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Sweetblood There are only two races that matter the Living and the Undeadd with every year that passes the numbers of the Undead grow It is inevitable So says Lucy Szabo She has a theory Hundreds of years ago

There are only two races that matter the Living and the Undeadd with every year that passes, the numbers of the Undead grow It is inevitable.So says Lucy Szabo She has a theory Hundreds of years ago, before the discovery of insulin, slowly dying diabetics were the original vampires Lucy, a diabetic herself, counts herself among the modern Undead.As Sweetblood,There are only two races that matter the Living and the Undeadd with every year that passes, the numbers of the Undead grow It is inevitable.So says Lucy Szabo She has a theory Hundreds of years ago, before the discovery of insulin, slowly dying diabetics were the original vampires Lucy, a diabetic herself, counts herself among the modern Undead.As Sweetblood, she frequents the Transylvania room, an Internet chat room where so called vampires gather to discuss all things goth But Draco, one of the other visitors to Transylvania, claims to be a real vampire and Lucy s not entirely sure he s kidding.As Lucy becomes involved with the goth vampire subculture, everything in her life begins to unravel Her grades plummet, her relationship with her parents deteriorates, and her ability to regulate her blood sugar worsens dramatically.Then she meets Draco face to face, and he invites her into his strange world Lucy realizes that she needs to make some difficult choices if it isn t already too late.Pete Hautman s new take on vampires is a disturbing and fascinating story about an intelligent, cynical teen reinventing herself in the face of a chronic illness.

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  1. Pete Hautman says:
    Pete Hautman is the author of Godless, which won the National Book Award, and many other critically acclaimed books for teens and adults, including Blank Confession, All In, Rash, No Limit, and Invisible Mr Was was nominated for an Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America Pete lives in Minnesota and Wisconsin Visit him at petehautman.

Comment 483 on “Sweetblood

  1. Kasia says:
    I read this for a project in a young adult lit class I thought this book sounded like it could be great, I liked the vampire diabetes theory However, I was disappointed in the one dimensional way it portrayed the gothy kids and it s moralistic tone The ending was a little too go comformity for me.

  2. Miriam says:
    Lucy is a bright teenager who is angry about having diabetes dominate her life.I thought Hautman did a good job balancing a realistic portrayal of Lucy s angst with the reality that both she and her parents were partly responsible for the problems, hard feelings, etc At least, I thought thought this until the ending where the author pulls this ridiculous parental fantasy bait and switch and oh yes, just stop wearing black and dying your hair and do well in school and conform with what your teach [...]

  3. Denys L.H. says:
    This book sucks Hated all of the characters in the book Definitely hated the main character Hated the fact she was a goth oh no, wait, she isn t, right , and hated the fact that it was another shitty vampire novel Why can t I ever read about good vampire novels these days What s with all the horribleness that takes away the mystique vibe from vampire theme books I really want them to burn.Lucy Szabo is a 16 year old with diabetes She is another angsty character that you CAN T relate to She s got [...]

  4. Charles Michie says:
    The novel entitled Sweetblood by Peter Hautman is about a diabetic teenaged girl named Lucy who throughout the book goes on a quest of self realization Lucy is introduced to us as a vampire obsessed goth whose main goal is to show as little warmth as possible to the people in her community For example, at one point in the text, she says that she wants to go throughout the whole day without smiling or saying anything to any one She also uses her interest in Vampirism to isolate herself from her t [...]

  5. Michelle says:
    I really loved this book when I was in Middle School, and I re read it recently, expecting a great story and fond memories Didn t get either Instead, the portrayal of the goths in this book annoyed me, as did the ending The whole idea of conformity happiness was a little too much for me, not to mention how all her problems seemed to come from Lucy being different , and how they all fixed themselves after she started dressing normal again It reminded me too much of the ending of Speak I personall [...]

  6. Elizabeth says:
    A rather fantastic book about being a pissed off diabetic teen, in some ways a bit like reliving high school except I didn t have nearly as many quality snarky comments as Lucy does and at no point did vampires figure into my life And at one point while reading my blood sugars went low while her s were also low so everything got a bit trippy.Some notes This is not actually a vampire book, if you want blood sucking fiends you should read something else As far as reading quality goes this book wou [...]

  7. Zora says:
    After enjoying his newest book, I grabbed this off the public library shelf and glanced at the first page, only intending to see what it was about before I lined up my library books for reading, and I got swept up by his prose, once again deftly transparent I was lost in the story within seconds This is a YA novel about a angsty girl with Type I diabetes who is flailingly angry about it and not sure where to put the anger Add a vampire chatroom, a creepy stalker guy who throws goth parties, and [...]

  8. Fred says:
    There are many components to a book Plots, settings, and characters are all complex parts to the puzzle Genres are also a large component when it comes to any book There s an abundance of different genres out there From Autobiographies to Science Fiction novels, each and every book has a different category The book that I just read by Pete Hautman, was SweetBlood It fits into the category of Teen Fiction with a morbid twist The girl in the story has a perception of life that can be viewed as dis [...]

  9. Zach says:
    This was a very interesting book It was about a girl named Lucinda who happened to be a diabetic She had a theory that diabetics were the real and original vampires She talked on vampire chat rooms and thought the poser vampires were so annoying No one would believe her theory She even wrote a paper about it for english and her parents and teacher wanted her to see a shrink Then one day she went to a goth party where she met an interesting but strange guy He understood her very well maybe even [...]

  10. Set says:
    I thought it was kind of entertaining although I couldn t really relate much Lucy Szabo is a sixteen year old girl with diabetes and has her own theories on vampirism She meets some pedophile online whom never grew up and proclaims himself to be a vampire Lucy starts losing grip of her grades, relationships and health This book burns a few hours it s only 180 pages It also gives us these patronizing life lessons of not meeting strangers online, having to respect your elders, avoiding drugs and a [...]

  11. Alicia says:
    For all the vampire lovers out there, here s another one I would give it to those blood sucking students though it lacks a little bit of depth There isn t much plot and the main character, Lucy, isn t too memorable, yet it scrapes by with just enough vampire lore to qualify Vampires aside, Lucy s character fights diabetes, which is why she is so stuck on vampires Hautman paints the picture of kids living with diabetes and how much is rules their lives Pick it up just for the education on diabete [...]

  12. Judy says:
    Absolutely terrible 176 pages about a mopey teenager with diabetes who thinks she s similar to a vampire If I hadn t borrowed it from the library I would have trashed it SPOILER The book leads up to her meeting this guy Draco in real life from a chatroom who she believes is a vampire Turns out he s just some dirty old man She s quick to change her life around from a goth like behavior and goes straight after his encounter End of story.

  13. Lucy Takeda says:
    I was diagnosed as Type 1 at the age of nine in 1963 Home blood testing wasn t an option I peed in a cup and put in a strip, that gave you an average over the last 3 4 hours I did have to do only one injection a day My grandfather who lived with us did tell me the day I got home from the hospital, People die from that I also recall arguing with folks in junior high when Kennedy s Fitness Program kicked in that told me repeatedly, Doing the lengthy run before lunch won t be a problem We ll be doi [...]

  14. Cristy Hoggan says:
    When I high school vampires were the big thing just about every where So of course i decided to read all about vampires after twilight I found this book in the school library I decided to read it again because I couldn t quite remember some things in the book I think this would be a good book for students who don t feel the don t have a place This book goes into the life of a young girl who is stuck with a life long disease and she tries to find a place before it is to late.WarningsDrugs noSex t [...]

  15. Arlene says:
    This an interesting story of a high school girl names Lucy who struggles with diabetes She s into dressing goth and has few friends There are no vampires just the kind she meets on a web sight called Transylvania She has a theory that the vampire myth started due to people suffering from diabetes in the middle ages She has problems with her parents and teachers.It was an okay read and it certainly gives you a real picture of how people suffer with this disease.

  16. Helen says:
    Wow What an amazing, intriguing book Hartman turns the teen vampire trope on its head in this well told story of a diabetic girl struggling to come to grips with her life and her disease.

  17. Elle Musoke says:
    You ll like this if you are 12 and if being goth is still a thing Three stars.

  18. Yesenia says:
    The book was honestly isn t how I expected it to be It s really good and the story itself is interesting I don t absolutely love it but it made me want to keep reading.

  19. Sanura says:
    Lucy Szabo is a diabetic that believes the first vampires were just like her however everyone else around her seems a little hesitant to accept her ideas Lucy has what her family like to describe as social problems and therefore sees a psychiatrist who she believe doesn t understand her at all With her black hair, fishnets, army boots, and all around goth look she doesn t have many close friends accept for her childhood friend Mark But then she gets drawn in by the Transylvanian chat room, where [...]

  20. Lizzy Seitz says:
    It was nice to have a type one diabetic as the main character I ended up liking this book overall

  21. Melissa says:
    Have you ever felt different, like no one understands you That s how Lucy feels in the book Sweet Blood by Pete Hautman Lucy is a sixteen year old girl suffering from diabetes She has done a lot of research on diabetes and now believes that in the olden times vampires were really just people showing signs of diabetes She writes a paper, explaining her theory, for a class and it gets her in trouble with her parents and school Her parents begin to believe that maybe she is getting to weird and the [...]

  22. Christina Nash says:
    Sweet Blood Review Christina Nash Lucy Szabo is a teenage girl with diabetes Lucy has gotten A s in school before this year but for some reason now her grades are dropping and she is having trouble regulating her blood sugar Lucy has been getting into lots of arguments with her parents lately and she thinks it s no big deal until she gets her computer taken away A new boy starts going to Lucy s school one day who invites Lucy to a party at an old building called to carfax Lucy meets a strange ma [...]

  23. Jaemi says:
    When Luzy Szabo was six years old, she found a dying bat in her yeard Not knowing what it was, other than a small critter, she picked it up and brought it to show her mother, who quickly beat it to death with a broom and threw it in the trash When her father arrives home, he s angry, and worried, as Lucy s hands are covered with scratches She knows they re from berry bushes, but doesn t want to get in trouble for being someplace she wasn t stupposed to be, so she doesn t say anything And off to [...]

  24. Olivia says:
    I feel like a lot of people failed to see the point Lucy wasn t originally a Goth girl Which, it s totally fine if she is, but she wasn t that way originally She became that way when she was diagnosed with diabetes It s almost like she sees her sickness as a punishment and dressed accordingly to show her anger I remember a part specifically where she paints a portrait of herself with her original hair color blonde and mentions how her hair wasn t always the color black While I m no fan of how he [...]

  25. Hannah says:
    Sweetblood follows teenager Lucy Szabo as she deals with her diabetes and various people in the Goth subculture I was prepared to give Sweetblood 3.5 stars at the penultimate chapter It was a decent story, well written I found the theory about vampire legends being inspired by untreated diabetics to be fascinating Overall, I liked it and would read it again.But the ending The last chapter Ugh Really Lucy view spoiler ditches her black hair and Goth attire because she is a changed person, a whole [...]

  26. Wolf says:
    At first, I was thinking oh, just another stupid vampire novel I didn t notice the published date, of course, nor the author I picked it up because of the cover It looked interesting, even if it WAS about vampires Well, upon reading the back, it s not about vampires at all, but diabetes, Goth culture sort of , and being who you want to be I also picked that up from reading the book, too, of course, but usually I would have put it down before getting to that Thankfully, I noticed the author Pete [...]

  27. AnnaBnana says:
    Lucy is an angry teenage diabetic who longs to be normal, but nonetheless has a habit of dressing in black and haunting vampire chat rooms on the Internet She s got some unique theories about how vampire lore likely originated from people seeing the affects of untreated diabetes When she writes a paper for her creative writing class outlining her theories, all of the adults in her life become maddeningly concerned Her parents confiscate her computer, which sends Lucy into a self destructive spir [...]

  28. SashaMizaree (Reviews) says:
    I read this book when I was younger, like 15 or so, and enjoyed it at the time It wasn t action packed or insanely exciting per say, but there was an accurate portrayal of teenage angst I do think this book is for a younger audience, it isn t something I d read now However it was, as far as I remember granted after all these years, I wouldn t give my memory 100 % credit on the realistic side At least in the sense that it wasn t about supernatural vampires, but rather people who believe they ar [...]

  29. Jessica says:
    Lucy is an angsty teenager who has diabetes and is certainly not okay with it She feels that it controls her life and rebels in the usual ways grades slipping, breaking rules, delving into topics that make her parents uncomfortable Her parents and teachers react in a way that is in its own way over dramatic by making her see a shrink over a paper she wrote about historic vampirism I remember reading this book very quickly in high school and thinking that theory that the main character has about [...]

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