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Greek Revival Architect American

Greek Revival Architect American None


  • [PDF] Greek Revival Architect American | by ☆ Talbot Faulkner Hamlin
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  1. Talbot Faulkner Hamlin says:
    An architect and historian of architecture, sometimes credited as Talbot Hamlin or Talbot F Hamlin, he served as Avery Architecture Librarian from 1934 until 1945 at Columbia University, where he created the Avery Architectural Index From 1946 until his death in Beaufort, SC, he was a full professor of architecture at the Columbia School of Architecture, which was also his alma mater having previously received a B.A in Classics and English from Amherst College his father, A D F Hamlin, had also been a professor there.In 1956, Hamlin was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his biography of Benjamin Henry Latrobe, the British born American architect who designed the United States Capitol and the Balti Basilica.

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