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The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm A compilation of Brothers Grimm fairy tales complete with vintage illustrations In honor of their th anniversary The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm brings to life twenty seven of the most belov

A compilation of Brothers Grimm fairy tales complete with vintage illustrations.In honor of their 200th anniversary, The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm brings to life twenty seven of the most beloved Grimm stories, including classics such as Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Hansel and Gretel, in a vibrant and meticulous new translation commissioned for thisA compilation of Brothers Grimm fairy tales complete with vintage illustrations.In honor of their 200th anniversary, The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm brings to life twenty seven of the most beloved Grimm stories, including classics such as Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Hansel and Gretel, in a vibrant and meticulous new translation commissioned for this publication.Containing a selection of charming vintage illustrations from the 1820s to the 1950s by true masters of pictorial invention the legendary Kay Nielsen, bestselling children s books author Gustaf Tenggren, British artists Walter Crane and Arthur Rackham, and giants of nineteenth century German illustration Gustav S s, Heinrich Leutemann, and Viktor Paul Mohn, as well as many new discoveries this compilation also features historic and contemporary silhouettes that dance across the pages like delicate black paper lace In addition to the tales and illustrations, the book contains a foreword on the Grimms legacy, brief introductions to each fairy tale, and extended artists biographies in the appendix.For adults and children alike, this opulent edition rekindles the eternal magic of the Grimms tales the second most widely read collection of stories in the world after the Bible.

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  1. Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm Noel Daniel Matthew R. Price says:
    Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm, German philologist, jurist and mythologist, was born at Hanau, in Hesse Kassel or Hesse Cassel He is best known as the discoverer of Grimm s Law, the author of the monumental German Dictionary, his Deutsche Mythologie and popularly, with his brother Wilhelm, as one of the Brothers Grimm, as the editor of Grimm s Fairy Tales From.

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  1. Noelia Alonso says:
    Taking into account all the ratings for each individual tale, the final rating would be of 3.5 but I m upgrading it to 4 because this edition is astonishingly beautiful The artwork inside makes the reading experience even better From the 27 tales this edition has, my absolute favourites are Rapunzel, Cinderella, The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs, Snow White, The Golden Goose, The Goose Girl and Puss n Boots Cinderella was quite a surprise to be honest I knew some of the gore details beforeha [...]

  2. Muphyn says:
    The edition is beautiful Purple cloth cover, beautiful illustrations, nice thick shiny paper, just gorgeous.First time I ve read the Grimm s fairy tales in English, the translations certainly seem very true to the original It s a great selection with classics such as Snow White and Cinderella and lesser known ones like Jorinde Joringel , The Golden Goose or Mother Holle I was thrilled to discovered that two of my all time favourites, The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Snow White and Rose Red , we [...]

  3. Wrenaria says:
    Finished this awhile ago, but forgot to review Fantastic stories, fantastic art I read a story or two from this collection at night before bed This is, of course, the best way to read fairy tales never all at once This particular edition is high quality and beautiful to look at Each story is illustrated by a different vintage artist from varying countries A brief description on fancy gold colored page at the start of each tale provides some context or interesting information relevant to the stor [...]

  4. Quinn Rollins says:
    One of the best collections of Brothers Grimm fairy tales, with vintage illustrations from dozens of artists If you re looking for a good collection, this is the one to go for.

  5. Carla Simoes says:
    Everyone knows at least one of the fairy tales from Brothers Grimm and i m not an exception but i never read any of them , so when i see this edition with some tales and exceptional s illustrations i have to get it Some of the tales have little differences from the versions i was told as a child and are a little bit darker, for instance the ending of Cinderella However i really like to see this adult versions and i really love the fact that now i have this book in my collection The writing is e [...]

  6. Carolina says:
    Muito interessante por um lado, descobrir contos antigos que desconhecia completamente, e, por outro, observar como os contos reflectem as mentalidades das suas pocas e povos Fiquei surpreendida com a viol ncia que h em alguns contos, especialmente porque eles s o direccionados para crian as Tamb m me custou particularmente observar o papel da mulher nestes contos, que chega a ser t o estereotipado que se torna rid culo.Foi surpreendente ver como alguns destes contos chegaram aos dias de hoje co [...]

  7. Monica says:
    This illustrated version of selected tales of Brothers Grimm is beautiful Each story has an interesting introduction as to the history of that particular tale It also has biographies of each artist included in the book The stories themselves are interesting some are kind of weird, some are violent, and a lot of them have abrupt endings However, my own children loved hearing me read them aloud and seemed to appreciate the lack of sugar coating on the stories And the illustrations I cannot say eno [...]

  8. Jessica Harrison says:
    Review via Cracking the CoverGrowing up, my family had certain traditions on holidays, and most of them involved giving books instead of candy It turns out books last a lot longer and are satisfying overall As Valentine s Day approaches, I d like to suggest a book that will delight children and adults alike The Fairy Tales of the Brother s Grimm compiled by Noel Daniel and translated by Mathew Rice and published by Taschen is a beautifully illustrated collection of the Grimm brothers most treas [...]

  9. Julia Hughes says:
    OK you cannot be serious I can hear you saying it Five stars for a bunch of folk legends and fairy tales But this book represents so much than that The brothers Grimm are now better known as writers However, that was never their intention Early mid 19th century Germany wasn t unified, rather it was a hotchpotch of kingdoms and states, such as Prussia, Bohemia, etc Jacob Wilhelm were keen supporters of a united German state They were also academics, linguists, and cultural researchers and realis [...]

  10. Abe Something says:
    If I were judging this book merely as a catalog of graphic representations of the Brother s Grimm Fairy Tales, this would be a 5 star slam dunk But, this book operates in two parts, the second part being the Fairy Tales themselves They re all fairly well known for the part, though surprisingly, the source material is often found here to be violent than the versions we were told as children For example, The Goose Girl has someone being stripped nude, tossed in a barrel full of nails, and dragge [...]

  11. Jennifer says:
    I am so glad that I bought this book Having long loved fairy tales and all the beautiful artwork that compliments them so well I was interested in finding a book of Grimm s tales, mostly because I wanted original and darker versions of these stories that have become so tamed through Disney and other child friendly adaptations.This volume contained 27 tales some well known though with some surprising twists and many I encountered for the first time Having been illustrated by numerous artists ove [...]

  12. jesse says:
    cindersilly is a positive and engaging alternative to the classic cinderella fairy tale the book contains less of the adversarial relationship between the stepfamily and cinderella instead, the stepmother plays as weary and unable to take action to change the course of her life thompson portrays the stepsisters as modeling after their mother, but they find by the end of the story that cindersilly s approach to life enriches them beyond their mother s method cinderella is a joy in this story just [...]

  13. Bruce says:
    This beautifully produced book commemorates the 200th anniversary of the first appearance of Grimms fairy tales in 1812 Twenty seven of the most familiar tales have been newly translated and edited for this volume The most striking feature of the book, though, is the incorporation of some of the finest illustrations of the tales by world renown book artists This book is, in equal measure, a celebration of their imagination and talent The introductory essay, More Than Words Can Say The Grimm s En [...]

  14. Vj says:
    I enjoyed reading this edition of Grimm fairy tales, and it was very well written, but I have to say I was a bit surprised by a couple tales The book is a translation of the original ones written by the Grimm brothers, which were written for adults, not children I think I would buy a copy to read aloud with a child, but I m not sure whether it would interest many middle school students It s an 8th grade reading level, but I think the literary criticism aspect would not appeal to most junior high [...]

  15. Willis says:
    This is a collection of 27 of the Grimms fairy tales, including all the well known classics like Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, etc I realized how much Disney used these German tales for many of their movies I also realized how much Disney sanitized and changed the real versions, which are less appropriate for smaller children The tales are meant to teach moral messages and the real versions are effective in teaching that than the Disney versions, which are abou [...]

  16. ⚯͛ Andi △⃒⃘ says:
    I read this book in one sitting and though I love the Grimm s stories, the way they were written or presented in this edition was disappointing I think I just picked the wrong book I was looking for the complete long versions with the dark and twisted parts of it This book had a few but it was still cleaned up a bit Maybe because this was probably for Tweens I am still on the hunt for the adult version that s darker than this edition.

  17. Brook says:
    i had seen this book in a magazine review i saw it in real life at the bookstore this week um sigh major fairy tale geeking out moment it is so beautiful purple cloth embossed cover, vintage illustrations, coppery gold cut outs.i must have it i think i need two copies one to read and one to cut up gasp then i could frame all the fairy tale cut outs together wouldn t that be lovely across from some floor to ceiling bookshelves one sigh.

  18. Justin says:
    This is a gorgeous and interesting collection of Grimm s fairy tales, featuring illustrations by different artists for each tale Not every set of illustrations was to my taste I personally prefer the old fashioned stuff like Rackham , but I appreciated the diversity A biography of each artist is included at the end of the volume.

  19. Alexandra says:
    I want to own this collection of the Grimm tales eventually and I will admit that my review is solely based on me looking through it for awhile in the Strand bookstore However, I think it s a gorgeous collection, whimsical and fun while staying true to the tales as told for children This would be a better choice for the young ones and a great RECENT edition for parents and art lovers.

  20. Anne Freya says:
    Note 24 Nov 2014 Setelah diliat2 preview ilustrasi ilustrasinya di GR, jadi tambah niat buat beli buku ini yg versi Hardback Tapi harganya ituuu Mana ga ada diskon dari BookDepository pula X Mesti nabung dulu nih Semoga bln depan bisa kebeli, hadiah Natal buat diri sendiri, lol alasan buat belanja aja, padahal ga ngerayain Natal P lol

  21. Sara says:
    The stories in this collection were wonderful I enjoyed reading the fairy tales as they originally were not the Disney versions Beautiful, moral, and wonderful artwork to accompany it A great read a loud with the kids, too

  22. Heidi says:
    I have some really ancient editions of this and Anderson s that I read a million times as a kid They scared the crap out of me.I got this one because its Taschen so for the illustrations I thought there would be , but the ones that are there are gorgeous.

  23. Nomes says:
    This is the most beautiful edition of Grimm s Fairy Tales that I have seen in a long time I particularly appreciated the introductions giving information about the history of each tale and some of the themes within them.

  24. Laura Jones says:
    Interesting collection, but a little too gruesome for our household at the moment May return to it at some later point, but in the meantime, still searching for good collection appropriate for younger kids.

  25. JaniceDurante says:
    At last, a beautiful illustrated collection of Grimm s fairy tales that does justice to these essential stories See my review of this stellar edition at New York Journal of Books

  26. Claire says:
    Oh my goodness, what a completely perfect edition Fantastic art chosen across time and place with a charming and lively translation that got me to chuckle at some of even the most gruesome, grim ha tales.

  27. Taylor Marie says:
    4.5Since I have been reading, fairytales and folktales have intrigued me to no extent So The Fairytales of the Brothers Grimm was a must read for me It was so intriguing to read the original tales that have delivered so much inspiration to our world.

  28. Shadee says:
    I forgot just how macabre the original tales were

  29. Emily says:
    I love the cover of this book, and there s some interesting art too.

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