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Sineklerin Tanrısı

Sineklerin Tanr s Sineklerin Tanr s ba lang ta ss z bir adaya d en ocuklar n ser venlerini anlatan k kler i in yaz lm bir yk R M Ballantyne n Mercan Adas n n a da bir uygulamas san labilir Hatta Golding kendine zg

Sineklerin Tanr s ba lang ta, ss z bir adaya d en ocuklar n ser venlerini anlatan, k kler i in yaz lm bir yk , R.M Ballantyne n Mercan Adas n n a da bir uygulamas san labilir Hatta Golding, kendine zg buruk alayc l kla, okuyucunun bu san s n peki tirmek istercesine, Sineklerin Tanr s n n ba l ca iki ki isine Mercan Adas n n ocuklar ndan ald RalphSineklerin Tanr s ba lang ta, ss z bir adaya d en ocuklar n ser venlerini anlatan, k kler i in yaz lm bir yk , R.M Ballantyne n Mercan Adas n n a da bir uygulamas san labilir Hatta Golding, kendine zg buruk alayc l kla, okuyucunun bu san s n peki tirmek istercesine, Sineklerin Tanr s n n ba l ca iki ki isine Mercan Adas n n ocuklar ndan ald Ralph ve Jack adlar n verir Mercan Adas nda Ballantyne, olduk a duygusal ve biraz da b n bir iyimserlikle, gemileri batt ktan sonra Pasifik Okyanusu nda ss z bir adaya s nan ngiliz gencinin, B y k Britanya uygarl n n olduk a ba ar l bir k k rne ini nas l yeniden kurduklar n anlat r Golding in Sineklerin Tanr s nda da bir mercan adas ve ngiliz ocuklar vard r Ama alt ve on iki ya aras nda olan bu ocuklar, gelecekteki atom sava s ras nda, g venilir bir yere g t r lmek zere bindikleri ak bir sald r ya u rad i in bu mercan adas na d m lerdir Ve bu mercan adas nda olup bitenler, Ballantne n roma nnda olup bitenlere hi mi hi benzememektedirSineklerin Tanr s nda g rd m z ss z ada da yery z n n cennetlerinden biridir ocuklar da bu adan n n, okuduklar Mercan Adas na ok benzedi ini s ylerler Ne var ki, ba lang ta bunu hi sezinlemedi imiz halde, atom a n n ocuklar , bu g zelim aday her a dan bir cehenneme evireceklerdir.Mina Urgan

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  1. William Golding Mîna Urgan says:
    Sir William Gerald Golding was a British novelist, poet, and playwright best known for his 1954 novel Lord of the Flies Golding spent two years in Oxford focusing on sciences however, he changed his educational emphasis to English literature, especially Anglo Saxon.During World War II, he was part of the Royal Navy which he left five years later His bellic experience strongly influenced his future novels.Later, he became a teacher and focused on writing.Some of his influences are classical Greek literature, such as Euripides, and The Battle of Maldon, an Anglo Saxon oeuvre whose author is unknown.The attention given to Lord of the Flies, Golding s first novel, by college students in the 1950s and 1960s drove literary critics attention to it.He was awarded the Booker Prize for literature in 1980 for his novel Rites of Passage, the first book of the trilogy To the Ends of the Earth He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1983 and was knighted in 1988.In 2008, The Times ranked Golding third on their list of The 50 greatest British writers since 1945.

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  1. Silvana says:
    This book is horrifying I m scared like hell Totally.I was expecting an adventure book telling about some children who got stranded in an island, but ended up with goosebumps.A bit of synopsis A number of English school boys suffered from a plane accident causing them to get stranded in an uninhibited island The period was maybe during the World War II Trying to be civilized, they elected a leader for themselves as well started the division of tasks hunters, fire watchers, etc Things turned bad [...]

  2. Nora says:
    I read this book a long time ago, long enough to where I barely remembered anything past the basic premise So I picked it up again, only to wish I hadn t There s a reason why they teach this book in middle school in order to enjoy this book, one s intellectual cognizance must be that of a child, because otherwise you ll spend the entire time picking out everything that s wrong with the book And there s a lot to pick out.From what little of the story that is actually coherent, I can see why this [...]

  3. Emily May says:
    Kids are evil Don t you know I ve just finished rereading this book for my book club but, to be honest, I ve liked it ever since my class were made to read it in high school Overall, Lord of the Flies doesn t seem to be very popular, but I ve always liked the almost Hobbesian look at the state of nature and how humanity behaves when left alone without societal rules and structures Make the characters all angel faced kids with sadistic sides to their personality and what do you have Just your ave [...]

  4. Nancy says:
    Lord of the Flies is one of the most disturbing books I ve ever read It was required high school reading and since then, I ve read it four times It is as disturbing now as it was then Using a group of innocent schoolboys stranded on an island, the author very realistically portrays human behavior in an environment where civilization no longer has meaning.

  5. Mk says:
    I hated this book First off, as I remember, it talks about humans failure to govern ourselves, or broadly the failures of human nature There are a few reasons why I think simply dropping a group of kids on a desert island does not in fact prove anything.1 These kids were raised in a capitalist, nominally demcratic society The first thing they do is appoint leaders As someone who spends my time working in consensus based groups seeking to challenge hierarchical structures, I have a strong belief [...]

  6. Andrew says:
    I was tempted to give this five stars, since in so many ways it strikes me as the kind of masterpiece, like Heart of Darkness, that I imagine will retain its horror and readability for centuries The prose veers or as Golding would say it, tends from plain to painterly The story is well known a sort of allegorical morality play set in modern times fancy English boys left to their own devices don t so much as revert to darkness as discover primitive outlets for the darkness reflected in their grea [...]

  7. Lisa says:
    We did everything adults would do What went wrong You did everything adults would do That s what went wrong There is much to be said against this novel, and it has been said, eloquently, poignantly, many times Let me make a case for keeping it on the curriculum despite the dated language, the graphic violence, the author s personalityThere are two myths about adolescents, and this novel does away with them in a admittedly drastic way First of all, there is no general innocence in adolescents The [...]

  8. Yulia says:
    I was Piggy well, in personality at least, though not in portliness I hated everyone who picked on him I still do Should people be forgiven for what they do on a deserted island That depends on whether you think their true nature has revealed itself, or their humanity has been corrupted by circumstance and stress In a world where almost every human trait is now considered a product of both nature and nurture, would Golding have written his tale differently today No, I don t believe so He was qui [...]

  9. Helen (Helena/Nell) says:
    Over the years I must have read this book five or six times Last night I was reading it on a train with a highlighter in my hand, because I decided to teach it this year again Teachers wreck books, of course We all know that On the other hand, whatever you have to study read, you tend to carry a bit of it with you You don t forget that book, at least Although I must add, that it s quite risky introducing to a Scottish classroom a book with the memorable words The English are best at everything I [...]

  10. Lyn says:
    Years after I read this masterpiece, it is still chilling Golding spins a yarn that could have been told centuries ago, primal human nature unmoored from civilization does not take long to break away and devolve into a feral thing.As good today, and as haunting, as it was when it was published in 1954 This should be on a list of books that must be read.

  11. David says:
    I just don t buy it.This book is famous for unmasking what brutes we are, just under the surface, but, well, for all the hype, it just isn t convincing People even teenage boys just aren t as savage as Golding seems to want us to believe, and nothing in this book persuades me otherwise.Perhaps if I d gone to English boarding school I d feel differently but then that s the real irony of this book, that the brutality from which the British Empire was supposed to save so many people and cultures wa [...]

  12. Aj the Ravenous Reader says:
    I only know that Lord of the Flies is an extremely popular classic book but I have zero idea on what it s about and I must say, this is completely unexpected and until now I m not sure if that s in a good way or bad The premise is without a doubt ingenious a group of kids castaway in an island Sounds like a partaayy Tom Hanks would have loved to jump in if only he weren t an adult And party it was at the greater half of the book which mostly consisted of 1 Purposeless assemblies2 A lot of giggli [...]

  13. Henry Avila says:
    A British airplane, on fire, crashes on a deserted, isolated, South Sea s island, in the middle of an atomic war, set in the near future All the grown ups are killed, and only children , 12 and younger survive, how are they to cope basically an allegorical story of what is human nature , good or evil Ralph is chosen leader, Piggy , his intellectual sidekick, he wears glasses, this beautiful , green, tropical coral isle , with a blue lagoon, magnificent palm trees, better yet, coconut trees too, [...]

  14. Scarlet Cameo says:
    Lectura con el grupo PopSugar Reading Challenge en Espa olEn este mundo hay libro de los que nunca se duda el porque son cl sicos y ste es uno de ellos Con una premisa que ha sido explotad sima durante a os c mo hace un grupo de personas para sobrevivir en un ambiente aislado y reducido en recursos hoy en d a tenemos ejemplos como TWD y Lost para alimentarnos de esta idea germinal, pero ninguno de ellos logra lo que Golding hizo en este libro, que es mostrar claramente como se va perdiendo la hu [...]

  15. Gothadh says:
    I absolutely hated this book That s my over riding memory of it I m afraid I had to read it in secondary school when I was about 12 and I never remember disliking a book so much which was surprising as I was a voracious reader.I just remember having absolutely nothing in common with the characters a group of English upper middle class school boys whereas I was a Scottish working class girl I just could not relate to the story at all and just wished they would all kill each other as soon as possi [...]

  16. Natalie Vellacott says:
    This book shocked me Not so much because of the content, I will come onto that, but because my gentle, kind, mother recommended it to me My mum who mutes the TV when a swear word is coming up and who can t stand any type of violence recommended a book that involves children killing each other Perhaps in her case familiarity has rendered the content less offensive she studied it in high school and it had her childish scrawls all the way through, also entertaining That said, there was a lot to thi [...]

  17. Joshua Nomen-Mutatio says:

  18. Cecily says:
    A hard book to rate as although its well written and is very thought provoking, the content gets unpleasantly graphic and some aspects are awkwardly dated eg the assumption the British boys should be jolly good chaps we re not savages, we re English OTIt starts off as a conventional adventure a mixed group of boys some know each other many who don t survive a plane crash on a desert island and struggle to survive It is somewhat confused and confusing at first perhaps to make the reader empathise [...]

  19. Fernando says:
    Civilizaci n y barbarie Civilizaci n o barbarie Cu n profunda es el alma humana Somos todos tan malos Somos buenos y en alg n momento la vida hace aflorar lo m s perverso que est oculto en nuestros corazones Nacemos con una maldad adormecida y latente o las circunstancias de la vida nos transforman e inclinan hacia el mal Este libro me ha hecho plantear estas preguntas Me ha hecho pensar En otras rese as, he comentado cu les fueron los libros que m s me han gustado y en este caso debo decir que [...]

  20. James says:
    Book Review3 out of 5 stars to Lord of the Flies, a coming of age novel written in 1954 by William Golding, who was a Nobel Prize winner Most people have either read this book during middle high school in America or Great Britain , or have heard of it because of its supposed cannibalism story line But wait it wasn t cannibalism huge exaggeration to set straight, right from the beginning But let s back up At a time of war, a group of pre teen boys are in a plane that crashed onto an isolated and [...]

  21. Mario says:
    Maybe there is a beast maybe it s only us.This book doesn t fall under horror category, right Then why did it scare living crap out of me Lord of the Flies is a story about a group of boys who get marooned on one island after their plane crashed Now, from the first page of this book, I had this uneasy feeling for some reason And the I read, the that feeling grew I ve already heard that this book was not an easy book to read and that there were some pretty disturbing scenes But still, I did not [...]

  22. Jason Koivu says:
    I ve got the conch now, so listen up In Lord of the Flies Golding deconstructed civilization, wiping it out and showing us our world in chaos It s not pretty Man without governance is apt to slide into savagery At first the castaway children on this deserted isle set up rules and leadership, but law and order is overwhelmed when the majority discover there is no immediate consequence if they give in to their wants and desires In the place of civility, a brutal world is born in which might is rig [...]

  23. Evgeny says:
    A group read with a bunch of Pantaloonless Buddies.A group of young boys are dumped on a small island in the middle of Atlantic The reason for this is very sketchy and the tale starts right after this event For a while it was all fun and games until it was not primitive instincts took over and for kids it became kill or be killed survival This book was hailed by some critics as the best novels written in English This is also an undisputed classic and a required reading in high school It did not [...]

  24. Scribble Orca says:
    UPDATE I was very saddened to read this Guardian article about Golding s manipulation of the classroom as a means to inform this work Here is the dichotomy between contextual analysis and the reading of a book in isolation It s of no consequence to anyone but me that my previous rating is reduced to no stars, but a writer searching for plot events or people on which to base characters has a moral obligation, particularly when dealing with children, not to indulge in the seductive siren call to e [...]

  25. Ahmad Sharabiani says:
    508 Lord of the flies, William Golding 1353 372 1385 9646671918 1363 270 1363 282 1363 336 1390 327 9786009254552 1379 1382 443 9643670937 1385 1388 9789643670931 1395 287 9789640018743 .

  26. Riku Sayuj says:
    This tends to me among the top five books I recommend to anyone who cares to ask.Questioning and undermining Rousseau s noble savage was one of its essential goals as Alan mentions below , hence the positioning of a classic dystopia in an idyllic setting and the choice of boy scout perfect protagonists It is as good a dystopic novel as they come And essential because most dystopic novels were set in urban settings, giving the illusion that extreme control leads to dystopia Golding shows that ext [...]

  27. Coos Burton says:
    M tala Deg llala Des ngrala Como en qu momento todo se puso tan terriblemente turbio y macabro Empez como una historia al estilo Mark Twain y termin como algo salido de las pesadillas Progresivamente se hizo m s oscura hasta que todo se sali de control, y sigo sin poder procesar lo que le Es un librazo, de eso no tengo dudas.Me reservo una opini n m s detallada para la video rese a que subir a mi canal muy pronto, as que si gustan chusmear, los invito a hacerlo youtube coosburton

  28. Χαρά Ζ. says:
    _The lord of the flies_ It is a 4,5 The writing is excellent, the pacing is excellent, the characters are kids and they certainly do feel like children Completely and utterly foolish children.This book shows that r Golding deeply believed that the human race is evil I, also myself, do believe that too Only 4 people managed to remain human, and yes, they were all hurt by the island and yes their whole existance got shattered into pieces, but only 4 people had their soul intact, had their pride in [...]

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