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میازار موری که دانه کش است / Don't Bother the Laboring Ant

Don t Bother the Laboring Ant

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  • [PDF] Read ↠ میازار موری که دانه کش است / Don't Bother the Laboring Ant : by Kambiz Derambakhsh
    465 Kambiz Derambakhsh

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  1. Kambiz Derambakhsh says:
    Kambiz Derambakhsh, studied fine arts in Tehran Fine Arts Faulty and has been publishing his cartoon and caricatures in many well known local and international newspapers and magazines for than 55 years.Honors and Awards Grand prizes and gold medals of Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Brazil, Yugoslavia exhibitions and some other honors and awards.Kambiz has also sat as a juror for a number of international cartoons exhibitions.He organized as many as 50 individual and collective exhibitions in Iran and abroadHe has taught the art of caricature in Tehran University.Many arts centers, arts galleries, and cultural art museums throughout the world have bought his works for exhibition, Basel Caricature Museum in Switzerland, Gabrovo House of Cartoons in Bulgaria, Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum Academy of Arts, National Library, Saba House, Iranian Graphics Syndicate, Avignon Museum, Warsaw cartoon Museum, Frankfurt Municipality and etcKambiz Derambakhsh has published many books on illustration and caricature in Iran and abroad Among many it may be recalled No Comments in Iran, Diaries of Angels, in Iran, Kambiz s Book in Italy, Contemporary Satirists Book in Iran, and Italy, Laughing Olympics, Had Davinci Seen Me, Scratch Symphony, Don t Thumb the Hard working Ants and some books in progress.

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