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Billy Connolly's World Tour of Australia

Billy Connolly s World Tour of Australia Travelling by plane motorbike boat and foot Billy Connolly tours the country performing his stage show and delivers and individual commentary on all things Australian

Travelling by plane, motorbike, boat and foot, Billy Connolly tours the country performing his stage show and delivers and individual commentary on all things Australian.

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  1. Billy Connolly says:
    William Billy Connolly, Jr CBE is a Scottish comedian, musician, presenter and actor He is sometimes known, especially in his native Scotland, by the nickname The Big Yin The Big One His first trade, in the early 1960s, was as a welder specifically a boilermaker in the Glasgow shipyards, but he gave it up towards the end of the decade to pursue a career as a folk singer in the Humblebums and subsequently as a soloist In the early 1970s he made the transition from folk singer with a comedic persona to fully fledged comedian, a role in which he continues He also became an actor, and has appeared in such films as Mrs Brown 1997 , for which he was nominated for a BAFTA The Boondock Saints 1999 The Last Samurai 2003 Lemony Snicket s A Series of Unfortunate Events 2004 and The X Files I Want to Believe 2008 It is as a stand up comedian that Connolly is best known His observational comedy is idiosyncratic and often off the cuff He has outraged certain sectors of audiences, critics and the media with his free use of the word fuck He has made jokes relating to masturbation, blasphemy, defecation, flatulence, haemorrhoids, sex, his father s illness, his aunts cruelty and, in the latter stages of his career, old age specifically his experiences of growing old In 2007 and again in 2010, he was voted the greatest stand up comic on Channel 4 s 100 Greatest Stand Ups.Connolly has been married to comedian and psychologist Pamela Stephenson since 1989 In the book Billy, and in a December 2008 online interview, Connolly states he was sexually abused by his father between the ages of 10 and 15 He believes this was a result of the Catholic Church not allowing his father to divorce after his mother left the family Due to this, Connolly has a deep distrust and dislike of the Catholic church and any other organization that brainwashes people In a 1999 interview with The Sunday Herald Connolly condemned the SNP as racist and the new Scottish parliament as a joke.In November 1998, Connolly was the subject of a two hour retrospective entitled Billy Connolly Erect for 30 Years, which included tributes from Judi Dench, Sean Connery, Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and Eddie Izzard.

Comment 975 on “Billy Connolly's World Tour of Australia

  1. notgettingenough says:
    Not a fan of the Billy I don t understand why getting overexcited with a Scottish accent is supposed to be funny He shouts all the time A good comic wouldn t have to do that.Anyway, he did Australia and it will come as no great surprise that Australians did him For The Chaser does Billy Connolly s World Tour of Iraq go here youtube watch v Ppfnu

  2. Samantha says:
    I love Billy Connolly and really enjoyed the TV series which the book covers I got this used rather than having bought it brand new but would have been disappointed if I had paid full price as basically this adds nothing new What you saw in the TV series is what is in this book It would be nice if they added some additional photos, comments etc If you want a picture book illustrating the series then this is it Nothing else to say really.

  3. Chris Steeden says:
    I loved the television series but this book is wafer thin You could easily whip through this in one or two sittings I enjoyed reading it 20 years after the series but Billy could really have put in a lot information, historical and observational.

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