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Batman Archives, Vol. 2

Batman Archives Vol Re presented from the early s the adventures of Batman and Robin from the pages of Detective Comics

Re presented from the early 1940 s, the adventures of Batman and Robin from the pages of Detective Comics 51 70.

  • [PDF] Batman Archives, Vol. 2 | by ↠ Bill Finger Bob Kane
    231 Bill Finger Bob Kane

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  1. Bill Finger Bob Kane says:
    William Bill Finger was an American comic strip and comic book writer best known as the uncredited co creator, with Bob Kane, of the DC Comics character Batman, as well as the co architect of the series development In later years, Kane acknowledged Finger as a contributing force in the character s creation Comics historian Ron Goulart, in Comic Book Encyclopedia, refers to Batman as the creation of artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger , and a DC Comics press release in 2007 about colleague Jerry Robinson states that in 1939, Kane, along with writer Bill Finger, had just created Batman for DC predecessor National Comics.Film and television credits include scripting The Green Slime 1969 , Track of the Moon Beast 1976 , and three episodes of 77 Sunset Strip.

Comment 392 on “Batman Archives, Vol. 2

  1. Adam Graham says:
    This book contains nearly 300 pages of Golden Age reprints of Batman stories from Detective Comics 51 70 with each story being 12 pages long.The book features a great introduction by crime writer Max Allan Collins who breaks down the history on each comic and what it s going for Collins is also able to offer some cogent comparisons with Dick Tracy.Then we re for a total of 20 different stories which are solid quality Of the twenty stories in the book, we have the first two stories with Two Face, [...]

  2. Brent says:
    Great fun to read especially the earliest stories of Penguin and Two Face There are other writers here, but Bill Finger is most fun This is an opportunity to take stock of the early inks and designs of Jerry Robinson, as he grows in craft, too.Recommended.

  3. Mike Jensen says:
    It is hard for many people who grew up reading comics in the fifties and sixties to read comics from the thirties and forties While hardly sophisticated, the later comics are much sophisticated in their art and story telling than older comics Most of the stories in this collection are just bad, but of interest to comic book historians, Batman die hards, and those silly people who work on Shakespeare in popular culture I was trolling for Shakespeare references, of course, and found a couple of u [...]

  4. Michael Tildsley says:
    Sure it s a blast from the past, but this volume of early 40s Batman comics is a five star romp all the way I had a blast reading through these, and I felt like, at times, I was watching unaired episodes of the 60s tv show Batman and Robin are timeless heroes, but these are some of their earliest stories, which don t shy away from the time period in which they were published There is a certain flair and character to these shorts that is missing from the dark, pensive Batman of today I can t wait [...]

  5. Steven Heywood says:
    Some of the earliest Batman stories Tightly plotted and as full of detail as the later stories but with the dark, angular art of Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson.

  6. Nolan says:
    This book is so cool I really love going back in comic history.

  7. Sherri says:
    Volume 2 of the original comic books Written by Bill Finger, illustrated by Bob Kane.

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