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Norwegian Fairy Tales

Norwegian Fairy Tales Peter Christian Asbj rnsen and J rgen Moe were the first to collect and write down Norwegian fairy tales Their great achievement was to create a style that preserved the verve and the

Peter Christian Asbj rnsen 1812 85 and J rgen Moe 1813 82 were the first to collect and write down Norwegian fairy tales Their great achievement was to create a style that preserved the verve and the ripe humor of the tales that were living in the woods and the valleys Thanks to their work, Norwegian popular speech appeared in writing the first time.In Norwegian FairPeter Christian Asbj rnsen 1812 85 and J rgen Moe 1813 82 were the first to collect and write down Norwegian fairy tales Their great achievement was to create a style that preserved the verve and the ripe humor of the tales that were living in the woods and the valleys Thanks to their work, Norwegian popular speech appeared in writing the first time.In Norwegian Fairy Tales you will find a selection of Asb rnsen Moe s tales Among others the one about the pancake which rolled away into the world and the one about the princess who always wanted to have the last word.

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  1. Peter Christen Asbjørnsen Jørgen Engebretsen Moe Jenny E. Gillot Kevin M.J. Quirk Harald Nordberg says:
    Peter Christen Asbj rnsen was a Norwegian writer and scholar He and J rgen Engebretsen Moe were collectors of Norwegian folklore They were so closely united in their lives work that their folk tale collections are commonly mentioned only as Asbj rnsen and Moe.

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  1. Chris says:
    My edition of this book is yellow and worn.It s a wonderful book Totally unedited tales, including one where a man murders his wife In fact, and this is horrible to say, that tale is rather funny This collection includes tales that were sources for the better know Hans Christian Andersen versions, such as The Companion and The Twevle Ducks.One of the better tales is a version of Puss in Boots mixed with the French The White Cat Puss in the Norwegian tale is a nice female cat This makes the tale [...]

  2. Adam says:
    What the Grimm brothers did for central Europe, these two authors did for the Land of the Midnight Sun Grotesque, chilling, and far from civilized, these tales are the weird sort of formative influences that only the luckiest people encounter as children And just as memorable are the book s fantastic illustrations.There are basically two genres of stories here, as noted in Pat Shaw s introduction It seems that there was a difference between the stories told by old men and old women The old women [...]

  3. Valentina Markasović says:
    Some of the stories are rather savage, and most of them are based on repetition resulting in copy pasted passages , but it s all part of the charm Only one story left me puzzled I couldn t find the moral of the story in the one about a woman who always did everything contrary, and against the flow.

  4. Anne Hamilton says:
    Incorrect information is given in the book description Oris Forlag not Orlis Forlag is the publisher, not the author The authors are Peter Christen Asbj rnsen and J rgen Engebretsen Moe These ten folktales from Norway are illustrated with photos by Ivo Caprino, taken at Ivo Caprino s Fairy Tale Grotto in Hunderfossen Family Park.These are classic folktales which include, of course, The Three Billy Goats Gruff.I particularly liked White Bear King Valemon with its echoes of the English folktale Th [...]

  5. Tracey says:
    I picked up this up at second hand book fair for the bargain price of 2 It was well worth the price and then some This is a wonderful little hardback of 35 Norwegian Folk tales that are beautifully illustrated Some of the stories are similar and there is quite a bit of Christian references through them My favourite tale was The Ram and the Pig who went into the woods to live by themselves which has some wonderful lines such as with chat and quack one builds neither house nor shack Or my other fa [...]

  6. Sara Forsberg says:
    Siden jeg ikke vokste opp i Norge har jeg ikke f tt historiene til Asbj rnsen Moe inn med morsmelka, s n r jeg fant denne flotte utgaven p salg tenkte jeg at det var p tide oppdatere meg ordentlig s rlig med tanke p at jeg jobber i barnehage Det lese disse historiene som voksen er nok litt annerledes enn oppleve f de fortalt som barn, kan jeg tenke, men det er flotte fortellinger, om enn litt s re Mange av de samme tingene g r naturlig nok igjen, s lese alle historiene rett etter hverandre kan l [...]

  7. Stephan says:
    Reading it as goodnight stories to my kids proved to be a succes I enjoyed the stories very much Some of the stories were quite funny.

  8. Lotte says:
    Such a nice collection of Norwegian folktales Good variety

  9. Kaitlin says:
    A solid collection of folk tales from a region not often included in popular fairy tales The language is sometimes a little stilted, but that could be due to the translator s desire to stick to a literal translation I like seeing the similarities between these stories and well known versions from other regions.The themes and common phrases used in Norwegian folk tales really jump out when you read so many back to back For example, the Ash Lad is a common hero in these stories Usually the young [...]

  10. Alicia Wright says:
    I enjoyed this little collection ver much I m very interested in fairy tales and how similar ones may be found all over the world.Two of the tales in here, I had read as a child I suspect that you have all read the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Another that I knew as How the Sea Became Salty is in here too, as The Mill that Grinds at the Bottom of the Sea The other tales I hadn t read, although some of them bear the same pattern as some of the Grimm brothers collection of tales They were grea [...]

  11. J.Aleksandr Wootton says:
    Scandinavian folklore is markedly different in tone from the Franco Germanic tradition that has been adopted by the English speaking world its tales of many headed trolls finds in common with the Russian stories of many headed dragons than either tradition has with those of the countries in between.

  12. Aldean says:
    I have read back and forth through this book so many times it is almost ridiculous A marvelous collection of tales, some epic, some droll, almost all of them entertaining There are tales here to while away many a winter s evening, as we often did throughout my childhood.

  13. Debbie Tails Prower says:
    This little book is a true gem I bought during my trip in Norway past May.It s full of small stories which reminded me a lot of the Norwegian version of Grimm Brothers fairy tales The stories aren t long and the book is so small, it makes a very quick read I guess common themes in most of the stories are trolls, snow, the number 3 and princesses who do things.Anyway, these were my very favorite stories that I would tell my potential children which I m hopefully never gonna have though as bed tim [...]

  14. David Calhoun says:
    Maybe it s an old translation or something, but there is something super boring about these Couldn t get into them The larger stories drag on even though they re only a few pages long The shorter stories are sometimes interesting Good Day, Fellow Axe Handle was pretty funny.

  15. Viktorija B. says:
    I mean, hell, I couldn t give it a bad rating even if I wanted to This is exactly what it is The translation is a little bit iffy in places, though at the same time I feel like it sets a humorous layer over the already lighthearted tone.

  16. Harry Casey-Woodward says:
    If you like stories about heroic poor boys, talking animals, rescuing princesses and nasty trolls you couldn t find a entertaining and bizarre book than this Some of the stories are hilarious the gluttonous tabby cat who ate everyone he met and some of them are horribly violent Infanticide and cannibalism feature occasionally My favourite stories were the quests, because they could be quite moving and standard rules of physics and geography are imaginatively twisted on these epic magical journe [...]

  17. Stefani says:
    I really didn t expect this book to go over with my 3 kids ages 11, 8.5, and 6 as it did I thought we d pick a stories here and there to read, but I started reading from the beginning and they kept begging for The book has a mix of short and long stories with definite themes running through most of them In fact, if you ask my children they can name some elements that are in so many of the stories.A king offering his daughter and half the kingdom for some task1 or 3 princesses hint, the youngest [...]

  18. Mary Catelli says:
    This is from the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library series I mention this because this is in fact a selected group of their fairy tales, from differing sources the table of contents carefully notes who collected what and another collection might have another selection They are, after all, to Norwegian tales what the Grimms were to German.It does not contain their one you ve probably heard of, Three Billy Goats Gruff , but it has a whole assembly of others Including animal tales, and tales [...]

  19. Timothy Riley says:
    So many Trolls These stories are troll centric with kidnappings, and other ways that Trolls stand in the way of little people accomplishing their goals Most goals have to do with getting the rights to marry a princess from her father or seeking some impossible object, similar to Hercules Some of the short stories were just plain fun but many were similar to others I was surprised that the sea and boats play almost no role in any of these stories I think most are from the inland region in the mou [...]

  20. Adam says:
    A collection of largely overly similar tales from who knows when, but feels 19th century Overbearing similarities occur in all the longer pieces youngest of three boys does a thing and gets the youngest of three princesses and half the kingdom variation whole kingdom Shorter pieces far unique and thereby enjoyment this reading.Can t recommend this one unless interested party is interested in Norwegianness for academic, pleasure, or nationalistic reasons.

  21. TJ says:
    In a recent trip we went to Poulsbo WA, which is dubbed little Norway The little town has a Norwegian feel and I bought this book to find out what the big deal with trolls are I now understand that trolls play a big part in their upbringing as most of the folktales involved a troll It wouldn t classify this as a page turner or super entertaining, but it was interesting to get a look at the Norwegian version of sleeping beauty and our other fairytales.

  22. John Matthew says:
    I thought it would be fun to read some Norwegian Folk Tales before visiting Norway.This is a famous collection of such tales with illustrations by Erik Werenskiold I found it unreadable The tales were just boring with no point.It might be great for others but I could not finish it and I cannot recall ever not finishing a book.

  23. Erik Graff says:
    Dad is 93 and fading His wife, the third in a series, is gradually passing on his possessions to me and others Among the latest box was this book which I d not seen since childhood but which, upon looking at the story titles and illustrations, I now recall Mother having read to me again and again Indeed, some of the drawings of trolls have been etched deeply in memory.

  24. Rebecca Grace says:
    The similarites and overlaps in the fairy tale traditions of different cultures are so interesting My son, who had previously read the Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales, said, Some are kind of the same, but the Norwegian fairy tales have trolls, and the youngest brother always wins, and he s always an Ash Lad.

  25. Sandy says:
    I loved reading about old Norwegian culture You can picture yourself on the farms and in the woods imagining trolls lurking around and thinking of the rich farmers as kings with beautiful princesses living there.

  26. Alex says:
    I read them when I was a child and I loved them immensely I guess even then any other fairy tales.

  27. Eric says:
    This book contains great old folk tales involving witches, trolls, and other monsters and beasts They are good for reading to kids, as they involve mythical beasts and adventures.

  28. matilde says:
    3.5The stories were really good Some of them looked the same to me.

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