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  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ الصدمة : by Yasmina Khadra ياسمينة خضرا نهلة بيضون
    245 Yasmina Khadra ياسمينة خضرا نهلة بيضون

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  1. Yasmina Khadra ياسمينة خضرا نهلة بيضون says:
    Yasmina Khadra Arabic , literally green jasmine is the pen name of the Algerian author Mohammed Moulessehoul.Moulessehoul, an officer in the Algerian army, adopted a woman s pseudonym to avoid military censorship Despite the publication of many successful novels in Algeria, Moulessehoul only revealed his true identity in 2001 after leaving the army and going into exile and seclusion in France Anonymity was the only way for him to survive and avoid censorship during the Algerian Civil War In 2004, Newsweek acclaimed him as one of the rare writers capable of giving a meaning to the violence in Algeria today His novel The Swallows of Kabul, set in Afghanistan under the Taliban, was shortlisted for the 2006 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award L Attentat won the Prix des libraires in 2006, a prize chosen by about five thousand bookstores in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada.Khadra pledges for becoming acquainted with the view of the others In an interview with the German radio SWR1 in 2006, he said The West interprets the world as he likes it He develops certain theories that fit into its world outlook, but do not always represent the reality Being a Muslim, I suggest a new perspective on Afghanistan, on the religious fanaticism and the, how I call it religiopathy My novel, the The Swallows of Kabul, gives the readers in the West a chance to understand the core of a problem that he usually only touches on the surface Because the fanaticism is a threat for all, I contribute to the understanding of the causes and backgrounds Perhaps then it will be possible to find a way to bring it under control.

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  1. ·Karen· says:
    I try to avoid going into bookshops because these days, what they actually offer, really, are hundreds and hundreds of books that I don t particularly want to read, of which I seem unable to resist taking at least two home with me, a bit like visiting the lost dogs home saying we ll just take a look round This was a bit of a labradoodle.It seemed like a good idea at the time when going away on a holiday that requires some careful packing and weighing of suitcases rather than merely chucking ever [...]

  2. Kelly says:
    This is a very complicated book to rate On the one hand, I deeply appreciated it s mission it s a poignant and devastating look into the lives of every day people living with the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and a novel where all sides get to air their point of view and the conclusion isn t always the liberal consensus we re used to hearing Khadra does an excellent job of giving everyone their due, making all sides compelling and tragic, right and terribly terribly misguided He shows us the rea [...]

  3. Saoirse says:
    Voil probablement l une des review que j ai eu le plus de mal crire Je ne sais pas par o commencer, j ai t tr s touch e par ce roman et je ne suis pas sure de trouver les mots justes pour en parler.On suit le h ros, Amine, qui cherche expliquer le geste de sa femme D sempar , il essaie de comprendre pourquoi elle a agi comme de cette mani re mais galement pourquoi il n a rien vu, s il avait eu la possibilit de l emp cher Il se retrouve confront une r alit qu il avait d cid d ignorer.J ai trouv q [...]

  4. Reggie says:
    I have read most of Yasmina Khadra s works and I have found them all very compelling I feel this is the most memorable so far The narrator is a Bedouin Arab surgeon who lives in Tel Aviv He is enjoying the rewards of his hard work with his wife Sihem and a number of Jewish friends His life is shattered when his wife blows herself up in a suicide bomb attack that kills numerous children at a restaurant What follows is his attempt at understanding how he could have been so blind at not seeing the [...]

  5. Christie says:
    Yasmina Khadra s novel The Attack set off a firestorm of debate at book club The novel follows the journey of Muslim surgeon Amin Jaafari, a naturalized citizen of Tel Aviv He shares his life with the love of his life, Sihem It isn t giving anything away to say that Amin s wife turns out to be a suicide bomber, detonating herself in the middle of a restaurant filled with school children The novel then follows Amin s journey from denial and disbelief to acceptance, if not of his wife s actions th [...]

  6. Tania says:
    If you start from the principle that your worst enemy is very person who tries to sow hatred in your heart, you re halfway to happiness.2.5 stars This was a thought provoking book about the Israeli Palestinian conflict The storyline was interesting, and it gave me some insight into the minds of suicide bombers The problem was that although it made me think, it did not make me feel I think this was probably because the book was translated from French.

  7. Jenny says:
    Another book that really deserves 3.5 stars instead of 3 or 4 stars The plot immediately grabs you a Arab Israeli surgeon who s well respected and well liked by his Israeli colleagues and neighbors The beginning opens up with him operating on victims of a suicide bomber, who turns out to be his wife And then his life turns upside down Did she do it If so, what were her motivations I liked that this book was written with a Palestinian perspective, and it sheds a nice light on the complications an [...]

  8. Atef Attia says:
    Le premier et le seul Yasmina Khadra que j ai lu Parce qu il tra nait sur la commode de ma femme Au vu du sujet, je m tais mis esp rer, mais l auteur quand m me r ussi le tour de force de d samorcer syst matiquement tout ressort dramatique, d viter toute occasion d en dire plus sur le conflit isra lo palestinien, de se foutre royalement de toute profondeur qui pourrait jaillir de sa trame, dont le potentiel cr ve pourtant les yeux Las, le livre, comme son h ros, est bien trop occup contempler so [...]

  9. Učitaj se! says:
    Sjajna pri a koja portretira problem vjerskog fundamentalizma, ispri ana iz perspektive lije nika ija je ena, koju je mislio da poznaje bolje od ikoga, sudjelovala u teroristi kom napadu kao bomba samoubojica Osim to podi e svijest o goru em problemu terorizma, poku ava razumjeti za to se i kako ljudi u sve to upletu, i kako je mogu e da netko s kim dijeli godine i godine ivota na kraju ispadne netko koga uop e nisi ni poznavao Odli na knjiga.

  10. Huyen Pham says:
    T ng vi t v t nh y u m kh ng ph i To n u nh ng t ch c th nh chi n, t v o, hi sinh, Palestine, bom, m nh x c ng i Ng i ch ng t i nghi p Amine i t m l do cho l a ch n eo d i bom tr c ng c, b c v o nh h ng t i gi a m tr c a v m nh Kh ng bi t anh c t m ra ch a, c hi u ch a nh ng l m t ng i c th m nh ch u, kh ng th n o hi u n i M nh ch bi t M ng s ng c a m t con ng i c gi tr h n nhi u so v i m t s hy sinh, d cho s hy sinh y r t cao qu nh l i c Zeev T i sao bao nhi u ng i v t i ph i b m ng T i sao Ami [...]

  11. Denise says:
    This book is really depressing, but it gave me a lot of think about How well do we know the people in our lives What kind of life did they have before we met them How do we know the life they live now is authentic I really appreciated the easy and carefree life I am living in comparison to those in the book I have a lot to be thankful for.Lines I loved Tears are the noblest things we have.When horror strikes, the heart is always its first target.I no longer recognize the world I live in.Her hand [...]

  12. The Book Whisperer (aka Boof) says:
    In three words Emotive, touching, shocking Dr Amin Jaafari is an Israeli Arab He has put himself through medical school and now works in a Tel Aviv hospital as a surgeon He has a nice home in a nice part of the city, he and his wife Sihem attend dinner parties with their Israeli friends and are happy.When a suicide bomber strikes in a crowded restaurant in Tel Aviv killing 19 people, including eleven children at a birthday party, the hospital is put on high alert and it s all hands to the deck A [...]

  13. DubaiReader says:
    A powerful topic my review written in 2007, when I originally read this book As I live in the Middle East I am drawn to this type of book to aid my understanding of some of the conflicts and to understand the human element the cause and effect of events in this area.The central character, Dr Amin Jaafie, is a leading surgeon at Tel Aviv s main hospital He uses his skills to repair the damage caused by the conflict surrounding him and to keep himself distanced from involvement in events Unfortuna [...]

  14. Eya Hnia says:
    Une bonne nouvelle ce livre ne vous laissera pas indiff rent Pour ma part, je l ai lu d une traite et a a r veill une multitude de questions en moi, a m a r v l combien tourner le dos et ignorer ne sert qu nous marginaliser Combien tous les incidents qui nous affrontent se rapportent finalement un m me terrain de conclusions qu on le fuit ou pas La nonchalance du protagoniste m a litt ralement indign e Il s av re que sur la terre Palestinienne, il y a beaucoup plus grave que des sc nes de kamika [...]

  15. Julie says:
    Great discussion tonight with my book group Some found it hard to understand why Sihem did what she did, and all of us speculated on the nature of day to day life in the Middle East when there seems to be little hope for a lasting peace I appreciate that the author tried to show all sides in the Israeli Palestinian conflict no clear heroes, no out and out villains, but individuals doing their best to cope with violence and war and cultural attack as part of everyday reality Our discussion was wi [...]

  16. LATOYA JOVENA says:
    The first half of the book is about the husbands grief and shock at what his wife has done How his friends rally around him and how others condemn him BORING There is nothing there that you wouldn t expect There are tons of internal monologues from the protagonist about how he could have missed this and why his wife would do this After one such monologue I finally got it This isn t really a book about terrorism, this is a love story Dr Jaafari was betrayed by his wife and like any betrayed spous [...]

  17. Mike Radice says:
    This is one of the best books I have ever read and I ve read over 1,000 The writing was insightful, new, and the story provoking I was in the story to the end I also loved the movie The movie follows the book close enough The movie has a different ending and a slightly different route to discovery.So, read the book See the movie.

  18. Indah says:
    A very frustrating, long winded tale that started of interesting However, it has the most disatisfying ending I ve read in a long time The second half was a jumbled mess and the ending was an simply easy way to end the novel2 out of 5 stars.

  19. Lynn Beyrouthy says:
    I expected this book to be loaded with information about the Palestinian Israeli conflict, diatribes and all sorts of accusations and existentialist reflections on patriotism and national allegiance cramped in long philosophical tirades.Well, to my surprise, it wasn t.This book is written by an Algerian author, Mohamed Moulessehoul whose pseudonym is Yasmina Khadra, but shockingly enough, when you re progressing through the narrative, you never encounter a biased opinion or defensiveness concern [...]

  20. Dhia Bousselmi ( ضياء بوسالمي ) says:
    Amine, un chirurgien arabe naturalis Isra lien d couvre que sa femme Sihem est une Kamikaze C est ainsi que commence l aventure de Amine pour chercher la v rit de la femme qui a v cu avec elle de longues ann es sans connaitre son vrai visage.Accus de complicit et priv de son travail l h pital il a franchi l autre cot du mur pour d couvrir un monde qu il l a ignor depuis des ann es C est la bas qu il va d couvrir un nouveau monde Un roman qui raconte l histoire d un arabe perdu cause du conflit i [...]

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