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Felicity Saves the Day: A Summer Story

Felicity Saves the Day A Summer Story Felicity loves summer days on Grandfather s plantation She can be out of doors all day long riding horses with Grandfather playing with Nan and William and exploring the woods the fields and the r

Felicity loves summer days on Grandfather s plantation She can be out of doors all day long riding horses with Grandfather, playing with Nan and William, and exploring the woods, the fields, and the river s shore One day Felicity finds a secret note It is from Ben, her father s apprentice, and it is a cry for help Ben has broken his apprenticeship agreement with Mr MeFelicity loves summer days on Grandfather s plantation She can be out of doors all day long riding horses with Grandfather, playing with Nan and William, and exploring the woods, the fields, and the river s shore One day Felicity finds a secret note It is from Ben, her father s apprentice, and it is a cry for help Ben has broken his apprenticeship agreement with Mr Merriman and and has run away to join George Washington s army Felicity plunges into a dangerous adventure when she goes to help Ben She must use all the strength, courage, and wisdom she has to try to save the day.

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  1. Valerie Tripp says:
    Valerie Tripp is a children s book author, best known for her work with the American Girl series.She grew up in Mount Kisco, New York with three sisters She is a reading expert with a Reading Master s of Education degree from Harvard University Since 1985 she has lived in Silver Spring, Maryland Her husband teaches history at Montgomery College She has been a writer for reading textbooks for three decades.Tripp is best known for her work with the American Girl series She wrote all the books in the Felicity, Josefina, Kit, and Molly series, and three of the books in the Samantha series She has also written four of the five Best Friends character stories to date Film dramatizations of the lives of Samantha, Felicity, Molly, and Kit have been based on her stories to varying extents.

Comment 394 on “Felicity Saves the Day: A Summer Story

  1. Shelli says:
    Summer time holiday has come for the Merriman family, all except for Father who must stay to run the family store with his apprentice Ben The rest of the family journey to Grandfathers plantation, on the York River Felicity is reunited with an old friend and enjoys quality time with her Grandfather During this time they are a bit separated from all the patriot vs loyalist news that is happening in Williamsburg That is until a runaway injured Ben surprises Felicity one hot day Felicity has to mak [...]

  2. Karen says:
    Tell me about Ben He runs away and hides in the forest near Felicity s grandfather s house And leaves a note for Felicity to come help find him He runs away to fight against the king s soldiers but he can t break Felicity s fathers promise of being an apprentice What is an apprentice I don t know Well, what makes Ben an apprentice He works in Felicity s father s store.What do you think Ben should do fight against the king or stay at the store Stay at the store But he ran away anyway hiding in th [...]

  3. Katie says:
    Felicity is a Really Great book of Course in this Book she finds her lost horse Penny who lived with a a grumpy old man named Joe Hander who went to Jail 5 months after she met him.

  4. Goshen PL Childrens says:
    In this one we start to see the coming war have of an impact on Felicity s life It is always interesting to see how Felicity has changed since the last books, and maybe it is because the setting also changed in this one, but it seems obvious in this one Felicity is able to make decisions and take responsibility for those decisions I am looking forward to the final book in the series to see how far Felicity has really come.

  5. Emily says:
    This was always one of my most favorite books in the American girl series For a child there was enough suspense in it to make it exciting And as an adult I still enjoy looking at all the pretty pictures.

  6. Danae says:
    I like the way that this book explores right and wrong with Ben wanting to fight for the Patriots, but being contracted to Felicity s father, and Felicity wanting to help her friend, but being obligated to tell her parents that she found him Also, Penny s back

  7. Cecilia says:
    Definitely the best book in the Felicity series.

  8. Maddiv68 vanhoven says:
    this is a story about felicity marrymen and how she and her family go to her grandfathers house and stay there for the summer but when her fathers apprentice and family friend goes missing felicity goes crazy trying to find him but when she finds a note from him in her grandfathers bird house she goes on a long ride in the forest with her hors penny with the bounty hunters find him or will she read the book and find out

  9. Gretchen says:
    In Felicity Saves the Day, Felicity, her mother, and her brother and sister go to Grandfather s plantation to spend the summer A lot of stuff happens in this book Felicity s beloved horse, Penny, turns up in a group of horses that a man is trying to sell to her grandfather Grandfather buys Penny for Felicity with the understanding that Penny will stay at his plantation Then one day she finds a note from Ben, her father s apprentice, who has run away to join George Washington s army He has injure [...]

  10. Denise says:
    I do appreciate these books for the fact that they are a good introduction to history I do sometimes take exception to the fact that these books tend to gloss over reality Would it really be possible for Felicity to have done what she did in this book Even if she did, would it be accepted and praised by her family I doubt it Another issue I had with this book in particular is the disregard of slavery on the grandfathers plantation We are led to believe that Felicity is an intelligent and forward [...]

  11. Sarah Crawford says:
    Felicity is on her Grandfather s plantation and enjoying herself when she finds out that Ben, her father s apprentice, has run off and wants to join the militia that is forming that will make up George Washington s army Felicity promises not to tell anyone about Ben and helps tend to a bad cut he got The situation gets much worse when two men come to the house and say they are looking for him and, if they find him, they will rough him up.On the good side of things her Grandfather ends up buying [...]

  12. The other John says:
    I was really dreading reading this one I m prejudiced against stories in which children save the day In my experience, such stories usually feature talented, precocious children and insipid adults Fortunately, this book didn t fulfill my worst fears For one thing, there wasn t any great crisis Most of the book is really just an account on how pleasant it is to visit one s grandfather s plantation in the summertime A problem does arise and, in another world, the situation could have turned quite [...]

  13. Marilyn says:
    We re reading this series for a Liberty Girls group We knew going in that not many groups include Felicity because of the principles the characters live in the story My initial thought was that it would be too sad to skip the Revolutionary War in a Liberty Girls curriculum Now that I m reading how the characters make poor choice after poor choice and explain it to their parents I had to it s not my favorite If we have to make the choices we do, then no one is really accountable for anything, rig [...]

  14. Emmie says:
    I read this book with Lillian, and it was quite interesting I appreciated the dilemma that Felicity is in where it was difficult to say what the right thing to do is It was good to talk through with Lillian what God tells us in His word and how to seek His counsel when situations are not so cut and dry I do think the title is a little misleading, but for a 10 year old girl, how she acts could be considered saving the day Though not my favorite in this series, it was still a good one to think and [...]

  15. Becky Keir Grace says:
    Felicity spends the summer at her grandfather s plantation with her family He ends up buying her long lost horse, Penny, she helped free in a previous book Then her father s apprentice, Ben, runs away to join the army to fight the loyalists, but gets hurt in the process Felicity helps take care of him in hiding.Good story I love all the history about the events that lead to the Revolutionary War.These books are quick reads, but I am finding them to be really enjoyable Great for young girls to re [...]

  16. Alisse says:
    I thought that Felicity was another good one I liked the part when Felicity was riding Penny her horse with her Grandfather Poor Ben no shelter during the bad rain storm He ran away from Felicity s father, Mr Merriam Felicity was stealing food for Ben and he had a bad cut on his knee so Felicity had to pick some medicen from her garden But in the end Ben swears to stay with the Merriams until he is 18 then he will go away for the war.

  17. Nichole says:
    So far this is my favorite of the Felicity stories It has some touching parts and some pretty actiony parts that hint towards the Revolutionary War to come I liked this one a lot and recommend it the most out of the Felicity stories, though it has meaning if you ve read the previous Felicity stories first.

  18. Miri says:
    Felicity, her mother and siblings are visiting grandfather s plantation and having a grand time, grandfather even surprises Felicity by purchasing her lost horse Penny for her and she couldn t be happier, that is until they hear that their father s apprentice Ben has run away Felicity is conflicted, Ben kept a secret for her and she feels it would be disloyal to betray him, but if she helps Ben she will be betraying her father, what can Felicity do

  19. Robyn says:
    I know I read this in 4th 6th grade, may not remember much about this specific book, but I know I liked the Felicity books, including this one.One interesting element in the Felicity books this was back in the day when good guys wore long hair in ponytails sometimes w the big white wigs Nowadays, parents see guys in ponytails they lock up their daughters to keep them from dating guys who wear ponytails

  20. Marya says:
    This one was tied up at the end with a neat little bow I m not complaining my little one is actually younger than the recommended age range, so I m always happy for the Disneyfied endings I m just noting how it differs from earlier American Girl books that do not shy away from war amputees Addy series , child labor Samantha series , child death Kirsten series , or other gross realities of life in the earlier eras of this country.

  21. Natasha says:
    I loved this book as a kid Felicity was my favorite of all the American Girls She made me want to have red hair, her and Ariel Such a cool role model for a girl She saves the day by riding a horse in the rain to save her friend, a boy she ends up telling off for being a coward awesome and building up the country before the Revolutionary War So cool.

  22. Karen L. says:
    The American Girls Series of books are fabulous Out of all the stories and characters, Felicity is my favorite I love the enjoyable way that kids can learn history through these The stories are well written too At the back of all the stories are facts and pictures about that time of history Both my daughters loved these and learned a lot from themME TOO

  23. Lauren Zaglifa says:
    Felicity is very excited to be on her Grandfather s plantation She gets Penny back and picks fruit for her favorite tarts everyday But when she finds a note that leads her to an injured Ben she must go against her parents and grandfather s anger to bring him home.

  24. Kristine Hansen says:
    Felicity has to make some very difficult decisions the summer she spends at her Grandfather s Plantation I like how she handled keeping secrets, for understanding what true courage is and for handling a difficult situation where there seemed no good decision at all Very well done

  25. Krissi says:
    All of the American Girl Books are great They teach girls to be true to themselves, to enjoy being a girl and face up to your challenges I would recommend these books to all girls and their mothers too.

  26. LeonaCarstairs says:
    Felicity was badass to little 7 year old me She was cool and I admired her Now, being a little older, I recognize she isn t exactly badass but she sure is fun to read about and I think children will find her a relatable and spunky character.

  27. Aubrie says:
    it was a great great great great great great great great great great great great wonderfulok It was an adventure, and I like adventure books.

  28. Megan says:
    Felicity and her family have gone to their grandfathers plantation while their father and Ben is behind working in the shop, but suddenly Ben breaks his Apprentice promise and Felicity has to use all her bravery to save Ben.

  29. Elizabeth says:
    I love this book It s my favorite in the series It s very exciting and mysterious when Ben disappears The pictures are extremely well detailed kinda looks a bit real and Valarie Tripp does a good job of capturing the intense moment.

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