secondary characters to life The narrative glides smoothly towards its conclusion, dragging the reader along with it I don t like the ending of the story buy maybe it simply adds to the terror I also think the funeral directory character could be fleshed out and we could learn about the other inhabitants of the village Still, it s well written an [...]

  11. Jenna Anderson says:
    Nice Creepy ReadThis short story was nicely done I was definitely creeped out in a few spots.The concept was one I had never heard before Necroforms EeeewI felt it could have been better if I felt a connection to James and Liz first before all the creepy occurrences I was told about them, not shown Plus James was kind of a jerk.Scary, tense scenes I liked it.

  12. Nathan Merry says:
    Was a fairly average ghost story however it did have some genuinely interesting ideas Ultimately somewhat forgettable and let down by a weak ending however I would be interested in seeing what else the author has written.

  13. Robin Conley says:
    This story was disturbing which is a great thing for a horror story It was creepy and horrifying to think about, but I really liked it The writing was good and the story was fast I would have liked a little about the characters early on, but overall, I think it worked.

  14. Adreanna says:
    this short story truly freaked me out a dead mother haunts her two grown children and feeds off of them Whenever ghost mom appeared, I would bite myself, it truly scared me so good job Mr Melhuish I will definitely be reading of your books

  15. Brian Mcclain says:
    Not a bad short story by any means, especially for free, but not a whole lot there either Some good parts let down by the lack of substance elsewhere If it were maybe 50 pages and had to it I would ve gone higher.

  16. Monica says:
    James has been unexpectedly called to attend to his mother s funeral, yet there s something just not right in town.Vivid and creepy narrative descriptions guide the reader through the haunting mystery Characters are authentic, flawed, and varied.Overall, an interesting.

  17. Angie Lisle says:
    An interesting concept about a vampire like creature The morbid descriptions are vivid and the story is well written I wish there was to the story

  18. Amanda says:
    This story has scared me so much that I m sleeping with the robe light on.

  19. Somyajeet says:
    Suspense was good ButThe What and How part was really disgusting.

  20. Rick Gillispie says:
    Okay book I like the plot of this book To me about 20 pages about the kids and their situation would have been great Defiantly don t wanna meet one of those things Worth a chance.

  21. Bill says:
    It was ok, kinda weird Made me want to read a longer story dealing with the undertaker, his background, and how why he has the things he does I think that would be pretty interesting.

  22. Jenn says:
    A nice piece, a bit of a fresh idea, in the horror genre Well written.

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