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Horse And Pony Stories

Horse And Pony Stories A thoroughbred collection with a diverse selection of twenty stories and extracts by such authors as Anna Sewell Leo Tolstoy C S Lewis Helen Griffiths Saki Monica Dickens Walter Farley and Arth

A thoroughbred collection with a diverse selection of twenty stories and extracts by such authors as Anna Sewell, Leo Tolstoy, C S Lewis, Helen Griffiths, Saki, Monica Dickens, Walter Farley, and Arthur Conan Doyle.

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    238 Christine Pullein-Thompson

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  1. Christine Pullein-Thompson says:
    The Pullein Thompson sisters Josephine Pullein Thompson MBE 3 April 1924 1 , Diana Pullein Thompson born 1 October 1925 2 and Christine Pullein Thompson 1 October 1925 2 December 2005 2 are British writers of several horse and pony books mostly fictional aimed at children and mostly popular with girls They started at a very young age initially writing collectively and they were at their peak in the 1950s and 1960s, but their popularity has endured They have written a collective autobiography Fair Girls and Grey Horses.All 3 sisters have written at least 1 book under a different name Josephine wrote 1 under the pseudonym of Josephine Mann, Diana 3 books under her married name of Diana Farr and Christine wrote 2 books under the name of Christine Keir Their mother, Joanna Cannan 1898 1961 , sister of the poet May Cannan, wrote similar equestrian stories, but is better known for detective mysteries.

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  1. Kendra says:
    Fun little book of short stories Some interesting ones I ve never heard, and of course, some chapter cuts out of a few of the common horse books.

  2. Dark-Draco says:
    This is an anthology of short stories from famous authors or larger pieces of work Some I remember from when I was a child, like The Ghost in the top Meadow and Bellerophon , while others are from some of my favourite books, like My Friend Flicka, Warhorse, The Horse and his Boy and Black Beauty Some though, I had never come across before and really enjoyed, such as the Sherlock Holmes mystery, Silver Blaze and The Rocking Horse Winner by DH Lawrence Something for everyone and not necessarily ju [...]

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