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Love on the Line

Love on the Line In Texas Ranger Luke Palmer arrives in Brenham Texas with one goal to capture the gang of outlaws led by Frank Comer Undercover as a telephone repairman he uses his days on the range to search

In 1904 Texas Ranger Luke Palmer arrives in Brenham, Texas, with one goal to capture the gang of outlaws led by Frank Comer Undercover as a telephone repairman, he uses his days on the range to search, not realizing there s another pair of eyes watching him Georgie Gail, switchboard operator and birder, heads out on a birding expedition, but instead of sighting a painteIn 1904 Texas Ranger Luke Palmer arrives in Brenham, Texas, with one goal to capture the gang of outlaws led by Frank Comer Undercover as a telephone repairman, he uses his days on the range to search, not realizing there s another pair of eyes watching him Georgie Gail, switchboard operator and birder, heads out on a birding expedition, but instead of sighting a painted bunting, her opera glasses capture her telephone man, armed and far away from telephone lines Palmer is forced to take this alluring troublemaker into his confidence and unwittingly puts her in harm s way The closer he comes to the gang, the further she works her way into his heart and into trouble Soon it s than just love that s on the line.

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  1. Deeanne Gist says:
    Deeanne Gist has rocketed up the bestseller lists and captivated readers everywhere with her original historical and contemporary romances A favorite among readers and reviewers alike, her popular titles include It Happened at the Fair and Fair Play Her latest book, Tiffany Girl, is available May 5, 2015 A popular speaker, Gist s presentations have been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and in other publications The Wall Street Journal s accompanying online video was the most watched video on the FrontPageWSJ website for several days following their feature.Gist has a background in education and journalism Her credits include People, Parents, Parenting, Family Fun, Houston Chronicle and Orlando Sentinel She is also the creator of I Did It , a parenting line of products Gist lives in Houston, Texas with her husband of thirty years The couple has four grown children Gist s fans enthusiastically interact with her at her popular online communities IWantHerBook, as well as on Facebook DeesFriends and Twitter DeeanneGist.

Comment 633 on “Love on the Line

  1. Kelli says:
    This book started out really well I liked the echoes of Texas ranger drama and Jesse James like outlaws But by chapter 5, it gets a little odd The main character is obsessed with birds The male lead is mean to her without any reason other than that she is a woman Their isn t much motivation in the storyline for what the author is writing about I think that is a big mistake in novel writing now Their needs to be clear motivation or reasons why a character does something or else it seems pointless [...]

  2. Casey says:
    Some novels I just don t want to ever end But at the same time, I am practically screaming to find out how In the World This is going to end Do you see my dilemma But I m not going to complain, it s a good.d fun one to have Love on the Line is a masterfully written tale with excellent wordsmithing, characters that I just fell in love with and sizzling moments of romantic tension The writing of a Deeanne Gist novel always pulls me by the throat into the story It s descriptive, sometimes even funn [...]

  3. Willowy Whisper says:
    This book definitely kept me interested I read it in maybe I don t know Two days But that was entirely due to the fact that I was on my way home from a thirteen hour trip, with nothing else to do The story line was great, and there were several things in the story I found to be very intriguing I loved the characters for the most part, and also adored some of the names chosen I have to mention this, however The romance was entirely too geared towards the physical The kisses were too passionate [...]

  4. Robin says:
    Deanne Gist is always lots of clean fun and I enjoy reading her books but this was not my favorite As my sister perfectly summed up, Took me six months to read the first half, two days to read the second half I didn t find Georgie to be likeable at all and simply could not get into all the bird stuff It was too reminiscent of Essie Sprekelmeyer and the bicycle club for me I felt like I had been there, done that.Luke, on the other hand, was very well written, complicated, likeable, the kind of gu [...]

  5. Bekie says:
    I usually really love Dee s books, but this one was not a hit for me All I could think when I was reading it was enough with the birds already I was totally siding with the wrong side It did not endear me to birds it made me want to get rid of them so I didn t have to read about them any Also, I just didn t think that the same chemistry was there between the couple Sigh Disappointed.

  6. Courtney says:
    Can I just say how much I absolutely LOVE Deeanne Gist She has not written a book yet that I haven t absolutely loved Favorite author by far, and I am so happy that I have stumbled alone and found her books Love on the Line is not typically the type of book I would read however, it was so GOOD Oh my, I could not put it down once I picked it up even though I was currently already reading two different books Everything has taken a back burner to this story until I could finish it You will not be d [...]

  7. Claire says:
    Borrowed this after hearing the author recommended on SBTB and picked this when other titles weren t available A woman telephone operator and a Texas Ranger are new for me Gist packs a lot of historical detail and it s clear she s done her research I really liked learning about how telephone service worked in its infancy, and it s always nice when people write about guns correctly and respectfully I might not have realized that this is marketed as Christian romance if not for the tags here on G [...]

  8. Michelle says:
    More like 4.5 stars.One of the things I adore about Gist s books is the fact that I always learn something about history while enjoying the story This novel was no different I learned about bird watching, the style of hats in the days when it was fashionable to wear hats with bird parts, The Plummage League, and telephone operating than I ever thought possible And it was all very interesting, too As is typical with Gist s books, there was great chemistry between the hero and heroine I loved the [...]

  9. Becky ♡The Bookworm♡ says:
    This is a very interesting story about an independent Christian woman who went against the grain She s far from the stereotypical man dependent women of the times Set in the late 1800 s, Georgie is determined to support herself and live on her own by becoming the local switchboard operator for the then small town of Brenham, Texas This book had everything I enjoy in a Western Romance humor, romance, train robberies, a handsome Robin Hood type outlaw, and a Texas Ranger determined to bring down t [...]

  10. Candi says:
    I ve gotten so I love a Deeane Gist book, I haven t met one I didn t like Her research is remarkable and always serves to draw you further into whatever story she is telling There is never a time that I think oh that couldn t happen it s all believable Also she knows how to write a great romance that doesn t cross the line into salacious and is about realistic people.I liked this particular story because it was set in Texas and the hero was a Texas ranger, I ve just read True Grit and now I thin [...]

  11. Margaret Chind says:
    In the first scene I immediately took a liking to Georgie and her personality and was not overly fond of Luke, but then as the chapters next progressed with Georgie back in her own environment and Luke Palmer riding into town as the new Telephone Troubleman I was reversed in my feelings and loved Luke, but found Georgie a bit frustrating It took me a long while longer to get back to enjoying this book as there was a good portion of it where I was bored and annoyed by the birds topic that was nev [...]

  12. Tina says:
    I loved this book and these characters Ms Gist is a wonderful storyteller and I didn t want to put this book down I look forward to from this author.

  13. Loraine says:
    Rural switchboard operator Georgie Gail is proud of her independence in a man s world which makes it twice as vexing when the telephone company sends a man to look over her shoulder.Dashing Luke Palmer is than he appears though He s a Texas Ranger working undercover to infiltrate a notorious gang of train robbers Repairing telephones and tangling with this tempestuous woman is the last thing he wants to do But when his stakeout puts Georgie in peril, he realizes than his job is on the line.The [...]

  14. Jennifer Pritchard says:
    I just love to curl up to a good Deeanne Gist book, don t you This one was sweet and soooo romantic Deeanne writes some of the best chemistry between characters that I ve ever read Loved and swooned over Luke and just fell in love with the little town This was good and worth every minute of my time.

  15. Sunflower says:
    Love on the Line by Deeanne Gist, is not your usual historical romance and that made, Love on the Line all the a fun read The story of a strong, independent woman and a Texas Ranger, undercover, set in the not so wild frontier of Texas, Love on the Line had all the elements of a perfect Friday night reading, to cozy up with, next to the fire, with a rich, hot chocolate on the table beside you.The characters are well developed, the background for the story, well researched, and just even the bac [...]

  16. Sara ♥ says:
    This book was really interesting, and I quite enjoyed it I was a bit confused by the lack of religion in the book I don t recall the main characters ever going to church or mentioning God or her beliefs in any depth whatsoever I read all sorts of books and am not dependent on those elements at all, so I wasn t disappointed or anything, but it was a bit strange from Deeanne Gist.Georgie Gail is a telephone switchboard operator in Brenham, Texas which is just down the road from where we used to li [...]

  17. Wendy says:
    I loved this book, I read the 362 pages in about four days, that was over the holidays so there wasn t a lot of reading time Needless to say I read until the wee hours of the morning so I could finish it.Georgie Gail finds herself right in the middle of a train robbery, then Lucious Landrum, a Texas Ranger arrives and captures six members of the gang but fails to get the leader Frank Comer Even though Frank Comer is the thief, he s the one that everyone admires not Lucious Frank never does the a [...]

  18. Amber Stokes says:
    Looking for a wonderfully entertaining historical romance that you won t want to put down Say hello to Love on the Line From a heroine with a big heart for birds to a hero with a nest full of secrets, Gist has written an intriguing story with some edgy romance and some historical fun that will have you flying through the pages.Georgie s career as a switchboard operator is interesting to read about and makes for some humorous scenes involving the gossipy townsfolk, as well as some cute scenes bet [...]

  19. Angela Bycroft says:
    I really enjoyed Love On The Line Starting off with a great promise of a fun roller coster of a love tale with a telephone operator and a Texas Ranger But it is so much than that Georgie is the aforementioned switchboard operator and Lucius Laudrum is the ranger but their first meeting isn t one to remember It involves Gerogie being involved in a train heist and feeling sympathy for the robber than that of the lawmaker Their next meeting is with Lucius posing as Luke Palmer a linesman for the [...]

  20. Anne Osterlund says:
    Georgie is a hello girl, the sole switchboard telephone operator in a small Texas town circa 1900 She knows who s sparking who, who s playing what role in the local theater, and who s listening in on party lines.Luke aka Lucious Palmer is a Texas ranger with a giant chip on his shoulder In the form of a local outlaw that keeps giving him the slip Luke has no choice but to go undercover As a telephone troubleman a man hired to string wire and fix the phone lines in a town that already has an oper [...]

  21. Kav says:
    Catchy title for a fetching, light hearted romance The comedy was prevalent in nearly every scene From subtle humour to out loud belly laughs, I smiled my way through this one Which was a little embarrassing since I do most of my reading on the bus Gist is meticulous in her characterization and that s what builds this into a memorable read From Georgie s obsession with birds there s a hysterical scene where she sums up Luke s appearance as if he were one of her bird sightings So funny, I m chuck [...]

  22. Lori says:
    I m not sure what it was about this book that had me kind of yawning through most of it It may be that I ve read too many early frontier books as of late, or maybe it was the weirdness of a bird watching telephone operator and a rough undercover Texas ranger falling in love two people who have absolutely nothing in common Really I guess weirder things have happened Maybe it was just the stress of real life that made this not so much of the escape I was looking for Regardless, I found the plot to [...]

  23. Cornelia says:
    I loved this historical inspirational romance It s about a strong, smart independent woman who works as a telephone operator, this allows her to live interdependently in her own home The hero is a Texas Ranger, undercover as a telephone repairman to capture an outlaw bank robber the townspeople are protecting The writing is marvelous Deeanne Gist puts in so much work to her characterizations the characters come alive in way that few do Her dialogue tags are pure magic.The moment I began this boo [...]

  24. Gaile says:
    Georgie Gail is the only telephone operator in a small Texas town but before she even arrived to take her job, her train was robbed by Frank Comer Then along comes her company s new troubleman, Luke Palmer He, however, isn t what he seems Working undercover to catch Frank Comer, he doesn t expect to fall in love with Georgie Gail or she with him.The only thing I didn t like about this novel was Miss Gail s first name I doubt anyone living at that time would have named their daughter Georgie Geor [...]

  25. Renee says:
    The best book I ve read by Dee for a long while I really liked the hero in this one overalls and all The only thing that bugged me was Georgie s obsession with birds It was kind of annoying but after the midway point of the story there s focus on Luke and his search for the evasive Comer gang Really a fun story and I m SO hoping Bettina Hyena gets her own story She s great Full review to come

  26. Patti says:
    This was a wonderful story A girl with a love of birds and a guy with a love of hunting yes, some birds add in a mystery,a crime to solve and a cover up and you have a great story line THis kept me intrigued until the end A clean story with some lessons to learn and some truths to face It is a light read, but by no means fluff Another great one from Deeanne Gist She is become a favorite of mine

  27. Delynn says:
    Once again, I enjoyed this Deeanne Gist book I felt like I was there experiencing everything I fell in love with Georgie and Luke and didn t want the book to end I Recommend this book if you like historical romance Great read

  28. Danielle says:
    3 1 2 stars is accurate.Overall I enjoyed the book, but it was predicable.

  29. Tito says:
    Was a pretty enjoyable book, but lagged a bit towards the middle However it picked up towards the end and the ending was cute and fun The relationship between the two protagonists did involve descriptions of physical looks, but if you don t really enjoy that too much, then this book might have a bit than one would like As well, I did find that Georgie could act a bit irrational at times, but in the end she was likable Moreover, I didn t really enjoy the fact that the majority of the book isn [...]

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