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Filha do Sangue

Filha do Sangue H setecentos anos num mundo governado por mulheres e onde os homens s o meros s bditos uma Vi va Negra profetizou a chegada de uma Rainha na sua teia de sonhos e vis es Agora o Reino das Sombras pre

H setecentos anos, num mundo governado por mulheres e onde os homens s o meros s bditos, uma Vi va Negra profetizou a chegada de uma Rainha na sua teia de sonhos e vis es Agora o Reino das Sombras prepara se para a chegada dessa mulher, dessa Feiticeira que ter mais poder do que o pr prio Senhor do Inferno Mas a Rainha ainda nova, pass vel de ser influenciada e corroH setecentos anos, num mundo governado por mulheres e onde os homens s o meros s bditos, uma Vi va Negra profetizou a chegada de uma Rainha na sua teia de sonhos e vis es Agora o Reino das Sombras prepara se para a chegada dessa mulher, dessa Feiticeira que ter mais poder do que o pr prio Senhor do Inferno Mas a Rainha ainda nova, pass vel de ser influenciada e corrompida E quem controlar a Rainha controlar o mundo.Tr s homens poderosos inimigos de sangue sabem isso Saetan, Lucivar e Daemon apercebem se do poder que se esconde por tr s dos olhos azuis daquela menina inocente E assim come a um jogo cruel, de pol tica e intriga, magia e trai o, onde as armas s o o dio e o amor O pre o pode ser terr ve e inimagin vel

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  1. Anne Bishop says:
    Anne Bishop lives in upstate New York where she enjoys gardening, music, and writing dark, romantic stories She is the author of fourteen novels, including the award winning Black Jewels Trilogy Her most recent novel, Twilight s Dawn, made the New York Times bestseller list She is currently working on a new series, which is an urban dark fantasy with a bit of a twist.Crawford Award 2000 Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

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  1. Peter says:
    My wife bought the first book in this series and for some reason read it The whole time she read it she complained how bad it was Then for some reason I read it and we finished the series The only explanation I can come up with is that magic is real, anne bishop is a witch and we fell under her spell Even now I fall into the black obsidian stone.

  2. Bonnie says:
    I think this book gave me brain herpes A good read, but horrible The characters are caricatures The world is nigh incomprehensible who includes a list of jewel ranks and titles broken down by gender , but not a freaking map especially when this place apparently uses interdimensional travel I wish I could feel sympathetic to the characters but they all remind me of a too perfect job interview my only flaw is that I love my work too much The plot is well paced, and makes good use of cliffhangers b [...]

  3. Stephen says:
    For her virgin effort at novel crafting, Anne Bishop has laid down a strong piece of dark fantasy that is richly drawn, psychologically savage and dripping with THROB I am suffering severe mind boggle that this is really her first published work as this story has a high quality quotient and prose that displays real polish This first installment of the Black Jewel s Trilogy introduces us to dark, sexified fantasy world called The Three Realms which are known individually as Terreille, Hell and Ka [...]

  4. Heba says:
    Let me get straight to the point here I absolutely abhorred this book I had to force myself to finish it I was actually really excited to start it though It s widely acclaimed by critics professionals and members alike and the plot sounded promising Plus, the idea of a dark fantasy intrigued me And don t get me wrong, I wasn t really disappointed by either of those elements The storyline was okay, and the world of the Blood did prove quite dark.No, what disappointed me was Bishop s characterizat [...]

  5. Rage says:
    This book is incredibly awful It s embarrassingly bad The characters with their ridiculous names and the world are poorly developed The author gives us variations of the same scenes again and again Daemon is a sexy threat, dear old dad Saetan is old and tenderhearted, Jaenelle is very powerful and young, everyone else is amazed and afraid and or 110% evil, full stop, no nuance The plot Languishes.I never had a sense of where different realms existed in relation to one another, for all of the bab [...]

  6. Evgeny says:
    Welcome to my DNF graveyard a fun and cheerful place to be The social system of the world of the book is matriarchy It seems women in power decided the best use for the men is to keep them as sex slaves I have yet to see a single free man in the part of the book managed to read there are some outside of the world though The injustice is everywhere, but there is a prophecy concerning a coming of The Queen who Will Make Everything Right Every man free and enslaved fall in love not Platonic kind wi [...]

  7. Jess says:
    Things I did not like about this book Proper names the winter solstice holiday is Winsol Satan is Saetan Demon is Daemon Lack of character development Redundant descriptive language Elaborate and pointlessly nonsensical magic schema Crappy plot arc Completely implausible antihero TOO MUCH SHIT ABOUT HAVING SEX WITH KIDS TOO MUCH SHIT ABOUT HATING WOMENThings I did like about this book There was a horse character The child molesters got exploded

  8. Jaidee says:
    2.5 trashy, campy, cheesy, sordid little stars.In grade six, my second best friend and I discovered her mother s V.C Andrews Flowers in the Attic series and we snuck them out the bookshelf and read them in the park while eating chips and drinking lemonade We found those books so enticingly wicked and could not believe all the things we read about No Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew for us all we wanted to do is read adult books and unbeknownst to us that these were the trashiest books out there Ok ok t [...]

  9. Lightreads says:
    Excerpts from a stream of consciousness transcript as I read this series So that s his brother Ah, right, his brother with wings Saetan Sa Diablo For serious Magical cockring of Obedience Aww, that s actually pretty cute Family togetherness, d aww Ew Ew Ew He just circumcised someone with his teeth Oh, look, the unicorns just showed up Someone else is in a killing rage, yawn Magical cockring of honor So he has wings, and also apparently pon farr Oh, ahahaha, the unicorns aren t going to perf [...]

  10. Amanda Ryan-Romo says:
    If you like feminist fantasy fiction, this is the series to read Bishop creates a fantasy otherworld unlike any I have read and I ve read quite a bit Bishop s work is highly subversive It develops a female dominant society based on Kipling s reminder the female of the species is deadly than the male Bishop does not simply put the female in the power position in a patriarchal structure, as Lackey does rather, she highlights the physical and society differences between female and male and display [...]

  11. Katie(babs) says:
    As I started reading Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop, I wasn t sure what to expect I knew it was a dark fantasy tale that the majority of my fellow readers have glommed I also come to the realization that Anne Bishop has created a universe unlike anything I have ever read before I wonder in the ten years since Anne created the Black Jewels Trilogy, how many authors she has influenced If only I had read Daughter of the Blood when it was first published This book blew me away from both a read [...]

  12. Zeek says:
    Anne Bishop s Black Jewel s Trilogy pinged my radar a few years back when old Blogger friends couldn t say enough good about it Per usual, it took me all this time to finally get to it, but it didn t take me long to see the appeal.High fantasy to be sure, The Black Jewel s Trilogy follows along the lines of what made this genre popular Witches, Magic, Enchanted Jewels rings, Mystical Creatures and Chosen ones it has it all And for those of us gals who need it a dash of romance Book 1 Daughter of [...]

  13. Tom says:
    Reread 12 15 13 Well this was an interesting reread The world building is actually done throughout the series so it was Awesome to reread and follow everything much clearer It was also during a BR so it was interesting to see how confusing this is the first time around I didn t have as much problems as my buddies the first time around but I m glad I got the input of those as they read it for pimping purposeshaha It was still uncomfortable at times but i read every word without skimming and I can [...]

  14. Holly says:
    Major mixed feelings on this one I bumped my original 3 stars down to 2 after a bit of thought On one hand I kept reading because I was so curious about where the story was going On the other this book made me squeamish and uncomfortable When reviewers say this book is dark what they mean is it contains some really unpleasant aspects of violence, rape, incest, and pedophilia Most of the characters were pretty awful human beings Women rule men in this world and they do it by brute force Which lea [...]

  15. Shannon says:
    Finished this first book from the Omnibus and damn that ending was intense Also, quite sad This world is very brutal I find it interesting how very adult this series is since my first intro to Bishop was The Others and that whole series is PG 13 at worst I wonder if this is a product of its times, since it was written back when LKH was still popular.I m a fan though, and I wish there was dark adult fantasy like this out there.

  16. Marta Cox says:
    The first book in what is known as The Black Jewels trilogy and now to be released on Kindle internationally This is a classic piece of fantasy writing by this established author and it s an absolute joy to read such unique world building This is unashamedly a journey into a world of imagination unlike any other that you will take So be prepared to feel both challenged and revolted by all the machinations you are about to encounter here.An ancient prophecy foretells of a Witch who will appear an [...]

  17. Dorri says:
    I bought this book with no concept of how much I would be drawn to the world Anne created It spoke to my soul Then it slammed my heart to the ground The ending is quite possibly one of the most painful I ve ever had to read It just ripped apart a fragile little dream and smiled while it did so After I sat in shock for than a few minutes, I checked the publication date, thinking the second book might be available soon No such luck I bought the book in it s first month of release The wait for Hei [...]

  18. Nim says:
    I m going to do my best to avoid spoilers in this review, but a few minor ones might slip in First things first, this book and I expect the rest of the series as well is not for the faint of heart I got misled by the cover and thought it was a young adult book until certain sex toys were mentioned That got me wondering until a little bit of full castration was thrown in along with other less desirable practices be warned this is no YA book Many parts I found downright disturbing and that s not a [...]

  19. D.G. says:
    If you have any trigger, this book is likely to have it Sexual violence against both men and women , torture, rape, incest, pedophilia was all in there It served a purpose in the story, but holy Moses, it was hard to read.Daughter of the Blood is very difficult to get into and not just because of what I mentioned above The first 15% is a maze of names, places and world building It takes a while for the reader to understand the power structure and what the heck is going on Once you do and if you [...]

  20. Glitterfairy says:
    Read this if you like self indulgent, oh how cute I want to be her type books where the beautiful young heroine is surrounded by males who want to take care of her Bad things happen of course, so she needs lots of rescuing Lots and lots of rescuing Conversely, if you prefer well written fantasy, go for something else Jennifer Fallon or even Anne Rice, if you like.There is some darkness in this book, but it s clumsily executed Again, if you want real bleak darkness go read Robin Hobb s Farseer Tr [...]

  21. Sarah says:
    Buddy read with Aly, Ange, Annie Anzu Although I think only Aly, Anzu and I actually ended up reading it LOL Daughter of the Blood is a really difficult book to review and I think that s partly due to how uncomfortable it made me feel when I was reading it This is a DARK fantasy story, if you re looking for an easy read then that s not what you re going to get here However, if you re looking for a story that is as compelling as it is disturbing then this may be just what you re after If I d know [...]

  22. Regina says:
    4.75 stars This book completely engrossed me I didn t want to do anything else but finish it The beginning 10% is difficult to get through, alot of world building, keeping names straight, figuring out the magic power structure and the polictics But after I got past that, I was just blown away Gritty fantasy This is it I hadn t known such a thing to exist before This book is not for people bothered by violence, sexual violence or sexual deviance This is a world where those in power use sex to pun [...]

  23. T.J. Shaw says:
    Wow What incredible world building Through Ms Bishop s fantastic imagination, she created something completely different, intriguing, and even confusing at times DAUGHTER of the BLOOD is a fascinating tale about a young girl learning her magic while navigating through the perils of those who would use her just for her power.In my haste to learn about the heroine, I also read HEIR to the SHADOWS 4 stars , and QUEEN of the DARKNESS 5 stars and must admit that I cried than once throughout the stor [...]

  24. Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:
    The three realms of Terreille, Kaeleer the Shadow Realm and Hell are ruled by the Blood, people given the gift of Jewels of different ranking colours They are supposed to be caretakers of the land, and are deeply heirarchical It s a matriarchal world, but a taint, a rot, has seeped into the Blood, and now the ruling Blood both female and male spend their time indulging in pleasures of all manner, often cruel Some of the races are long lived, and the Demon Dead in Hell still have the use of their [...]

  25. Anzu The Great Destroyer says:
    I am dropping this 25% in I know there are many reviews out there talking how fucked up this book is I did not drop it because of this I did it because it s incredibly boring It reads like a Romance novel, just with perverted sick shit in it And I feel like the author wanted to have all this crap in order to make it stand out Nope ZzZzZz

  26. Shelley says:
    Rating Genre Fantasy Review Anne Bishop s Daughter of the Blood is the first book in The Black Jewels series It tells the story about a prophecy that was seen by a witch named Tersa The prophecy basically states that the forthcoming witch will be so powerful that she will be able to travel the three realms Terreille, Hell, and Kaeleer by shear will alone She will also have the ability to reunite the three realms that are currently being corrupted by blood Queens and their jeweled hierarchy where [...]

  27. Jean says:
    This Review is for the Black Jewels Trilogy Spoilers Daughter of the Blood Black Jewels, Book 1 by Anne Bishop Wow just wowand I don t say that word a lot.This bookThis book Is Not for the faint of heart or squeamish, if you are a person who likes reading about rainbows, butterflies and happy endings Do Not, I repeat Do Not read this Series.This book is Dark, Twisted and Deep, it s about any and all types of abuse a person can think of Child abuse, Male abuse, Female abuse, Animal abuse and Abus [...]

  28. Cat Russell(Addicted2Heroines) says:
    This story was very different from anything I have read before I typically stick with paranormal romance but I had decided to try something new and I m glad I started with Anne Bishop Although the story could be a little confusing at times, I still thoroughly enjoyed it I m glad I purchased the trilogy so I can immediately start reading the next one

  29. Carmel (Rabid Reads) says:
    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsOrdinarily, this audiobook would never have landed on my to be read pile, but after listening to and loving Anne Bishop s THE OTHER series, I found myself in desperate need of It s been a long time since I ve read a High Fantasy novel, so don t let my less than stellar review discourage you because quite frankly I probably don t know jack about this genre The world building and character development continue to be where this author s strengths lie although at times I did [...]

  30. maricar says:
    As they say, Mother Night I ve never been this thrilled for quite a long while I run the risk of sounding like a pretentious ass, but even though I never really understood the whys and hows of this fantasy world from the get go, my god I absolutely loved how the author relentlessly, unfailingly, commanded this reader s attention Made you near slave to the emotions of the characters Lulled you into a false sense of seemingly finally comprehending what the hell s going on and how the fates of thes [...]

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