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  1. Romain Gary سمیه نوروزی says:
    Romain Gary was a Jewish French novelist, film director, World War II aviator and diplomat He also wrote under the pen name mile Ajar.Born Roman Kacew Yiddish , Russian , Romain Gary grew up in Vilnius to a family of Lithuanian Jews He changed his name to Romain Gary when he escaped occupied France to fight with Great Britain against Germany in WWII His father, Arieh Leib Kacew, abandoned his family in 1925 and remarried From this time Gary was raised by his mother, Nina Owczinski When he was fourteen, he and his mother moved to Nice, France In his books and interviews, he presented many different versions of his father s origin, parents, occupation and childhood.He later studied law, first in Aix en Provence and then in Paris He learned to pilot an aircraft in the French Air Force in Salon de Provence and in Avord Air Base, near Bourges Following the Nazi occupation of France in World War II, he fled to England and under Charles de Gaulle served with the Free French Forces in Europe and North Africa As a pilot, he took part in over 25 successful offensives logging over 65 hours of air time.He was greatly decorated for his bravery in the war, receiving many medals and honours.After the war, he worked in the French diplomatic service and in 1945 published his first novel He would become one of France s most popular and prolific writers, authoring than thirty novels, essays and memoirs, some of which he wrote under the pseudonym of mile Ajar He also wrote one novel under the pseudonym of Fosco Sinibaldi and another as Shatan Bogat.In 1952, he became secretary of the French Delegation to the United Nations in New York, and later in London in 1955.In 1956, he became Consul General of France in Los Angeles.He is the only person to win the Prix Goncourt twice This prize for French language literature is awarded only once to an author Gary, who had already received the prize in 1956 for Les racines du ciel, published La vie devant soi under the pseudonym of mile Ajar in 1975 The Acad mie Goncourt awarded the prize to the author of this book without knowing his real identity A period of literary intrigue followed Gary s little cousin Paul Pavlowitch posed as the author for a time Gary later revealed the truth in his posthumous book Vie et mort d mile Ajar.Gary s first wife was the British writer, journalist, and Vogue editor Lesley Blanch author of The Wilder Shores of Love They married in 1944 and divorced in 1961 From 1962 to 1970, Gary was married to the American actress Jean Seberg, with whom he had a son, Alexandre Diego Gary.He also co wrote the screenplay for the motion picture, The Longest Day and co wrote and directed the 1971 film Kill , starring his now ex wife Seberg.Suffering from depression after Seberg s 1979 suicide, Gary died of a self inflicted gunshot wound on December 2, 1980 in Paris, France though he left a note which said specifically that his death had no relation with Seberg s suicide.

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  1. Ahmad Sharabiani says:
    une page d histoire et awres novelles , Romain Gary 1390 104 9789643628710

  2. Carloesse says:
    Cinque racconti dell autore di La vita davanti a s e di Mio caro Pitone , ma che non era ancora Emile Ajar Che non aveva ancora inventato il modo di scrivere in un linguaggio cos originale, cos vivo e che permettesse di arricchire le sue storie di tanta ironia e di cos ricca inventiva E cos chi , come me, avesse letto prima quelle opere, scritte dopo, con quel diverso pseudonimo, fatica a ritrovare lo stesso scrittore, e forse rimane un po deluso Anche se i racconti qui pubblicati sono tutt altr [...]

  3. Elide Molinai says:
    Tragica, cupa, melanconica, agrodolce Densa.Diversamente non si potrebbe definire questa raccolta di cinque racconti, vividi e complessi nella loro brevit , nel loro essere ritagli di storie pi ampie che non conosceremo mai.Eccellente traduzione e editing, che immergono il lettore nel mondo di Gary con grande immediatezza nonostante un periodare non sempre semplice e lineare.

  4. Sylvain Bérubé says:
    Pris au hasard d un temps d attente, je m attendais un bon divertissement, sans plus Mais voil , j en suis encore sous le choc Pour deux nouvelles, j ai relu la fin deux reprise afin de me convaincre que j avais bien compris Pas que ces histoires soient compliqu es, elles ne le sont pas Mais surprenantes, certes.Cinq toiles pour Le luth , trois pour les autres.

  5. Theut says:
    Questi 5 racconti mi hanno riconciliata con Gary intensi, drammatici, ognuno di essi con una sorpresa finale, perch la natura umana stessa non pu non sorprenderci Sta nelle piccole pazzie, nelle minime ossessioni ci che poi sconvolge il quadro generale.

  6. Vadim Ryzhkov says:
    5 toiles pour la derni re nouvelle dans ce recueil Les habitants de la Terre Il est tonnant comment Gary a su juxtaposer le mal absolu et le bien absolu sur une route d vast e de l Allemagne d apr s guerre

  7. Marine says:
    I like short stories, I like Romain Gary s works so I like this collection oh short stories With this book I traveled a lot in places with name but without any frontier.

  8. Stargirl says:
    M me si le format nouvelles n est pas celui qui je lis le plus, Romain Gary me fait toujours voyager, et humainement en plus.

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