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Biceps Of Death

Biceps Of Death Everyone s favorite accidental gay sleuths Michael Robert and their lesbian sidekick Monette are back in another wickedly entertaining ride In Biceps of Death the dynamic trio is out to find out w

Everyone s favorite accidental gay sleuths Michael, Robert, and their lesbian sidekick, Monette are back in another wickedly entertaining ride In Biceps of Death, the dynamic trio is out to find out who murdered a personal trainer hustler by pushing him off the balcony of his NYC apartment.

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  1. David Stukas says:
    aka David JamesAlso writes as David James authordavidjames.Dave Stukas was born and raised in the Midwest, moved to New York City in 1980, then moved around the U.S so much, he should have bought stock in U Haul When he wasn t busy moving, he was busy writing He wrote six well reviewed comedy mysteries, published by Kensington Books Someone Killed His Boyfriend 2001 Going Down for the Count 2002 Wearing White to the Black Party 2003 Biceps of Death 2004 This was followed by a different comedy mystery series under the pen name David James The Amanda Thorne mysteries Three Bedrooms, Two Baths, One Very Dead Corpse 2010 A No So Model Home 2012 Comedy is the recurring theme in his writing, and it remains front and center as he breaks through to another genre science fiction adventure COMEDY science fiction adventure.In 2015, he finished Someone Has to Save the Earth, available on Kindle as an ebook.Besides cycling, high altitude hiking and reading books, continuing to breathe is a top priority of his.Like him, his blog is truly lost in the cosmos.

Comment 436 on “Biceps Of Death

  1. Stephanie Griffin says:
    When hunky Eric slips a CD full of pictures of high profile people doing kinky sex acts into Robert s gym bag he doesn t know what to think Then Eric turns up dead and the killers start hunting for Robert.Robert and his best friend Monette try to solve the mystery of who is after the photos Was someone being blackmailed and they want to get rid of the evidence Or is it the blackmailers themselves who are after the photos Set among the New York gay culture in the early 2000 s, the story wasn t sp [...]

  2. Bradley says:
    I kept seeing this book at my local Dollar Tree The cover drew my attention so I finally decided to get a copy and read it.I m thankful for books like this It was an entertaining read with likeable enough characters I m taking 16 credit hours this semester so I want books that will take me away from life for a while I m looking for a book that borders on marshmallow fluff but doesn t make me feel like I killed brain cells by reading it Biceps of Death was a great balance.

  3. Jessica says:
    I really loved this series by Stukas, and this last book especially The characters are spunky and unique and the dialogue is fast pace and punchy I had not read any Gay themed books before, but I can recommend these books to both gay and straight mystery fans I hope that the author will write books in the future.

  4. Nate Burger says:
    Great book This series has the best characters They really leap off the page and you wish they were real and wonder what they would be doing.

  5. Lori S. says:
    3 1 2 stars More balanced than the first book in the series with some genuine laughs to boot I need to find the rest of the series now.

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