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The Hunt

The Hunt The complex and romanticized lifestyle of elite foxhunters is revealed in this thrilling murder mystery An attractive and wealthy lawyer and horseman Doug Cummings personifies the old money equine su

The complex and romanticized lifestyle of elite foxhunters is revealed in this thrilling murder mystery An attractive and wealthy lawyer and horseman, Doug Cummings personifies the old money equine subculture of Middleburg, Virginia Driven to succeed, Cummings s climb to the top is halted when he becomes the target of a twisted scheme to frame him for the murders of hisThe complex and romanticized lifestyle of elite foxhunters is revealed in this thrilling murder mystery An attractive and wealthy lawyer and horseman, Doug Cummings personifies the old money equine subculture of Middleburg, Virginia Driven to succeed, Cummings s climb to the top is halted when he becomes the target of a twisted scheme to frame him for the murders of his former lover and horse groom As Cummings attempts to find the true culprits, the conflicting forces of his community offer a revealing look at how vengeance, love, and envy obscure the search for truth and justice.

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  1. Jan Neuharth says:
    Jan Neuharth, an attorney and horse lover, is a graduate of the University of Florida and Vanderbilt Law School She practiced law in Los Angeles before moving to the Virginia Hunt Country in 1985 to establish Paper Chase Farms, one of the premier equestrian facilities of its kind She lives in Middleburg, Virginia, with her husband, who is a former Master of the Hunt, and their children The third novel in her Hunt Country Suspense Series, The Kill, was released May 27, 2010.

Comment 888 on “The Hunt

  1. Vicki Jaeger says:
    When will I learn my lesson about free ebooks Where do I begin with this oneRich entitled tax lawyer who works lives in D.C and plays at the family equestrian estate in Virginia Is set up by a lunatic brother of a client who died in prison pro bono work as a young lawyer , AND some other lunatic going around killing women framing him For a lawyer, he isn t very smart about legal issues, as he wants to get involved with his criminal defense lawyer Oh, and there s a redneck deputy with a chip on h [...]

  2. Elizabeth Olson says:
    This murder mystery set among the horsey elite of Virginia s fox hunting country is well enough plotted to be a page turner, despite some lumps in dialogue and rough spots in characterization the protagonist seems to be always bringing his fist down on a table in frustration.

  3. Benjamin Sobieck says:
    I like the fox hunting that frames this whodunit story The twists and turns weren t all that surprising, though This had so much potential, I m bummed it didn t turn out better I look forward to reading from the author, because I think Neuharth has talent It just seems squandered with this work.

  4. Shannah says:
    I got this book for free on Free Fridays at the Nook store I can t believe it is still wasting space on my Nook today I didn t get past chapter two because the writing was so poor and the storyline boring.Find something else to read if you want to be entertained.

  5. nicole says:
    Overall, this book was ok I mean, kind of hard for a vegan to rate a book on fox hunting The story was somewhat told in the beginning as you were clear that the main character was innocent of the crime he was charged with Somewhat predictable but overall and easy read.

  6. Amy says:
    Enjoyed this book immensely but I love Middleburg and horses and I m incurable romantic Easy beach type read not a mind expander

  7. Kasey says:
    I keep reading these nook free Friday books because I m really hoping to find another gem like Child 44 Ah that book But anyways, this book is not a gem so much as it is just a mildly entertaining read The writing is really stellar and it s obvious that the author knows about foxhunting and legal jargon But the plot just didn t build up the way I had hoped it would I mean, this had the potential to be a thriller, but it was like a Sunday drive with the occasional pot hole along the way It was a [...]

  8. Sam says:
    Set in the fox hunting world of Middleburg, Virginia, The Hunt is a fun mystery for anyone with a love of horses and the hunt This is the first of a three part Hunt Country series and I will definitely read the all three books Neuharth knows her subject and weaves it into a murder suspense tale that will keep you guessing to the end There is a cliffhanger ending which leaves you chomping at the bit for book 2, The Chase.Lawyer Doug Cummings splits his time between his practice in DC and his farm [...]

  9. Heidi says:
    This book was a pleasant surprise It is about Doug Cummings, a tax lawyer and wealthy man through inheritance He likes to participate in fox hunts which is a twist in a mystery that I was intrigued to see and has recently broken up with his girlfriend Nancy Nancy has an accident on a fox hunt and Doug moves her in order for the ambulance to get to her quicker however, not everyone agrees that was a good idea Doug becomes the unofficial suspect, and when other women around him get murdered his st [...]

  10. Marlena Frank says:
    I picked this up as a free read on one of Barnes and Noble s Free Friday listings First the good parts the intrigue and the pacing I liked both even though the writing itself was distracting, and the book kept me interested enough to read to the end The dialogue frustrated me though The child was obviously a way for the author to shuttle the characters around, and she s obnoxiously sweet Her dialogue was also very unrealistic much like the main character The characters as a whole were predictabl [...]

  11. Sherrie says:
    This tale of murder set in Virginia s fox hunting country had some good basic elements, with the potential for an interesting story But the huge detracting factor was the lack of character development, along with implausible plot progression For example, at the initial murder scene the investigating officer suspects foul play, but doesn t interview the suspect, and doesn t even go to the scene where the accident happened The feeling throughout the book was that the author had a basic plot outlin [...]

  12. Dee ReneeChesnut says:
    I downloaded this book as a Free Friday selection in 2011, and it is not longer free This murder mystery is an entertaining read up to the point when a child was kidnapped and that is when I say to Neuharth, there was no reason to use a child as a victim in this plot than to have the horses owned by this protagonist threatened I found the behavior of the protagonist to be exasperating The exasperating behvaior may make him realistic, but it does not make him to be likable to me I recommend it [...]

  13. Madeline says:
    Had an internal debate to buy all three of the books in the series because I thought it would be a shoe in a horsie fox hunting mystery book written by a sorority sister I m totally in.I am so glad that I didn t drop fifty bucks on a trio of poorly crafted books.If I have to read how Doug hits the hard surface of something with his fist one time, I m gonna flip out Not enough horses or humor for that matter , poorly crafted mystery, two dimensional characters and ridiculous story line, this boo [...]

  14. Alex says:
    The Hunt is not a literary masterpiece, but it is an entertaining read It was a free download on the BN Nook.The plot is a bit predictable and along the story you will question some of the dumb decisions the main character makes, but the story is believable despite some holes Lots of detail on foxhunting and life in hunt county, very descriptive prose Towards the end you ll have a hard time putting the book down This would make a nice straight to TV movie ie the kind you see on LMN.I plan to rea [...]

  15. Pat Roberts says:
    Is this mystery thriller a tad hackneyed Yeah Is it a bit of a stretch that the good guy accused of being the bad guy, just happens to be gorgeously good looking, unbelieveably rich, and a tremendously talented tax attorney Yeah And was it even a greater stretch that when he needs a very good criminal attorney, that attorney just happens to be a slender, tall, blonde gal Yes again But oh what a great beach read page turner this book is Lemonade and shade is all one needs to top off a fun freebie [...]

  16. Denise says:
    The past often comes back to haunt you, in the case of Doug Cummings Jr it comes to hunt People are dying around Cummings and things look bad for him, the local law seems out to prove he is at fault no matter the true proof or lack there of Set in Middleburg, VA a place I have family this book made me want to travel to see them all that much Neuharth takes you to a world set in fox hunting, money, love and revenge In the end who will pay for the past of Cummings and will it ever end.

  17. Marti says:
    This was another one of the Free Friday offerings by nook book It was fairly entertaining, but I felt that the ending was weak The main character was a multimillionaire tax lawyer who worked in DC, had an apt in the Watergate and also the family estate where he owned numerous horses He could go on a fox hunt practically any time he wanted Not yet 40, he had an active social life Some other characters such as Nellie, his housekeeper, and Samantha, the little orphan girl were likeable.

  18. Beth says:
    While I mostly enjoyed this book, the ending felt too contrived It made no sense there was no reason given either for the murders or for why the murderer wanted to frame the person he was trying to frame It seems like the author was definitely trying to cram too much into the book She definitely left it with a cliff hanger for the next one, but I ll have to think for a while if I want to read that one.

  19. Coulter says:
    The book was a little slow and clunky at the beginning, too much seemed forced into place to set up the plot But it all came together and made for a decent story One of my pet peeves is to see words spelled incorrectly in books So when I saw lightning spelled as lightening in the book a few times, that got on my nerves Other than that, it was a pretty good book that opened my eyes to fox hunting country.

  20. Amanda Hamilton says:
    I haven t been writing reviews to the most recent things I ve read because I m trying to make my goal of 100 books by January 1st, which I don t think I ll make but I m close Closer than I thought I d get A nice little mystery with an interesting conceit i.e foxhunting which I didn t know that much about Very tense and cat and mouse y.

  21. Lori says:
    I liked this book, it was a good quick read I didn t want to stop reading as I got farther along I haven t read many murder mysteries, so not much to compare it But it kept me hanging on, even though I actually figured who did it I liked the main character and the stories about the hunts Now I want to read the next one to see what happens to him next

  22. Andrea says:
    This was good, but not great That being said, I was interested enough to finish it in 2 days, to see how it would end The subject Virginia fox hunt country was interesting and novel and the author s descriptions and narrative were good I thought her dialog was a little stiff I am interested enough to read the sequel, the Chase, tho

  23. Betty says:
    This book, you knew right off who did it So you thought Even though the plots and the scenarios were so predictable, and seemed quite elementary,for some reason I could not put it down until I found out the ending I agree with another poster, that this would have been a great movie to watch in the middle of the night.

  24. William says:
    Interesting book, fun to read, I love mystery thrillers My only complaint to much unnecessary foul language I learned about Fox Hunting and I thought the author did a great job in intertwining the story with the sport I felt I got to know the main characters very well Even though it was a mystery it was an easy book to read and written well enough to keep you interest all the way through.

  25. Marnie says:
    While horses are not really my thing, I did like the suspense thriller of the book I can understand why someone would go after a lawyer for an unforeseen outcome of verdict, but to add the twist of another killer was pretty good The reason for the other killer though, was not very thought out in my opinion I might read in the series down the road.

  26. Cheryl says:
    Free Friday offering from Barnes and Noble on my Nook This is a mystery that brings up the issue of circumstantial evidence, the power of the press and public opinion How fickle are so many superficial friends I enjoyed the fox hunting horse world setting.

  27. Steve says:
    This was a BN free Friday giveaway, thought I d read it because of the location and subject matter, having been in Middleburg VA many times for horse events This was a great read especially for summer although toward the end the story got predictable, but even with that it was hard to put down.

  28. Tom Carrico says:
    This book couldn t decide if it was a murder mystery, a thriller or a romance novel The setting in Middleburg, VA was interesting and well described The characters were a bit stereotypical and the whole thing could have used a bit of editing.

  29. Susan says:
    A fast read The plot kept moving Had some twists and turns Wanted to tell Doug Cummings, the main character, Don t do that Doug That s not a good idea Sure enough it wasn t a good idea The last page of the book made me want to read the next book The Chase Good little murder mystery read.

  30. Christy says:
    Set in the hunt country just outside Washington, D.C this mystery follows wealthy ladies man, Doug Cummings Cummings is accused of murdering his ex girlfriend When other murders start happening, the quiet town of Middleburg, VA fears there is a serial killer on the loose.

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