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The Concussion Crisis: Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic

The Concussion Crisis Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic For far too long the menace of concussions has been hidden in plain sight On playing fields across America lives are being derailed by seemingly innocuous jolts to the head From the peewees to the p

For far too long, the menace of concussions has been hidden in plain sight On playing fields across America, lives are being derailed by seemingly innocuous jolts to the head From the peewees to the pros, concussions are reaching epidemic proportions This book brings that hidden epidemic and its consequences out of the shadows As frightening as the numbers are estimateFor far too long, the menace of concussions has been hidden in plain sight On playing fields across America, lives are being derailed by seemingly innocuous jolts to the head From the peewees to the pros, concussions are reaching epidemic proportions This book brings that hidden epidemic and its consequences out of the shadows As frightening as the numbers are estimates of sports related concussions range from 1.6 million to 3.8 million annually in the United States they can t begin to explain the profound impact of a hidden health problem that can strike any of us It is becoming increasingly clear that concussions, like severe head traumas, can rob us of our memory, our mental abilities, our very sense of self Because the damage caused by a concussion is rarely visible to the naked eye or even on a brain scan, no one knows how many millions might be living lives devastated by an invisible injury too often shrugged off as just a bump on the head This book puts a human face on a huge public health crisis Through narratives that chronicle the poignant experiences of real people struggling with this invisible and often unrecognized brain injury, Linda Carroll and David Rosner bring home its potentially devastating consequences Among those you will meet are a high school football player whose college dreams were derailed by a series of undiagnosed concussions, a hard driving soccer star whose own struggles wit

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  1. Linda Carroll David Rosner says:
    Linda Carroll David Rosner Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Concussion Crisis: Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic book, this is one of the most wanted Linda Carroll David Rosner author readers around the world.

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  1. Cara says:
    This book is truly horrifying Not in the fun, haunted house kind of way, but the kind that makes you feel sick and disgusted with humanity for ignoring or downplaying the dangers of head trauma.Of course everyone knows that getting hit on the head can be dangerous, but it had long been assumed that concussions were just minor injuries They re not, as this book goes into great depth to explain Even head trauma that doesn t lead to a diagnosed concussion can have long term effects, particularly wh [...]

  2. Jason Saunders says:
    This book is a great read for any parent, teacher or athlete it brings a face to concussions The Authors chronicle the experiences of multiple athletes, ware veterans, and accident victims It is clear to see that a concussion or any head trauma should be taken very seriously in any situation and at any age We live in a culture where athletes are conditioned to Play through pain or Walk it off with the ultimate goal of getting back into the action as soon as possible This certainly should not be [...]

  3. Victor Wright says:
    The Concussion Crisis by Linda Carroll and David Rosner is a book that attempt to bring the epidemic of brain trauma and damage to the attention of parents and athletes The book uses real anecdotes about people who have suffered brain damage A significant agent they talk about was Leigh Steinberg, who was the agent for players Steve Young and Troy Aikman who were in the NFL Leigh Steinberg became concerned for his players when he visited Aikman in the hospital after he was removed from a game Wh [...]

  4. Marc says:
    In the beginning of the book, The Concussion Crisis Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic the authors present cases of sports concussions Cases are reviewed from pee wee sports through the profession level They discussed how concussions occur in different sports and happen to both males and females Then the book discusses concussions that happen in war, crime and accidents The third section of the book talks about the science of concussions how does the changes in the concussed brain show up in scans Thi [...]

  5. Darien says:
    The Concussion Crisis by Linda Carroll and David Rosner is a book that attempt to bring the Silent Epidemic of brain trauma into a serious light The book uses real people and events to talk about the importance of brain injuries and concussions One person they talk about is Leigh Steinburg, who was the agent for the NFL players Troy Aikman and Steve Young Steinberg became aware and concerned for his clients when he visited Aikman in the hospital after his removal from a game due to head injury A [...]

  6. Greg Curtiss says:
    The Concussion Crisis Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic was an amazing insightful book This book allowed the reader to dig deep into what was actually going on in the world of science that dealt with concussions It allowed the reader to understand what a concussion actually was and what caused them The book also told about the side effects from a concussion and what a person s day to day life was when dealing with a concussion A concussion occurs when there are too many head to head contact between a [...]

  7. Matthew Anderson says:
    The Concussion Crises is thrill ride of a book that leaves reader s both entertained and scarred of at the same time Cases of people who were suffering from this terrible brain injury have gone through many troubles with losing their drive to do the things they loved, having their lives being forcefully changed mostly for the worse Some of these cases will leave you questioning how anyone could live their normal lives like this after fighting this life changing fase that withers people down into [...]

  8. Joshua Stanley says:
    The Concussion Crisis by Linda Caroll and David Rosner is about different athletes getting concussions and how the athletes deal with their concussions As you can guess some of these athletes are football players, but other athletes include boxers, hockey players, and basketball players All of these athletes had a major concussion that affected their career in the long run Instead of telling someone about their concussion,the athlete s instead tried to play the injury off making the condition w [...]

  9. Desean Davis says:
    The Concussion Crisis Anatomy of a silent epidemic is a book that brings the light to an injury that rarely gets attention that it is considered invisible yet it is so common in the world of sports The symptoms of concussions are not always visible immediate The book also talks about how repeated concussions can bring much worse health problems later in life such as memory loss, nerve damage and loss of brain abilities In a way concussions take away our ability to be the ourselves There are prec [...]

  10. Jennifer says:
    I almost gave this book 4 stars, because in addition to being wonderfully informative, the author does a great job of giving this problem a human face, so much so that you wince with the families of those affected when they are hit again This book is about what has been learned about concussions over time In the same tradition as The Emperor of All Maladies, this book starts tells the story of concussions in FOOTBALL starting before the 1900s when they didn t even wear helmets and the violence w [...]

  11. Naseer says:
    The book The Concussion Crisis I would say is a good book It has all the information you would want to know about concussions in it It goes through in detail of all the things that can come from concussions and brain damage These are some serious medical issues that the books states it needs to be addressed While they also go through the negligence of the coaches and players that receive concussions The long term affects are also mentioned in the book, it shows how people lives have been changed [...]

  12. Michael Weatherbe says:
    The Concussion Crisis by David Rosner and Linda Carroll is a book about concussion and how people suffered from them This book had many examples of people suffering from a concussion in many different types of ways The following examples are car crashes, major football hits, major boxing hits, and etc There are many people that talked about it One person for example Leigh Steinberg who mainly talked about his concerned for his players every time he would visit Troy aikman in the hospital Or even [...]

  13. Brandon Winfield says:
    The Concussion Crisis Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic is a book that focuses of the largely unseen epidemic of concussions The book informs the reader about what causes the concussions and what happens to the brain Throughout the book the authors tells the stories of big athletes and regular people that had concussions They described the symptoms that the people had and how it affected their life A lot of the stories were sad because they were losing their mind But they doctors to help them.I reall [...]

  14. Zuri Minor says:
    Concussion is an interesting look into the dangers of head injuries This book gives tons of info on many people who have sustained head injuries, and detailed how messed up they were afterwards Eventually we meet a doctor named Omalu who has figured out that there is a lot to these head injuries than we know now Using this new info he fights to get organizations like the NFL to look into this subject and address it rather than ignoring it.I loved how much info this book gave you on head injuri [...]

  15. Jamal Streater says:
    The book The Concussion Crisis Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic is a Non Fiction Masterpiece This book tells multiple stories on concussions that will change your understanding It s reviews things from football to boxing It has famous people such as Muhammad Ali and many other people within It also feature many points in which seem normal and breaks it down to where you are getting what s happening to a greater understanding.Since this book talks about mainly stories about what happens with and what [...]

  16. Jo says:
    As someone who has sustained multiple concussions, and is receiving ongoing treatment for executive dysfunction, this book was both relieving and terrifying.The only reason I knocked off a star was that the structure of the book, which relies on inserting critical findings within personal stories, can be a little confusing Near the end of each section, the next section is related to introduced in a sort of 6 steps from Kevin Bacon manner, such as when the transition from the first boxer document [...]

  17. Jay says:
    Motivated to read this book because my daughter got a concussion in gym class last week and hid the symptoms for than 48 hours because she didn t want to miss her marching band competition.So much of this book is spent making the case for better concussion management, but I was hoping for details about what actually happens inside the brain and the optimal treatment I did learn a lot and am much knowledgeable about concussions, but my knowledge is only really close to what I was hoping to lea [...]

  18. JihadPhillips says:
    The Concussion Crisis Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic by Linda Carroll and David Rosner is an informational book The conflict in the book is the dangers of concussions People ignore the seriousness of them and it can be very deadly The book informs the reader of many different people that have had concussions Many of these people have had very negative outcomes because of them They didn t take it serious and it made it worse The book is very clear and focused on concussions It never strays away fro [...]

  19. Tara says:
    I read this book for the 2013 2014 MUHSD Battle of the Books I honestly liked this book, but I felt like it could have been better I would have preferred science to balance out the deluge of anecdotes Like I said in a status update, I felt example anecdote fatigue while reading I do understand the need for all the examples because people need to know all the variety of ways that brains can be injured Nevertheless, I grew a little bored by the boxing chapter I think that this is an extremely imp [...]

  20. Anne Nelson says:
    An incredibly important subject, with a less than perfect treatment by the authors The individual profiles, many of them of NFL football players, are strung together without a coherent structure The passage on the neuroscience of sports concussions comes relatively late in the book The reader is left wondering at allusions to the implications of the concussion studies beyond professional football There are frightening allusions to how they might apply to children s and high school sports, but li [...]

  21. Becky K says:
    This book presented a lot of information in an engaging way I have been a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, I m a member of the Brain Injury Association of America, worked in brain injury rehab for many years, and I ve experienced multiple concussions myself This book still presented me with new information, and a new perspective Even with my background, I shrugged off my own concussions, refusing to see a doctor even when I d been knocked out Had I read this before, I m certain I would have ta [...]

  22. Sarah says:
    The book started out as eye opening, but I would have preferred it had it focused on the sports institutions and their complacent attitude toward concussions, and less on telling the same miserable stories over and over again Repeated blows to the head cause exponential brain damage, and the effects are devastating, but there s only so many times I care to hear the story of a life falling apart I ve ended up not finishing it as we ve gotten to the section on boxing and its constant damage, beca [...]

  23. Kimberly White says:
    I ve become interested in concussion science ever since I had a serious one this summer I think this is definitely a book with a bias you ll come away thinking everyone on earth who s ever bumped their heads has a TBI traumatic brain injury leaving them certain to face early dementia But on the other hand, concussions really are serious business as I well know and the story of how science caught up to the high incidence of brain injury in boxing and football, particularly, is quite interesting.

  24. Tanya says:
    I think this is a relevant book for anyone involved in youth sports It aims to develop a dialog about concussions and their consequences and I feel it did achieve that purpose Unfortunately, I believe that many are in denial about the potential severity of traumatic brain injuries and the ones likely to read this are those already suffering TBI or their loved ones that are trying to support them I still feel this provides a good wake up call and may be helpful in beginning a local cultural chang [...]

  25. Anthony Doyle says:
    This books was eye opening and shocking The scope of the problem is so huge and it affects athletes in almost every sport at every level Every coach player and parent should read this How many Junior Seaus will have to die before we begin giving head injuries the serious attention they deserve This is my nonfiction pick for the 2013 14 MUHSD Battle of the Books.

  26. Kaitlynn Scribner says:
    I loved this book It made the plight of the moderate brain injury a big deal.

  27. Brad Morgan says:
    A great read that offers the long history of complete misunderstanding about this injury.

  28. Barb Wiseberg says:
    Well research, well documented The Concussion Crisis is a thorough overview of the issues, discussions and potential resolutions.

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