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Hitler's Daughter

Hitler s Daughter Her name was Heidi and she was Hitler s daughter It began on a rainy morning in Australia as part of a game played by Mark and his friends It was a storytelling game and the four friends took turns

Her name was Heidi, and she was Hitler s daughter It began on a rainy morning in Australia, as part of a game played by Mark and his friends It was a storytelling game, and the four friends took turns weaving tales about fairies and mermaids and horses But Anna s story was different this time it was not a fairy tale or an adventure story The story was about a young giHer name was Heidi, and she was Hitler s daughter It began on a rainy morning in Australia, as part of a game played by Mark and his friends It was a storytelling game, and the four friends took turns weaving tales about fairies and mermaids and horses But Anna s story was different this time it was not a fairy tale or an adventure story The story was about a young girl who lived during World War II Her name was Heidi, and she was Hitler s daughter.As Anna s story unfolds, Mark is haunted by the image of Hitler s daughter He wonders what he would have done in her place if he had known his father was an evil man leading the world into a war that was destroying millions of lives And if Mark had known, would he have had the power and determination to stop him

  • Unlimited Hitler's Daughter - by Jackie French
    399 Jackie French

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  1. Jackie French says:
    Jackie is an award winning writer, wombat negotiator and the Australian Children s Laureate for 2014 2015 She is regarded as one of Australia s most popular children s authors, and writes across all genres from picture books, history, fantasy, ecology and sci fi to her much loved historical fiction In her capacity as Australian Children s Laureate, Share a Story will be the primary philosophy behind Jackie s two year term.

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  1. C. says:
    When I was about nine or ten, Jackie French was one of those authors, along with Ursula Dubosarsky and Gillian Rubenstein, who consistently won Children s Book of the Year awards from the Australian Book Council or whoever they were Every single year, these authors would churn out another book, and school libraries would buy them, and librarians would read them and think they were so good and then they would stick those gold medallion stickers on them and tell us to read them during our library [...]

  2. Mish says:
    Hitler s Daughter is a quick, easy to read tale of four children, Mark, Anna, Ben and little Tracy, who like keep themselves entertained by inventing stories while waiting for the bus to take them to school They all take turns in the story telling but all agree that Anna has the best imagination On this particular morning, it was Anna s turn to make up a story She begins by telling them of Hitler s daughter, Heidi, that s in hiding because of a birth defect And also because she doesn t represent [...]

  3. Kathryn says:
    Wow For a young person s book, this was quite intense It raised some interesting questions of morality as the main character, Mark, struggled with issues such as how do you know that what your parents tell you is right and good actually is right and good, what do you do if you begin to suspect that what they have told you is wrong.This book has an intriguing storyline which I won t say too much about because the blurb sums it up without spoilers and it s probably better not knowing too much abo [...]

  4. Shannon says:
    This was a good book to read along with my fifth grader He read it first, and I suspected he needed to someone else to read it and process with him It was thought provoking, and a good beginning to understanding the holocaust It wasn t too scary or t0o in depth , yet provided a starting point for many conversations about human rights, genocide, and ethical decision making Further , it delves into how one becomes a bystander to heinous wrong doings, or how one can feel helpless to stop wrong doin [...]

  5. Pamela Lloyd says:
    This is an impressive book and one I can t recommend highly enough.Anna tells stories her friends love to hear Then, one day, she starts to tell a deeper, richer story that s both compelling and disturbing than the stories she s told before, about a girl, maybe an imaginary girl, and maybe not, who is Hitler s daughter In response, Mark, the viewpoint character, begins to ask questions about inheritance, what it means to care for others, how to cope with loving someone who does wrong, and how [...]

  6. Angela Long (Carter) says:
    When we were given this book to read for Book Club, I momentarily thought What on earth will we get out of a kid s book.Although this is a children s book young readers I found there were a lot of messages written into it The story revolves around the imaginary tale of a girl called Heidi who was Hitler s Daughter Secreted away from the world because of her disability, Heidi grows up without the influence of her infamous father and is eventually left lost and alone in war torn Germany The story [...]

  7. Sonja ✧ Badass Wanderer ✧ says:
    If we don t face up to things that were wrong in the past then we might do them again.A beautiful children s story that is thought provoking yet simple Hitler s Daughter made me think about Good vs Bad, Right vs Wrong and it also made me think about how we know How do we know that a certain thing is good or bad The novel is surprisingly deep I really liked the fact that it can be interpreted in than one way I recommend Hitler s daughter to people who d like to read an enthralling story about wh [...]

  8. Liz Janet says:
    This is good, I feel like it should be required reading for children, and I am extremely happy I got to read it I love how it deals with nature versus nurture, and how it plays into people s views of a person, the lack of separation of the individual and descent It was just a good children s work.

  9. Clare Cannon says:
    A simple story that introduces young readers to serious historical questions, not to look upon them from the outside, but in a way that makes the reader face their challenge anew A group of children tell stories while they wait for the bus, and Anna invents one so she tells them about Hitler s daughter, Heidi, and her early life For a subject that could have been complex, this story offers the barest outline of characters and events, for that is not its purpose.Instead, the framework serves to i [...]

  10. Alice says:
    Wow The perils of working in a library is you come across books everyday I have sort of been on a strange WWII kick and the title of the book intrigued me and I wanted to investigate.Hitler s Daughter Could that be true I read this book in a few hours and couldn t put it down This book is written for teen but as an adult I enjoyed it.We have to assume this book is fiction because there is no historical data that would support this claim of Hitler having a daughter I guess it is irrelevant if Hit [...]

  11. Melissa says:
    This is such a thought provoking book.Anna, Ben, Mark, and Little Tracey tell stories at the bus stop to keep themselves amused while waiting for the school bus On a particularly wet morning, Anna starts telling the story of Hitler s Daughter This brings up a lot of questions in Mark s mind, such as If Hitler had a daughter, would she be evil The questions Mark asks during the book are the sorts that my kids would ask It was a powerful and thought provoking story that also looks a little at the [...]

  12. Matthew Goodwin says:
    Two stars for the story s war scene climax If only the rest of the novel was as daring and honest as that chapter A missed opportunity.

  13. BRANDON SCHEER says:
    PERSONAL RESPONSE This book wasn t as interesting as I thought it would be It wasn t a terrible book though It seemed unrealistic to me and too made up Although, the idea of talking about Hitler having a daughter with birth defects and trying to hide her during the war is a good idea thoughOT Mark and his friends always made up stories when they waited for the bus One time Anna made one of the best stories up It was about how Hitler had a daughter who had a birth defect on her face Since she had [...]

  14. Loren Johnson says:
    3.5 stars This was a sweet story, and it was an interesting way for it to be told I enjoyed the way that Jackie French tackled a difficult topic in such a way that a juvenile audience could somewhat grasp the enormity of the issue Maybe if I d read it as a pre teen, I d have given it a higher rating, since it was well written and a solid storyline However, it didn t measure up to the previous books I have read by this author She is one of my favourites and I ve read several of her works It is fa [...]

  15. Abhilasa Raut says:
    The book, Hitler s Daughter was a very emotional book with very powerful writing This book asks one of the most challenging questions to answer, in my opinion What would you do when someone you love does something really bad The strengths of this book was that it reminded me of how fascinating the topic of who Hitler was, and why he did such terrible things While having great strength, this book also has its weakness, dullness The book itself isn t very exciting and since it s a book about Hitle [...]

  16. LauraW says:
    This book is interesting to me as an exploration of philosophy than as a good novel It would make a good discussion book for middle school aged kids The story isn t as strong as Pennies for Hitler, because of the narrative style Anna is telling the story about someone else s story That gives it a bit too much distance from the reader The ending makes it personal, but by then, it is a bit too late to get involved with the character Still, it has some interesting questions that are relevant even [...]

  17. Grace says:
    This was a quick read, but I found it quite dull Even though it is a children s book I felt it did simplify many aspects of this era and many other parts I found quite unrealistic However, it did raise some interesting questions concerning morality So, for a younger reader it maybe a powerful and thought provoking read.

  18. George says:
    The book Hutler s daughter is a novel by Jackie French It is about a story that created by a girl.The story is about a girl named was the hitler s daughter and she was hided by hitler one day Heidi Left the house that she had lived for years d then she knew hitler died and she began to think thatWheather her father was right or wrong.

  19. Diane says:
    What if Hitler had a daughter What would she think of her father Was it all just a story Or

  20. Zarah says:
    It was quite interesting, I would recommend it to a younger reader, although it has made me question a few things.

  21. Philip Romero says:
    I liked Hitler s Daughter The way Anna told the story really got me interested in the book I have always wondered if Hitler had a secret daughter that nobody knew about If Hitler had a daughter and she told them who she really was people would have been afraid of her Hitler was viewed badly during World War II, so they would think, hey she might do the same thing as Hitler did or maybe she has who knows The story of Heidi first started as a game that Mark, Bonzo, and little Tarisa played before [...]

  22. Charlie Lewis says:
    PERSONAL RESPONSEI liked Hitler s Daughter because it was simple to read and understand I enjoyed how it was a story being told by a girl to her friendsOTThe book began in a rain shelter with some friends waiting for the bus to school Anna began the story when Little Tracy was sad because of the rain Anna had proposed they play the story game Ben wanted a story about war, Little Tracy wanted a story about a princess, and Mark didn t really care Anna had begun a story but Ben had kept interruptin [...]

  23. David Johnson says:
    I just got done reading the book Hitler s Daughter by Jackie French This book was an interesting book, and I liked it It s about a girl who tells a story and how this story comes to real life She talks about how Hitler had a daughter and no one ever knew he did She was kept away from everything and everyone The only people who knew who she was, was the people that took care of her Hitler would come visit her once in awhile, but it was rare that he visited his daughter Hitler s Daughter s name wa [...]

  24. Jaime says:
    Personal Response I feel that this book is horrible on how Hitler treated his daughter He wanted the perfect race, but he had to keep his daughter hid in captivity It was only because she had a limp when she walked She was kept in a mansion and never able to have the freedom like a normal kid She always had to do her chores and clean I infer that Hitler loved his daughter and tried to show It by protecting her.Plot Hitler s Daughter was about a boy named Mark, his friends, and Anna She told her [...]

  25. Marion says:
    I don t normally read children s books, but found this one very interesting Switching between modern Australia, where a schoolgirl relates a story to her friends, and Nazi Germany where the story is set, Hitler s Daughter examines the hypothetical situation of Hitler having had a daughter whom he keeps hidden through most of her childhood, until she escapes and disappears in the chaos of the end of WWII Heidi s world is revealed in rich detail, as she tries to make sense of the snippets of infor [...]

  26. Kate Forsyth says:
    My son is reading Hitler s Daughter for English and so I thought I d read it too so we could discuss it together The story begins with a group of school children who tell stories as a way to pass the time while they wait for their bus One girl begins to tell a story about Hitler s daughter, Heidi The other children object that Hitler never had a daughter, and Anna tells them that no one ever knew about her She was kept secret The story of Heidi s life goes on, told in interludes that describes t [...]

  27. Sandra A. says:
    Hitler s Daughter by Jackie French is a book about a boy named Mark, a girl named Little Tracy,and a girl named Anna They decide to play a game where one is the storyteller and the others listen So Anna decides to tell a story about Hitler s daughter This book was different from others, because books about Hitler are informational and this story is realistic fiction because the story about Hitler s daughter is made up, but it can be true Hitler s Daughter is well written and it caught my eye s [...]

  28. Logan Erdmann says:
    This book starts off as a game at a school bus stop The game is actually young kids listening to a young girl named Anna tell stories One day Anna starts telling a story about the life of a little girl, whose father just so happens to be Hitler While Hitler was an evil man, his daughter loved him very much This made a boy, Mark, listening to the story questioned if he would still love his father, even if his father did evil things The message in this book is you could still care for a loved one [...]

  29. Sheri Howard says:
    I listened to the audio version while driving and was thoroughly captivated by this story I would definitely recommend this book to middle and high schoolers if they have any interest in the Holocaust, or if they ve ever asked the question, Do things that happened a long time ago still matter I also thoroughly enjoyed the narrator s Australian accent and learning the Aussie version of common English words, such as doona duvet and gummies rainboots in the US, wellies in the UK, and called muckies [...]

  30. Brandon Colligan says:
    Hitler s Daughter starts off as a simple story told by a girl named Anna While bored at a bus stop every morning, she tells the story to a group of her friends I found it unique that there was a story inside a story The plot and events in the story were simple with a historical background It was a good book but lacked depth to have any large amounts of knowledge in history Overall a pretty good read I would recommend this book for children and teenagers It gives a simple overview of some history [...]

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