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Felicity Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Felicity Learns a Lesson A School Story Felicity is sent to Miss Manderly s house to learn to be a polite gentlewoman She practices elegant penmanship fancy stitchery formal dancing and the proper way to serve tea Two sisters from Englan

Felicity is sent to Miss Manderly s house to learn to be a polite gentlewoman She practices elegant penmanship, fancy stitchery, formal dancing, and the proper way to serve tea Two sisters from England join the lessons, and one of them, Elizabeth, becomes Felicity s best friend Learning a tea ceremony is great fun, until Felicity s Father decides that the king s tax onFelicity is sent to Miss Manderly s house to learn to be a polite gentlewoman She practices elegant penmanship, fancy stitchery, formal dancing, and the proper way to serve tea Two sisters from England join the lessons, and one of them, Elizabeth, becomes Felicity s best friend Learning a tea ceremony is great fun, until Felicity s Father decides that the king s tax on tea is unfair, and he refuses to sell tea in his store or to drink it in the Merriman household How can Felicity continue the tea lessons she loves and still be loyal to her father

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  1. Valerie Tripp says:
    Valerie Tripp is a children s book author, best known for her work with the American Girl series.She grew up in Mount Kisco, New York with three sisters She is a reading expert with a Reading Master s of Education degree from Harvard University Since 1985 she has lived in Silver Spring, Maryland Her husband teaches history at Montgomery College She has been a writer for reading textbooks for three decades.Tripp is best known for her work with the American Girl series She wrote all the books in the Felicity, Josefina, Kit, and Molly series, and three of the books in the Samantha series She has also written four of the five Best Friends character stories to date Film dramatizations of the lives of Samantha, Felicity, Molly, and Kit have been based on her stories to varying extents.

Comment 109 on “Felicity Learns a Lesson: A School Story

  1. Rivkah. says:
    I liked how Felicity did what was right for her family and what was right morally even when it wasn t easy for her.

  2. Goshen PL Childrens says:
    I started this one immediately after finishing the first one, so it felt like of a continuation instead of a new book Again my favorite part of these books was the lack of and this is what Felicity learned often times books tend to tell you what it wants you to have learned, but it does a good job of making the lesson fairly clear without actually spelling it out Also, this book gets into the historical happenings of the times, which was one thing I really enjoyed.

  3. Danae says:
    I like that these books teach about Patriots vs Loyalists and how that affected the children I feel like the awkwardness between Felicity and Elizabeth can be applicable to today as well as their decision that they can be friends despite their parents differing political beliefs.

  4. Goldilocks Reads (Jenna Vahue) says:
    Actual rating 2.5 StarsWhy do they keep letting Valerie Tripp write American Girl doll books if she can t produce an independent young girl who isn t completely disrespectful I support individuality and standing up for what you believe in, but being rude isn t the way to achieve it Felicity is a headstrong young girl but she is always disobeying her parents and putting herself in danger I don t think is a good message to send to impressionable young girls reading the American Girl franchise I ce [...]

  5. Pj Arata says:
    Here s another highly enjoyable addition to the adventures of Felicity, a spirited young lady growing up in the colonial era on the eve of the American Revolution In this second volume of Felicity s stories, she begins attending Miss Manderly s school for ladies, where she learns how to serve tea, how to sew, how to dance and the necessary social skills required for her to become a respectable member of her community At Miss Manderly s, Felicity makes friends with a young girl named Elizabeth, r [...]

  6. Jessica 'sikora' arendt says:
    An excellent little book about life in colonial Williamsburg Felicity is smart, brave, and independent and even lovely is the love and support she receives from her parents.

  7. Chelsea says:
    Felicity Learns a Lesson by Valerie Trip is part of the popular series book of the American Girl Doll story collection Within this story protagonist Felicity grows up in colonial times within America Felicity takes up etiquette lessons where she is to learn proper etiquette such as sewing, penmanship, as well as the realms of what it means to be a good hostess including the correct way to pour tea Felicity takes these lessons along with two other girls her age, known as Annabelle and Elizabeth H [...]

  8. Gretchen says:
    In Felicity Learns a Lesson, Felicity s parents announce that it is time for her to start attending lessons with Miss Manderley so that she can learn how to be a proper young lady Felicity is not all that excited about it, because as we know, she doesn t really like doing inside things like sewing, penmanship, and the proper way to serve tea However, when she gets there, she finds that there are two other girls there, sisters, one of whom is Felicity s age Felicity and Elizabeth quickly become f [...]

  9. Gale says:
    UNTANGLING DIFFICULT SOCIAL KNOTS Almost ten year old Felicity is a bit of a tomboy impatient and eager to enjoy rough and tumble life outside her Williamsburg home When her wise and gentle mother decides it is time for her to learn the ladylike arts of pouring tea and writing elegant invitations the prospect proves a real challenge for the spirited youngster In Miss Manderly s parlor classroom she meets two sisters, newly arrived from mother England shy Elizabeth Betsy who is her own age, and s [...]

  10. Sarah Crawford says:
    There are a couple of major themes in this book The first deals with Felicity being sent to a woman in order to learn how a young lady is supposed to behave, including how to properly serve tea, how to write properly, social etiquette, etc The second theme revolves around the coming American revolution and the trouble that is going on in relation to the taxation of tea The colonies are being split between those who support the King of England, loyalists, and those who want to break away from Eng [...]

  11. Robyn says:
    One of the Felicity books that, even tho I read it back in 4th 6th grade, I still remember some things about it Mostly the Annabelle Bananabelle part Funny story once I was w my sister in law Emily Yeldell McGraw her family, I overheard her mom Caitlin Yeldell my mom Terri McGraw talking My mom was telling about how we once adopted then lost a cat we called Annabelle, how it was one of my mom s favorite names, how she thought about naming a daughter Annabelle but it didn t work out, so she settl [...]

  12. Jenny says:
    My 5 year old tends to NOT want to listen to audiobooks in the car and my older girls LOVE to It hasn t been a problem in the past, because the youngest went to day care right around the corner and the older two and I would listen as we drove 20 30 minutes to from their school each day But now the youngest is starting school, so I wondered if we d have to stop listening to audio books at least for the time being But Felicity has captured her attention, and every time we get in the car, she asks [...]

  13. Karen says:
    I wanna know about the story.It starts as Felicity s getting dressed and one of her clothes is too tight Then her mother talks about getting her into a lesson about being a kind and gentle woman Felicity likes her lessons at first Then she doesn t like her lessons and the other kids in her class There s a big one named Annabelle She thinks she s the boss, which she s not She s not the teacher of Felicity s class But she s bossy anyway One time Felicity got invited to her friend Elizabeth s hous [...]

  14. Cassie says:
    I was really pleased with this book and overall the series of American Girls that I have acquired recently I had wanted to read them for some time to see the quality of them for young children and found that they are something I would definitely want to share with them This book focuses on Felecity going to learn some lessons that would have been suitable for the time period right before the Civil War It is interesting to see how much care went into making these almost historically accurate as p [...]

  15. The other John says:
    This is the second book of the American Girls Felicity series It s a bit better than the first book, but still a fine example of waiting room material In this tale, Felicity is sent over to a neighbors to get an education in being a gentlewoman Despite Felicity s spunky and independent nature, she manages to do rather well and even enjoy the lessons However the process is complicated by her two classmates Elizabeth and Annabelle They are recent arrivals from England Elizabeth is eager to be Feli [...]

  16. Kayla Harbin says:
    As a reader, I enjoyed this book I liked how the story took me back to another time period but was so relatable at the same time The storyline of the book was interesting and engaging I found myself enjoying the book, but learning new things all at the same time After this book, I can t wait to read of the American Girl books.As a future teacher, I think this book is perfect for the classroom The book is a very friendly approach to history The book uses an engaging story that hooks readers, but [...]

  17. Samantha Parke says:
    Felicity finds a best friend, something happens and she thinks they are no longer friends, but they are Felicity s father decides not to sell tea at his shop, to show that he didn t like King s tax no the tea Felicity was wondering if she should drink tea at her lessons because they don t drink tea at home She decided to not drink tea at her lessons by turning her tea cup over and placing the spoon onto of it She said Thank you, I shall take no tea It was the polite way for a lady to say no than [...]

  18. Emmie says:
    I read Felicity Learns A Lesson with Lillian as part of our homeschool day I enjoyed this book far better than the first for several reasons As Lillian and I study the Proverbs 31 woman, there were many things in this book to talk through that related to this passage such as taking care of a home and doing good to your husband and family It was also good to talk through trusting God and obeying His commands and how to respectfully disagree with authority We also enjoyed the end with historical n [...]

  19. Sara says:
    I love the idea of the American Girl books and have started reading through the Felicity books with my 5 and 7 year old daughters My only complaint about this one is the reference to a girl having a crush on a boy and the name calling Thankfully, we were able to blow through it without it being noticed or picked up but this is not a book I would purchase and encourage my girls to read over and over I loved that they were able to imagine what it would have been like living in America during the B [...]

  20. Rebekah says:
    Set before the revolutionary war Felicity has to not only take part in lady classes but also deal with the shifting politics of the day She makes friends with Elizabeth, a girl from a loyalist family and not long after the Boston Tea party occurs and her father stops selling tea in his shop Something like this could drive a wedge between Felicity and her new friend She agonizes over how to continue with lady lessons when part of that is serving and drinking tea However she stands up for herself, [...]

  21. Michelle says:
    Felicity has learned a hard lesson when she goes to Miss Manderly s home to become a proper gentlewoman She meets two sister who are very different from one another Annabelle, who is much older than Felicity and refined from England and then Elizabeth who is Felicity s age and shy around others but learns to have fun with Felicity When the taxing has become to high a price, Felicity and her family must make a choice She learns to stay strong in her convictions but still using her proper manners [...]

  22. Shelli says:
    American Girl books are a great read for young girls to get a sense of what life was like for other young girls throughout American History This series is all about Felicity who is a learning how to be a civilized lady whether she wants to or not during the colonial time of 1774 While learning about propriety she is hearing some whispered and not so whispered conversations with words that include patriot, loyalist, and traitor What she feels about these sides that are being drawn between neighbo [...]

  23. Megan says:
    This book is about how Felicity has to take a class on how to be a gentlewoman She is not alone there are two other girls Anabelle, and Elizebeth Elizebeth becomes Felicities best friend But meanwhile her father has stopped selling tea because the King raised the taxes, and Felicity has to drink tea at her class but she dosn t want to be unloyal to her father because he bans it from their house hold.

  24. Becky Keir Grace says:
    As I read through the Felicity series, I liked this one even better than the first Felicity s father owns a store and refuses to sell tea after the king taxed it This causes issues for Felicity and her family I liked reading about this time period through a 9 year old s eyes Felicity makes a friend, Elizabeth, who is from England and a Loyalist, where Felicity is a Patriot I loved the history in this book Great book for colonial times for those tween readers.

  25. Aubrie says:
    The king put a really expensive tax on tea Some people threw some tea into a lake Felicity was so frightened that war might happen And, she was taking lessons to be a polite and proper young lady And she is learning how to serve tea and is drinking tea Her father stopped selling tea in his store because he thought it was wrong to make the tax that expensive on tea She didn t drink tea in her house How could she be loyal to her father and still drink tea in her lessons Read to find out

  26. Kandace says:
    I like these books because they teach history and values Like this one teaches how to be polite to rude people and how girls learned when they weren t allowed to go to school And it s not just condemning that fact, it shows that girls did generally like what they were learning at the time even though they may have wanted to learn I m glad Kennedy s getting into good books She told me she wasn t going to finish another book because it said the Lord s name in vain

  27. Lauren Zaglifa says:
    Felicity is at the age that she needs to attend classes that must teach her how to be a lady There she meets Elizabeth and her bossy sister Annebelle Annebelle, must be the best at all times and it s either her way or no way Trying and failing to be a teacher s pet.Elizabeth on the other hand is the exact opposite She doesn t argue about anything and is kind of quite Felicity and Elizabeth become the best of friends.I think y all will really like it.

  28. Alisse says:
    I thought Felicity Learns a Lesson wasn t as good as some of the other Felicity s,but it was fine But there was a funny part when Felicity was at a tea party and she had a loose tooth and when she drank her tea her tooth fell out and went right into her tea It didn t say how she got her tooth out though.

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