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A Luz do Fogo

A Luz do Fogo Marcada como especial numa idade precoce Jacinda sabe que cada movimento seu controlado mas anseia pela liberdade de poder fazer as suas pr prias escolhas Quando quebra o princ pio mais sagrado entr

Marcada como especial numa idade precoce, Jacinda sabe que cada movimento seu controlado, mas anseia pela liberdade de poder fazer as suas pr prias escolhas Quando quebra o princ pio mais sagrado entre a sua esp cie, quase chega a pagar por isso com a pr pria vida At ser salva por um belo desconhecido Um desconhecido que foi enviado para ca ar aqueles que s o como elMarcada como especial numa idade precoce, Jacinda sabe que cada movimento seu controlado, mas anseia pela liberdade de poder fazer as suas pr prias escolhas Quando quebra o princ pio mais sagrado entre a sua esp cie, quase chega a pagar por isso com a pr pria vida At ser salva por um belo desconhecido Um desconhecido que foi enviado para ca ar aqueles que s o como ela Jacinda uma draki descendente de drag es cuja maior defesa a habilidade secreta de mudar para a forma humana For ada a fugir para o mundo mortal com a sua fam lia, Jacinda esfor a se por se adaptar ao seu novo ambiente A sua nica luz Will Um jovem lindo e evasivo que devolve a vida ao seu draki interior Embora se sinta irresistivelmente atra da por ele, Jacinda sabe o segredo obscuro de Will ele e a sua fam lia s o ca adores Deve, por isso, evit lo a todo custo.Mas o seu draki interior est a morrer lentamente se ele morrer, ela ser humana para sempre Far tudo para impedir que isso aconte a Mesmo que isso signifique ficar mais perto do seu mais perigoso inimigo.Poderes m ticos e um romance de tirar o f lego inflamam a hist ria de uma rapariga que desafia todas as expectativas e cujo amor atravessa quaisquer obst culos.

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  1. Sophie Jordan says:
    Pseudonym Sharie KohlerSophie Jordan took her adolescent daydreaming one step further and penned her first historical romance in the back of her high school Spanish class This passion led her to pursue a degree in English and History.A brief stint in law school taught her that case law was not nearly as interesting as literature teaching English seemed the natural recourse After several years teaching high school students to love Antigone, Sophie resigned with the birth of her first child and decided it was time to pursue the long held dream of writing.In less than three years, her first book, Once Upon A Wedding Night, a 2006 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Nominee for Best First Historical, hit book shelves Her second novel, Too Wicked To Tame, released in March 2007 with a bang, landing on the USA Today Bestseller s List.

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  1. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:
    His black T shirt is a second skin, plastered to his lean chest In our shadowed cave, his wet hair looks nearly black It could be lighter when dry Medium brown or even a dark blond But it s his eyes that hold me Deeply set beneath thick brows, they drill into me with a stark intensity, scanning me, all of me.In that single moment we connected Somehow it happened.Oh, god save us all from insta love.The plot is dumb because the stupid little emo rhymes with itch main character, Jacinda, is dumb as [...]

  2. Shannon says:
    Incredibly disappointed Those two words sum up my feelings for this book pretty succinctly What could have been an awesome teen book with dragon shifters and the trials of wanting to fit in turned into a whine and pine fest the likes of which I ve never seen before And no, I have not read Twilight There aren t any glaring spoilers in this review, at least nothing that couldn t be gleaned from the dust jacket, but I do discuss most of the book here, so you re forewarned Preemptive apology here I [...]

  3. Monisha says:
    Shape shifters are nothing new.But shape shifter dragons How cool is that OR NOT I loved the idea, but unfortunately, I struggled a lot with Firelight and story fell short.There were such high expectations for this book, but it sucked G TIME The tagline for this book is A hidden truth Mortal enemies Doomed love See, this part was what intrigued me the most But after a few chapters, this unique story about draki s turned into a new girl in town meets hot distant boy at school story and it lost al [...]

  4. Anniebananie says:
    Ach Menno, ich kann dem Buch leider echt nicht mehr als 3 Sterne geben und das obwohl die Geschichte so viel Potenzial hat und es sich so schnell lesen lies Allerdings waren hier so viele Jugendbuchklischees enthalten, vom Highschoolzickendrama ber Instalove bis hin zum Anfang eines Liebesdreiecks Darum musste ich 2 Sterne abziehen obwohl mir die Idee, das Worldbuilding und soweit eigentlich auch die Charaktere gefallen haben Klar, Jacinda war manchmal ein wenig eigen, aber ich finde es gibt ner [...]

  5. Haleema says:
    Beware of spoilers I feel so immoral to give this one two stars However, it doesn t entirely deserve one star either I was contemplating quite hard before giving this book two stars YeahFirst of all, Firelight It s a good thing that doesn t sound like Twilight because that would have been really stupidFirelight was about tries to think up words Ummm uh eeeh ohh Really What was it about ding Oh, yeah Firelight was about a monotonous, pessimistic, idiotic, depressing little twit named Bella Swan J [...]

  6. Tera says:
    An amazing and dramatic book I was attached to Jacinda from page one, from the moment she first takes flight With romance, danger, action, family, new friends, and ancient rules, this is definitely one to watch for this fall.

  7. Lora says:
    First off, let s start with the things I liked about Firelight The writing Fairly good Although maybe a little too easy for my taste I think the biggest word she used was confidante , it had a nice flow that made it easy to flip pages at rapid fire speed Also, I thought that the world she created was slightly original than other paranormal worlds out there right now I liked the whole draki idea, it made for a fresh plot that was engrossing than most copycat cough vampires cough ideas being pub [...]

  8. Katy says:
    LA PEOR INVERSI N QUE HICE EN MI VIDA Y encima no me lo aceptan en ninguna casa de libros usados Casi me largo a llorar cuando ped que me lo cambiaran por uno de Shakespeare no funcion ODIO A LA VENDEDORA.Cuando lo le el a o pasado a principio de a o, dije Me gust , qu se yo Pero ahora siento que me volv mucho m s cr tica y cada vez que lo veo me da verg enza tenerlo ah en el estante Dios Me lo quiero sacar de encima y no s c mo Me hab a llamado la atenci n que fuera sobre dragones, y en efecto [...]

  9. Kim says:
    Warning 99,9% of his review has nothing to do with this book.I was going to review this, but I m having the same problem as my good friend Jess I honestly don t know what to say about this book It could be because of the circumstances I ll give you a few examples when you should not be reading a book.Yes, there are certain places cases events where you shouldn t be reading, quit scowling at me, you silly person.Some suggestions While driving a car While doing open heart surgery on somebody While [...]

  10. Neil (or bleed) says:
    1.5Obviously, Firelight did disappoint me With dragons draki and all that shit, I thought this will be different, really different, but no It was a freaking love story dressed in dragons The romance overthrew the plot shakes my head This is my first book, if my memory isn t failing me, about dragons And this concept of dragons draki is unique and new to me since it was my first dragon book lol but the story is so, so clich It is like the typical shows cater by our local television when it comes [...]

  11. Macarena Yannelli says:
    4,5Muy entretenida historia, Jacinda es una protagonista interesante, decidida y fuerte Me gusto como comenz el libro, sin mucha introducci n que digamos Espero continuar con la saga y que sea a n mejor Rese a completa en Gracias a los Libros.

  12. Mizuki says:
    2.5 stars If you can handle cliches flying from all directions, then you might be okay with this book.Firelight, one hell of cliched book it is, to a point that I want to make a cliches check list 1 A heroine who is so very special, she s also the only one of her kind Check 2 A heroine who is tired of everyone paying extra attention to her, and wants nothing to be ordinary Check 3 Said heroine encounters a hunter boy who s supposed to hunt and kill her, but somehow he doesn t Check 4 Meeting sai [...]

  13. Lea says:
    Alrighty, so I just finished this book And I m wavering between a 2.5 and a 3 star review.Overall, you know, it wasn t bad I ve read much worse Fallen series, anyone Anyone The premise of the story is different, which I definitely liked I mean, a book about a girl who descends from dragons That s cool But I don t know, try as I did, there were just things about this book that left me frustrated It s not that I didn t like it that I think it had the potential to be a lot better.Jacinda is a drak [...]

  14. Alex Bennett says:
    Firelight by Sophie Jordan was one of the best books I have ever read But I think I owe you of an explanation than that From page one, I knew that this book would take over my life While reading, everything I did revolved around this book When I ate, when if I did homework, if I even came out of my room.Starting off with a bang, the whole story leaves you hungry for To the point of you never wanting to stop I felt an instant need to read about the amazing mythology, characters, and story the [...]

  15. Colleen Houck says:
    My favorite thing about this book is the draki world that Sophie created I feel like she only scratched the surface there and that she has so much to tell us What an exciting new series to be able to read I m very much looking forward to the second book Is it wrong to beg another author for an advanced copy because I m not too proud to beg.

  16. Liz says:
    The problem of such books is just that sometimes the write style or the characters or the combination of both, take all the tension And the book turns out to be fucking awful The idea behind the book is actually intriguing and it makes you long for , but the execution of this idea leaves a lot to be desiredIt could have been much better It was not This is the reason why I gave only 2 stars Sorry I wish I could give The write style was sometimes just too long winded and unrealistic Sometimes Jac [...]

  17. Okapi says:
    As a fan of dragons, the premise sounded promising a hiatus from vampires, werewolves and angels while still lingering in the paranormal zone Curled up in my bed for a couple hours, I read this novel in one sitting, my attention constantly tethered to the rapt and engaging plot But alas, my eyes uncovered a paltry, watery novel that washed through my mind and caused me to forget about it soon after.I love the concept of draki, the descendants of dragons, morphing into human, and their customs ar [...]

  18. Carolina says:
    Whoever designed this cover was a genius I loved that this girl actually had a head and a mostly visible face I get worn out with all the headless covers in YA Still, you have no idea what this book is about because you can t see the body, but one glimpse at this mostly human face the bright red hair, the glitter and the shine and the subtle scales and you know that somewhere in there, there s some sparkly fantasy I saw this cover and drooled just a little bit It was enough for me to start covet [...]

  19. Nic says:
    Quiet surrounds us So thick I can taste it He sends me a sidelong glance, the gold of his hazel eyes sparking warmth in my chest, igniting a burn I thought was dying.Wow, what a stunning book Firelight was a beautiful tale of forbidden love, danger and mythical abilities I had high hopes for this book and it didn t disappoint You can tell Jordan is an experienced writer The way it flowed, the way it captivated me from the first page, it was just magical I have so many quotes that I love from thi [...]

  20. Anja says:
    3.5 FIRE BREATHING STARS What good is safety if you re dead inside Yeah, this book wasn t really my thing, I kind of expected from it.I loved the whole draki concept but I wish Sophie Jordan executed it a little better As you all know, I absolutely hate insta love and that s exactly what happens here They meet one minute, they have an instant connection and POOF, butterlies fly and they re madly in love No, just no.

  21. Josephine Angelini says:
    I loved this book I sat down on my bed with it and didn t get up until I finished Sophie, you must give me the second one IMMEDIATELY

  22. Jacob Proffitt says:
    This book is full to the brim with stupid Now, some of that I expected because it s clearly a YA angst novel Jacinda is exactly the angsty teen Mary Sue you d expect from the setup All the hot, socially alpha boys love her but her life isn t that keen because all the girls hate her Also, everybody is picking on her except the hot boys she actually likes Yadda yadda Like I said, I knew that going in, so that wasn t the problem.The problem is that everybody in the novel is stupid Let me illustrate [...]

  23. Jessica says:
    Itsy bitsy tiny spoilers ahead I don t know what it is with this book but I m having an extremely hard time reviewing it.Maybe I can t come up with anything to say about it because it s just like every other paranormal YA novel out there right now Granted, the whole draki idea is new but they re basically described to be just like werewolves Living in a pack with hierarchic structure which is lead by an alpha, displaying an extremely territorial behavioryada yada yadaRing a bell Anyhow, Fireligh [...]

  24. Kogiopsis says:
    Now with extra British swearing at the end When I say that I just finished this book, I want you to understand it s been about three minutes This does not mean that this book is OMGZ amazing This is a measure of how righteously OUTRAGED I was at the ending of it.I cannot even believe that anyone would think to write a book that goes doo, doo, doo, story story story EXCITEMEN FULL STOP, sorry guys, better pre order the sequel now.Eff you, Sophie Jordan That wasn t even at a lull in the action, or [...]

  25. Flor Méndez says:
    Creo que es una historia y una propuesta muy interesante Sophie de nuevo me sorprendi con su fluidez y naturalidad al escribir, aunque tengo varias cosas para criticar.El final medio te vuela la cabeza, te dan ganas de m s No puedo esperar a leer el segundo.

  26. Katieb (MundieMoms) says:
    The back of the ARC describes Firelight perfectly, Mythical powers and irresistible passion ignite to make Firelight one book that I was so enraptured with, I read it in one sitting I ve always been intrigued with the mythology of dragons, but I haven t read a book that made me really fall in love with them until I read Firelight Sophie s characters and her world building hooked from page one and left me wishing her sequel was already out.Firelight introduces a whole new character in the paranor [...]

  27. Meli says:
    Fue amor.Es muy b sico y cae en varios clich s, incluso llega a ser predecible al final Pero tiene algo, no es una historia corriente, tiene mucho gancho, est lindo escrito y la reina de las iron as por momentos me pareci un soplo de aire fresco Me enganch mucho, no quer a terminarlo y me dej con ganas de empezar Vanish ya, y probablemente vaya hacerlo brilla como un diamante en mi biblioteca en este momento, tent ndome, susurrando que lo agarre Y soy d bil P Rese a completa en LEEE AELA D

  28. Jenny says:
    Another YA Paranormal Romance filled with teen angst Despite all that, I enjoyed this dragon story for the most part A nice quick easy read 3.5 stars

  29. Libropolis says:
    Was f r ein Cliffhanger O Ich muuuuuss unbedingt weiterlesen

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