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Long Time Dead

Long Time Dead Excavations of the old Torchwood Institute are under way but the body of Suzie Costello is nowhere to be found a Torchwood Miracle Day prequel

Excavations of the old Torchwood Institute are under way, but the body of Suzie Costello is nowhere to be found a Torchwood Miracle Day prequel

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  1. Sarah Pinborough says:
    Sarah Pinborough is the NYT bestselling and Sunday Times 1 Bestselling author of Behind Her Eyes which has sold in over 25 territories thus far and is in development for television with Left Bank productions She has also written books across a variety of genres including the YA thriller 13 Minutes in development with Netflix Her next novel Cross Her Heart comes out from HarperFiction in the UK in May 2018 and from WilliamMorrow in the US in September 2018.You can follow her on Twitter sarahpinborough

Comment 514 on “Long Time Dead

  1. Sarah says:
    Without at least Jack or Ianto this Torchwood novel doesn t do anything for me.The story wasn t very exciting either and the new characters bored the hell out of me Not to mention the stupid romantic storyline.Two stars for the writing which was good and the little Jack Harkness appearance on the last few pages.

  2. Amy Adams says:
    I actually really enjoyed this book I loved Suzie in the series, I always thought she had so much potential and was sad to see her go so soon, so it was nice to see her back in action in this book I do kind of wish Andy would have been in it slightly , seeing as he is one of my favorite characters, but you can t have everything Although a lot of people said they weren t sure about the ending with Suzie and CutlerI was just glad that she sort of got a happy ending after all, well as good of a hap [...]

  3. Karen Ford says:
    Thoroughly enjoyed this novel, even with just token appearances by the Torchwood characters mostly in flashbacks I liked the switching back and forth between the back from the dead Suzie Costello, who is now on a killing spree, and the detective investigating the murders and a rash of suicides connected to people Torchwood saved in the past If you are a fan on the television series, I highly recommend this novel.

  4. Lavender says:
    Suzie returns in this Torchwood novel that takes place prior to Miracle Day Recommended to Torchwood fans Doctor Who fans.

  5. osoi says:
    , , , , , Children of Earth They Keep Killing Suzie , , , , , killing spree , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , nikeh

  6. Hot Cute Girly Geek says:
    Wow, this is one of the better Torchwood books audio books out there Let me start with the fact that it is read by Indira Varma, who plays Suzie Costello in the Torchwood series For you who don t remember her She was killed in the first episode as a member of Torchwood 3 going dark Then had a brief return thanks to an unexpected side effect from the resurrection glove, tried to kill Gwen and her dad After that she is mentioned a couple of times throughout the series, but nothing So I was really [...]

  7. Miles Reid-lobatto says:
    Why Where The Man who Sold the World was an interesting idea which never really goes anywhere, Long Time Dead feels like fanfiction Maybe Suzie Costello killed off in the first episode of Torchwood, then brought back and killed off again in the sixth has a large fanbase who was clamouring for , maybe because I m not one of those people I m really missing out on the book s appeal.Again, there s an interesting idea with the possibility that all the things that the Torchwood Hub Base contained gett [...]

  8. Jim says:
    Torchwood is a spin off from the BBC s Dr Who , it focuses on a team of alien hunters based in Cardiff Wales This novel wasn t televised but bills itself as a prequel to Torchwood Miracle Day On site it is listed as the 17th Torchwood book but you don t need to read the others or even see the TV series to follow the story.In Cardiff the wreckage of the Hub, the headquarters of Torchwood is being excavated One of the old Torchwood team, Suzie Costello is brought back to life, having been dead for [...]

  9. Stephen says:
    I ve only read two of the Torchwood spin off novels, but this was by far my favourite one I ve always been fascinated by the character of Suzie Costello I always felt there was so much potential with her than we saw in the TV series, and the actress playing her did an incredible job of fleshing her out just as much as any of the other characters in much less time.Anyway, the book itself Post Children of Earth, Suzie is back for good this time The book is kind of vague on how, but since Suzie he [...]

  10. Nicholas Whyte says:
    nwhytevejournal 2215851ml return return I absolutely hated Pinborough s previous Torchwood novel, and pondered whether to even crack the covers of this one However, I m glad I did this picks up the story of Suzie Costello, five years after her death in the very first episode of Torchwood, getting unexpectedly resurrected in the rubble of the Hub and creating mayhem while setting up some of the scenery for Miracle Day None of the regular Torchwood characters appear apart from a very brief look in [...]

  11. Daniel Kukwa says:
    Now THIS is darknessterally figuratively One last dance for the psychotic Suzie Costello in a Miracle Day prequel that will send shivers down your spine I would have loved to have seen this filmed as an actual episode its cinematic qualities leap from the page, and the dangers of the rift have never seemed so horrifying My only complaint is that PC now Sergeant Andy is given very little to do, and it could have used another fifty pages of terror filled plot machinations Otherwise, it s another n [...]

  12. Jacqueline says:
    What a disapointment First thing this book timeline wise was meant to be the first in the prequeal series and yet was listed as third in the series on the book jacket Second the actual alien of the piece was confusing, vague and not at all frightening And third the ending had a heavy dose of instant love that turned one of my favorite villians of the first series into a pile of mush that was willing to die in the arms of a man whom she had just met ten pages ago I wouldn t recommend this book ev [...]

  13. Alexander Catt says:
    I never was really interested in the torchwood novels at first but when I say Suzie Costello on the cover I had to buy it as she was a character that always interested me and I was saddened that she didnt appear on series 2 like they had planned so another reason I bought it I didnt know what to expect at first but from the start of the book it didnt take long for it to grip me and that meant it only took me a few days to finish it It is one of those books that you cant put down in my opinion.

  14. Kelly Cassidy says:
    Of all of the Torchwood Miracle Day prequels I enjoyed this one the most Partly because it did not tie in directly into the main series, but gave a perspective on the lives of others that Torchwood influenced those who were retconned by the team in the past Without delving into plot, using Suzie a former and pseudo dead member as the main character, it gave the disjointed feel, but by addressing the collapse of the Hub in Children of Earth and including Andy in it it still tied in to the series [...]

  15. Eri says:
    As much as I disliked kids topic in previous book the idea of reading about Suzie, character I never got to enjoy and that I liked Various Torchwood members , that idea led me to simple conclusion let s listen to audiobook It turned out to be nice, nicely long, and narrator had very pleasant voice view spoiler Just a shadow of Jack appears throughout the book, but place is given to Andy Davidson, Gwen s cop friend colleague We also get to meet again character from previous book Into the Silence [...]

  16. Gayle says:
    Just when we thought we d never see Suzie Costello again, she s backAlthough I was immensely disappointed with the Torchwood Miracle Day series, I was still interested enough in the overall show to read the books This one was set before the events in TMD and besides Ms Costello, features a character readers had already met in Into The Silence the previous Torchwood novel penned by Sarah Pinborough.This was an entertaining story Very dark and gruesome in places.

  17. Erin says:
    First time reading a Torchwood book and it was not as I expected Really interesting story, but using a character who was killed off in the first episode of the series Interesting to have her back No one else from the series is included except the idea or shadow of a man named Captain Jack Harkness Gripping, sinister and a touch of the macabre I would recommend this book to anyone who misses the old Torchwood.

  18. Luke Varley says:
    It was nice to see Suzie again But I just think the story could have been better to live up to the promise that came with thoughts of her return The second half seemed enjoyable than the first half however Also on a positive note, I did however like all the little references to other Torchwood stories including the other books All in all, it wasn t the strongest story out of the Torchwood books, but there has definitely been worse before it.

  19. Jenette says:
    I really didn t enjoy this one There was such an unexpected element of insta love which I have never before encountered in Torchwood, that it seemed almost ludicrous The entire plot seemed a bit silly and it definitely felt like a filler story designed to fill a gap that could quite happily remained empty Not to mention a completely unnecessary return from Susie Costello.

  20. H3dakota says:
    Well, it was better than I would have expected, given that I m not a Suzie fan I m also not a Gwen fan this story has no Gwen, so that helped LOL Tragic ending, so don t read it if you want happy endings.

  21. ♥ Ashleigh ♥contrary to popular belief i'm not actually mad! says:
    pretty scary book, it actually really reminded me of supernatural, which is cool.but yea decided not to finish it, its apparently book 18 in the series thinking I should maybe start at book 1 yea P

  22. Charlene says:
    I don t know how the author sold me on this couple but she absolutely did and I ship them like crazy now.

  23. James says:
    I am really liking this book so far I throughly enjoy the TV show, so reading this book is familiar.

  24. Alyssa Greatbanks says:
    Probably the best out of the three, but I didn t particularly like it.It wasn t bad, just not really that interesting of a story.

  25. Cathy says:
    This story focuses on Suzie Costello I didn t like her in the few TV shows and I didn t like her here Although she did do some things at the end to redeem herself.It was a good story.

  26. Gabriel Mero says:
    It was fun and interesting to get a glimpse into the inner workings of Suzie Costello.

  27. Joshua Thomas Allerton says:
    A great short book filled with action packed chapters to keep readers turning the page

  28. Marsha says:
    While it was a good story just wasn t one of the best Would have made a good episode of Torchwood.

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